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  1. Just screws into the bumper. In the future I will fix all holes (there are like 8-10 holes under the plate) and use magnets to hold the plate
  2. My first mod on the first day of owning Lexus was full LED interior, mirrors lights and Lexus logo door projectors 😂 Here is front bumper with no plate bracket
  3. Today I tried to open headlights but unfortunately they are permanently sealed with high temperature resistant glue (not a butyl one) so ordered proper tools for removing cold glue. Also removed front plate bracket - under plate there are 2 screws holding the bracket 🙂
  4. I’ve done coilovers first but it is up to you I guess 😀
  5. Great idea removing the plate bracket, gonna do it too 😄 Dynamic smoked mirror turn signals are amazing mod for about £40 - best spent money ever 😆
  6. True, everyone wants F-sport look 😄
  7. You mean mesh emblem, I thought it's front bumber upper mesh grille for non F-sport models making them F-sport looking 😄 I try to find something like this for non F-sport trim
  8. Where did you get radiator mesh grille from? I don't recommend MV Tuning rear diffuser as mine is cracked after slightly touching the curb while parking (made of fiber glass, not ABS or other plastic materials, that's the problem).
  9. JR28 and 11 both look great 🙂 My front wheels are 19" 8.5J ET34 and rear ones 19" 9.5J ET35. After difficulties with lowering springs on my previous cars (couldn't set proper height) I went straight coilovers - Tein Flex Z, but I'm thinking about getting air suspension or air cups for my coilovers now 😄
  10. I keep L emblems black with chrome L. All other emblems are deleted 🙂 Spoiler feels small as this car is not 500+ bhp haha Front lip and side skirts are gloss black. To install the lip you have to remove your front bumper, drill 6-8 holes, install lip with correct for plastic surfaces glue and bolt it up 😃
  11. - All badges removed 🙂 - Reverse, fog and turn lights + bumber reflective parts tinted (medium smoke tint film) - New black emblem - black dynamic mirror indicators 😃 Next stage: airride or coilovers air cups installation (every speed ramp is such a pain 🙂 )
  12. Maxton Design front splitter fits perfectly - recommend 100%. MD side skirts are not so good - need some cutting to keep factory jack lifting points. I’m not going to dechrome at the moment, the only chrome I will delete is headlights - need to unseal them and paint gloss black 🙂
  13. Hi, great first mods 🙂
  14. Just installed: - front splitter MaxtonDesign, - side skirts MaxtonDesign, - rear diffuser with brake light MV-Tuning. Need to reweld exhaust tips - should be a bit longer.
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