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  1. I changed mine on a 2004 RX300 110k miles last month. Belt looked excellent. No sign of wear or cracks. Could have probably gone over 150k miles easily. I wouldn't sweat it especially if you are planning to sell next yr. My RX is for the wife and we are expecting another 10yrs of trouble free motoring from the car now all the major bits have been done. The gen 2 RX is probably the best value car out there for price, comfort, space and reliability. The Gen 4 RX and NX will be my next cars but I will wait till both halve in value at current used prices.
  2. Whilst I like the RC300h, the current prices means they are just not a viable option. Firstly, there is no reason not to pick a £35k RCF over a £30k RC300H. The former is so much more car for little extra money. I know all RC300H's are relatively new but they should be around the IS300h F sport £15k used prices to be in someones short list. M4s are approx £30k these days and still depreciating. Its no wonder why these cars are not selling.
  3. Its a scam to get your conract details to bombard you with spam. Unless you give them the money upfront in £50 notes only and tell the dealer you definitely plan to buy after the test drive then they will assume you are a timewaster. Many of us have been time wasted by this apparent offer.
  4. Test drives.

    It was Lexus Sidcup. If they have no cars available for the 24hr test drive offer which they told me upon arrival, they should not have asked me to come in in the first place. Maybe I should try Lexus Reading.
  5. Test drives.

    So decided to try the 24 hour offer that keeps popping up on this site. Registered my details and then got a call from my local Lexus dealer. Receptionist who called me asked me to come in on the Sunday and to do a normal test drive before taking the car for the 24hr test drive (Lexus NX). I wanted the 24 hour test drive so that my wife could check it out with me without the pressure of the saleman. She would never do a test drive at a dealer. Sunday came and it was ****** down with rain. I was also a bit tired from the night out before and didnt really feel in the mood to go to the test drive that morning. However decided to force myself out of bed and honour the pre arranged meeting with the salesman. Drove there by myself and was asked to wait 5 mins for the saleman to come out. He sits me down, asks me a few questions before telling me that there are no NXs available for a 24 hour test drive. Also the fact that a new NX was due soon meant that doing a normal test drive wasn't going to be worth it. I was taken aback by the reluctance of the salesman to allow me to drive any car so decided to walk pretty annoyed. Should have just stayed in bed. He further annoyed by asking me silly questions about my supercar I arrived in. It looks like the 24 hour test drive thing Lexus currently do is a lie but rather an exercise to obtain more contact information to bombard you with spam later on. Maybe I should try another dealer but the next one is 90mins away.
  6. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    CT needs a redesign to look like a hatchback NX/RX. Its current design is boring and old. They main thing the CT has going for it is reliability, fuel efficiency and zero road tax. People are not buying the CT for its looks.
  7. Thinking about buying an early CT200H for the wife. She currently drives an RX300 but complains about its size which is not helped by her awful parking skills. Whilst I know the CT will be less practical than the RX, how much less storage space does the CT have vs an NX. Would prefer to get an NX but they are still £25k ish used vs £8-10k for a CT. Is the CT storage capacity on par with the NX? Should I hold out for an NX? Car will be for her and our 2 kids.
  8. The interior fuse box is in the passenger footwell area. You will need to remove the plastic covers around there. Cant remember if you have have to remove the glove box. Its been years since I had the mess around with the fuses.
  9. Four fig repair costs for potential hybrid 400h issues in addition to hardly any mpg improvement renders a 400h a no go for me. The £500 annual tax means the RX350 is also a no go. Get a 04/05 RX300 SE (not SEL)
  10. Ive owned a 2nd Gen 54 plate RX for 6 years now. Ive never taken it to a garage for servicing. Did the yearly oil/filter myself and also replaced the brake discs and pads myself. Car is a family car and has been faultless. I also have a track focused car for my personal use but with the rain, ice and general poor weather I am considering another 04/05 RX300. Love the 450H F sports but waiting till they drop below £10k before getting one. At £3k ish the RX300 must be one of the best buys out there for someone looking for a reliable and practical car.