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  1. Hi Sorry for the late reply. I have escalated the complaint with Euro car parts as Pagid are not customer focused. The calipers are about 4 months old and from ECP. this is slight weepage and not a bad cleanup as the caliper has warped two discs on the same wheel.
  2. I bought refurbed Pagid calipers and it turns out they may be faulty. I sent in a pic of the calipers at the beginning of Aug and still they have not got back to me. In fact they did ask where the calipers where bought and that's it. They truly do have bad customer service. Please check the images and advise if they are faulty or not.
  3. Just looking to confirm something. I need a back box section for the IS200 2002 and have come to understand the box is a toyota 17a33 futaba. Would I be right in thinking the 1.6 toyota corolla uses the same box? Also where is the best place to buy one? Im looking on ebay currently
  4. Sorry it's actually for an is200 although I own a gs300 too.
  5. Hi, looking for a dremmel tool and needed some advice. First of, is the battery powered device as powerful as the non battery powered? Also does anyone own a dremmel model that will power via bettery and mains, rather than require the battery to be charged to be used?
  6. Scenario Whenever ambient temperature drops below say 7 degrees celcius, my engine management light starts flashing along with trc light, the light will then tend to go out some days later. This issue only occurs at start up. When this happens, usually a headlight fuses at the same time. The performance is crap also when the temp is low outside until the car warms up. Where should I start looking to solve this problem? Thanks
  7. In my opinion Goodyear really are good on this model. the feedback and comfort/traction are very good.
  8. Lexus dealership is a right ***** take. Anyhow thanks for the help
  9. My gs300 2002 has an issue with the traction control unit. I suspect it's the traction control module, however I need it professionally diagnosed so is there any specialist preferrably near the Edinburgh/Glasgow area that I can go and get this issue diagnosed properly. Also is the traction control module difficult to remove and replace? thank you
  10. I actually have the m54engine. The is good and yes it does have its issues, ones that bmw are to apparently to blame for (piston rings). However if lexus could only better bmw in drive quality, they defo would be the best out there.
  11. Thank so very much for taking the time to give me a detailed response all users. In terms of handling, I am well aware this car isn't probably designed to go round corners fast which I can live with as the Lexus gs300 I have isn't really a car you want to drive fast. It's really a car you want to enjoy driving sensibly. So from that respect its all good. The speed of the car isn't really something that appeals to me. Put it this way, I have an is200 which I find great for speed and an e46 325i which I think does the job very in terms of speed. My only issue really is the ease of maintenance. I love doing my own work and must say I am tad pee'd off at Lexus part prices. They seem to be more expensive than BMW. On the tyre talk. I would stick with goodyear eagle tyres. My IS200 responds very very well to them.
  12. We actually have an 02 gs300 in the family which is a fantastic car (not so promising in terms of handling) that is in my opinion smooth and nice to be in. I have also drove a 06 gs300 which again was nice to be in but not so good in the handling department. I haven't though driven a gs450h.
  13. So have been doing research on gs450h and just wanted to ask a few questions: Are there any extras I should be looking out for although the gs450h is already well equipped? Should I worry about the hybrid battery on a 2008 vehicle? If so is there anywhere here up in Scotland that repair these issues? Is there anything else I should be aware of when looking to purchase one?
  14. Is it advisable to do so? If so, then which bushes should be greased. I ask because I would like to keep the car nice and smooth and perhaps maybe see if the suspension can become even more quiter and smoother
  15. True. OK then lexus it is. Hopefully Barry gadgy will give me a 10 percent discount. But I like dojng my own work and will buy any tool required, in that case is it advisable to do it or not?