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  1. lexus said it's a module to the fuse box that fails, i believe the part itself can be purchase separately and fitted to the fuse box (dont know what it's called though) The price lexus quoted me for the module was a multiple of what I paid for an entire second hand fuse box
  2. Hi Cracksta, I've got a 2009 is220d, and also had the problem you've described, after much research I eventually found a post from someone who had the same issue, and resolved it be changing the fusebox in the drivers footwell, so i decided to try the same. I spoke to the local dealer, and when I mentioned the part number the parts guy said he seen the problem to occur in a few is220d's previously. I ordered a replacement for mine off ebay, and switched it out (1.5hrs labour), and it solved the problem. The part number for mine was 82730-53024, the last digits of yours will most likely be different depending on the options/extras you car has. If youre thinking of taking on the job yourself, PM me and I'll be glad to help, think i might have some photos on my phone
  3. Hi All I have a 2009 is220d, that i has the DPF deleted/deleted and EGR blanked, and have a similar problem to the one described in this thread. When the car is idling with the engine up to temperate, if I turn on the head-lights there is a very audible change in engine noise/smoothness (not the slight change you might expect from the additional electrical load). The EGR cooler actuator opens & closes and as it does the tone of the engine changes with it. when I turn off the lights the engine's noise level smoothness returns to normal. The car has no issues with power delivery, just the loud idling one Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Martin
  4. Hi Mark, The lexus mechanic was suggesting the next step as replacing the injectors (so i sourced the 2nd after hearing a price of a new set), he wasnt sure what the problem was, as the car wasnt showing up any issues when plugging into their diagnostics. Lexus would not install the 2nd hand set i'd sourced, they'd only install new/remanned ones, this would have set me back 2.5k, with no guarantee of the issue being solved, hence my decision to go elsewhere to have the work done Cheers, Martin
  5. Hi Tim, No he hasnt explained, isnt waiting for parts, or seeking tech advice. I'd say he's stumped as to how he'll return the car to the condition it was in when he took it in Martin
  6. Hi all, Have had a 2009 is220d with the past 4yrs, the car had been idling poorly for a while (it knocked for a few seconds before settling to a normal idle). I'd previously had the fuel rail and high-pressure-pump (rail feed) replaced but neither solved the problem, this work was undertaken by a lexus dealer. I decided to drop it to a nearby mechanic, to have the 4 injectors replaced (I sourced them 2nd hand, and got them tested by specialist). The mechanic fitted & coded the 4 injectors replacement injectors, but the car ran really poorly and filled his shop with smoke. He decided to refit and recode the original injectors, but the problem still remains. My car is still at the mechanics garage 4wks later (I have a courtesy car), and the mechanic hasn't even been to return my car to the condition it was in when I dropped it off. I suspect he hasn't even worked on it the last 2wks, as its been parked in the same position. I got a quote for replacing the injectors, before he undertook the work, so I assume I'm not on the hook for anything more than this? My question is where do I stand, and what's the best course of action to get this resolved? There's no lexus garage closeby. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I have a 2009 220d with cicra 130k miles on the clock, It has had intermittent rough idle for the last 2yrs, which has had persisted although the following have been replaced: DPF (2wks ago), Fuel Rail, EGR valve, high-pressure pump, diesel-filter I've also used BG244K and a number of other cleaning products, the car develops power ok and only has the idle problem I'm aware that the 2AD isn't the smoothest of engines, but this idle is definitely not usual. I've been to my local lexus dealer on a few occasions, but the issue did not present itself during any of the visits, i.e it idled smooth, and there were no significant pressure differences b/t injectors when the car was plug in to the diagnostics unit. I've become convinced that it's injector issue, but don't want to buy a whole set of them due to the expense. Has anyone experience of changing injectors in one of these, I'm considering buying 1No. injector with the same model number as the existing ones, and switching from cylinder to cylinder until I've found the faulty one. If the injector is the same model as the existing one, would the car need to be coded to it each time (I don't have a diagnostics unit to do the coding)? Any alternative suggestions on the injectors or indeed any alternative suggestions in general would be gratefully welcomed! Thanks, Martin