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  1. Hi Rob. You're right but since it's not a legal requirement fit them in the UK, it seems very few people here can see their benefit. Pity, because they are just languishing in my garage doing nothing. We just don't get enough snow it seems. Maybe I should give them to my son who just loves selling stuff on ebay......... Cheers. IanB :D
  2. Still available just in case the recent snow has made you wonder. I just want shot of these, so any reasonable offer will be considered. IanB :D
  3. First IS 200 SE I had was a new 1999 manual model (V reg) and that had a chrome ball. My girlfiend (now my wife) loved my shiny knob :o IanB :D
  4. Welcome to the club. I've just filled in the questionaire, and I agree with Ian D's objections to hybrids. Nice as the Lexus versions are to drive, they still are neither green nor practical in my view. Cheers, IanB :D
  5. Still for sale if anyone is interested. Just pm me. Cheers, IanB :D
  6. My Audi came with a key like this. The only problem is it sometimes opens in my pocket due to accidently pushing the button when I move. Kind of defeats the fold up feature :duh: The Lexus ones button is in a recess so it may be better. IanB :D
  7. Even up here, so far all we've had is a light hail coating this morning. Stiff breeze though. IanB :D
  8. Nice one Geoffers. This brings back memories of my school days, when you could have fun without a conscience. I know several teachers, and when I hear some of the goings on at school, I wonder how they can ever get on with their jobs. Their hands are tied, and the educational establishment seems to be petrified of getting sued! It's even got to the state where increasingly teachers won't take kids on trips any more, because of the worry about the fallout if a pupil gets injured. Not worth the hassle I hear them say. And this is a rural secondary school :o IanB :D
  9. Well Engineering Consultant. I'm in the business of helping to safely rejuvinate old oil and gas wells, offshore in the North Sea. Helps to keep us producing fuels in the UK, and hopefully reduce the chances of our clients having accidents while doing it! IanB :D
  10. I've had to sell my GS purely for practical reasons (I needed a large estate). I've ended up with the Audi A6, not because I particularly wanted one, but because it had all the features I was looking for, and was big enough for my wheechair, etc. in the back. My GS really spoiled me and limited my choices, since most estates just don't have all the classy features that Lexus supplies as standard. Mind you, the Audi is superb and the quattro drive gives me peace of mind :) :) IanB :D
  11. Yes :) I've only been in some light snow once so far, but I'm sure it will be the business when it really snows. IanB :D
  12. I agree with Jamboo. Hybrids are to my mind a gimick which try to attract the green lobby, but don't do that that effectively. Nice to drive (the GS) but that's all really. If batteries could be made much smaller and lighter then perhaps a hybrid might be more practical, but I'm more than happy to stay with the good old combustion engine for the forseeable future. Just wait for the next proper, technological leap (fuel cells maybe?) IanB :D
  13. My Audi is a 4x4 and I just know it's going to be better in the snow than any of my previous RWD Lexii. But then I live in the NE of Scotland in the country...... IanB :D
  14. Mine had mudflaps which came with the car. I've only got a picture of the front, and the car's gone now so no rear picture. Car used to get muddy though, so I don't think they were very effective. Cheers, IanB :D