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  1. Nice reply Mauler thanks. I believe you're right - now I've got a copy of Techstream, I can see that there are in fact 6 or 7 ECU's in the Lexus !! Much to my surprise. And a separate one for ABS / VSC, as you say. Mate if you're having trouble with drivers - I work in IT - I could fire you over a bundle of the drivers that are workihg for me on Win. 10, if you like ?
  2. Thanks to you all for replies, and apologies for this delayed reply - I've been away for a bit. John - thanks for the advice re. Techstream. This sounds stupid but I actually always thought that was a Vauxhall-specific app; I'm sure I've seen it discussed before on the Vectra forum I used to belong to. Anyway - thanks for clearing that one up 🙂 Herbs thanks for the link - I've ordered the cable, and am waiting for my conscience to get back to me on the matter of the software 🙂 Linas - thanks for such a detailed reply - much appreciated. I don't recall the exact menu option in Torque Lite, but it was something like "List Error Codes", and it came back saying "None Found"... odd, but understandable given that they are clearly hidden in a Toyota-specific part of the information structure... maybe your full copy of "Torque" goes deeper and isn't just ad-free as the only difference. Good point also re simply deleting codes and expecting that to "fix" anything - yes, of course, if there's a fault, the code will reappear; I'll be mindful of that 🙂 ANYWAY - meanwhile, I took the car down to my friendly local garage and had it hooked up and scanned - just because he did it for free - and he reckons he picked up an actual fault with the ABS. Didn't see that one coming - I've had a lonngggg history of smoking / EGR / DPF / 5th Injector problems, so that "Check VSC" and "ABS" light is more often on than off.... but it might be the case that, on this occasion, it's actually telling the truth !. I'll get my hands on some decent software as you've all advised, and have another look myself, before doing anything else... it seems the ABS Sensor is integral to the actual wheel bearing assembly, or so I'm told ? Had that wheel bearing replaced 18 months ago, so don't want to shell out for another, just yet, unless I have to. Had a quick look at the wiring / connector, and all seems OK... Bah, maybe there's some expense coming my way ... 😞
  3. Afternoon all. What OBDII readers / software do folks on here use to reset Lexus error codes, please ? Specifically the perennial "Check VSC" and ABS lights. I'm STILL struggling with my "Check VSC" issue.... had a spate of smokiness a while ago (which has calmed down since I cleaned the EGR and DPF, and replaced the 5th injector, and reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery) .... but the fault message remains, as does the ABS warning light which seems to go with it... and that's an MOT failure, as I just learned 😞 My generic cheap Chinese OBDII reader, along with "Torque Lite" on the phone.... says "No codes recorded". So I'm guessing I need something more Lexus-aware ? Thanks all in advance. Cheers - Chris.
  4. Fantastic, thanks Steve - I'll have a look this afternoon ! (Cheers also TigerFish although I'm sure he won't see this).
  5. LOL ok alright - I missed the part about "Sold" 😄 Sorry Steve - but thanks for the info 🙂
  6. Hey Pluffy - can you post a pic of the pipes in question please ? Cheers 🙂
  7. Afternoon all. I've just had an MOT failure on the IS220D for (among other things lol) "Offside Rear Parking brake inoperative on one side - No effort". I don't have the money at the moment to have this looked at by my local garage, so I'm going to have a look myself (I'm not a newbie to car mechanics, before people wade in and say not to mess with brakes 🙂). Just wanted to ask the Group though, before I get too far into it - what kind of a job is it (ie - "Easy", "OK", "Pig") to strip down the rear handbrake components ? I'll only have a window of a few hours to get it sorted before I need to pick the missus up from work 🙂 I'm aware (I think ?) that the Lexus uses separate pads for the handbrake as opposed to an actuator on the main caliper... so obviously more components to check / service - but beyond that I don't know much about what to expect. OR - is it potentially / generally something more simple, like a broken linkage between the handbrake lever and the rear ? All comments gratefully received - Cheers.
  8. Nigel - very impressed to see you still around after your original post of 7 years ago ! 🙂 I'm like you - sadly, the IS220D has killed my faith in diesels. A lovely car (albeit a bit gutless), but just far too much trouble. Anyway - sorry to hijack this post but - I'm STILL struggling with my "Check VSC" issue.... had a spate of smokiness a while ago (which has calmed down since I reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery) .... but the fault code remains (!?) and the light is still on, as is the ABS warning light which seems to go with it... and that's an MOT failure, as I just learned 😞 So - I hooked up my generic cheap Chinese OBDII reader, along with "Torque Lite" on the phone.... and it says "No codes recorded". So - I can't reset the pesky light and get my MOT sorted. Question then is - what other readers / software do folks on here use, to reset Lexus error codes, please ? I have some experience with monitoring computer hardware, and in that field at least, there's your "standard" ISO-type errors and codes, and then there's usually vendor specific "secret" ones too, that only their kit can see. I'm guessing Lexus have hidden all their fruity (ie useful) stuff, in a management block of their own, requiring either their own kit to read, or a very cleverly researched third party utility ? Cheers all, thanks in advance.
  9. >> So I remade the wiring from dpf sensor to the ECU and then got good values for the dpf sensor pressure. Appreciate this is an old post but I've had this problem for the last 3 years and nothing / nobody has been able to resolve it - including, replacing 5th injector, cleaning EGR, DPF re-gen, etc. As noted above, the only thing that stops it FOR A FEW DAYS is resetting the ECU - SO, I am 100% convinced it's an electrical fault, as noted by grahamtrd above. My question is - can anyone please post a pic of the wiring / engine bay location he's referring to, above, so I can start checking it over ? Many thanks in advance 🙂
  10. Hi Normski - I know this is an old thread but just wanted to post you a big "THANK YOU" - I've been trying to work out how to disable the interior sensors for ages (well, since we got our new Greyhound, anyway... ). The instructions in the user manual don't make sense; they don't make it clear that the "interior sensors" option only appears when the ignition is off. Nice one - cheers 🙂
  11. Ok, if they haven't changed since launch then that's good enough for me - thanks mate. Yes, I did "ask seller a question" but - they will presumably just use their own "checker", which will return the same results of course, so not holding my breath there 🙂 No, I don't have the original locking nut key box - just the key, which my local garage has stripped. I'm going to have to get them to chisel off the locking nuts and then I'll fit these vanilla ones. Heading down to Dorset at the weekend, and in fear of getting a puncture - especially as I'll be towing !. TBH I usually get rid of locking wheel nuts anyway - for reasons exactly like this - they are a pain, and nobody nicks alloys any more (do they ?!?)
  12. Cheers John !. The "checker" on their Ebay page says these will NOT fit a 2007 IS2210D, though ? Have you used these nuts yourself ?
  13. Cheers for that mate. I'm told they are £5 each from Lexus - and just lost my job so not anxious to go there - so was hoping to buy some OEM ones from Ebay .... ?