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  1. Look in the RX450h forum and you will see lots of posts on the 450h. Personally, I would avoid the SE-L as it has air suspension.
  2. When main dealerships make mistakes like that it does not fill you with much confidence. That would finish me with that dealership. I am not mechanically minded but I do wonder if any damage has been caused by their inept workmanship.
  3. Flat red paint fades to pink. There is no telling how quickly this will happen. I have seen older red cars that look immaculate. Spoke to a chap who had a Rover 200 and asked him if he kept it in a garage. He kept it outside and only washed it - no special wax. The make of car seems to make no difference. The pigments in red paint are susceptible to damage from sunlight. I had a lovely (!) red Mitsubishi Galant where the paint faded. I took it to a body shop to get a quote for polishing. The owner was very honest with me. He said that he could buff out the faded paint but unless I kept in the
  4. A common issue with red metallic cars. Flat red paint is even worse! I would not buy, red, black or white cars.
  5. My father-in -law had a 1976 Granada - what a lemon! Rust everywhere -, clutch change and slap in the transmission. A real dog. No thank you!
  6. I was thinking of something more basic but Dacia have sold quite a few vehicles. Spoke to a guy who was buying his third Duster - he thought they were reliable and did what it said on the tin! I have also read about reliability issues, particularly with the petrol versions. It is Renault based ..... enough said!
  7. Simple engineering that can fixed by the local handyman. It sometimes makes you think, could we produce a basic vehicle without all the gubbins? Probably not with the latest safety legislation. There would probably not be a market here anyway ......... but for export?
  8. If you have nowhere to do the job safely off the highway, just take it to a local garage, if it is just an oil change you want. If you supply the oil and filter they will only charge you labour.
  9. To be fair Paul the two Lexus cars you have owned can't really be compared to a Jaguar for performance - but I can appreciate what you say as a direct comparison. Overall though which do you prefer?
  10. This is so true about Lexus cars. My daughter and husband bought my RX300 from me. They did this out of expediency, rather than a burning desire to own a Lexus. After having the car for a few weeks and then travelling to Norfolk for a break, my son-in-law LOVES the car now. He had ridden in it a few times but actually owning the car has made a big impression on him.
  11. Never used my front sensors - only to see if they work!
  12. After numerous recommendations on here I went for Michelin Cross Climates. Await to see how long they last.
  13. Very high I would imagine. Surely someone would not pay that much considering what has been stated on here? Strange world
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