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  1. Stick with OEM level third party products and you will be ok. By OEM level I mean brands like Denso, Mahle, Mann etc not blueprint. Also some third party products are better. In some Toyotas for example the Toyota pollen filter is the white type. I much prefer using the carbon type (grey type) from a third party than a Toyota white type even when the third party product is more expensive than the Toyota version (carbon version is always more expensive than non carbon)
  2. Both filters are extremely easy to change. I do it myself every year. Mann filters are good filters.
  3. Uniroyal rainsport 3. A summer tyre that is also very good in the wet. Around £82 each
  4. I have a RX300 and get the random vibration/judder when accelerating sometimes. For my car I expect it is the gearbox. It first started to appear after having to reverse my car up a steep hill which it did not appear to like. I'm sure the extreme reversing placed significant stress on the old gearbox possibly causing some minor damage. Ever since, the car would vibrate in a certain gear at low revs but then disappear when in another gear. Car generally drives fine still and has this week completed a 700 mile round trip. However, I wouldn't expect gearbox issues in a new car like yours.
  5. Keep the RX300. Despite the mpg it will be much cheaper than upgrading. I have owned a 2005 RX300 for 8 ish yrs now and will keep it till it dies I expect at least another 5 years of trouble free motoring if not 10 years. Of the newer RX models only the 2016 MY takes my fancy. However not paying the £30K price for these models especially when a good 2005 RX cost approx £3k. Would rather use the difference on living life.
  6. NX vs 2016 RX450... no question get the RX. NX vs 2012 RX450.... depends on whether the uglier looks of the older RX bugs you. Otherwise get the RX. The RX is just a much better car.
  7. £14k for a RX400? £14k is 2012MY RX450 money. RX300 = £3k RX400 = £4K TO £6K.
  8. Avoid a flush. If you want to clean your engine it is better to just change the oil again within a few miles eg 50 miles. Alot more safer than a dedicated flush.
  9. The thing about the NX is that it only looks good in F sport trim. Likewise the 2016 RX450. In luxury and premier trim it looks like a generic SUV eg Quashqai, Honda SUV, Mitsubishi SUV. I have never driven an NX but without F sport trim I wouldn't even consider it regardless of how much quieter or softer the ride.
  10. Look at sunroof and roof bars. Water tends to leak at these two areas first.
  11. Ludicrous prices. Radiator can be bought for less than£100 and cost about £80 in labour to fit at any independent. Air filter: just replace this yourself. Cost less than £10. If the car has full service history why isnt the air filter mint? I use to change mine every year but each time I replaced them, the old one looked almost new. I now plan to replace them every 2 years. As for suspension just leave these alone. These guys at Lexus love to look for the slightest wet stain near shock absorbers and go over board with their report. Every Lexus car will have some stains/misting and these cars can go on for another 5+ years without any issue. Finally as someone has mentioned, avoid Lexus dealers for any RX300 or RX400 service work and especially for MOTs. As for 140k miles for a RX400, this is low mileage compared to whats normally out their for RX400s. Did you not check the MOT history of your car before purchase. Were the suspension issues not described in past MOTs? If not then it is a case of the dealers trying it on. If there were previous suspension history then you have potentially bought a dog. In either case, your car will now be viewed as a dog to future buyers given the issues were reported in the service report.
  12. Best is to get two sets of summers and winters but this may be impractical or not worth while depending on you. Continental Winter contact TS860 is amongst the best. The best all season tyres are still poor in the extreme cold/snow.
  13. You guys have too low expectations. I would be annoyed if my 2005 RX300 doesn't pass its MOT for the next 5 to 10 yrs first time. These cars are ultra reliable. Ive driven mine around Europe and up and down from London to the Lake District many times.
  14. Just trying this myself with the same camera. I am completely clueless with electrics. Just got some basic questions: 1.) when you say you tapped into the reversing light do you mean you connected the wires to the reversing light wires. If so did you soldier and is it a case of connecting the same colour wires to each other. 2.) did you cut the original wire (4 colours) that attaches to the circuit board? You speak about keeping the curcuit board but then where do you attach the wires from the new camera?
  15. Go to Auto Doc for the best prices. For the water pump get the AISIN. Approx £44. It is exactly the same product as the genuine Lexus item that is sold for around £100 from a Lexus dealer. AISIN make/supply the Lexus water pumps. For timing belt and idler pack get the one from Blueprint. Blueprint make very good products for japanese cars.