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  1. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    The story actually involved an older couple who had won the lottery and bought a castle in France. The husband was MAD on cars and, naturally, indulged his passion! The kiss loved the fact that if he got cross with the Fiat it would always pay him back! The things you do to keep kids happy on holiday in the evening!
  2. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    When my children were small, I made-up a story about a little yellow Fiat (500) that refused to start if it was raining!
  3. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    I LOVE that garage!
  4. The other interesting thing that comes from your experience is .... Beware Auctions!
  5. That is bad luck. I wonder what caused the issues? Out of interest what have you bought as a replacement?
  6. Looks like I am going to have to go shopping!
  7. If it doesn't move SPRAY it!
  8. Spacewagon52

    Wheel Day

    Just don't let him lose with a sponge on a gravel drive - especially that colour!
  9. Autoglym Rubber and Plastic cleaner is excellent for cleaning and "lubricating" windscreen wiper blades and door seals. Especially for the winter with frost!
  10. My wife talks too much as it is .... I don't want to buy a towel that gives me ear ache!
  11. That is something I missed out - the rainwater needs to be filtered! Sorry!
  12. Collect and wash with rainwater? Window cleaners in our hard water area collect rainwater for cleaning. For regular customers I believe they fully clean the windows and put a special coating on them. After that they use rainwater to clean the windows. Does anyone on here know more about this? Current or ex-window cleaners?
  13. Excellent review Andrew. I enjoy reading reviews where the person has owned the car for an extended period. With the issues you have had the warranty was well worth the extra cost. I was a little surprised at the mpg figure, but after reading what YOU get from other cars, then it is not that surprising. I do shake my head a little when I read people banging on about BMW's Your statement below says it all to me. Horses for courses I suppose.
  14. I do not mean to be rude (always a bad introduction!) but I think most of you are missing the point. The Question posed was: Which F (if any?) will become a classic? The answer is simple in my mind - they ALL have the potential to be classics. It just depends on how you define a classic? Many of you seem to be concentrating on monetary value as a guide to being a classic. I would disagree, as many classics are no where near the price of a new Dacia Sandero! Rarity and nostalgia are far more important. Another consideration might be "historical" e.g. cutting edge in design or engineering (Citroen DS) - or being the FIRST! (LS 400) On that basis the LS 400 will outscore all other Lexus models .I think any car can become a classic but would I keep a car for many years, in pristine condition, to try and make it a classic? No I think not. If a car is old enough or rare enough (IS-F) then it will be a classic at some point. Just my humble opinion! And NO my LS 400 "classic" is not for sale!