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  1. Thanks, did do a search on eBay that came with few different ones, where they easy to change ? Can't say I notice these on UK spec ones then again I only got the Executive spec
  2. Thanks, I prob got for custom exhaust I don't want anything loud just a bit sound to it without going OTT ! And yeah the 300h isn't bad on fuel,much better than my old IS250, I defo want to change to leather on the centre console now you pointed it out, wonder if they come standard on any IS in the UK.......
  3. Looks smart mate, some days I wish I waited bit longer to get a 200t spec but very rare ! How much did the exhaust set up back ? (not even sure if it's compatible with the 300h - I have changed the rear diffuser to a IS250 one and custom exhaust tips but want to get exhaust later the year) and what is the front centre console leather trim ? If it's the arm rest that's already leather ?? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks all ! Didn't take long to charge up, not checked yet to see if the dash cam will go to power saving mode and yep one of the occasions was when I had the door opened for period of time like when cleaning the interior, tbh on mine that is a ThinkWare brand I haven't played round with option of limiting to say turn off after 4, 8 hours etc
  5. Ok, I got dash cam hard wired into the battery and it records even when the car ignition is off, now recently the dash cam says 'shutting down' to preserve battery power or something, does that mean is time to recharge the car battery ? The car starts fine everytime with no issues etc...although for many months I used the car less due to working at home though. Thanks !
  6. Hi all, Has anyone experienced any issues with front centre Arm rest like peeling / cracking leather ? I am a member of a USA Lexus group on facebook mainly US members and been few posts where the Centre armrest is cracked / ripped and recent post, that's shocking for a car that was released in late 2013 onwards !! I myself haven't got this issue nor have I ever heard of any UK / Euro owners having this issue that's why I'm asking here so these pics aren't mine they are from US owners 3IS .... and I do condition the leather seats and armrests etc.....
  7. For my next car I would of liked to check out the new IS in few years time or even a RC coupe but I always liked the GT86 even the current one I always liked since it came out in 2012 so I guess I most likely consider the new 86 (even though I don't even know what it looks like yet) that's been confirmed along with the BRZ - just hope Toyota (and Subaru) won't be stupid and say they are concentrating on suv's or hybrid instead and not bring the new GT86 here and yeah I agree if money was not issue those cars like the LC / LS aren't affected
  8. I like the new Corolla's much better looking than alot of the competitors glad Toyota didn't do what Nissan did by offering mostly SUV's ! Now all Toyota need is a Corolla GRMN !
  9. But still sad non the less, That means even less to choose from now, still think they made a big mistake by not bringing the 'refreshed' IS here even though the reasons is the ES was outselling the IS. Was actually thinking of a RC coupe seems like even if there is a new one, we may not get it !!! Toyota better bring the new 86 coupe here and not follow the same route as Nissan by not bringing the '400z' !!!
  10. Thanks, well the spoiler is holding up well, sanding it underneath is something I should of checked or thought about before ! What a nightmare that was !! Car looking good mate, I also tinted the front fog lights and daylight running lights in some smoke tint film, left the head lights though
  11. CT sells very well in UK and Europe more so than USA hence why they dropped it few years ago out there, I think if they replaced the CT then UK and Europe will get it for sure - there had been rumours of a all new CT from few sources in recent years some say it may be all electric or atleast a option of one. Shame the new (facelift) IS isn't coming to UK/Europe. Interestingly (according to C&D & maybe other sources) the next gen Mazda 6 will switch to RWD and option of straight 6, now I always liked the look of the Mazda 6 even the current one and if the latter is true, RWD and st
  12. I use to have same type as this on my old IS200 years ago but was not on the roof was on boot but they also fit perfect on the roof too, the roof spoiler I got now is slightly bigger than the one above and abs plastic and not quite as flexible as the one you got and couldn't find any for the 2014-2020 IS300h at the time otherwise I prob would of. Is all sorted now anyway had to re-do it by removing all the tigr seal residue off the top part of windscreen and sand down the underneath of the roof spoiler which I suppose I should of in first place and now is stuck on good and proper ! Happy day !
  13. Small touches look good, does the dark colour affect the output ? Also had bit of issue with the roof spoiler hopefully all sorted now (It wants to be !! lol), 3m tape first of all from advice of someone that did same and no issues even after few years, within a month one side came apart !!! so tiger seal it, again came apart as the tiger seal lifted the paint right off the underneath of roof spoiler (very cleanly must I add) so I sanded it right down and re-applied !! I guessing you didn't paint under it and I specified a painted spoiler and underside was painted too !!!!
  14. Has anyone else bought these from eBay or even any other sites for their Lexus's ? and had any issues with them coming apart ? From research on either Facebook lexus groups and even us club lexus and one owner from here, some used 3m tape to stick them without any issues so that's what I did at first (wish I didn't now) then a month later one side came apart so plan B tiger seal which some people used for exact same reason I had - coming lose from use of 3m tape ! Now nearly a month l had this one side came lose (again) this time where the underneath of the roof spoiler was painted (I specifie
  15. I think it's a mistake for Lexus not bringing the IS here, the ES is nice but the engine choice is too limited with only a 2.5 hybrid sure is good for what it is but what if I want something bit more power or a V6 ? Like when the GS was offered with a 3.5 hybrid even though not many were sold compared to the GS300h. I wonder if there be a next gen RC coupe or if Lexus meant is being dropped because there not replacing it or simply (like the new IS) we also miss out on a new one !! Shame as I did consider (still am) a coupe as next car - well hello Toyota GT86 which a mk2 is confirmed along wit
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