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  1. What did I do today ? well yesterday actually 😊 I gave it a wash.
  2. Welcome, I'm sure you'll be very happy.
  3. We tend not to use ours (2015) around town, and at the moment the display shows 47.5 mpg, it's usually a touch over 50 mpg.
  4. We bought our 2015 IS300h just over a year ago. It is our first Lexus, and we've been very pleased with it. Although it is still low mileage. We've taken out a 3 year service contract, which will hopefully save us a little bit ? One factor for buying, was that we have a Lexus service centre literally a five minute walk away.
  5. There is a school of thought that suggests you should always leave your aircon turned on (even in winter). To prevent seals "drying" out. How true this is in practice I have no idea.
  6. This is one feature of modern cars which is constantly changing. As soon as one manufacturer comes out with a new idea the others copy it... Most of us can remember when aircon always used to be an (expensive) extra., Then Daewoo included across the range of their vehicles. So nowadays it's unusual to see a car which doesn't have it. The same with SatNav, it seems to be a standard fitment on all new cars now.
  7. Some Ford alloy wheels suffer the same problem, It happened on my Bmax. This is the first time I've heard of it happening on a Lexus.
  8. I looked into having a radio with DAB fitted into a previous vehicle, but was advised not to bother, as a decent antenna system would be in the region of £300..... I listen to DAB most of the time in my IS300h, as I like to listen to Talk Radio which is only on DAB. I do get the occasional black hole in reception, but it's generally pretty good.
  9. Define the difference between an amateur and a professional driver....
  10. They also say they want to reduce road deaths to zero by 2050....Maybe by having a blanket speed limit of 10mph on all roads ?
  11. Another aspect of alloy wheel corrosion, which I wonder if anyone has experienced, is losing tyre pressure due to corrosion around the valve. ? I've just had this problem with a Ford. Although I suspect this is due to the quality of the alloy as it's a common issue.
  12. I seem to remember my first Nokia mobile having a number of stock sms replies to respond with. Which you could also add to.
  13. I've also just had a major service (a 4 year one) and I don't believe plugs were changed. I know that years ago when I serviced my own cars, that I would change the plugs (and points) every year. When they were Four for £1 🙂 It doesn't seem to a thing that is done nowadays. Unless a diagnostic says they need changing.
  14. Same here. I also often walk through their car park and see their employees struggling to change wipers and bulbs. The son of a chap I used to work with worked at this place. He was saying (and this no doubt applies to a lot of these outlets), that the fitters working there are on a relatively low wage. They get bonuses according to the extras they can impose on customers...
  15. Quite right. Always use the recommended fuel.
  16. My wife doesn't drive, but whenever we go out, she carries the spare key..
  17. Things must have changed (:?) With my IS300 I can't lock the car (by touching the door handle), if the key has been left in the car..
  18. I used to let the tank in my Accord get fairly low, as we didn't use it a great deal. Probably because of this it developed an annoying whine. So had to source a replacement from a breakers.
  19. The spec seems to vary a lot between models. Especially if looking at something a few years old. I wish I had done some more research, but I'm happy with what I have. A reversing camera would be nice so would voice control, but a lot of the gizmos you don't really need.
  20. Although this applies specifically to Oz, it's pretty much universal. There are no doubt, lots of videos on this subject.
  21. The Aussie "Auto Expert" has a Youtube video on this subject.
  22. At least it waasn't a comedy show back then. 5th Gear is a little better, but not much. If they did ever get back to reviewing cars, everything would still have to be compared to a BMW or the three pointed swastica.
  23. I haven't watched it for many years. It's a shame we can't have a real programme about cars, much like Top Gear used to be 20yrs ago. I remember when the satellite boxes used to be analogue, there was a German car programme I watched occasionally. I say "watched", as I don't speak German, but that was very much like the Top Gear of old. Interesting and informative. Not a comedy programme.