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  1. No idea what product they used Jeff. I just left it there looking it’s age and mileage and picked it up looking half it’s age.
  2. I haven’t had any problem with the rozzas but it is a bit challenging reversing in dark unlit areas. I just lower the windows and all is well. It’s a rare occurrence though. The cost was £300+vat for the paint correction/detail and I paid an extra £40 to have the headlights polished and sealed. £408 in total. It may seem a lot but the other option was buy a newer car and the one I was considering was £400 a month for 5 years. No brainer really. Bod
  3. I got my car back today after it having a 2 stage paint detail and seal at a local detailers. The result is incredible. It’s hard to believe that this paint has travelled 170k miles and is 17 years old.
  4. Lovely job and well worth doing. I did mine about 2 years ago and they’re just needing doing again now. I’ll probably do them this month as the old girl is going in for a 2 Stage paint correction and wheel refurb this week. Have you thought about some caliper stickers to finish it off?
  5. Yay I fixed it. You were both spot on. The O/S fan was really stiff and noisy. I took the fan off and removed the motor. The motor comes apart really easily and it was just absolutely full of the carbon dust. I washed it out with electrical cleaner and a blow of air and it spun free. The brushes are about half worn but the armature looks to be very tired. There was a secondary issue in that the rear brass bush/bearing was very worn at the bottom. This must be because the fans just spin on tickover whilst the A/C is on and so the bush doesn’t wear evenly. That’s my theory anyway. I turned the bush 180* in it’s housing and blobbed a bit of silicone grease in to it. It now runs beautifully and puts the N/S fan to shame. I’ll do that one another day. Thanks Guys, Best forum ever. Bod
  6. Wow thanks Lee that’s brilliant. I’ll investigate and get back to you soon. Bod
  7. Hi all, I have a 2 GS300 with a strange sound coming from the A/C. When it’s on and you come to a stop the engine sounds like it’s on a fast idle. But it’s not. My first thought was the belt driven compressor but then noise doesn’t change pitch when you rev or pull away. It goes away immediately if you switch off the A/C. Is there another component such as a pump or something that would make that kind of noise that just stays constant? Thanks Bod
  8. When one of my ABS sensors failed it put the ABS & VSC Lights together. A new sensor put both lights out. There was a post on here a (very long) while ago by a fella with the VSC light on, on it’s own and it turned out to be his yare (or is it yor) sensor. If I remember correctly it’s located above the rear axle. Bod
  9. Lol it can be quite funny and annoying at the same time eh? There must be someone on here that can read it. Maybe you should put a plea out in the wanted section or somewhere? Might be worth a try? Bod
  10. Go on to Google @The-Acreand download the free Google Translate app. It’s really great. You just point the camera at the Japanese text and it translates it to English on your screen. Hope that helps. Bod
  11. I finally got them done. It wasn’t to bad to be fair. Although my cam covers don’t leak there was still a lot of gunk and muck in the plug holes and plug valley. I did two at a time as one coil pack runs two plugs so it made sense to do it that way. Also cleaning out the valley is easier that way as the plugs are in a kind of box made by casting webs. 2 plugs in each box. I removed the coil pack and lead from one “box”, sprayed brake cleaner around the “box” and into each of the two plug tubes then just blew out the “box” and tubes out with some compressed air. I put some blue tissue wipes over the top to stop all the debris from going everywhere and making a mess. All quite successful. I did have a scary moment when trying to undo number 3 plug. It was really tight and grindy all the way out. I kept winding back in half a turn then out three quarters then back in half and so on until it came out. I put a dribble of WD40 in the tube which helped. I really thought that was going to cost me a re-tap or possibly even a new head. The plugs I took out were Bosch Twin Electrode and not Iridium tipped. It’s a good job I changed them at 165,000 and not left it until 200,000 as recommended. Maybe the proper Iridium tipped ones can do 100,000 but I doubt the Bosch ones would last that long and I’m not sure I’d have got number 3 out after all those miles. Bod
  12. It’s that time chaps. How hard is it? Does the intake gubbins all have to come off? Is it a real ball ache? Ta, Bod
  13. Bolly has been in dry dock today for exhaust welding due to fairly hefty holes in each pipe. They’ve been like it for a while now and I’ve been enjoying the noise but now I’m a bit fed up with it and the MOT is next week so it needs sorting. I added some more LEDs too. I’m quite into them at the moment and no they’re not illegal. You are allowed any colour on the front except red and any colour you have must be still i.e not flashing. The first picture though, is of my playtime car and my sons modern equivalent as she vacated the garage to let Bolly in.