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  1. Can the 8 inch system be upgraded to the new 10 inch?
  2. I have to say, I really enjoy my NX. Sure its not in the same "image" as a german rival but I look beyond the badge. - Infotainment system. Yes its a generation behind but it plays music/radio, navigation gets me from a to be. It may not have fancy graphics or a hundred settings, it just does what it says on the tin. - Performance. I have the 200t f-sport. It is quick if you can drive it properly and it does suffer a bit of torque steer if you are not aware of it. It is also thirsty, around 21 mpg in town driving, around 27 mpg suburban and around 35 mpg on motorways. I did drive a hybrid but that was sooooooo much slower. I would probably have looked at other cars, had I tested that before the T. - Build quality. Its a Lexus, the reputation says it all really. Compare reliability to BMW and Mercedes. Which car will spend more time in the shop? - Prestige. How many Range Rover/Land Rovers, BMWs, Audis, Jaguars, Mercedes are there on the road compared to Lexus? Are you a "follow the crowd" or do you want individuality? -Drive. I have no issues with the drive. Its quiet, smooth and comfortable. I have driven it on all roads, A, B and motorway and it glides. I haven't noticed much roll in corners on day to day rides or perhaps I am just used to it. I do think the quality of the tyres also sway my view but then I put decent summer and winters on the car. -Overall. Yes its not perfect but its very good IMHO.
  3. So I had my local independent look at the brakes. Replaced 1 set of rotors and both front and rear pads with textar pads for a third of the cost that Lexus quoted me. Lexus HQ technical confirmed that they buy textas pads and re badge them. They did wind back the brakes but even so, every now and then when I reverse, there is a click. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks that worked. Somehow the brake was put in to manual mode. I didn't even know it could do that.
  5. How can I put it back in to auto mode?
  6. Ok so I had my NX serviced in Jan by Lexus and back then they said I needed new front and rear brake pads and discs..... for £850 (yes £200 was parts and the rest labour). Not happy with that I waited until recently and had my independent trusted mechanic check what was required and the car just needed pads all round and front discs, and I had him do the work using OEM parts not copies. Now before I had the brakes done, when I started the car, the parking brake switch never illuminated the red LED and the dashboard didn't display the handbrake light., you could just shift in to D and drive. When you parked and put it in to D and shut down, the parking brake light would display. Since I had the brakes done, when I start up, the parking brake switch now displays the red LED and the dashboard shows the parking brake light. I am now confused. Was it wrong before and right now or right before and wrong now? Any ideas? What does your car do?
  7. umm no, just thought if I was going to the trouble of replacing everything then it may be an opportunity to upgrade
  8. Its time to replace my discs and pads on my 200t Now my local dealer quoted £850. I asked for a breakdown and about £240 is parts and the rest is labour. I figured an independent mechanic is going to be cheaper and may give me some room to update the brakes. When I spoke to parts they sai for motorway driving it is a good idea but wouldn't comment further. Lexus HQ told me that they use textar pads (I think that's what they are called) and from reading reviews they seem good. Question is should I stay with stock or upgrade rotors to slots and pads to ceramics? Or will there be issues with legality and insurance? Or simply a waste of time for mixed driving, town, motorway l, a and b roads. Thanks
  9. Its annoying me why it suddenly stopped. I had both connected with no problem with performance. Has anyone else had the same issue?
  10. Hi I have an issue that is not at the point where I want to fix it. For ages I had my mobile phones connected to bluetooth and wifi. Then I got a Samsung S8 and it has been a pain in the neck. Initially I did get everything connected. Then after some update to the phone, wifi stopped connecting. Bluetooth still works and I use that but I still want to get the wifi side working. OK so I enable wifi tethering. The car can see the phone/wifi ID It trys to connect and eventually fails. I have tried many times to delete the connection, rename the wifi ID, change the password for tethering on the phone and get the car to re-scan for devices. Every time I can get the two talking but the car just won't connect. ( I do think its the phone and not the car). Has anyone else had this issue and fixed it?
  11. I wouldn't put unsafe parts on the car or anything that would void the warranty but I thought it may be an opportunity to put something better on. Does anyone know what Lexus in the UK charges for labour? Im estimating about £170 for parts (front) and about £280 for labour. Also how long to change discs and pads?
  12. The fronts were 15mm and the rears at 12mm. I have seen some other brands online and are about £170 for fronts and £150 for rear, both sets are 15mm. Its not that much but I wondered if its worth getting slotted ones or upgraded ones at this price?
  13. So would I be better off going to an independent and saving on labour costs?
  14. Took NX in for its service and was told that front and rear pads and discs are down to 5mm and will need changing in 6 months. Was quoted £450 for front and £400 for rear (rounded up). My question is this seems a bit pricey. On the other hand its an 200t, weighs 2 tonnes and does shift in sports mode. Stopping this thing is important and not something I want to skimp on. Does the price sound right? Should I go 3rd party? Do Lexus make their own pads and discs or buy them in? I know nothing about parts though from googling, there are a lot of different quality brake parts which makes it a minefield. What I do want is to be able to stop safely and confidently. Thanks
  15. I put Michellin Latitude Sport 3 on for the summer and my Hankook icept evo2's are still going strong and have done ok in the winter so far, though I do like the look of the new Continentals.