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  1. Yes, should work no problem. I fitted some from a 2014 into my 2010, only difference was the seat belt buckles, simply swapped them over. All electrics and memory seats worked fine.
  2. Just had a look at mine and it also has similar cracks on both front doors. Can’t see it being a problem.
  3. Full set of black leather seats and door cards for sale, removed from 2010 RX450H SE-I Minor wear marks but generally good condition, all electrics working. £250 ono. Collection only from North Yorkshire
  4. I'd be interested if you find a solution to this as mines exactly the same !
  5. Don't have park sensors fitted. Have been in the diagnostics menu but cant find anything that will allow any adjustments to the reverse camera! As I said earlier, its not a big issue, it's just that if something is there I like it to work as it should! ,
  6. Just been to check ..... There are no buttons or icons showing on the screen. Did the reset as described in the handbook ... ie.. Turn steering lock to lock and drive a short distance.
  7. Tried the reset as explained in the handbook .. Makes no difference. It does show a picture .. Just no guide lines and 'system not ready' message across the centre of the screen!
  8. Yes I reverse ... Use mirrors don't rely on a camera !!! Managed to find the hidden menu, Pressing the 'reverse camera' icon it shows 'NG' then 'OK' when put into reverse. I assume there's no more I can do?
  9. Thanks for that .. Will have a look tomorrow However if it's not an easy fix then I'll just live with it as it is ..... Not sure it's something I would use much anyway!!
  10. Hi Ive had my rx300 2 weeks now, and so far am pleased with it. I've managed to reset the sunroof and window switches with help from the handbook and on here, however whenever the reverse camera comes on it displays the message 'system not ready'. I've tried the reset as explained in the handbook but this makes no difference. Can anyone tell me if i am doing something wrong or is there a fault somewhere? I should mention that a new battery was fitted to the car just before I collected it. Dave
  11. Well .. Had a pleasant drive home in the rx,which is more than can be said for the train journey there (what should've been a 75 min journey took well over 3 hours!! 😡 First impressions.. Very good .. The sat nav is hopelessly out of date so will look out for a updated disc .... If that's the only problem then I'm well pleased ! Dave.
  12. Will try to keep up with the polishing!! Getting a new MOT done before I collect, looking forward to the 70 mile drive home on Friday! (Hope this fogs lifted by then) Will let you know how it goes and will prob be back here asking questions afterwards !! Dave
  13. Thanks, will post pics when I get it if I can work out how! I believe the car I'm getting used to belong to a member on here. I'm about an hour away from Whitby, on the edge of the dales.
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