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  1. They should do, I don't think it depends on having the switch set to auto. When you lock the car, everything should shut down in "about" 30 seconds.
  2. I'm not familiar with the RX-300, but I would first check the carpets in the front foot wells. Possibly windscreen or door seals. Make sure rubber floor plugs are ok. If you have a sun roof, check drain channels. YouTube is your friend 🙂
  3. I've only taken advantage of a courtesy a couple of times, that was when I had my Civic Hybrid, and the Honda dealer was 30 miles away. They did point out that there was a £500 excess on the insurance in the event of an accident. After the first couple of years I got it serviced locally. Beiing retired having another car, and within a three minute walk from my Lexus service centre, thankfully I am no longer in need of a courtesy car. Also as I've found with my other car, not being in need of a courtesy car, gives you more flexibility of when they can take your car in.
  4. Out of interest, when did TPMS start to be used in cars ?
  5. I leave the volume on mine in the off setting. I use the screen from the Lexus navigation, and the audio from my garmin. Which is easier to turn on and off.
  6. It's a shame that dealership was short lived. Although they still have the service centre. We bought ours via the Toyota dealership. ============ With discounts, are we talking about new or used cars ?
  7. Although there is a Lexus service centre a 2 minute walk from where we live, there isn't a Lexus dealer. We do have a Toyota dealer though, and when I spoke to one of the salesmen last year, he said let us know what you want and we'll get it here for a test drive. So earlier this year, one of them went to Cambridge and brought back the LS300 we were interested in. Bringing it to our house to look at.. I can't complain about the service I received
  8. Like all things, it looks easy when someone else is doing it 🙂
  9. Mine came on for the first time, just after the spell of hot weather. I had to get the Lexus chappie to show me how to do a reset. He said he'd had a number of people with the same issue, as the sensors are so sensitive. Best not to do a reset at the working pressure. Reset when pressuresare a few psi below , then inflate.
  10. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find it on a search. I have only recently purchased a 2015 IS 300h with just over 21,000 miles on the clock. I was wondering what sort of fuel consumption I should expect ? It won't be used for driving around town, shopping etc, mostly for longer runs. I am not a foot to the floor boy racer. On my previous car (Civic Hybrid) I would get just over 50mpg on a run, and something like 38 around town. I've seen a figure of 60mpg quoted for the IS, but that sound optimistic.
  11. Hadrian

    Rear Parking Sensors

    I'd always assumed that the sensors themselves were pretty universal ?
  12. It'll be interesting to see which German or Japanese company buys the Tesla badge for 5p, when it eventually goes bust.
  13. Unusual to buy a car which only comes with one key, unless it was a private purchase ?
  14. Hadrian

    Free MOT at Halfords

    Handy I suppose if you are watching the pennies. Personally I wouldn't let Halfords anywhere near a car of mine.
  15. If that had been the place I've had previous cars serviced and tested, they would have changed the blade and only charged for parts. The same with bulbs. My Lexus isn't due a service and MOT until next year.
  16. It seems strange that they were worried whether or not the warranty would cover any work. I know that it was a different type of hybrid, but the 12v battery failed on my Honda Civic hybrid, when it would have been about 7 years old. Everything lit up, but it wouldn't start. It needed that battery to operate the onboard computer.
  17. Hadrian

    IS300h Speedo Accuracy.

    I've never actually updated it. It will indicate cameras which are in it's database, and you can add more by pressing a button while driving. I have this in my BMax, and rely on the speed indicated on my Garmin when driving the Lexus. Although to be honest, I usually keep within the speed limits anyway.
  18. Hadrian

    IS300h Speedo Accuracy.

    I use one of these.........http://www.indic8tor.com/ Then again, a Sat Nav will do the job.
  19. Hadrian

    LC500 Speedo Accuracy

  20. Are Land Rovers any more reliable these days ?, they should be for what they cost. I remember reading "Honest John's" column going back a few years. Someone asked which 4x4 they should buy. his reply was, that if you enjoy riding around in the dealer's courtesy car, get a Land Rover. Otherwise buy a Nissan Xtrail.
  21. As long as the spacing is legal 😁
  22. Hadrian

    LC500 Speedo Accuracy

    Wasn't there another thread on this subject ?
  23. Hadrian

    Cvt gear box

    I agree. I don't think I've seen one reviewer who says they like the CVT..The same reviewers who feel the need to compare every car with those made in Germany. .I drove a Civic Hybrid for nearly five years with a CVT, and now the is300h. I have no complaints with it at all.