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  1. I don't know if a hub conversion is even possible without knowledge of the full front suspension set-up. Here's a few pics of the calipers as received, another when deciding whether to paint them all black or black with polished face and the car with the new discs and calipers. The pads were Hawk ceramic which provided excellent progressive braking with very little dusting, unlike the high dust grabby standard set-up. The car was on Eibach American specification lowering springs with 1.5 inch drop on the front and 1 inch drop on the rear. Having a drop of more than 30mm on the front required the fitting of a camber kit to bring the geometry back within the Lexus specified tolerances.
  2. Members who say 17'' wheels fit over IS350 calipers are correct, but to relate this to upgrading the IS250 with IS350 calipers and discs is completely wrong . The IS250/220D hub is different than the IS350 hub, so although the IS350 calipers are a direct bolt on without modification, they do not have the same clearance as they have on a 350 hub. The standard 17'' wheel does not therefore fit over the IS350 caliper when it is bolted to the IS250 hub. Exdee has already stated this fact, but it appears either no one read his post or the misunderstanding continues, I know for a fact that the 350 and 250 hubs are different because I still have a pair of new IS350 backplates/dustcovers that I purchased in the USA believing I could fit these bigger diameter plates when doing the brake mod, but they do not fit.
  3. Sorry folks, I don't know why you cannot message me, it always used to work. Oh, hang on I've used 194% of my message box. I'll clear it.
  4. I have a cat back system from my IS250 SE-L that was only on the car for 14 months from new. It's been taking up room in my garage for far too long so was thinking of putting it on Gumtree or possibly EBay.
  5. I did the IS350 disc and caliper upgrade to my IS250 SE-L way back in 2006-2007 and it was a vast improvement to the standard which I found to be a bit 'grabby' and suffered from high wear to the discs with excessive dust from the pads. My car was on 19' inch rims because as other people have confirmed, although the calipers are a direct swop, the 350 hub and 250 hub are a different size so the standard 17 inch wheel will not fit around the calipers. I used Hawk performance pads which generated a lot less dust than the Lexus pads. When the IS250 was introduced in the USA there were many, many complaints about the excessive dust coming off the standard pads and consequently Lexus introduced a low dust pad for the IS250 which unfortunately was not made available in the UK. However, I was a frequent visitor to Texas in those days and purchased a set of standard discs and low dust pads which I still have in their original wrapping as I did the 350 upgrade before I put them on the car.
  6. 35 psi all round for the IS200, and make sure the geometry is set to WIM settings to avoid the inner tyre wear
  7. Brought mine back for the IS250 Se-L from Houston Texas whilst working over there in 2006/7. I spoke to Eibach in Germany to enquire as to why the European spec was different and was told it was due to the initial distributors who put the spec together for Eibach to manufacture to. The American spec drops the front by 1.5" (38.1 mm), the rear by 1" (25.4mm) and the European spec is 30mm drop all round. The American Spring is also more progressive in compressing. One thing to note is that the Lexus geometry settings for the IS250 can still be made within their specified range up to a 30mm drop, but fitting the American spec Eiback Pro-Set requires the additional fitting of camber adjusters to maintain the correct geometry (front only of course)..
  8. No mine was not under warranty, but they were regularly servicing my three Lexus that I had at the time. Just told the Service Manager I didn't expect anything to fall off a Lexus.
  9. I had the recall letter in November so I called my local dealership at the beginning of this month, not realising that the fuel pressure sensor sealing issue wasn't just restricted to the IS-F. Service Manager then informed me of the cooling fan issue and booked me in for both mods a couple of days later. Guess if I hadn't called I'd still be in the queue with along with the 250/220 owners.
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