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  1. F friends

    Webuyanycar has just offered me £12k which is less than I'd accept for trade in at any Lexus dealership, particularly if they are offering £2.5k less. Car has 75k and full service history
  2. That we're over styled and heavy looking????
  3. F friends

    Your far too honourable for me!! Money talks, especially if it's going to help with getting a new car. Lol Marcus
  4. Cracked Manifold

    I can't imagine it would make a massive difference. Particularly cold mornings here would of anything cause more issues than in the US. The other cause of all this could be vibrations but then id expect to see issues over here too, not just isolated to the US. We may have issues in the UK but as the number of cars in the UK is so low, it might not be quite so apparent. Until someone in here confirms they have had this fault then we are just speculating. I may be worrying people over nothing!!lol Marcus
  5. Cracked Manifold

    I think it will be the repeat cycling of temperatures at the weak point that will be causing stress fracturing and cracking. It's the same flange that goes every time, would be interesting to monitor EGTs on each primary to see if there is a trend. Traditionally, stainless (304/316) is quite fragile when suddenly cooled or heated. In a nuclear reactor we would warm up from 15c to 300ish over the period of 4hrs to ensure no embrittlment would occur. I hope the new stainless manifolds will last in the long run also
  6. Still undecided but to be honest, although I love the Mesa red, many don't!
  7. Cracked Manifold

    I agree, if I need to change mine I'll be getting aftermarket.
  8. Cracked Manifold

    Yea, cars under warranty are getting them replaced. I just thought I'd ask as I hadn't heard of it being an issue but seems to be over in the US. Slight ticking on startup that goes away once warmed up could be something that happens to lots of people but they just don't notice
  9. Cracked Manifold

    This is on an OEM setup, doesn't seem to be any link between whether you have an aftermarket system or not. Consensus seems to be that its a design flaw that may also have been transferred to the RCF/GSF.
  10. Guys, Was bored yesterday so did a little reading on the club Lexus forum and I hadn't previously heard of a common issue ISFs are having over there. They seem to be cracking exhaust manifolds left right and centre. It's not an issue for me at present but as my car is an 09 with 70k I think that is something I need to be aware of. Anyone got this is issue? https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-f-2008-2014/818488-crack-in-exhaust-manifold.html Marcus
  11. I'm also looking at them, I really like the styling of both to be honest. FK2 prices are getting good too and I'm not convinced there will be a massive performance difference, particularly on the road. I like a stiff ride which suits the FK2. So does the £10k difference also mind you! I think it will be an RCF or civic if I do change. It's a big if though!
  12. Stop it! I've actually been looking at the new civic type r for the last week or two also and then it shows up on top gear! Can't help but feel the result was a tad fake however. I love my ISF, my heart is really struggling with the prospect of selling so today at 17:32 I'm not changing it. Ask me again in 5 mins!
  13. I appreciate you saying that, my car is very average around here though, I use it daily. I'm considering a move too but honestly, where do I go from the ISF without spending £30k+
  14. Mesa red is the way to go mate but you may have to be patient as there are so few. Should be a few more USB ones about though being such a popular colour. Marcus
  15. Just remember that Lexus don't make batteries, they just buy them and put a sticker on them. If you can find the right battery cheaper elsewhere just get it. Fitting a battery couldn't be easier either, just a couple of 10mm (M6) nuts and bolts