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  1. Pacific Coast Auto uploaded a walk around of a special looking Altezza today. They import Japanese cars, some are fascinating!
  2. Hello everyone! I picked up my first IS200 SE last week for the princely sum of £650. She has 97,000 miles, one owner, full history and lovely in every way apart from the bodywork. My plans are to slowly restore it to a nice standard. Primarily lots of small bodywork and paint repairs including the seriously scuffed alloys. PLANS Remove major scratches and minor dents. Repair deep dent on rear panel. Deep polish to remove the pretty bad swirl marks. Alloy repair and respray. Tint rear windows. Spray chrome rear light inserts red (sorry, not a fan of lexus lights). Make sure everything is fully rust proof and pristine for longevity. Cruise Control retrofit (if possible). Wire folding mirrors to central locking.
  3. fooby's Green IS200 SE

    It's a relatives Nissan Vannette. Very interesting thing.
  4. Show us your beads!

    Rained last night, got a layer of Poorboys Blue Natty on there. Smells lovely as well!
  5. fooby's Green IS200 SE

    Ah sorry mate You Newcastle too then?
  6. Started with a 2001 Golf 1.6 because I thought German cars were reliable. It was disastrous. After that it went as follows: 2010 Citroen Nemo 1.4TD 2004 Subaru Legacy 2.5 2001 Nissan Micra 1.0 2002 Peugeot 106 1.5D. This was fun, like a tractor. Very slow and noisy but tons of torque for a leaf weight. Crisp packet thing definitely applies here. Purchased with a fresh timing belt which fell off eventually as they stripped a bolt. 2005 Nissan Micra 1.0 (crapheap) 2003 IS200.
  7. New Look For My GS

    Really tidy GS! Congrats on the fresh MOT.
  8. fooby's Green IS200 SE

    That'll be the one! She said it was too big for her. Picked it up from a part of town full of tiny streets so that explains the bodywork.
  9. Wondered if anybody knows if it's possible to modify UK IS200 headlight clusters to include the US spec DRL in the high beam? The side lights in the UK spec are very dull and oddly placed IMO. Like this:
  10. fooby's Green IS200 SE

    Along with the rear bumper, the front came up nice too! Compare to the original picture. I used poorboys medium abrasive compound by hand.
  11. fooby's Green IS200 SE

    To be honest the wheels are in pretty terrible shape, wouldn't surprise me at all if the spare is also unbalanced. Before it seemed to wobble around 50-60mph, now it's a less violent wobble around 60. Definitely seems like the spare made a difference, so perhaps they're both just unbalanced. Will get the whole set balanced after the refurb. Might also swap the fronts with the rears to make sure it's not anything else.
  12. fooby's Green IS200 SE

    I spent the afternoon doing some paint correction. Clayed the whole car and polished out all the scratches that weren't so deep before applying a layer of wax. Made a big difference! I also picked up some body filler to do the deep scratches and the dent above the rear light, along with the alloys. Rear bumper before: And after... I've also been experiencing a wobble from around 50-60mph from the passenger front wheel. I took it off and turns out there's a chunk missing, also looks like it's missing some balancing weights. I put the spare on which seems to have made it better, but not irradiated it completely. Any ideas?
  13. The bodywork is pretty bad on my IS200 I picked up last week. It doesn't bother me too much, I like a project and I live in a city full of narrow streets so worrying about perfect bodywork is pointless. By far the worst is this deep dent on the rear. Any advice on how to best go about repairing this? Hammer it out as best as I can, bodyfiller then paint? For now I've just removed the loose paint and put a layer of rustoleum paint on, but obviously this is just temporary. [/
  14. DEEP Dent Advice

    Thanks for the replies, looks like I can access it from the back, although possibly better with the light out. 80% better is fine for me! I wonder how it happened, weird that the tail light is fine. Doesn't look like it's been replaced, it's the most concentrated dent.
  15. Hello, first post here after picking up a tatty on the outside, but very well maintained, one owner IS200! I absolutely love the car so far, but one thing that has been bugging me a bit is how dark it has to be for the automatic lights to activate. It can be pretty heavy rain or pretty dark outside before they come on. Is there any way of adjusting the sensitivity?