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  1. Boddney

    New Look For My GS

    Bolly has been in dry dock today for exhaust welding due to fairly hefty holes in each pipe. They’ve been like it for a while now and I’ve been enjoying the noise but now I’m a bit fed up with it and the MOT is next week so it needs sorting. I added some more LEDs too. I’m quite into them at the moment and no they’re not illegal. You are allowed any colour on the front except red and any colour you have must be still i.e not flashing. The first picture though, is of my playtime car and my sons modern equivalent as she vacated the garage to let Bolly in.
  2. Boddney

    New Look For My GS

    The front end upgrade continues. Light yellow tint to the fog lights. Just the dodgy splitter to fit now when I get a spare moment.
  3. Boddney

    New Look For My GS

    Long time since I made any changes to the old gal. Today was a little disappointing in that I only managed to fit one thing instead of the two parts that I planned. I bought a sport grill from a member on here and a TTE replica chin spoiler/splitter from the States on EBay. This is the one bought (EBay picture) and the other is what I got. As you can see, the one that came has moulded lugs instead of separate brackets, screws and rivets. I didn’t think it would be a problem and just assumed (big mistake) it was an updated version that makes it easier to fit. Again, I assumed that some under panel bolts would need to come out and be used to bolt the splitter on . Again, wrong. It does come with a bag of screws all of which are to short but that’s not really a problem as most of us have screws knocking about. The issue is the moulded lugs are not moulded in the right place, making it impossible to site the splitter properly and no chance of screwing it on. Anyway, after loads of swearing and trying and more swearing I gave up and fitted the grill. You really can’t even send the splitter back as it was $90 US dollars to send it here in the first place. I have asked the seller if he can send the bracket and stuff over then I’ll just cut the lugs off and go from there. So picture of fitted grill and super shiny bonnet. Laters.
  4. Boddney

    Sounds of Creaking Rubber Over Bumps

    Thanks for the replies guys. It was the new anti roll bar bushes in the end. I took them out again, lubed them all over with red rubber grease and all is quiet again now.
  5. Today I read a whole 4 page thread about Lexus owners working on their lovely IS’s. Lovely old job. Gotta love a binge read.
  6. I bought a a complete pad and disc set from eBay for £66. Turns out the discs seem to be made of chocolate. Waste of money.
  7. Boddney

    New Look For My GS

    Today I thought I'd measure up for some silver strip for the front and rear bumpers as mine were grey but the stripes on the side of the car are silver. Anyway, as I was doing this I suddenly thought, surely they don't just need a rub like the grill fins did, could they? So I thinned out some G3 rubbing compound with some water and gave it a gentle rub. Yes really, for some reason Lexus UK decided to cover up more shiney stuff with a light coat of grey. What amazes me more is that somehow it's stayed like that for near on 14 years without giving up it's secret. So once again Lexus UK has decided to dumb down part of a beautiful car here, and yet the US market gets to have the shines bits straight out the box. Why? Anyway, pictures. Bod
  8. My first move with the bonnet would be to wind the buffer stops right in on the high side or out on the low side to see if you can level it. The nav system does have an update disc available but it only takes it up to 2009 and seems to be a different price at different dealers with the cheapest I've found being £150. I have no idea if it plays dvds although I can't imagine it does as surely it would be easier to change a disc. Third, all Mk2s look like yours and navigation was an option on low levels and standard on higher levels. ML sound system was an option all round. 220hp is correct Hope that helps Bod
  9. Boddney

    New Look For My GS

    Today was the day to save myself £600 and not buy a new Catalytic converter. This time the gamble paid off and I bought a new lambda sensor from the bay for £34 after the diagnostic machine gave me a code of P0430 'cat 2 working below efficiency '. Yet again this forum came up trumps and there was a suggestion that it may not be a Cat issue, but the sensor sending incorrect messages to the ECU. Anyway as you may guess, the cheap part was a little different to the OEM one and the grommet needed swapping over and modifying a little bit, but after that all was well and so far the code hasn't returned. Phew, fingers crossed it stays away.
  10. Boddney

    New Look For My GS

    Well, sometimes you gamble and lose. The wheel centre caps didn't fit, but not wanting to admit it, I gave it a hefty push and this is the result. The clip circumference was to big so the fixings didn't fit in the hole and the outer circumference of the actual cap was to small. So where it said on the eBay listing 'Fits all Lexus models' it wasn't 100% accurate. Never mind, I'll do it the proper way eventually and paint the ones that are on there already.
  11. Boddney

    Looking For a Part Number

    I had a look at that and thank you for linking it. As usual I feel I'm being a bit thick about it as I can't see the sensor or part number. Will it be in the exhaust section or the engine section perhaps?
  12. Is anyone able to tell me the part number of the lambda sensor 2 on Bank 2 on my GS300 2002. There seem to be soooo many choices. I'd be greatful for any help. Thanks, Bod
  13. Boddney

    New Look For My GS

    More goodies have arrived. I can't fit any yet as poor old Bolly is filthy at the moment. New wheel caps and mirror stickers. The stickers came as four set so as I said before the spare went on the new key.
  14. Boddney

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    Now that's a lot of poo.💩💩💩
  15. Boddney

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    This is the next step after prams. The LEXX TRIKE. Bod