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  1. @LexusPartsDirect Hi, site looks good, 2 questions: 1. You have an aircon cleaner and from the description doesnt seem to be the usual spray you open and bombs the interior of the car, how do you use this product? It says injected into the system, does that mean i need to drain and refill my AC? 2. I'm assuming these are all Lexus genuine parts for the brake disc + pads, I recall the rear discs being cheaper than the front usually and you have 2 versions, the 2,5L seems to be the correct one? Thanks
  2. I saw the same message a few weeks back, no idea but I'm looking for some brake disc + pads.
  3. Found this guide in the manual and its exactly what I want, I attempt the 2nd option (Shift position linked door unlocking function), the doors lock and unlock to confirm its set but makes no difference to the car. As in shifting from D to P, the car does not unlock, is there another settings that overrides this?
  4. The first 2 options seems correct for the car, I change it to another and it shows a different model of Lexus. The options part is the confusing part for me.
  5. Hey guys, After sucessfully fixing my intermittent door unlocking issue I read up about techstream. Manage to get it working however the settings I want I cannot see, theres loads options to pick and wanted some help if anyone know exactly how/where to change this setting of "shift gear to P and unlocks all doors". I'm using a mini VCI cable J2534 with version 12 TechStream and selecting the 2.0.1 driver in the VIM. I went through the customise settings sections but cannot find this option. Perhaps when I connect to the car I am using the wrong options? Or it does not exist in techstream/on my car since I replaced the interior fuse block? My IS250 F Sport 2010 does not have rador cruise control, it does have normal cruise control. What does those numbers mean? Year of car? YYMM? If so I picked 0908-1108 and the setting is not there. Any pointers? Also I read up theres a settings to lock the car when shifting from P to D, I would like to enable that if possible.
  6. thanks for the techstream info. I recall seeing a method to program this without techstream such as "turn ignition on, shift to N, hold unlock/lock etc", is this not the same or only works for older models?
  7. Success! well apart from 1 thing small issue. So it seems my door lock issue is now resolved by replacing the "interior fuse box", I installed it again but with the same part number, everything now works except for the door locks are not auto unlock when I put it in P. It just stays locked, I think theres some info how I can program this myself so will dig into it. Everything else is back to normal.
  8. Another update on this, I bought the interior fuse box, it didnt match my number but I matched it by the fuse and what they are, its the same match. Fitted it a few weeks ago and it has indeed fix my lock issue however other things stopped working. Wing mirror doesnt auto fold, wing mirror doesnt fold at all using button, headlight washer doesnt work, interior car locks no longer auto lock/unlock and strangly the boot light is dim. I'm assuming the part i picked up didnt have these "optional extras", i managed to buy another fuse box that matches my part code, hoping to fit it this week and everything else works, if it doesnt then I suspect it may need to be reprogrammed?
  9. Done some more digging and it seems I ordered the wrong part to begin with making me stray off course. The image above cirlced in blue is known as the Interior Fuse box / Junction fuse box and it seems thats where the problem is, I called Lexus up and the part costs approx £1220! I found alot on ebay but the part numbers dont match what Lexus quotes (82730-53135 for me), it seems the last 5 digits are related to the year of the car but not sure if it contains optional extras etc. Before I risk it, will double check what mine says on the car later and if I cant find a match, will try dig around and see if its possible to use another older part for it.
  10. Done more digging and found the small box to be located in the engine bay fusebox, its call a front controller. Looking at the fuses on it they manage "H-LP UPR", horn, washer, front tail and front fog. Nothing to do with locks so maybe i got the wrong part despite lexus themselves say I have the right part. swapped them over and the doors now work but I guess I'll see how long that will last.
  11. Thanks! @johnatg That diagram (super useful!) seems to point to this (circled) which I initially dismissed as its not the same size but probably the "grey plug bit" pulls out and is a straight swap out. Will have another go at it on the weekend, of course I'll disconnect the battery before I unplug it.
  12. Tried to trace the loom but it splits into another one which then I dont know which way its going to. Took some pics to see if anyone recognise the body ECU or circle the area where it is? Thanks!
  13. I saw the ODB11 plug, guess I'll have to trace that loom to hopefully something that looks like the body ECU, Its very tight to look around there.