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  1. Cheers Mark that sounds logical. On further investigation I have found the switch. I tend to panic when I see things lit up but not being very observant it has probably been lit up all the time!
  2. I have noticed that when I turn the ignition on the “Passenger Air Bag “ symbol illuminates and then after a couple of seconds goes off only to come back immediately with just the air bag “on” symbol illuminated and not the airbag “off”. Is this standard and it is just telling me the passenger airbag system is on and working? Or should it not be illuminated at all?
  3. Scroll down this forum to “leaving IS Forum” members views on GS. A larger car with the same engine but to my mind feels far more refined, especially if you can pick up a Premier model
  4. To address Donray’s original question I would always go for the highest spec especially on a secondhand car. My premier GS was only about £1500 to £2000 more expensive than far lower specs on the market after two years whereas the difference when new was several thousand
  5. So true especially the pulling out in front of you
  6. I was all set to buy an IS then was given a test drive in a GS even though I wanted a car where the back seats came down the GS was just so much nicer to sit in let alone drive. I did three more back to back tests at three different garages to try and convince myself the IS was more practical and failed. Love the HUD especially as I now live in France
  7. Agree with Phil car has to be clean as any dirt on the car can act as an abrasive if rubbed when putting on the cover, especially with Lexus soft paint. I use one on my TT convertible over the winter and make sure the car is perfectly clean before hand. but would not recommend one for daily use
  8. Have imported my car to France where I now live.is there anybody out there living in France as I have noticed various members on these forums not living in the UK. I would like to know about European extended warranty etc.
  9. Called in at Twickenham as I had a problem resetting units, sales rep had a go to no avail and he got their technician to look at it who sorted it. All very helpful and pleasant with no charge!
  10. My Nav does not flag up speed cameras. I cannot hear any beeps nor does the camera symbol appear on the screen. It is a premium navigation and I did not think the camera warning signs could be disabled. Any ideas how to enable them again.
  11. I phoned Lexus customer support 03450400451 who sent my a hard copy of both manuals free of charge! Although this was for a 2017 model.
  12. Absolutely, on my previous cars I have virtually used the same procedure as yourself, jet spray, foam, a PH neutral shampoo then clay. From there if I am doing any paint correction, I use menzerna heavy cut compound with an orange pad , followed by their super finish 3/500 (light green pad)and then chemical guys jet seal all over topped off with a couple of coats of carnauba paste wax ( black pad). I will do the same for the Lexus except I may not use the heavy cut or if I do use a softer pad.
  13. Many thanks Steve very reassuring, I was a little put off by the manual saying do not use any abrasive polish. I also phoned a professional detailer who virtually said treat it as any other car just be careful not to use too abrasive compounds as the paint tends to get “sticky”!