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  1. Very interesting - another can of worms! I am not keen on worms - only in the garden!
  2. John you are a so and so! You have just opened up a big can of worms! I think you can learn something new each day, no matter what age you are. You are a product of your upbringing, the people you meet and those that influence you. You are also affected by your first-hand experience and this can change or confirm your viewpoint or opinion. Very recently I have come to the conclusion that you can't persuade someone do something they don't want to do.You may give advice, with all the best intentions, but sometimes people have to find out the hard way by actually experiencing something for themselves. That experience will either change their mind or just confirm their position. I try to follow Desirderata There is nowt as funny as folk! I consider being able to drive a privilege and not a right. I try to drive with consideration for my passengers and other road users AND to my car. I feel guilt and get cross with myself if I break the speed limit or make a silly mistake. I try not drive too close to the car in front (a common observation). I try not to drive too fast or too slow for the prevailing road conditions. I am aware that my actions can affect other people. Life IS a one-way ticket, and it is always accelerating. I try to keep healthy both physically and mentally. The list can go but I try not to be boring!
  3. Excitement? I watched from the window as my cars were "washed" by the torrential rain we have had today. No enthusiasm to take one out in this weather. The excitement came when I was asked to drive to Aldi.
  4. It still amazes me whenever I drive it. I have considered selling but every time I take her out I realise I can't bring myself to do it! The only "fault" I have is the wheels need refurbishing!
  5. That is gorgeous! Apart from the front grill. Or is it the other way round?
  6. Let's be honest, if you bought a car that was 15 years old with 123,000 miles on the clock, would you really be expecting to be still running that car in 10 years time? I know there are many examples like Malc's but his story is testament to what fantastic cars the LS400's are AND very under priced!
  7. Welcome! How long have you had your RX 450h? What are your thoughts on the car? Photos are always welcome!
  8. Brilliant Malc! $1,000 dollar question - If for some unfortunate reason your LS 400 did not last another 25 years, what would you try and replace it with?
  9. I LOVE your posts John! Don't always understand them... but I do love them!
  10. Please remember guys - Lexus cars do have faults but they often repair themselves! This is NOT fantasy or myth! I have experienced this on more than THREE occasions! Others on this website can also testify to this phenomena! There is a little anti-gremlin, secreted away in every Lexus car during manufacture. It can't repair everything, due to its small size, but it is particularly good at repairing electrical faults. Sadly if you have a recurring electrical fault, that you can not resolve without resorting to a garage,then I am afraid your anti-gremlin has escaped or run away because you have been speaking to your car aggressively. Calm nice words sooth the anti-gremlin. Colin Barber, on here may be able to add more information concerning this special addition to Lexus cars. I am sure there are many examples peeps on here can testify to!
  11. I think it is a mindset. I can afford, with the small mileage I do, a vehicle that does 22 mpg. I chose not to by going with a hybrid. The 400h gives you the grunt of a big V6 (not straight six!) plus the extra immediate torque of the electric motor. I do not know what I would get out of my 400 if I drive it hard but locally on very short journeys I am getting 27 mpg. I am "happy" with this economy but it pales compared with the IS 300h. I just giggle to myself that I am nearly getting V8 performance (when required) with 2.0 litre petrol economy! I know a guy who has a Range Rover and drives it like Lewis Hamilton - he is actually PROUD that he can get under 10 mpg! Horses for courses. But it is NOT just about money. I actually agree with Paul, the emphasis on mpg is over stated. It is the total "experience" of ownership that matters. Love of driving said vehicle - repair cost - depreciation - servicing - road tax - mpg - all go into the mix (and possibly other things I have not considered) to add up to how much we enjoy our vehicles. For me, one of the downsides now is the amount of traffic on the roads, A long leisurely drive in an LS 400 (with lots of money in your current account to stay at nice hotels) across France, in decent weather, would be my ideal of driving heaven! Kids and a dog tend to spoil the dream!