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  1. Richard07

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Hi Adam, Many thanks for your answer. As the rear left caliper slide pin of my car is seized, do you have any method to unseized it? otherwise, the caliper can not be taken out and can not be replaced. I have contacted with lexus dealer for the new caliper, they quoted both rear calipers for £128+VAT, which is for calipers only, not includes the carrier. If the caliper can not be unseized, only buying calipers is useless.
  2. Richard07

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Hi Adam, is the price of £130 including VAT? Thanks
  3. Richard07

    Lexus is 220d white smoke

    Hi Daniellomoise, any update? I have the same problem. Although the smoke can disappear by disconnecting battery, it will come back a few days later. This is really annoying to me. Thanks.
  4. Hi Shahpor, Do you know how to manually activate the car forced dpf regen? I have just bought the OBDII cable and the TechStream software.
  5. There are three option: -0908 0908-1108 1108- I don't know which one is correct.
  6. Yes, the same to me -- nothing was being used and it ran perfectly except the smoke. Although I have not disconnected the battery, there is no smoke seen from the mirrors recently, which may be due to the warm weather. If smoke appears next time, I will have a try to disconnect the batter to check this method. That's great. I am always worried it can not pass an MOT due to the smoke. With your experience, I have confidence^-^
  7. Thanks, rattler, my problem is only the odd puff, which occurs under hard acceleration at low gear. If I drive softly (not crazy driving), there is no smoke. Another phenomenon that the odd puff is less now maybe due to the warm weather recently. I have tried some additives, such as AR6400DMAX, but it does not fix the problem while the car is much smoother.
  8. In order to use the techstream, a ECU version need to be chosen for my lexus is220d. But there are three version listed on the software, I don't know which one is correct. How can I know the correct ECU version of my car?
  9. Thanks very much, Rattler. I will have a try.
  10. type wrong: after cleaned the EGR valve, it still does not fix the problem. Any suggestions?
  11. This a great post. But I am wondering this is suitable for my smoke problem (but it worth to have a try). My IS220d, 168k miles on the clock. It only has the off puff under hard acceleration, especially at the first gear. I have cleaned the EGR valve in a garage, but it does fix the problem. Any suggestions?
  12. Great post. I just bought a TS cable for my Lexus IS 220d. Can you tell me how to regen DPF through TS without driving on the motorway? and how to check the DPF is full? which indicates the DPF regn is needed.
  13. As one fuel injector of my old IS 220D car does not work, my car was shaking and could not speed up when I drove. I would much appreciate if anyone could do me a favor for a cheap injector or could suggest somewhere I can buy a cheap one. Thanks a lot!