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  1. Absolutely, on my previous cars I have virtually used the same procedure as yourself, jet spray, foam, a PH neutral shampoo then clay. From there if I am doing any paint correction, I use menzerna heavy cut compound with an orange pad , followed by their super finish 3/500 (light green pad)and then chemical guys jet seal all over topped off with a couple of coats of carnauba paste wax ( black pad). I will do the same for the Lexus except I may not use the heavy cut or if I do use a softer pad.
  2. Many thanks Steve very reassuring, I was a little put off by the manual saying do not use any abrasive polish. I also phoned a professional detailer who virtually said treat it as any other car just be careful not to use too abrasive compounds as the paint tends to get “sticky”!
  3. Interesting. So I can use a clay bar on self healing paint and go through the whole process like I would on a car with normal paint? Would love to know what your 6 monthly detailing routine is.
  4. Looking to start detailing my car. I assume it has Lexus self healing paint and the amount of conflicting information out there as to what to use or not to use is confusing to say the least. Has anybody detailed a Lexus with self correcting paint using an orbital polisher, if so, did they use a clay bar to start with
  5. With the roadside assistance included in the extended warranty you only need to get the bare minimum insurance . I was surprised when I was looking for insurance ( fully compl) the drop in premium when I said I did not want any road side assistance,, car hire or European cover which, of course is all included in the ext.war..
  6. Agree with John I would not touch the infinity. I was looking into buying one before I bought the Lexus. The reviews were not good and when they said they were pulling out of Europe I stopped looking.
  7. I had a discrepancy between the service book and what was on the app. When I phoned Lexus customer relations they said they were in the process of transferring all the data to a different platform and to give it a couple of weeks if it is still there contact them again. This was before lockdown!
  8. Thanks for the information Ricky and Herbie from now on I am not going to use recon in any mode and just keep it on normal charge if I am not using it for more than a week.
  9. Thanks Colin, quite relived I have not sabotaged my own car!
  10. Have just checked my battery and it is now 12.6 ie dropped one volt over 20 hours from full charge with the car locked and therefore alarm armed. Can I take it my battery is ok?
  11. Having used the AGM recon setting on the Ctek I can assume I could have damaged the battery? Have now taken the charger off and it is reading 12.7v I will test it in a couple of days time.
  12. Thanks Tony I did not realise that Panasonic AGM batteries did not like recon. I assume it is ok the leave the CTeck on normal charge over a period of time or are you saying it should be disconnected as soon as it is charged? What kind of reading should I be getting to show the battery is holding its charge?
  13. Sorry to highjack this thread but I have noticed that you are a global moderator Colin and I wonder if you could enlighten me, I want to export my UK bought Lexus to France where I now live and was wondering about extended warranty and roadside assistance which I would like to continue. The car is three years old and the extended warranty runs out in the UK in September. Can I renew this in France, if so how?
  14. Thanks Roger. Still not too sure why the battery should go down within a week
  15. Cheers Vlad I will go ahead and recon it on the AGM setting. Still puzzles me why it should be flat after only a week. Will see what happens after the recharge.