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  1. Couldn't say for sure about the new IS, I assume on the NX if you park up and put the gear shift to 'P' the DRL stays on if you leave the ignition on ? On mine (2015 IS300h) if I activate the parking brake and place the gear shift to 'P' and leave ignition on the DRL stays on.
  2. I am under impression that RHD & LHD mirror shell / shape are same, just the glass is different ? However depending on facelift (2008/9 - 2014) and pre facelift the shape & size of mirror changed slightly ! Maybe this is the problem, what year is your IS ?
  3. Don't know what owners manual you've got, mine doesn't go up to page 206 !! Can see section how to change light bulbs if it's non led and how to use/switch it on but nothing about DRL even on index !! I see, learn something new even if it's small things !
  4. I was (still am) toying with idea of a RC300h as next car when I change the IS300h (won't be for while) so I was looking on Autotrader to see what facelift one looks like properly then the painted calipers got my attention ! That saves me a job painting them as I usually paint them when I get a 'new' car ! ha ha
  5. Sorry to bring up a old thread rather than starting new one, has anyone notice the facelift RC300h got bigger calipers than the 300h / 250/200t, I just wonder if there the same as say IS or RC350 ones ? Definetely looks more pleasing and wouldn't say no then again I would need bigger wheels than 17s I got !
  6. That is exactly what I found on a US lexus forum CLublexus but haven't tried it so couldn't say for sure so sounds like the DRL comes on when you release the parking brake in my case, Weird that...... whenever i park up and apply the parking brake the DRL stays on till you turn ignition off....
  7. Looked just now and no - atleast I can't see anything for the DRL, can see info about lights though !! Yes they should, as said whilst stuck in traffic / set of traffic lights i can see from reflection of car in front (their rear bumper) that the DRL's are on/working (I de-activated the auto light function so it's not sidelights on). Looking at a US forum I think I may know what it may be but need to try that to see !! Which I haven't done so yet !!
  8. Hi all ! Should the daylight running lights activate soon as the car starts ? Reason I ask is when I started the car this morning and got out the car straight away the DRL was not on ?? Not sure if they were always like that as I don't make a habit of getting out to see if they work straight away when I start up the car ! I know they do work as I can see reflection on car in front of me say on traffic and when I parked up this morning and got out to take a look !! Is this normal ? Thanks !
  9. So far, is the ES selling quite good in the UK then ? As doing better than the GS did ? I quite like the ES even the older ones that was not sold in Europe.
  10. Exactly my thoughts, because the guy works at / behalf of the body repair shop and not the garage for servicing / engine related issues that was his excuse of not looking at the engine then again how many times you see independent car body repair shops with bonnet opened / missing lol the Toyota / Lexus garage is in Rayleigh, Essex tbh they are usually quite good I guess there is always one or two people this isn't so good as you say main dealers aren't always great at times. Yeah removing a cover from the scuttle panel (a cover that's for the Relay shouldn't of been there because someone left it there and not put it back on where it should of been) the bonnet gap has gone !
  11. Hi all, update looked again this morning and not sure how I missed it (I guess it's one those things you don't look for if you don't suspect something) and I was looking at the wrong things !! So yes you're right something sitting on top of scuttle panel where it meets the bonnet, It was a relay fuse cover lid on the scuttle panel Left by the mechanic at Toyota when I took the car for service few days ago, was thinking odd place to have a relay box on scuttle panel and don't remember anything being there before!! I did take the car to Toyota yesterday and said this car was with you last and this happened, the guys response was these bolts loosen over time just need tightening up and said they don't look in the engine bay when inspecting the body work hence why they didn't check it yesterday (surely you open up the bonnet if there is a defect on a bonnet as a closed bonnet wouldn't give much clues to finding the issue??) - bolts were/are tight so wasn't that !! Made a complaint to Toyota about this as where the Relay fuse cover was left distorted / bend the lid slightly out of shape so they agreed to cover cost of a new one other than that no harm done, checked the car over inside out just to be sure no other faults caused by them and no uneven gaps now !
  12. Ok I just notice today the bonnet gap is quite big (other side is fine) has this happened to anyone else ? More I look the more I dislike it !! Definetely weren't like this before by comparing pictures of the car I taken previously and I can say that it is not the pop up bonnet (both are still intact and not erected - excuse the pun LOL) neither have I got a 'pop up hood failure' message on dash - which I guess is a good sign as I saw a previous thread that it costs about £1500+ vat & then labour rates etc... , did take it to Toyota as they were the last to have the car (serviced last week) they didn't know anything about it (I guess they would say that!) and said very common over time depending how many times bonnets been opened etc just loosen and need tightening up and body shop can do it. Any ideas ?
  13. Hey all, Maybe stupid question, but valid !! Are all IS300h (incl. IS250/200t) wheels Front and Rear the same ? I.e. Width etc... ? I am only asking as some cars have slightly wider wheels at back and I am thinking to change my OEM 17s wheels to OEM 18s from the IS300h Sport (Not F-sport), the Sport model has black wheels as standard and I see some on eBay and one of the seller advertised them as 'Genuine Lexus IS300h Rear alloy wheel' there are few different sellers of same type wheels or should I state the obvious and message the seller ? Thanks !
  14. Thanks mate ! Currently interested in some 18s Sport wheels (not F-sport) and like yourself, few different sellers are selling them. Did you have to do anything with the tyre pressure monitor ? Mines got the TPM and I think the Sport models has, prob all Lexus's from past few years does.