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  1. Unless people claim to be an expert, then I presume they are giving their opinion from experience. Goodyear are a top brand but I would never buy one again. I had a bulge in a fairly new Goodyear tyre that could have cost me my life. It was probably a one-off but I will never buy another one. "You get what you pay for!" I am not sure this is always true. We make a decision based on safety and finances, in the end it is YOUR decision what tyres you buy. Provided they meet the car manufacturer's specification for that vehicle.
  2. Very sorry to hear that. I wish I had an answer to your dilemma. It is quite sad that people are finding it challenging to run a decent car. Why should you HAVE to go back to "Bangers" because of these thieves?
  3. "Oblivious to the issue" sounds about right. Check this forum, lots on sunroof drain blockages. Read the threads and you should be able to sort it out. Get your Lexus serviced at an independent. Unless the car is less than 10 years old - Lexus dealers will not want to know.
  4. If you HAVE TO cross water, the safest way is to wade it first and CHECK the depth. It is far better to turn round and find an alternative route if you can.
  5. I have a feeling mine does the same on a long descent in cruise - I could be wrong but when I take her out next time I will check - that is my RX 400h.
  6. Here in East Kent still queues in our town. Fuel is available in Thanet however. I really thought it would have died down by now, apparently not!
  7. I agree with all above. If you like the car - KEEP it! You have "sorted" already most of the wear and tear issues - sell it and the buyer will be getting all those advantages at a very cheap price! "You know it makes sense Rodney!"
  8. When you come to replace the IS, what would you consider? An ES?
  9. That is more of a testament to the brand than any professional review. Question: if you HAD to get another taxi, what would you buy?
  10. The van at 5.15 shows how it should be done ..... very slowly. Of course that still depends on the depth of the water not being too high.
  11. Sadly, in a very underhand form, it is already here. I cheered when it all went down yesterday. I only wish it had been for longer!
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