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  1. The bar of the lorry probably saved you from more serious injuries. We all make mistakes, it is life but when you have put so much work and love into a car it is a bit much. Onward and upward! Good luck with your search.
  2. I totally understand. I decided on a mint RX 300 rather than spend double on the 400h. At the time I saved about £5000 - which is a lot of fuel for the RX 300!
  3. I would check the fuse first - under the driver's side dash. Mine was just the fuse had gone.
  4. Gutted for you. Will you get another LS 430?
  5. Some diesels seem to be better than others. I had an Octavia 1.9 110 bhp and it was as sweet as a nut ........ BUT the turbo went, so economy overall went out of the window. Personally, my main concern is reliability. Even little things always going wrong - even if they can be fixed - really irritate me. I really appreciate the build quality compared with run-of-the-mill cars. The switch gear and controls have a very solid feel. In this modern age the only downside is the fuel consumption but if you are doing a high mileage the LPG option is there - then you have the best of both worlds. If mine was to go south now, I would probably look for a 450h but this 300RX is more than enough for me to be really satisfied.
  6. Have just come back from a run to Hampshire in my RX300. ( I did not dawdle - but did not belt it either ) - I got a computer indicated 28.7 mpg. That is much better than I expected. However, I average 22 mpg usually. On a long run they are not that bad - but short journeys really kill the mpg. It is a heavy car to move from stationary - basic physics means you use a lot more energy. To me it was such a lovely drive that it was well worth the extra cost compared to travelling in my diesel. I agree with all the comments above. Personally I would be prepared to pay over the odds for a good low mileage car with a full service history. I think they are remarkable value for money.
  7. Spacewagon52

    Mk4 LS400

    Wow! But it still needs the Lexus badge at the front please!
  8. Spacewagon52

    Hate car parks

    I might be being very judgemental here but nice people seem to change when they get inside a BMW. It is rumoured, but not proven, that BMW place a special type of "Nerve Gas" (Called Sodeverybodyelseontheroad) in the air con pollen filters. Audi have now cottoned on to this and their drivers are also being affected. You should only trust BMW drivers if they are wearing a gas mask!
  9. Spacewagon52

    Mk4 LS400

    I don't blame you!
  10. Spacewagon52

    Hate car parks

    If you ran an old Jeep Cherokee that was lifted with steel bumpers you would not get a scratch! Don't ask me why?
  11. Spacewagon52

    Mk4 LS400

    Wow! You could not have picked a better day! She looks superb! I still think it a pity you took off the Lexus badge! Well done!
  12. Where was this photo taken out of interest? I love the idea of just driving off into the night and arriving at dawn. I am very envious!
  13. Very interesting video - never heard of him but he seems a genuine guy.
  14. Thanks for the advice, I will disconnect the terminal next time. Really pleased it seems to be sorted - fingers crossed!