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  1. It's in the boot, under the lift up door in the floor on the right hand side, theirs plenty of info on here on how to change the dvd.
  2. Compared to my TomTom the Lexus Sat Nav is rubbish however it's always got me to my destination without any issues, I have apps on my phone I can use if I get into difficulties in totally unknown area's.
  3. The mapping DVD is available on eBay at a huge saving from dealer price's, mine was genuine Lexus and I paid a fraction of the price.
  4. I used "Car Door Mirrors" and the fit was perfect, well recommended!
  5. My 2nd screen doesn't have a post code icon so I guess it's not available.
  6. It's a 2007 model with the latest mapping dvd.
  7. How do you input a postcode instead of having to put the road and town as the destination. Been through all the settings but can't find it, am I missing something?
  8. I only use BP Ultimate in both of my cars, I never use supermarket fuel.
  9. Socket will only plug in one way so doubt there crossed.
  10. Bought a replacement mirror from breakers yard, fitted it without issues but I cannot adjust the mirror position and the mirror will not fold in, I can hear the control box where the lead plugs into clicking but no movement of the mirror is evident - anyone got any ideas?
  11. I ordered and fitted this mirror from eBay, item 122552762391 and I can confirm it fits perfectly and the heated mirror connectors were the right size, so basically plug and play! I can recommend this mirror replacement 100% It seems the cheaper ones are not very good but spend a little more and its well worth it!
  12. Sounds like the way forward, is it easy to fit the replacement in place?
  13. Previous owner removed the original glass and stuck a cheap unheated replacement to the motor, I want to replace it with a heated one that attaches to the motor properly.
  14. I need to change the wing mirror glass on the passenger side, I don't want to damage the motor behind whilst removing the glass, which is the best way to remove the glass/mirror?
  15. I've decided to invest in Techstream as it will do everything that is needed, initially more money but pretty much bullet proof when you are using it.