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  1. The price is def better but I've seen the vids of those on eBay they are not clear and also the projection is not even. I've heard some of those don't last very long too
  2. I've been looking to get these: Might get them in the next couple of months
  3. So I've got the boot one although if I ever turn the switch off and on the bulb just seems to pop out and also it sits at a bit of an angle. Kinda feels like the bulb is slightly the wrong size. At the moment it's in and stays on as long as I don't turn the switch off, I'm hoping it won't pop out if I hit a pot hole.
  4. Finally got mine today, is one of the bulbs for the boot?
  5. I ordered on the same day so not sure why mine didn't come today. Hopefully they will come tomorrow.
  6. Mine still haven't come, when did you order yours?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I will get it looked at next week hopefully, but that explains why I struggled to reverse up a curb a few weeks ago. I'm guessing the smell is the clutch burning?
  8. Hi, I have an IS250 Sport (Manual), over the last few weeks i've noticed that when i'm in 3rd gear or above and I put my foot down the rev get go up to about 2500-3000rpm hold for a couple of seconds drop down by 500rpm and them the car starts to accelerate again. Also if i keep my foot down then it feels like something is slipping in the engine, any ideas as to what could be the problem? One last thing if I do put my foot down for a minute or 2 then I get a weird smell coming through my vents for a few minutes. If I do a gradual increase then it seems ok. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nish
  9. Thanks just ordered them :)
  10. I've had mine done via Autoglass and it was a long experience. I have had 4 replacements since December with the last one being a dealer glass. The 3 before and 1 that they didn't fit all had scratches on them in my line of sight. it turned out to be the way that they were being stored and transported that when they slid the glass out it would scratch. The dealer glass only went on 2 days ago and so far its perfect.
  11. Hi, I have a 2007 IS250 Sport and wanted to know where I can get an Interior LED Bulb Kit + LED Boot Bulb in the UK. I have found them on US sites but by the time you add shipping its $50 -$90 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nish
  12. Nishid100

    Illuminated Door Sills

    Yes I did one side I got from the UAE which was cheaper the other from Japan due to stock, Japan was long esp with customs.
  13. Nishid100

    Illuminated Door Sills

    Finally got mine and installed them :) Thanks for the help John.
  14. Nishid100

    Illuminated Door Sills

    Awesome thanks for your help
  15. Nishid100

    Illuminated Door Sills

    Thanks for that I will def look at getting them Sory last question the price on Amayama is that for a set or each?