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  1. Fitting Aftermarket Sereo To My 2001 Is200 Sport

    I've had some trouble getting the right bypass cable. Is it the ct51-lx01 that I need? It's a bit confusing as it doesn't look like the cable pictured earlier in this thread. My car is a 2003 IS200 Sport. This one?
  2. Boot Lid Gas Strusts

    No worries.
  3. Boot Lid Gas Strusts

    I've removed the torsion bars, I have a gas strut to hold the boot open now.
  4. Boot Lid Gas Strusts

    I've done this job now so I have a spare strut if anyone wants it.
  5. Proud new Lexus owner

    Thanks for the replies. I need to get around to ordering the boot struts from RS so I can then look at the boot leak. Timing belt is due sept 2017 so I'm going to get it done early next week hopefully.
  6. Proud new Lexus owner

    It's a very slow leak. After washing it and torrential rain the other day there is only a small amount of water in there. Will get it sorted soon but need the boot strut first. Cant find one at the scrappers so I'll have to bite the bullet and get 2 online for £54. Anybody want the other one?
  7. Proud new Lexus owner

    I checked around the rear screen and it's dry. Once I get the gas strut for the boot I can track down the leak. I'm not sure if it is the original rear screen.
  8. Been looking for an IS200 for a few weeks now and on Sunday night something caught my eye that I didn't want to miss out on. So on Monday I made the 2hr train journey to have a look. In the dark as the seller was working which is a complete no-no I had to inspect the car under petrol station lighting. Everything looked OK, there was a scuff on the drivers side rear wheel arch. So I am the proud new owner of an IS200 Sport in Black. It is a 2003 though it has a 52 plate, not the original one. 110,000 ish miles on the clock. FSH up to 92K from Lexus or Toyota. Non standard alloys. So I have been driving it for a few days and it seems like a fantastic car. Looks stunning, nice interior (mine is the dark one), great smooth engine with lovely quiet tickover, good equipment level. It all seems very well built, no strange noises etc... I found a few problems after buying it. There's a water leak somewhere as both of the wells on either side of the boot had water in them, the boot torsion bar mounting is broken and the CD player doesn't accept disks and I think it needs new engine mounts. I'm having some trouble getting used to the clutch though. The bite seems very long and gradual. Is this normal?
  9. is200 2002 timing belt change

    Yep agreed, I'll take the other belts of and turn the engine another day, it was getting dark. It's due next September anyway so I'm gonna change it early ASAP really.
  10. is200 2002 timing belt change

    I got the cover off earlier but didn't have time to take the other belts off and turn the engine. The bit I can see looks OK though.
  11. is200 2002 timing belt change

    OK I get ya. Cheers iffy.
  12. Boot Lid Gas Strusts

    I just called about these struts. According to the sales lady the body is 280mm and the total length is 535mm. Is that right? I thought the body needed to be 440mm?
  13. is200 2002 timing belt change

    Crankshaft bolt? Do I need to do that to inspect the belt?
  14. is200 2002 timing belt change

    I just called the Toyota garage who's stamps are in the book and they said it was done at 60K in sept 2011. So it is due in sept 2017 or 120K ? I did read somewhere that it was every 20K after the first change.