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  1. acer54

    Key Fob

    I have recently changed the battery in one of my RX400h fobs and can confirm there is a small phillips screw at the key blade end of the fob on the underside that has to removed before the fob will split open. I've uploaded the video how to. Lexus_RX400_Remote_Battery_Replacement.mp4
  2. Depends where the sensors were fitted and by whom - they weren't a factory option but were usually fitted by the dealers.
  3. My front sensor switch is where the blank is in the attached photo between the rear door switch and the fuel door open switch.
  4. I think foxy-stoat is referring to the Hybrid battery and the normal battery showing good voltage.........
  5. Are all season tyres a good option for the Winter or should I fit Winter tyres? Which brands are recommended or known to be good on my RX400h?
  6. Does not look like you can switch off the rear sensors but as they only work in reverse it's not too much of a problem, the front ones can be turned off journey by journey so again not a problem, a valuable lesson learned if there is a next time - do not paint the sensors! Thanks for all your input!
  7. It was painted without masking and the sensors were painted, does this mean I need to replace them or can something be done with them?
  8. Done some more research and there is a button next to the rear hatch open button on the dashboard, when pushed and you here a long beep and then release it the front sensors are in fact disabled until you switch off and switch back on later - you just push the button again to disable them for that journey. Apparently the rear sensors can be permanently switched off using a button in the luggage area which I just cannot find, anybody know where this button should be if fitted? This is there to use if you are towing etc. to stop the sensors spuriously alarming.
  9. I recently had my front and rear bumpers painted as there was scruff's on all 4 corners from the previous owner. Since having them painted the sensors are going off all the time, the front ones are coming on when the car in front is about 2 metres away (before painting they worked perfectly). Will painting effect there sensitivity or is it something else? Is there a fuse for these that can be pulled till I get them fixed or can they be disabled or disconnected?
  10. I recently replaced my front wiper blades, did the usual and looked on eBay etc. etc. I could find good quality blades for about £25 (Bosch etc.) but I wanted spoilers on them like the OEM blades. So went to the Lexus dealership and was pleasantly surprised - A pair of OEM blades fitted for £19 inc vat So moral of the story, check with the Lexus dealership before buying non OEM spares!
  11. With all my daily driver cars I have worked out the mpg! My Summer toy is a BMW Z4 3.0i and I'm not bothered what mpg I get out of it but I still check it after every fill up, it can also sometimes warn you of an issue with the car.
  12. I run mine till the light comes on and then brim the tank (about 55 litres) - it's the best way to get the most accurate mpg figures. I have done this will all my cars since the mid 1980's and never had a problem.
  13. The clicking is from the connector behind the door panel not from the mirror.
  14. The mirror is a replacement unit from a breakers yard, I can hear clicking from where the mirror wiring connects to the terminal block behind the door panel but no movement at the mirror at all, can anyone verify if a new or replacement mirror does have to be coded to the car and if so can it be done using techstream?
  15. It looks as though the drivers door mirror motors have packed up, the mirror will not adjust up or down or left and right - is this an easy fix or is it a new mirror altogether? The passenger side works fine.