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  1. Thanks for the advise - 'you get what you pay for' is a good rule generally. I'll ask my electrical fitter. I have had a problem resolved in another lengthy thread with all sorts of error codes being thrown up. Damaged wiring was found and replaced, this error is the only one that comes back, my chap said if it does it will need replacing. Hopefully this should sort it.
  2. Hi all I've had an ongoing electrics issue which has been resolved but the legacy is I need to replace the Lambda sensor... The main code that comes up is P0138, O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2. If I don't clear it for a day or so I also get P0137, same error but low voltage. My car is 2008 so I don't think I will have the car for 10 years... so my question is, with prices varying from £30 on eBay to £70-150 at Eurocarparts, has anyone had experience and recommendations. Cheers, Clive
  3. So to close this topic, one error keeps coming back, P0138, O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2. I was advised this would need replacing if it kept re-occuring, which it does, so I'm starting a new thread for advice on how much to spend on one as they vary from about £30 - £150.00. As the car is 10 years old I don't necessarily need one to last 10 years so long as it functions as it should. I'll share the link to the discussion. Cheers guys for all your help. Still managing almost 32 mpg average which is good in cold weather.
  4. Hey sorry, missed this. (The sensor sits right on top of the engine at the back near the windscreen.) The connector has two tabs, one on top, one underneath which is a bit of a fiddle. If you squeeze on them and wiggle the connector up and down gently as you pull back it will disconnect quite easily. There are vids on You Tube. Good luck!
  5. Good point (and BatchelorDays), but the error code P0137 is very consistent (Sensor circuit low voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2). If i wait to clear it I may also get P0138 (Sensor circuit high voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2). Always the same sensor. Worth asking if it's the same one with the damaged wiring. Pic attached.
  6. It's the electrician's word for the OBD II reader! I'm not getting any other codes now, so I'd just get the same code doing what you suggest. I read it is best to replace both if you have an error on one bank - sensor 1 pre cat and sensor 2 post cat. The logic being that if sensor 2 has failed and is replaced, sensor 1 whilst it may still be working ok may not be in sync with the new sensor and throw up an error (think that was the gist of it). Anyone got experience of fitting these as the price variation is huge. With an older car I don't need one to last another 10 years, but equally don't want to create problems by fitting a cheap poor functioning one!
  7. Latest update... ! I got a return of the error codes after a couple of days - O2 sensor circuit low/high voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2, codes P0137/138, then more - so I got the car back to the guy. He said there were loads of codes which he cleared. He did a long test run and said the can ran beautifully with no problems. Suggested I leave the dongle unplugged as they can throw error codes but if I keep getting O2 sensor error codes it's likely I'll need to replace it. The car is running fine but every 2nd or 3rd start up, the engine light will come on during a journey, always the same, which I stop and clear, then it's fine again for a while, so I going to replace the sensor. Anyone got any experience of replacing sensor 2 in Bank 1? I'm quite competent if it's accessible. Otherwise its back to the garage. What is an OEM part number? Thanks. Nearly got this sorted.
  8. I don't think that was a problem - the engine kept running rough on tickover when I had the error codes. It is stopping as I would expect now, after the repairs. The battery was replaced March 2017 and hasn't been disconnected since. Surely the problem would have been there when I got an engineers report before I bought the car ? There's a lot of talk here about 12v battery issues, so it seems they can be problematic.
  9. Thought about it - if the car's going fine why tempt fate! If the consumption stays down I'll try. The guy reckons the old sensor was probably ok. I'll put it in the spares dept 😉
  10. Got the car back today. 3 hours labour, no parts required. He found error codes relating to the MAF sensor and all 02 sensors (same as me). He found a blown fuse and replaced it, cleared the codes and test drove. Fault returned but fuse not blown. Scan found fault on 02 sensor 2, band 1. On the ramp he found damage to the wiring loom - he reckoned due to the car grounding or such like. He cut out the bad section and repaired it. Cleared the codes, test drive again and all ok. I doubt I would have ever found that! But as someone said, get it checked before you start replacing parts. On the short drive back, the hybrid battery went from very run down to very well charged - green, one bar from the top. A bit early to say, but it felt like the hybrid system was charging more than needed and the consumption was lower than I'd expect in town driving. That said, it drove down our road on battery so maybe it's settling in. I wouldn't worry! This was and interesting mix of one of those things rather than a mileage related incident. If your car has good history it should be fine. What was good to hear was David said he doesn't do much work on these, which implies they don't have many issues. Happy to have the car back, driving beautifully as usual.
  11. David Hammond of Hammond Auto Electrics in Guildford is the guy looking at it. Drove over with just the engine light on. He's had a look and found a fuse gone that (I think) is on the circuit that sends data from the MAF sensor. One of the four O2 sensors is faulty, plus some other bits I can't remember what he said! Not tragic and likely the old sensor was ok. So pleased this isn't being looked at by Lexus, they'd be fitting all sorts I expect! He's keeping the car in overnight as he needs it cold to check the rest. He also told me the AFS sensor warning light, which was on when I bought the car, is the front one not the rear, so he's done me a favour there, I was about to remove the rear one and try to fix it. He will check when it's on the ramp as it might just be a corroded wire. Good man, recommend him. Hopeful that I'll have a better car soon.
  12. I'll keep you posted - what's your mileage? Not wishing to pre-empt anything, my problems started with the engine not cutting out, also ticking over a bit rough. It's an interesting one...
  13. I think you are right - car going in on Wednesday so we will see. I've attached the Euro Car Parts item - it's Denso, made in Vietnam - just off China 😉 the same in all bar the Toyota name.
  14. Last Wednesday I drove 12 miles no problem. Went to leave 4 hrs later and all the warnings were back plus a high whistle alert sound. Switched on and off and eventually got rid of the alerts except the engine light. Called my breakdown cover people and they sent out a guy who cleared the codes using his Bosch gear. Drove home no problem. Next day same thing but cleared ok. Coming home was slow to get codes cleared. Advised the sensor may need programming in. No point going to Lexus as they’ll blame the OEM part. So I’ve left a message with an auto-electrics specialist to see if he can sort it. Will give an update when I can.
  15. Only the P0102, all the others have cleared, along with red triangle warning for the hybrid system. Will be doing three 10-15 mile journeys tomorrow so we will see!