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  1. The handbook for my 2014 IS300h indicates (page 118) that the 'speed indicator' was fitted to the F SPORT model only.
  2. An interesting and informative post, The online 2018 Which? report says: 'Best Buy award removed. It's a very good car, but we found the Lexus IS emits so much CO (carbon monoxide) in our tests, that it would fail to meet any EU emissions limits set this century. As such, we cannot possibly recommend it.' 'Should I buy it? No, it's a very good car under some driving conditions, but the concerns around harmful emissions mean we can't possibly recommend it.' Having read Thackeray's post above, I found the Emission Analytics report and contacted Which? for their comments. They told me that - The engine test is the 300h F Sport Automatic, which we evaluated in 2013 soon after it came out, a Euro 5 engine. When we test the latest Euro 6 engine, we will update the review with what we find; hopefully the later engines will be cleaner.
  3. That sounds right. Same specification as the 2014 car I bought from a main dealer last year.
  4. Or I should say - new owner of a 2 year old Lexus IS300h. I drove a Prius for four years before a 12 month relationship with an Audi A3 (petrol) Sportback S-line. I must say that at first I was very impressed by the quality of the Audi, but then somehow it didn't quite 'do it' for me. Then one day I was driving past a Lexus garage and - well, I find myself here, with another hybrid. It doesn't take long to get used to the hybrid system again. One obvious (hybrid) change from the Prius is that the Lexus ICE always starts on the button, whereas the Prius would run on the battery at start-up (provided there was sufficient charge), which could be useful for moving the car on the driveway, and other low speed maneuvering. Anyway, I have been reading some very interesting posts from more experienced Lexus drivers and I will hope to contribute in the future. Regards
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