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  1. Could be a faulty alternator i bought 2 alternators all be it refurbished ones and turned out it both were faulty got my old alternator refurbished at a good auto electricians and it works fine and was a fraction of the price as well get your alternator and battery double checked And good luck keep us updated
  2. This is very good advice in particular if it lights up on start up lets us know how you get on.
  3. Oh my that has me in stitches 😂😂😂 Hahaha
  4. 300 gs shocks

    Thank you very much for the help any more input would be brilliant guys
  5. 300 gs shocks

    Hi all I know I'm New to the club but would really appreciate some help here I need 2 front shocks for my m3 55 plate 300 gs for it's MOT I've been on different websites and got conflicting views from my local motor factor qouting me nearly £ 80 pounds per side then on arrival saying it's the wrong ones and it would be nearly £200 pounds a side Could any of you fine gentleman or ladies tell me if these are the correct shocks http://m.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/shock-absorber-10221/lexus/gs/gs-grs19-uzs19-gws19/18773-300 Or http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-FRONT-SHOCK-ABSORBER-STRUT-DAMPER-PAIR-For-LEXUS-GS300-GS350-05-New-/252764194525?nav=SEARCH I cant wait to be out cruising along in her as ive only had a 10 minute drive so far to the MOT station I would be very grateful for any help so I can get my car back on the road just a simple yes or no if they are correct would suffice Kind regards Jay
  6. Newbie owner

    Thanks Ken I'm sure I will 🖒
  7. Newbie owner

    Hi all names Jay and live in Milton of Campsie near the outskirts of Glasgow been wanting to delve into the Lexus market for a long time and finally I have I'm now the proud owner of a 2005 300 gs picked her up 2 days ago with full service history she has 160000 miles on the clock and needs a little tlc on the bodywork got her without an MOT but only paid £2200 for her she's in black and got the mark Levinson option which is a big plus for me Only thing needed done for MOT is 2 front shocks and 2 rear tyres which I'm really chuffed at as everyone else works perfect I'm not sure what trim she is. No Pictures yet as she's in the garage Got a quick question for you is it only Lexus that supplies the shocks or can I get aftermarket ones a bit cheaper anyone point me in the right direction I look forward to a wee chat with some of you and being a valuable member of the club Regards Jay
  8. Newbie here

    Nice one the 2010 model is great and as you say there's no faffing about with adapters etc I hope you have many trouble free years of motoring mate Again your input is appreciated 👍 Cheers Jay
  9. Newbie here

    Cheers Mike I already had a quick look through the rules thanks for the welcome
  10. Newbie here

    Thanks for your reply I done a bit of research and did notice that someone in Northampton refurbished them only trouble is I'm in scotland still love the look of the 450h might go for a test drive in both cars and make my mind up that way. good advice on the newer with high miles and the full Lexus history. Did you end up with the 450h how has it been for you 👍 Appreciate your input Cheers Jay
  11. Newbie here

    Hi everyone names Jay just popped in to say hello this will be my first lexus when I get round to buying it I've always owned a toyota. I'm in a bit of a dilemma in what to go for initially I wanted a smaller lexus like the ls 250 but then the GS models started to catch my eye in particular the 450h I'm not looking to buy new but maybe a 2008 2009 model I don't mind high milers as long as they have been looked after I was all up for going for the 450h but started to hear of problems with the hybrid battery so sort of put me off a bit and left me a bit dissapointed it's all about reliability with cars for me if anyone could put my mind at rest or any advice in regards to the battery problems that would be great. Another GS caught my eye was the GS 300 it seems to have all the mod cons like the 450h and reviews in general are good just a little slower and less mpg but I won't have the headache of worrying about the hybrid battery cells Any advice or suggestions or tips regarding what car to go for would be great thanks Looking forward to your replies Cheers Jay