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  1. Mk4 LS400

    I agree with Bluesman, it must be an age thing so please forgive us! Not a fan of black wheels, I thought your originals looked good. Your LS is now very distinctive, but as they are now getting rarer, even a bog standard one stands out to me. What I do like about the LS400 is that it is understated - a car not many people would give a second glance. Your mods, I am sure, will make it stand out. As long as you are happy, that is the main thing - it is good to see the LS being treasured.
  2. Post your Pics

    I love that colour - but I also like Mesa red? Might just have to have one of each one day! Congratulations!
  3. New to me LS430

    Rio is my name for my LS
  4. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Like the LS430, I presume it is prudent to replace the radiator for the potential gearbox contamination problems?
  5. Take care of that old lady! Mine will be 20 years old this month.
  6. I am personally very impressed with the Mitsubishi PHEV - I have owned 7 ordinary Mitsubishis and they have been excellent, reliable cars. As I tow a caravan it would not be my immediate choice, also the second-hand prices are still on the high side. John Cadogan, though Clarksonesque, does make some valid points. The technology is new but that does not mean it will be unreliable. If there are majot failings then it could become very expensive ........ but so could a Lexus. The range is short on EV compared with other PHEV's. Though you do get a very large and practical car. Now Mitsubishi are part of the Renault group, I would think twice before buying a new one - just in case it has French electrics! The Lexus RX450h does take some beating overall. However, at this point in time, I will be sticking with my RX300. I will try and finish my review of this older RX model and post it.
  7. A good review Muddy. This is why you SHOULD NOT buy a PHEV - it is a long clip but he makes some interesting points - below that is a sponsored clip which shows how good the PHEV should be! You must make up your own mind. Now for the other side:-
  8. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    That is very good. I would be in doo doo land if I tried that, as I can't undo a nut! Please keep this thread going, many on here will be interested to see how the SC pans out. You are still a brave man ............ maybe not with a Lexus?
  9. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Great thread - you are brave! Dare I be rude and ask the purchase price?
  10. Real opinions

    For £3500 that looks a good punt. Full Lexus history, well worth getting.
  11. Real opinions

    Sorry I misread your post - I thought you were buying brand new! A car like Jimjamjohny would be my choice. The 250 V6 - make sure it is automatic. The manual I believe is a much higher road tax bracket. Good luck with your search.
  12. Real opinions

    The consensus of opinion on here would be to avoid the diesel. Some on here find their diesels great cars but if you trawl through the posts you will see that they have more potential issues than the equivalent petrol model. The gearing on the diesel has been criticised for being too highly geared, particularly 6th gear. There are issues with head gaskets and DPF's blocking if you are doing short journeys. The 2.5 V6 petrol automatic has had very good reviews on here. I have not owned one of these cars so I am just reiterating what I have read on the forums here. My choice would be the IS300h but others might have better/alternative suggestions - BUT I would avoid the diesel. Just my opinion.
  13. My gut feeling would be to buy a good lower mileage RX 300 and factor in an LPG conversion in the price if you want economy. Search for Sorcerer's post on comparison mpg running costs:- From memory a standard RX 300 works out at about 22p a mile - the RX 400h 19p a mile and if you convert a RX 300 to LPG it works out at around 12p a mile. Well worth reading his thread - it really helped me when choosing between the RX 300 and RX400h. I have just done the first long run in my RX300 from Kent to Hampshire - mainly motorway - I averaged 28 mpg. Will have a more accurate figure when I actually fill the car up. My best - 28mpg My usual - 22 mpg My worst - 19 mpg That is on a full tank of fuel. Hope this helps.
  14. Not wishing to hihjack this thread but I hope you will do a review of your 450h when you have run it for a while. I found your posts on the RX 300 very informative, partricularly the mpg comparison, John.
  15. Post your Pics

    If he employed you he would need to have lots of cake in the house!