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  1. I find it quite hard to judge if it would be too distracting. A heads-up night vision display might be better as you will see both images together .... if you can get my drift?
  2. Wow! What a great tip! I have struggled for ages on this at times. Many thanks!
  3. Spacewagon52

    New car first Lexus

    Excellent colour combination IMHO
  4. Did the red mist come down when he overtook you?
  5. It is still a bit gut wrenching for him after putting all that time, effort and money into the project. A friend of mine treasured his MG Midget, cleaned and polished it all the time - it was immaculate. His pride and joy was written off by another car hitting it while it was parked. His attitude to cars completely changed overnight. He no longer cared about his next car. He has bought new 4x4 pick-up's for his business but he does not pamper or worry about dents and scrapes any more. When he gets a scrape, scratch or dent - he says it adds to the patina! I struggle with the efficacy of trying to keep a car immaculate. I am drawn to Malc's philosophy of just keeping it mechanically sound and safe.
  6. I liken it to appliance insurance they try and sell you at Argos / Currys etc. You can spend a lot of money insuring for very little return. The bottom line is how much are you prepared to lose? If it is your home, then the risk is not worth it, but for a bloody £12 kettle?
  7. Spacewagon52

    GX52 VNL

    It has a decent MOT history! 98,000 miles in April this year
  8. I am not mechanically literate - what is a rear toe arm?
  9. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    Cool beans! My first car was hijacked by Harry Potter! 1.0 litre Ford Anglia with drum brakes.... how times have changed!
  10. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    Sorry Dav, I am a bit confused and out of touch - where is the ISF? Traded it in for am Opel Kadett?
  11. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    F Stickers? How rude!
  12. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    Are PROPER (cough cough) Lexus owners ( LS 400) also invited?
  13. Spacewagon52

    Post your Pics

    A great looking car - good photography!
  14. The warranty will give you peace of mind financially. A good move.