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  1. Mines 90% on normal, sometimes I put it on PWR mode, it seems only throttle response/sensitivity is heightened and becomes more eager/jerky in slow moving traffic. For cruising just leave it on normal, if i have a car full of people I'll use PWR so i dont need to step on it as much.
  2. Maybe you already have aftermarket camber adjuster bolts? I recall rear camber on is250 were not adjustable from factory? If they were adjustable, I would imagine the guys today would have adjusted it but they too said mine were not adjustable. I'll defo get them to check the brake area soon.
  3. I'm in South east London. Yes the sound frequency/whine when i slow down or speed up, i guess another way to describe it is the sound of a washing washing whine when its spinnng fast but not as loud. I'm taking mine back for a service within the next month so will get them to take the wheel/brake area apart, I only went in for an alignment and I had to dash home for another appointment. Thanks for the advice thus far, will updated this thread when i have something new!
  4. Thanks the fast reply! The guys in the garage manually rotated the wheels and checked for play all over, they said they couldn't see any. To clarify, the sound is like whirring/whining, no clicking, no scrapping, no vibrations on the steering wheel (except normal vibration due to road surface). Even with the radio on low volume I can still hear it, you can clear it clearly on a smooth road. Any other parts worth changing? tie roads/ball joints etc? the sound only happens when i'm driving, steering left and right doesnt seem to change the sound. Is there another garage I can take it to in London for another opinion?
  5. Hi all, Long story short, my rear right wheel hit a kerb a slow speed in the snow last week but was enough to crack it, I luckily found the same wheel online so have now fitted it and used the same rubber. The wheel was balanced and all was good the tyre shop said. I noticed a "whirring" sound coming in the cabin (maybe sound from the rear) when i drive above 20mph+, the tone changes depending on the speed but its not tyre/road sound as I can clearly hear 2 different sounds at the same time. I had it aligned today with a hunter equipment, my steering was slight off when i bought the car and it was a bit more off after the accident thats why i went to have it aligned. It seems the sound is still there (steering wheel is straight now) and wanted to pick your brains. The garage said nothing looks bent and the rear right camber is out and is non adjustable, toe has been corrected. They cant see what the problem is but can hear the sound too, they use a stethoscope and didnt find anything obvious. We suspect wheel bearing on that side, before I go and throw money at it, any suggestions? If wheel bearing, do I also need the hub? wheres best to buy these as the lexus birmingham parts shop on ebay seems to have gone. Thanks!
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    Daily Drive

    Binary which is a digital logical signal only has 2 options/switches, boring or fun :D
  7. Cracksta

    Daily Drive

    I laughed harder than I should, i'm showing my geekness here.
  8. Hi guys, My car insurance company approached me to do a short interview/cover for their blog about my Lexus IS250 F Sport, thought theres no harm so went to take a few pictures and sent them along with the interview questions. PS: I'm thinking of getting a custom exhaust but with a electronic valve system so i can turn it off or on when i feel like it, any know know a company that does this?
  9. Cracksta

    Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Top man normski2! £15 delivered, not bad.
  10. Cracksta

    Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    On a slight off-topic, does anyone know where to get the rear retaining pins for the rear calipers? I found a set on ebay for non-geniune but I guess i need to try the dealers.
  11. Good to see some fellow Type R owners moved over to Lexus, it is much more chilled and relax here. Did you manage to find the special 'type r pen' in your car? :D
  12. Not had much but all Jap so far: 1998 Honda Civic 1.4 1996 Mitsubishi FTO GP (My avatar) 2004 Honda Civic Type R EP3 2010 Lexus IS250 F Sport (Current) Looking to replace my IS250 near end of this year because insurance wont insure my wife when she passes her test in a few months time, shame as there is nothing wrong with my IS250. 2 cars on my list so far are 2012-2014 Lexus CT200H (but i need big boot for buggy) and 2014 Nissan Qashqai Tekna model.
  13. The spray didnt seem to resolve the issue because i can still smell it but not a bad. I did the hot air afterwards but no been out so will see how it goes.
  14. I tried what you suggested but the white vent under the glovebox is defo a blower. I couldn't find the actual inlet vent however i think its behind the glovebox as i can feel some air being drawn through the plastic, i went ahead and pointed the spray in that direction and laid some cover to stop it drenching the floor. After 10mins the recirculation air smelt of the bottle which is not powerful, just a hint of air freshener smell, how well this will be the smell after aircon is used I'll see in the next few days when i drive. Change the air cabin filter afterwards so lets see if this makes an improvement.
  15. Hi all, My aircon has this stale smell when the aircon stops after 10 secs, I normally use a aircon car bomb type to clean this and it helps. I bought a different type to try out called Normfest Viro One Shot, online it says this needs to be pointed at the inlet air vent on the passenger side footwell. I had a look and can see 1 white vent which is the outlet, where is the inlet so i can direct the gas into it? There is a white circle on the left of it, not sure if thats the inlet as its covered with something, i was expecting an actual hole.