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  1. Can I play MP3's from CD using the 6 CD changer on the Mark Levinson upgraded Audio package? I've seen many conflicting answers to this question so would be grateful for some info.
  2. It should be recorded on the V5 on the front page that it's been a right off.
  3. Lexus Teesside fitted full blades on mine a few months ago and only charged me £19 inc vat & fitting!
  4. I recently replaced my front wiper blades, did the usual and looked on eBay etc. etc. I could find good quality blades for about £25 (Bosch etc.) but I wanted spoilers on them like the OEM blades. So went to the Lexus dealership and was pleasantly surprised - A pair of OEM blades fitted for £19 inc vat So moral of the story, check with the Lexus dealership before buying non OEM spares!
  5. Mine was the same on its MOT from 2017 but were pretty much the same this MOT, (only done 4,500 miles) I'm expecting to have to change them for the next MOT.
  6. The cambelt and water pump should have been done at 100,000 miles, has this been done? Plugs will be due again at 120,000 miles as well, rear bank is a right sod to get at. The brake calipers can be problematic but usually they just seize but can be freed up, I have mine checked and lubed at every service.
  7. Ouch! - Lower suspension arms are £200 each plus labour for fitting, I think you are right it's going to be quite costly. How many miles has it done?
  8. My central heating controller is the same, I also wondered how long it is programme for as well, you can adjust the time manually as well though.
  9. Just burnt out, both number plate bulbs and a side light bulb.
  10. RX400h had it's MOT and 125,000 mile service done earlier in the week, all it needed to pass was front brake pads, handbrake adjusting and 3 bulbs renewing, no advisories either so well chuffed! Service consisted of oil & filter, air filter and pollen filter. Already for the Winter but I'm hoping I don't need it as a "Snow Weapon" lol
  11. My Merc SLK used to change itself so I ask myself "Just how hard can it be"?