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  1. Sybaris

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

    I put Michellin Latitude Sport 3 on for the summer and my Hankook icept evo2's are still going strong and have done ok in the winter so far, though I do like the look of the new Continentals.
  2. Does anyone know if Lexus removed the active sound control (ASC) from UK models of the 200t (F Sport)? I have been looking for this for ages and then stopped as I couldn't figure it out.
  3. Sybaris

    Tailgate beep

    If it had its own speaker I would disconnect it but I don't even know where to look
  4. Sybaris

    Tailgate beep

    Does anyone know if you can turn off the annoying beep every time you open and close the tailgate (powered version)?
  5. Sybaris


    Does anyone know how easy it is to locate the CAN bus cables? If I go for the Ghost, I don't want them ripping the guts out the car to get to the cable. I do enjoy my car and for £399 I get the peace of mind that my car will be where I left it.
  6. Sybaris


    Yes but would you want it back, knowing the issues that follow? Your premium will still go up and there will be more problems selling it, not to mention any repairs. But lets say that you did want to recover the vehicle, what's wrong if the thief parks up and waits. If it is being tracked, they won't hang around. Also you can have the tracker put under the car. Are they really going to crawl under when they want to move it and sell it on? Thats why I am thinking about the Ghost, it stops them from taking it in the first place.
  7. Sybaris


    Seriously thinking the Ghost may be the better option. I don't like the idea that a tracked and recovered car will show up on an HPI check and seriously devalue the car when you want to part ex it at the next dealership.
  8. Sybaris


    Just been reading up on the Ghost, it looks pretty impressive and a good price too. Wondering if my local dealer will fit it or if I get a 3rd party to, will it invalidate my warranty
  9. Sybaris


    I agree, if you do a job then do it properly. The Tracker Locate is a Thatcham Cat 6 tracker with GPS/GPRS.VHF signals and anti jamming. They claim the signals can penetrate underground parking and metal containers and when the tracker is activated it alerts near by police cars and helicopters. I've not heard of the Ghost but that may be an idea.
  10. Sybaris


    Hi I am not sure its to do with how many NXs get stolen, its more to do with where I park and what are the risks of it being stolen. I have known of RXs and CTs being stolen as well as other makes. My local area suffers from spates of car thefts and I am thinking and researching trackers. To be fair to my local Lexus dealer, they have quoted me a price on par to companies advertised on the internet (for a Tracker Locate).
  11. Sybaris


    Hi again, I was wondering how many people fit a tracker to their NX and if so did you go to Lexus or a 3rd party? One solution I am considering is one of those mini gps/GPRS/VHF trackers that I can hide in the car and power from the boot power socket. By the way does anyone know if the boot power socket is permanently powered or only when the engine is on? Any thoughts?
  12. Sybaris

    Side Protectors

    Thanks, I may just get the touch up pen for £20 which should do the trick
  13. Sybaris

    NX Tyres

    Well I have to say, the Hankook Winter Icept Evo2s performed flawlessly over the last few days. When I got them, the reviews were good, then last year the reviews marked them as average but for me, I am happy. If I went for all seasons then I would go for Michelin Cross Climates but for now I will stick with my summer and winters.
  14. Sybaris

    Side Protectors

    So my local Lexus dealer quoted something like £450 plus fitting and I thought perhaps not to do this. Guess what. Some **** has put a couple of scratches on my door.
  15. Sybaris

    NX F-Sport vs Sport

    Yep I didn't like the Yokohamas. Got shot of them at the next season, I still think the dealer swapped the Bridgestones that I swear were on the car when I test drove it.