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  1. Just random question about LFA's in UK you may or may not be able to answer, how many Lexus LFA's in UK you know of ?, and anyone know where they are based, obviously not asking for exact locations lol, like are some in London etc... I only knew of about 5 - not seen any on road, only ever seen 1 at few car show a RHD blue one, the only other are 2 white ones both LHD (yes far as I know they are different not same car that changed owners/reg plates) a black one LHD and a orange Nurburgring one RHD (though seen online 2 different registration plates so either changed owners and removed private plate or there are 2 Orange RHD ones)
  2. Well my old IS200 and IS250 had them even though it was an SE model, think it compliments the brake and accelerator pedals, not fussed about the foot operated brake - that is from a clutch / brake pedal from Altezza Z edition / IS200 Sport manual
  3. Yes you can. You just need to buy from abroad rather than going to the garage / shop down the road, not just lowering springs but lot of tuning parts for Lexus is hard to come by without buying from overseas, I recently got my Lexus IS300h lowered on lowering springs, by RSR (well known and great Jap brand when it comes to suspension) and so far happy with it, it is only lowered 10/15mm rear and 15/20mm front and not stupidly low or compromise ride at all. I bought online and came from Japan. I just checked the RSR Japan website, they do lowering springs (a few different types) for the GS300h 2012-2018 facelift and pre-facelift as well as other GS / Lexus models.
  4. Hey all.. Ok am I right to say the F-sport IS doesn't come with a drilled metal footrest as standard and not even the facelift one ? And has anyone fitted a drilled metal footrest from another Lexus ? I saw this link here, some guys in Japan fitted one from a RCF / RC F-sport but the back of the footrest has to be smoothed and then fixed on by double sided tape. No idea why the F-sport don't have a metal one as standard to match the brake / acc pedal like the 1st gen IS200 Sport/300 and 2nd gen IS Sport/F-sport/SR/ISF !!!! Damm you Lexus !! By the way my IS300h isn't F-sport - I've only changed the brake and accelerator pedals to F-sport ones so far hence I'm not 100% sure this was the case for UK spec F-sport models !
  5. Actually Lexus still make diesel's !!! The Lexus LX450d (basically a Landcruiser Amazon 4.5 diesel) sold in Russia, New Zealand and few other countries but not western Europe but may possibly stop for the next generation my guess anyway ! And yeah I'll avoid the IS220d !!
  6. Be cool if there be a ES-F AWD !!!! I really do wish there be a more powerful hybrid, I mean what are they going to do with GS450h owners that may wanna stay with Lexus ?? I for one want a upgrade in power for my next Lexus and preferably a hybrid. + there won't be a GS replacement so existing American / Asian GS450h owners...... Yes the GS was down to sales, the ES sells much more than GS even in Asia the GS isn't very popular. I always thought Lexus had Europe in mind when they designed / brought out the first generation IS, suggested it was designed to suit European markets more than other places, even though it was sold in USA / Aus / Asia and Japan (As Altezza) somehow the second and third gen they focused on America more (maybe just me thinking this !!)
  7. The ES always been price lower than the GS in places where both models are sold like the US / Hong Kong / Aus so it shouldn't be priced more than the GS !!! Doubt Lexus be stupid enough to do something knowing they lose sales ! What I did read is that for now UK only be offered a ES300h ! It seems clear there won't be a ES350, they should at least make a ES350h or a ES400h as a replacement for the GS450h.....would been nice to upgrade (power wise) from my IS300h in few years time...
  8. Even though the GS does not sell in big numbers in UK / Europe, discontinuation of the GS is to do with not selling well in North America, not to mention similar size ES being sold even before the GS was out back in the 90s, when I was in America I saw LOTS of ES's new old and not many GS's + you just need to look at the figures of the GS sold in USA vs ES sold in same time frame, think thats one of reasons that determined the fate !! Shame really. Wonder if there be a F model to replace GSF, surely atleast a F-sport, as I recall the current and last gen ES didn't even have a F-sport trim which I found odd seeing other Lexus's do or did
  9. Yes I heard that the 2.0 turbo isn't all that quick or impressive.... even from critics in Asia ! With 245bhp you wouldn't think so ! As it happens I was considering a IS200t as next car what with a auto box not a CVT like my current 300h not that I hate the car or the CVT box - infact it is more enjoyable than I imagined !! I understand the IS200t is called the IS300 for places that continues to sell them, as for IS350 fuel costs and tax be reason so yes wouldn't sold alot, but even if they imported and sold limited units for the minority that would buy it they should of !!
  10. My opinion is, the F sport probably won't fit the non f-sport bumper....what seems to look same shape can sometimes be different, however as one mentioned the Sport model, Sport and F-sport are different, the Sport grille would probably fit as the Sport has the same bumper as the non F-sport models. Far as I am aware the Sport just has different colour theme and no chrome ?
  11. So now Lexus UK scrapped the non-hybrid cars (IS200t etc..) from their cars in UK, bar the F models and the LC500, how come they done this ?? Apart from the obvious the hybrids sells lot better, are Lexus trying to promote a eco brand image or something ? BMW sell quite abit of their 320i models and I seen quite a few 540i's either way more than before not to mention the 330e and I see lot of new / current shape Audi A4 petrols about again certainly more than before(despite not being hybrids), I guess all this is to do with the VW diesel scandal, so I would of thought even more reason to continue with non hybrid Lexus IS's !! Bad enough we not got the IS350 in first place !!
  12. It's round exhaust on pre facelift, no not been chopped or modified, had 2 different opinions and they say not much can be done, the gap between the bumper and the diffuser one did say something 'may' be done but it would involve a permanent solution - not ideal for me ! + no access to tow eye without removing the diffusser !! Even the TRD / Modellista has access to it !! Where in Essex is your mate's garage ? I go Essex quite alot !
  13. My current set up is the AimGain rear diffuser with the diverting tail pipes, beside the looks (the only thing going for it) quality / fitment of this brand is not good + it's fibreglass so I now bought the prefacelift IS200t / 250 rear diffuser to go on soon (along with other bits I be getting done at same time), I just need to go somewhere that can get custom tail pipe, my car is a IS300h but don’t want to go back to using the OEM hybrid diffuser.
  14. You got anything else planned for your car ? I cannot wait to get rid of the fibreglass crap diffuser, makes horrible noise where exhaust touches the trim went to a car body shop yesterday to see if they can, 6 weeks wait as 'that time of year' lol and they don't weld exhausts / metal (for the exhaust) nor did they seem interested in working my car, just quick glance over the diffuser and the Modellista front lip LOL so I be taking it somewhere that can do all the work and is interested :)