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  1. I think it's a mistake for Lexus not bringing the IS here, the ES is nice but the engine choice is too limited with only a 2.5 hybrid sure is good for what it is but what if I want something bit more power or a V6 ? Like when the GS was offered with a 3.5 hybrid even though not many were sold compared to the GS300h. I wonder if there be a next gen RC coupe or if Lexus meant is being dropped because there not replacing it or simply (like the new IS) we also miss out on a new one !! Shame as I did consider (still am) a coupe as next car - well hello Toyota GT86 which a mk2 is confirmed along with the Subaru one - unless of course Toyota/Subaru make a bad decision of not bringing the next gen GT86/BRZ here !! As for the CT, this model is quite old compared to all other Lexus's so I guess that's not being replaced ? Why update or replace something and not bring to UK/Europe ? As the CT sells very well here.
  2. Do the window deflectors fit into the window channels ? I know some cars have issues with these type of window deflectors some even come lose when you open the window or not fit into the channel properly, this is why I usually buy ones that you stick outside and not touch the window/glass
  3. My thoughts exactly - it be real shame if Lexus did become a suv only brand in Europe - I for one don't want to resort to a 3 series or a C-class and Infiniti has folded in Europe so that's not an option, the ES is nice IMO but very limited engine selection to choose from, still this new 2021 IS is a facelift/refresh not a mk4 IS so maybe just maybe they bring the 'all new' mk4 IS to Europe if Toyota/Lexus don't kill it off in few years time. Also I thought the original mk1 IS was designed with Europe in mind for Europe to compete with BMW and was not even offered in the US till 2001 !! Since the mk2 IS they seemed to forgotten this and concentrated to appeal to the US market...
  4. I just wonder where that leave the Lexus RC Coupe if they carry on in it's current form or bring out a new one ? Since that is basically a coupe version of the IS, supposing a new RC happens if it does wonder if Lexus UK / Europe decide to take it or not...if not then bye bye Lexus, next gen GT86 it is ! Still no mention of a IS500 people kept on talking about
  5. What I was thinking tbh.....I remember when the 3rd gen IS came out loved everything about it and even the 2Gen IS and I thought Lexus could of done better really on this refresh / facelift, shame really and I think they could of really done better with the exhuast even if it is 'fake' tips like the non hybrid ES and GS, no creativity gone in at all with that !!! Just hope if a true replacement 4Gen IS if it happens they reconsider and bring it here just hope this is somewhat a stop gap before it happen if it does. And on another matter it looks like there still isn't an electric folding mirror option for the US model LOL
  6. What do you reckon ? Opinions ? I think it looks nice in general just few things not keen on and it's not something I've ever said far as Lexus concerned ! Not that we get this in UK / Europe !
  7. On Wikipedia it has something completely different to above and still doesn't add up (yep I know anyone can add/edit stuff there) Doesn't mention BMW engine or a Subaru 2.4 but mentions a 3.5 V6 Hybrid (for a IS500h) and a 3.4 V6 (for the IS500) - I thought they are going to use the 5.0 V8 for the last time on a IS500 ? and it's a refresh (facelift) so can't be a TNGA platform !! I guess soon we'll know !! But please don't use a BMW engine !!!! Seeing it's just a 'refresh' I'll wonder if it's beyond the realms of possibility that a brand new IS whenever that happens if it happens would be introduced in Europe in future.... However the ES really needs a 3.5 V6 even as a hybrid so Lexus should at least offer that !!!
  8. Shame Autocar stated the 4IS isn't coming to UK / Europe, they say down to SUV's and the ES outselling it - just hope they decide last minute to bring it here !! After all 3 series, C-class alike still sell quite well !! And I thought the idea of the original IS200 was designed for Europe in mind more than anywhere else and to compete against 3 series and C-class at the time ? I mean the US didn't get the 1gen IS till 2001 !! Since the 2 and 3 gen IS they seemed to appealed more to america than here
  9. For plastic one I got, the quality is good or at least good as it gets, defo good enough that I'll be happy to fit it (and want it ) on my car, I just ordered some the glue to fit it so waiting for that, can't remember who the seller is, Painted-king or something on ebay I seem to remember he (or she lol) also sell them for 2gen IS and lot of other cars - the 2 gen and 3 gen roof spoiler looks very similar and same type design but if you got a 2gen IS then I'll get the one made for the 2 Gen not the 3 gen (and vice versa)
  10. The last 2 gen ES (including current gen) is more closely related to the Toyota Avalon more (yep I know I know the Avalon itself is based on the Camry), as well as more people buying SUV's, I think the ES is reason that the GS met it's fate sadly and lack of replacement of a new GS didn't help much either !!! Besides all these wannabe drifters that buy old IS200 for cheap and try turning it into a drift car or trashing it, would people factor even FWD / RWD when looking for a executive car ? Audi A6 is FWD non quattro ones.
  11. Yeah being about 8 years old doesn't help either not that it looks too dated IMO, but when other brands like the German 3 already got new the new cars out and whilst in America I didn't see too many GS's at all !! I saw lots of ES / RX's and even few IS's here and there, I actually want a GS450h as next car but having looked online some time ago there are not many for sale at all - I like the idea of a V6 again and the ES only has the 300h !! I did read some rumours some years ago that the 4th Gen GS almost didn't happen
  12. OK not sure if should be posted in the GS section.....I guess most knew or suspected it'll happen and obviously already discontinued in Europe like over a year now ? And replaced by the ES. How do you feel about this ? Are you sad to see this happen ? I think is a shame but do understand the reason for this, several reasons in fact.
  13. Thanks mate ! I let you know how it goes (hopefully good lol), although the fit does seem good and not much or any 'force' is needed to keep it in place
  14. Well I got it today ! Lot quicker than expected considering they said between today and late May and what with the Coronavirus disrupting everything !! The fit seems pretty good and doesn't look like it needs much force to fix it but better not chance it as the 3m tape provided from experience wouldn't hold it, And what Tiger seal did you use ? Looking on eBay there is white and black one ? And did you use much of it ? I guess you held it down temporarily using masking tape right after ? Thinking of doing it myself with that tiger seal stuff than body shop ! Thanks again !
  15. Send them message with your paint code, the USB may be called different colour in different countries so the seller would only recognise the paint code which is same worldwide. Mine weren't listed so I mesaged the seller with code and they can do it in that colour.