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  1. Latest legislation, which is also worth mentioning, is the Consumer Rights Act 2015, sections 19 and 24. Good luck.
  2. Interesting points so I thought I would try out the difference in the car today. Listened to the same track on CD and tape adaptor (iPhone6S, 320kbps download), set the treble, mid and bass to same settings for both. Flicked between the two several times to get a feel for the difference. The CD is better but not starkly so, and the tape is perfectly acceptable for driving. There may well be differences between adaptors. Mine is a Philips and cost less than £10, feels like a bargain.
  3. I have used a cassette adaptor for years, a Philips costing less than £10, and it works perfectly.
  4. I have a 2006 with 84k. I have two identical key fobs. The suspension sport setting noticeably firms up the ride, it's not harsh but not that sporty either, I hardly ever use it. The normal setting gives a generally comfortable ride without being too soft, comparable to the Jaguar S-Type I had before. Yes, there's a rear blind but the only time I've used it is to check it works and when giving a gizmo tour to people new to the car. I do mainly small journeys and 21-22mpg but have seen 31-32 on a long trip. I've had the rear sticking caliper issue, both replaced at 78k. Also, an alternator problem that affected the electrics but this was fixed by an independent at low cost. Great car, can't recommend it too highly and I've owned many over the years.
  5. Must admit, with everything that was happening, it looked and felt like a major failure with the car having to be recovered to the garage (first time I've ever had that happen). Just goes to show how dependent these cars are on the electrics. Apparently, when starved of power, the on-board computers start selectively shutting stuff down (engine last) which makes it look a lot worse than it really is. Alternator repair was less than £100 plus labour. Wonder how much it would have been at a dealer? New alternator probably...
  6. Thought it might be worth sharing a recent experience with my 2006 GS430, 84K, full history. Driving to work and I get the Check VSC, PCS, traction control lights come on. Car continued to drive for next couple of minutes then I get the brake lights and some other warnings (the dash was lit up like the proverbial Xmas tree) coupled with power assisted brake failure (pedal got stiff). Another 30 seconds and the power steering failed (flipping 'eck it's tough without!) and the battery light came on. Parked up and turned engine on/off and this cleared everything but as soon as I put it in drive the same thing happened. Major problem??? Phoned my specialist garage who said it's probably an alternator or battery. Turned out to be the alternator, in particular the rectifier. Alternator refurbed and rectifier replaced and it's as good as new. Perhaps more surprisingly I've noticed a couple of other things. The gear-change is notably smoother (not that it was bad, just noticeable, now hardly at all). The heated seats get hot much, much quicker and the rear defrost is more effective (but still not great).
  7. I had this exact problem on my 06 GS430 shortly after I got it about a year ago. Googled the issue and found one potential cause was incorrectly seated fuel filler cap. It recommended a firm hand and at least six clicks when tightening. Perhaps it was coincidence but it worked. Had one repeat since and same procedure cured it again. Doesn't cost any time or money to try...