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  1. Hi there, I recently had my local garage change the clutch and flywheel on my is200. I am now running a helix organic clutch with a squint lightend flywheel. After i got the car back, I am having problems engaging gears. When I start up the car and the transmission is cold, and the gear lever is in neutral, it`s sometimes impossible for me to move the gear lever into gears. I have to start the car with my foot down on the clutch, and then i can use the gears. The problem only occurs when the car is cold. When it warms up, everything is fine. There are no weird noises or any other noticeable problems with the transmission. Any ideas to what this could be? Could it be low transmission oil? Thanks
  2. Send me a Message if you have one. Thanks
  3. Hi and thanks for your help Colinbarber. I tried doing a search but I coudnt quite get a confirmation wheter the parts would fit together. I am looking at this flywheel: Will this fit? Thanks
  4. Anybody here running a supercharger kit on their is200 from Rank one performance? Looks preety good 😎
  5. Hi there, my IS200 needs a new clutch. I thought I would change to a lightend flywheel while the gearbox is down. I was thinking about going for a Helix organic cluth and a JUN lightend flywheel. Can anybody here confirm that these will fit together?