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  1. I do get the whoosh when removing the cap for filling, I also checked and cleaned it but it looked ok before cleaning. The codes do register as pending first and throw the EML later.
  2. EML light back on, same two codes, P0420 & P0430, time to get it checked - just a little afraid of Lexus prices, not sure of the alternatives, any ideas anyone?
  3. I have this basic code reader (eBay item 122028314392) and it works fine on my RX400h for just reading error codes but I want to see more data like O2 sensor readings etc.
  4. Have bought this Bluetooth OBD2 reader as Techstream is very expensive even for limited use. This is supposed to be able to leave connected without draining battery and with the right software can do most things that Techstream will do. Thoughts anybody?
  5. I bought this Bluetooth OBD2 adapter, it's highly recommended, not the cheapest but you get what you pay for........ You can leave it plugged in and when not in use goes into standby mode so hopefully their will be no drain on the battery! Will report back with findings after I've used it for a while, hopefully it will be all good.
  6. Check engine light came on last night, pulled the codes this morning and they are P0420 & P0430, I have reset the codes and will now monitor for a recurrence of the codes. I have looked at what the codes mean and it's pointing to the catalytic converters bank 1 and bank 2, I've also read that in some cases O2 sensors, MAF or an exhaust leak could also be the cause. Can anybody advise me what is actually going on, I'm dreading having to replace the catalytic converters as they are so expensive, it's in for MOT later this month so if the emissions are high this will also point to inefficient catalytic converters but I'm hoping it's an easier fix.
  7. Thanks for that, it was to the left of the bonnet release.
  8. Where exactly is the OBDII socket to read the error codes on my Lexus RX400h?
  9. eBay item 122552762391 I bought this one for my RX400h and it fits and works perfectly.
  10. My RX400h consistently returns about 30mpg mainly around town with the odd longer trip, I certainly don't drive it for economy!
  11. acer54

    Key Fob

    I have recently changed the battery in one of my RX400h fobs and can confirm there is a small phillips screw at the key blade end of the fob on the underside that has to removed before the fob will split open. I've uploaded the video how to. Lexus_RX400_Remote_Battery_Replacement.mp4
  12. Depends where the sensors were fitted and by whom - they weren't a factory option but were usually fitted by the dealers.
  13. My front sensor switch is where the blank is in the attached photo between the rear door switch and the fuel door open switch.