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  1. Illuminated Door Sills

    Yes I did one side I got from the UAE which was cheaper the other from Japan due to stock, Japan was long esp with customs.
  2. Illuminated Door Sills

    Finally got mine and installed them :) Thanks for the help John.
  3. Illuminated Door Sills

    Awesome thanks for your help
  4. Illuminated Door Sills

    Thanks for that I will def look at getting them Sory last question the price on Amayama is that for a set or each?
  5. Illuminated Door Sills

    Awesome, any chance you have a pic of them as there isn't one on the website?
  6. Illuminated Door Sills

    Thanks for the reply but they are 2013 onward mine is 2007.
  7. Illuminated Door Sills

    Hi, I have an IS250 Sport 57 plate and wanted to know where I can get some illuminated door sills, preferably blue, for it? Can't seem to find them online anywhere. Thanks Nish