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  1. Very interesting read here SpottedLaurel, my dad use to drive a 89 Camry 2.5 V6 GXi (the gen before yours - that estate one) very smooth and well equipped, reliable etc...he bought it after selling his E30 (I think) BMW 320i and it was lot more fuel efficient and better performance than the BMW and goes without saying lot more reliable too and it's more less same as the US only ES250 of that era too so that speaks volume. Always thought the Camry in UK / Europe was very underrated and even more sad when they discontinued them for over 10 years - never understood apart from branding / influx of diesels etc at the time maybe as Camry's are very popular in USA / Aus and even some parts Asia and Middle East/. Still they brought them back now to my surprise and even more so I see quite a few on road already ! Infact whilst picking up my IS300h few days ago I saw one at a Toyota car dealer forecout with the sign 'SOLD' - is a car I would definitely consider in future if I go non 'premium' or if I was to leave Lexus.
  2. So I guess that be a replacement not a refresh or another facelift ? Yep as well as uncertainties about another IS I also heard some rumours that it may get a re-fresh (facelift), so many different speculation !!
  3. The Century is related more to the Lexus LS and is positioned higher than the LS so yep most expensive out of Toyota / Lexus is a Toyota excluding the LFA, Century competes with the Rolls Royce / Maybach ! Something Lexus should of done brought out a car to compete with the Maybach that's based on the Century even in limited numbers as Lexus never did have a V12 !! Too late now as the new Century is a V8 Hybrid
  4. Interest you mentioned that (and of course sad if it's the end of the IS) I wonder what about say if Lexus brought out a saloon that's slightly smaller than the IS if that would work - after all I see quite alot A3 saloon's and Merc CLA's and now the A-class saloon which confuses me as they look quite similar (in my opinion) and often think is there need for 2 similar / same size and body styles from same people are still buying these cars, meanwhile on subject of SUV's or in this case a CUV I saw a UX300e at a shopping centre in West London that was being 'premiered' was informed not out till January next year
  5. Interesting modification, can't really see on the youtube video does the light/indicator stalk come with a rear fog light switch too ? As I know some Lexus in Asia (the countries that has RHD cars & drive on left like UK) has light switches on the right side (just like yours) and still have rear fog lights even though there not required by law there. Interestingly enough I know of a Jap guy in Japan, gone for a USDM theme on his Honda Accord tourer and got pretty much lot of USDM parts down to the LHD wipers, electric mirror control and a LHD drivers electric window control switches of a USDM car that bit where you can open/close all the windows is now on the pasenger side of the car !!! (No really he did ! lol) and down to the speedometer dials that shows both KMH and MPH wipers/light switches from a US spec car (which effectively also same as the UK spec Accords) it seems like the only thing he didn't change is where the steering wheel is - that is still on the right hand side of the car ! How is he going to adjust the mirrors from the driver side now ? And I hope one of his passengers don't leave any other windows opened !!
  6. Hey all, Went to Toyota/ Lexus parts department today for a quote on the driver's side replacement leather seat cover (only the backing where you rest your back) and was quoted about £1700 + fitting !! Is this about right ? The parts advisor said something about the seats being heated -which yes is got seat heaters !! Reason why is that there is slight scuff (no rips) from previous owner from where that part of the bolster meets the seatbelt - I did get that bit 'repaired' by a mobile leather seat repairer almost 2 years ago but can tell that bits been re-done and just slight unnoticeble crack which I don't want to get worse over course of time - hence why I asked for a quote for replacement leather seat backing. Now at £1700 + fitting would I be better off getting the complete interior done by a specialist ? As I know people that had their complete interiors done for about that price including door cards - reason I posted here and not the IS sub forum is to see if anyone had their interior re-trimmed and part of me want to go that route so I can choose a 2 tone colour just like the IS300h / NX Sport model which I like. Interestingly I remember when my dad got his driver side leather seat cover replaced - a 2011 Mercedes E250 just the part where you sit and that costs about £500 + fitting
  7. I agree, just gotta see the choices offered by the german 3 and even engine options say on a IS, only 1 engine choice in UK now, same with the ES and ever since the diesel scandal I've noticed more petrol engined BMW's / Audi's and Mercs, not just talking about the hybrid ones, so would of thought even more of a reason for Lexus to continue with the non hybrid models instead of discontinuing them, it is kind of shame if the IS does get discontinued, I guess there are no Lexus station wagons as no one wants this type of car in the US anymore unlike back in the day. While I think Tesla's are good looking cars - I didn't say I buy one !! lol I don't like the Model X even with the gull wing doors doesn't do it for me !! Well you heard about the quality issues on Tesla's ? Shocking is not the word !!
  8. Ok, I know there been rumours and questions over the future of the IS, if there be a next gen or not, What are your thoughts ? What with the influx of SUV's and sales of the IS gotten less and less in the USA, if you scroll to 4:43 on the youtube link, be a shame if it doesn't get replaced. Sounds like they are seeing how it goes in the USA - I remember when the first gen IS came out in 1998/99, wasn't that designed with Europe in mind specifically for Europeans ? Even though the first gen IS was sold in America and was not till 2001 when the car arrived in America ! So possibility there only be a ES and LS saloon left, GS is pretty much a goner just matter of time for anywhere else that is still for sale in my opinion.
  9. I heard the springs are same but different shocks between F sport and normal spec, wonder why any 3rd gen even F-sport don't have LSD but the 1st gen IS200 Sport & IS300 did, it's taking a step backwards !!
  10. I can tell you yes you can get lowering springs for the RC300h, RSR makes them - a very good reputable Japanese brand here: Just scroll to Lexus > RC300h The website may show JDM Lexus's but they will fit UK (and even Euro) spec Lexus's ! There even been a IS300h with RSR springs fitted on owner cars in France and Sweden (LHD)! I got RSR half down springs for my UK spec IS300h and very happy with them - mines for F-sport as 'Half down' ones are only available for F-sport and been on car for almost 2 years - not a problem at all still maintaining ride comfort etc which is what I wanted anyway! Not sure about the RC but the lowering springs from RSR (and other brands) for the IS250 / 200t fits directly on the 300h but wouldn't recommend this as these cars have difference weight hence different spring rates and part no. on the RSR springs on the IS. I'd do it again using RSR springs for my next Lexus assuming I'm sticking with this brand ! That's how good I think the brand is !
  11. Does anyone know if the F-sport models have them as standard or not ? I remember the IS200 Sport and IS300 (2st gen) had them and possibly the IS250 Sport, a spec that kind of got superseded by the F-sport then strangely enough the Sport trim was resurrected on the 3rd gen IS
  12. Stick the number plates on, don't know why people drill holes as there are always factory drilled holes for number plates, just question of measuring them onto the plates !
  13. The one you saw was probably a current / new one which are different to the Lexus RX now (even the platform is different) hence why you probably didn't recognise it when you saw it! Originally the Lexus RX (1st & 2nd gen) was known as the Toyota Harrier in Japan and in 2013 Toyota replaced it with a new Harrier but Japan only, it uses the Toyota 'New' MC platform the RX doesn't. Pic of current Harrier since 2013 and yes it does look similar to the RX but I assure you it isn't same inside and out - does look smart though 🙂
  14. Thanks all, Well I now got a dash cam just a cheap one from China, gonna get a better one next year for both front rear and also records while car is off my mates got one and was beneficial !!! Since the other party got informed about 50/50 claim they not responded so not sure what they are up to, just like to be prepared if they take this further and yes I will ask my insurer for correspondence the 3rd party made, although I did recall my insurer saying something about hitting into them when they were reversing into a space but there was no empty spaces !!! Sadly I did not take pictures of parking bays at the time - why would you ? Unless you knew they were going to say that which would been impossible at the time ! Also annoyed about the supermarket cctv that's not live recording, only records if/when the security guards wishes to do so !! As I was relying on that evidence to support my case !!
  15. Hey all, Anyone got experience with insurance claims or been involved in accident similar to my situation: as below Little while ago my car got hit at a supermarket car park (damage not that bad) the other party reversed their car into the front corner of the bumper while I already stopped as his car was in front of me and then he put the car in reverse so I beeped as he got closer but sadly it was too late !!!, anyway I heard from my insurance co that the other party not accepting liability and saying I hit them and just over a week ago due to no witnesses (they had 3 other people in the car that were family members so this is not classed individual witnesses) my insurance said down to my word against their etc so had to settle for 50/50 liability but still not heard from other party if they are accepting 50/50 or want to take it further, is there anything more I can do ? The other party not presented any evidence that puts me at fault (there wouldn't be any!!) so would it be possible for this to go court, what with the costs involved ? Obviously if it did go court then that force me to take action and legal advise but not sure what else I can provide since no witness and the CCTV outside is not live recording to my disbelief and annoyance when I and my insurance requested it through the normal process via the head office !! any advise ?? Thanks !