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  1. Bargain luxury GS300

    Hello again all. had an issue with passenger front door lock when I got car, £22.50 part from eBay, two hours taking the door apart and all sorted. did my service on Monday, 6l of Millers nannotech 5w30 and a K&N oil filter. Didn't have the tool for the filter housing, but a hammer came to the rescue! Would like to do the ecu reset now, saw something about taking two fuses out to reset engine and gearbox, anyone know which fuses I'm after?
  2. Has anyone got and used this software? I have seen a few free downloads and wondered if it would be useful for me as a DIYer?
  3. mk1 to mk3 rims

    It's finding them at a reasonable price first. Trouble is they are popular for Supra, Soarer owners too as a straight swap to get wide rears. I think it's a huge shame how mk1 sports get broken and the wheels sold on. Been to Lexus today. They are putting the claim in, but she assessed the thickness of the paint and thinks it's been painted before, 4 weeks till I hear but looks unlikely I'll get it painted for free.
  4. mk1 to mk3 rims

    She has TPMS, I thought it was just a sensor on the tyre valve, no good on Borbets? They're a good looking wheel, when I was a teen and the mk1 sport first came out I wanted one badly. That's what I was looking for until discovered the mk3. Going to grovel to Lexus tomorrow on the bonnet issue.
  5. Bargain luxury GS300

    Thanks she's a stunner. Ironically, just seen a 450h in the carpark with matching colour!.
  6. mk1 to mk3 rims

    I have the idea in the back of my mind, to colour code the wheels with the car, then the diamond cut face to set it all off. Haven't really got the budget now anyway, so future plans.
  7. mk1 to mk3 rims

    Nice! I'd love to get diamond cut, I know they tarnish easy, so was thinking about a clear powder coating instead of lacquer if possible. Industrial finish.
  8. mk1 to mk3 rims

    Flipping hard to find tho, expensive when available.
  9. mk1 to mk3 rims

    Hi fancy set of Borbet 18" staggered rims from the mk1 GS300 sport to put on my mk3, has anyone tried this? et45 vs et50? Will 10" width fit in the rear arches? Thanks in advance
  10. Any idea about transferring phone Book? 2005 mk3, Bluetooth connected fine for calls, no idea how to sync the phone book. I have a Sony Z5 premium. ta
  11. I have a big mile gs300, I would say the history is the key, they are very well made but lack of care will soon reduce it's life. Two and a half days and I'm in love with mine, couldn't recommend enough, averaging about 34 mpg but I've not had a heavy foot. Don't think it'll match those diesels you've had before for economy, but you'll save in long term from not having to buy DPFs, DMFs, turbos and other expensive bits. can only list what I've researched as 'common problems'. shock absorbers seized calipers rusty exhausts TPMS sensors Thats about all I've found out.
  12. Can you get others? Purely for research purposes of course...
  13. Bargain luxury GS300

    To do list: boot spoiler possibly LE skirts android integration bonnet chips mk1 sport wheels, 10" rears diamond cut (anyone tried this on a mk3?)
  14. Bargain luxury GS300

    Had a bit of a polishing session today, looking shiny! worked out how to use the cruise control, just the dodgy passenger door release left to fix. Love this motor..
  15. Bargain luxury GS300

    Cheers. yeah, just so much car for the money. Plenty of duffers out there too, chose this because of the history, plus as it's been kept on expensive tyres all it's life, I think that shows owners haven't skimped on maintenance.