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  1. Just to update,I did fit four new Michelin Cross Climates to my car,,not a massive difference in the quietness,but the handling and steering,Road feel is very noticeable,,and Iam very pleased with these tyres,time will tell on wear.
  2. Thanks for your comments,they have certainly made me question my decision,looks like I will have to do more homework,thanks again for your time.
  3. Thanks for reply John,,,my gut it telling me Michelin,so I think that's what I'll go for,,,I should be able to get a pretty hefty discount from work so the damage won't be too great,,thanks again
  4. Hi gentlemen/ ladies,sorry to raise this again,but has anyone fitted Michelin Crossclimates to their GS,if so any pro s or cons,,grateful for any input
  5. Thanks for that John,,our tyre technician in work ( we have a big fleet) keeps banging on about anew tyre called Tigar,which are made by Michelin,trouble is,whatever I buy,they will be on it for a while so I have to do my homework.
  6. Hi All,can anyone give me some advice,I am looking to replace the tyres on my 2009 gs300, currently running on Dunlops,but the Road noise is very obvious, any ideas on the best quiet tyres?,I don't do bundles of miles but the noise is a big issue for me,,any help would be great. IVe read so many tyre reviews my eyes are bleeding.