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  1. Never having had TPMS before I was a bit doubtful of its value. My previous car (an Octavia) ran for 11 years without a puncture so when the light came on a few weeks after delivery of the new 300 I wasn't too concerned. Eventually I checked the tyre to find it was at half pressure! A visit to the garage revealed a nice shiny cross head screw straight through the tread - happily the insurance paid for it.
  2. My IS300h has now done around 1300 miles on a mixed bag of roads and based on "range" should reach 1400 before the tank is empty. I have, I believe, used around 30 gals which equates to 46mpg. However, the dash tells me that I am doing around 52mpg. This seems to be a common experience but not sure why? I do know at least that my visits to the petrol station have considerably decreased since swapping from my Octavia auto.
  3. I too wrote to Which (when I was looking into buying an IS300h last year) in particular about their specific complaint relating to carbon monoxide, which isn't generally the most widely considered figure. I never received a reply either.
  4. In the latest edition of Which Car Guide, the IS (doesn't distinguish models) is their highest rated "large car" but is marked down (again) for "high emissions" and poor motorway fuel economy. I can't comment on the emissions, although it seems odd and contrary to most other testers I have checked, but I am very happy with motorway performance. What do you think? I do have issues with the overly complex menu structure and the navigation system but that is another story!
  5. Thanks for your various comments. I am sure practice will make better (at least) but I am glad I had the sensors fitted!
  6. My IS300h came with a reversing camera but not having used them before I had front and rear sensors fitted. In practice, when reversing I still use mirrors and sensors to see where I am going with maybe a glance at the camera picture for confirmation of position. I find it hard to stare forwards at the small screen whilst going backwards! Does anyone else have this problem? Is it better to mostly ignore it and do it the "old fashioned" way? Do I just need practice/confidence? Any thoughts; suggestions etc.?
  7. Had my Mesa Red IS300h for about a fortnight. Previously had white, grey, blue, green and black cars, so that really only left red!