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  1. My last service was at 87,625km, yesterday's was 102,424km. I don't recall the spark plugs being replaced last time tbh, if they are expensive then I would remember 🤑. I'll check the invoice tomorrow and contact my dealer if they haven't yet been replaced. Should I stick with Lexus or go with a local independent garage to change them if needed?
  2. They didn't mention them so I assume that they didn't need to be replaced. I bought the car just after it would have had a major service around 40k miles so it's possible they were changed then. If they needed doing then they would have said so, it's not like they don't add every possible charge on.
  3. The light came on again last Friday morning, ground temperature was -5° and it was icy out. Light was gone again in the afternoon, pressures were fine when checked 🤣
  4. I just had my ~60k miles service yesterday, here's my receipt (price in €)
  5. Just a quick update, I hadn't had any further warning lights since December 26th. Weather conditions since then have ranged from snow, ice, -10°c - +15°c....🤔
  6. I checked the tyre pressure on Dec 26th, reset the tpms and the light has not come back on since then. I jacked the car up a few days after that and inspected the tyres to make sure that there wasn't a nail or something in one and all looked ok. It's a bit of a mystery.
  7. Yes, several times, the problem keeps occurring.
  8. Over the last few days it has been on and off sporadically. This morning for example, it was on then went off after 7 minutes; pretty much the same on the return journey. I went back out again shortly afterwards and it didn't come on at all. The weather hasn't been too cold or variable so I'm not convinced that this is the cause of it. As I understand it, a fault with a sensor or the system would mean that the light would be blinking - which hasn't happened. I'm starting to think it's on the mulled wine or something 😂
  9. The first time it happened this winter was actually the first frosty morning so I assumed that was the cause, but it hasn't sorted itself out since. Last winter, it happened when there was a lot of snow but as soon as that cleared, it went away
  10. My 2014 IS300h F-Sport's low tyre pressure warning light has been coming on for the last 2-3 weeks. I have been checking the pressure in each tyre almost daily and nothing seems amiss so I suspect that the problem is with a sensor. Has anyone experienced this before and how can it be fixed? Tyres are worn but well within limits, no obvious signs of damage.
  11. Yeah, it's not bad I guess. I paid €430 for the major service last month which also included wiper blade replacements and a loan of a brand new CT200h for the day.
  12. Enter your reg on and it will give you the prices...
  13. 2014 IS300h F Sport According to my fuelly log, I'm averaging 7.6 l/100km (37mpg) since I bought my car last September, about 16,000km (10k miles). I do a lot of short school runs (~4km each way) which kills consumption. Over the last few months it has improved to 42-44mpg due to the weather. Snow, cold and wet winter months really hurt consumption too. Can exceed 50mpg on longer motorway runs (>150km) on cruise control.
  14. Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of switching from my RX400h to an IS300h, most likely in F Sport spec. Thanks to exchange rates, buying from the UK (I'm in Ireland) is becoming a no-brainer as there are very few available here, and the savings will run to the thousands. One thing that would bug me about a UK sourced car is reverting back to imperial units. I assume that the speedo can't be changed to metric without replacing clocks etc., is it possible to change the navigation/odometer to metric in the settings?