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  1. They are long cars, mine has sensors but only two! Well worth fitting imho. I like the gold badges but mine are silver.
  2. How would you compare Lexus engineering with the Mercedes you have worked on? You are doing a cracking job!
  3. I was under the impression you kept the green slip and the previous owner sends off the V5? Has as the procedure changed?
  4. Do all 450h models have air suspension? I am not familiar with this model only my RX300.
  5. That is a good point. See what you can get for £3,000 and compare it against an LS 400. I have just taken mine for a cruise to the Cotswolds. Did not break any speed limits and overall got 29 mpg on the computer (about right). Very few cars would have given us a better journey.
  6. Just given the old girl a clean before our trip to the Cotswolds! If you see a Champagne coloured LS 400 driving around the Cotswolds, it might be me!
  7. Around 1.00 pm. Only one LS 400 I know of in that area. That one is blue.
  8. Just been flashed by a lovely looking jade green (Not sure of the correct name but Bluesman colour!) LS 400 on the Deal to Sandwich Road today. Was it you?
  9. I had a triple by-pass 4 years ago at St Thomas' Hospital. The care was first class and provided you don#t have any complications you should be out in 5 days. Follow their instructions to the letter - and you will be fine. You are not allowed to pick up anything heavier than a kettle! Follow that advice or you will suffer! Trust me! Interestingly the day before my diagnosis I bought the LS 400 - thought about selling it the next day! Glad I didn't! All the very best Graham.
  10. Presume you are having a heart by-pass? If so, you will have to suffer the frustration of not driving that lovely car for 6 weeks!
  11. Please post an update peter when you have it sorted. Your original story made my stomach turn and I felt gutted for you.
  12. Looks a cracker .......... if I wanted a second LS 400 ..... sorry got to go .... I can hear the wife!