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  1. Thanks GSLV6, I agree. I reckoned at least £1000-£1500. What I'm more disappointed in is the fact this is a one owner car with documented service history and the consensus is newer high miles with history is the way to go. It just goes to show, the day-to-day love and care is as important as an annual service. I'm getting tired looking! Older low miles much loved with more owners... A mate says one owner cars are worse than multi owner cars cos each new owner lavishes attention on it whereas single owners get bored and let things slide.
  2. Haha, agree. I've travelled 250 miles to buy a vehicle. Need to be sure it's ok tho!
  3. OK, so ClickMechanic have done the report (highly recommend) which was emailed as soon as the inspection was complete - impressive. It brought up a good deal more than I expected, especially for a well maintained by Lexus vehicle. The following came up... - One tyre and all alloys (which I knew and had allowed for) - Sun roof not opening - Headlamp washers not working - CD player not working - Age related and other scratches chips and scuffs to bodywork - Overdue a service, oil and coolant levels low. (Hybrid coolant OK) - Rear gaiters on all shockers are damaged, this will need attending to before major damage is caused - O/S rear disc is grooved badly, All pads are now low. Everything else is 'good'. No corrosion, engine, gearbox, clutch, exhaust, zircon, steering, chassis etc. Any idea as to cost for sorting this? My gut feeling is the previous owner got fed up of spending out and has run it until it needed to go. The last Lexus service was Feb 2016 at 137k, it's done 20k since then. I think I can find better? Seems like electrics are playing up.
  4. Very sound advice thank you. I am having a pre purchase check today on a 2008 SE. Not an SE-L but I need to get my life back! Pretty much ticks all the boxes so I'll keep you all posted. Full Lexus history at my local dealer, one owner all receipts and hybrid health check. 156k miles, £4995. As I have such a tight budget I reckon the history outways the lack of ML sound system, satnav and rear camera. Satnav is weak and I can retro fit a camera if I want. Will keep you posted!
  5. I've seen some of those Julian - not got children now so the rear screens are a bit wasted on me! Agree with what you say thanks. The RX certainly seems pretty bullet proof. Quite like the RS but the tiny boot is a deal breaker.
  6. Lurch - are you thinking of selling it?!
  7. Hi. Been looking for an SE-L for months now and seem to have confused myself! Just changed jobs and expect to be doing 10k miles a year. I'm not concerned with rear DVD screens but want the Mark Levinson sound system. Started looking for black/grey paint and beige leather but then liked the silver paint/pale grey leather. Now not adverse to black leather - certainly keeps cleaner. Stretched leather on drivers seat lets down a lot of examples. So high miles newer or low miles older is the real issue. My budget is £6500 tops and prefer Lexus history. Loads out there, many not sold for months which can't be good for the batteries. High milers likely to be on motorway - how good or bad it that for the hybrid? Low milers and older more likely to be urban dwellers so more use of hybrid and brakes,which is better (?) but more wear on components. We have a boat to tow occasionally so a tow bar a bonus but may indicate heavy use so happy to fit one Im getting to the point where I have to make a decision so hope you guys can offer some pointers. Thanks.
  8. Where did you buy that? That's a very good price!