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  1. Happy Birthday Frenchman!

  2. Yes you can switch it of. i asked my dealer to do it and i don't have the buzzer any more.
  3. I havent bought it yet still wondering if this car is good for me. Sure, i'll take my decision before april.
  4. Whaou ! i would be pleased to pay only 300£ ! I will ask an other Dealer to confirm the pices i was given and i'll let you know.
  5. all around europe but not inn France ! IS 200 5 years stereo waranty is not available in France, for exemple ! The problem is that there are few Lexus sold in france and dealers are not as good as in UK. We don't have Lexus Dealers only Toyota dealers which sell Lexus. There are less than 100 SC430 in france.
  6. Can someone give me servicing prices in UK ?
  7. What about any waranty ? If something is not done correctly during servicing( i have told "IF"), would i be able to get a waranty in France?
  8. yes it is !!! That's why i don't know what to do ...
  9. I own a IS 200 and i'm thinking about buying a SC430 but my dealer told me services were very expensive. i've been told 1000£ each time ! Is it right ? I managed to find a 02 Sc 430 with 30.000km(around 20.000 Miles) on clock for 35.000 € (23.000 £) which is not very expensive for such a car , but i'am a little scarred by services prices. my Lexus dealer told me tyres were so expensive that most of the owners got the runflat off ! Could someone answer me ?
  10. Is 300 wheels are not same as IS200 ! Only look like....
  11. I'm looking to install an aftermarket cruise control on my manual IS200. Can someone give me advises about which one to choose ? Thanks
  12. Sorry for your baby. That's one of the thing i don't like in UK, roads are very bad ! This appened to me but on a oil falled on the highway. did a 360 but luckily, the were nobody on this 4 lanes highway and didn't hit anything.
  13. There are good dealers in France. I went to Sivam Paris 05 , had a free diag. and my stereo changed whereas my car wasn't under waranty
  14. Anyone knows about differences between Toyo T1R and Proxes 4 ?? I'm about to change my tires and don't know which one to choose !
  15. Seen on saturday May 7th around 2:00pm in Meaux, in France Dark grey Lexus is 200 with tinted windows. Plate X599...
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