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    The future of motoring

    In 10 -15 years I doubt much will change. The majority of new cars will probably be either electric or hybrid. As long as they can get an electric family car with a range of at least 200 miles and a recharge time of not more than 10 minutes. Anyway,, if I am still alive by 2045, I certainly wont be driving 😉
  2. Not exactly a Lexus specific problem, but someone might have an answer. Recently we had a holiday on the South Coast, the first time we've taken the IS on holiday. Driving along some of the narrow country lanes, I often found that the reflection off the dashboard of the sun coming through the trees, made it extremely difficult to see where I was going. I had a similar problem many years ago with an Accord I owned, and found the solution was to cut a piece of black material (an old T-Shirt) and lay that on the dashboard. There are covers commercially available, but have not seen any for a Lexus, not for an IS anyway and not in the UK.. It must be something to do with the rake of the screen (?) as I didn't get the same problem with my civic. Anyone had the same issue ?........ and no, polaroid glasses are not the answer. If you have never tried it, sit in your car on a sunny day, and place a piece of matt black material ove the dashboard. The difference is amazing.
  3. I bought some black felt material, but although it helped there was still a slight sheen to it. So I did what I have done in the distant past, and sacrificed an old black T-Shirt. Then glued it to the material I bought. It makes a huge difference . I've only made it to go on part of the drivers side, but it really improves the view. It's fixed using a couple of double sided sticky pads.
  4. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find it on a search. I have only recently purchased a 2015 IS 300h with just over 21,000 miles on the clock. I was wondering what sort of fuel consumption I should expect ? It won't be used for driving around town, shopping etc, mostly for longer runs. I am not a foot to the floor boy racer. On my previous car (Civic Hybrid) I would get just over 50mpg on a run, and something like 38 around town. I've seen a figure of 60mpg quoted for the IS, but that sound optimistic.
  5. I hope so, I want it to look reasonably decent.
  6. I shall have a look while out shopping tomorrow. There's a place in our local indoor market which sells a wide range of materials. The ones made in the US will usually only be for left hand drive. The level of reflection depends a lot on the make of the car, angle of windscreen etc. This is along the lines of what I am talking about, but it only needs to be the drivers side. https://www.alldeal.co.uk/dark-mat-car-dashboard-cover-mat-anti-reflective-center-console-pad-interior-dark-shade-supplies-protective-pad-mat-cover-deliver-product-according-to_p4520.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9pe3nMLf2wIVhc0bCh27QwFVEAQYBSABEgJfvvD_BwE
  7. Also at night especially during the winter, it's much safer. Although in the US, it is often mandatory to park "nose in" I believe, so the police can check licence plates.
  8. Funny you should say that. A friend of mine finds it quite amusing that I nearly always reverse into parking spaces. I honestly don't know why.
  9. Hadrian

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Getting back to MPG on the is300h. We are just back from a week on the South Coast, near Lymington (we live near Southend in Essex). I filled up just before leaving, did over 500 miles during the week, got home without having to buy any more petrol, and still have some left in the tank. On the way down I had it up to 60mpg at one point. By the time we got home it was a fraction over 54 mpg (on display), which I am quite happy with. One more point. Has anyone managed to get all of the bars on the battery indicator lit up blue ? The best I've had, is all lit up except for one.
  10. Hadrian

    Vacuuming query

    I did mine today prior to giving it a wash. My wife won't let me put the cleaner round indoors, as she says I don't do it properly. What is the point of moving furniture ?, I ask .
  11. Hadrian

    The Photography Thread

    There's some lovely photos there. I stick to mostly wildlife photography. There is one theng I don't like, thats the use of ND filters to "Blurr" water. It's been done to death.
  12. Hadrian

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    The Dunlops are definitely quieter, so a good investment. Someone did say to me to inflate them slightly over the recommended pressure as that helps too. (Obviously not too much, before anyone says anything) . Although I would have imagined that would have the opposite effect ?
  13. Hadrian

    ASC button

    Adding sound was probably to try and make car reviewers happy. Most of them not having a clue about CVT transmission,
  14. Hadrian

    Rough month.

    That reminds me of when a friend worked at a Volvo main dealer. (When they still had big bumpers).. He told me that there were more British parts on a Volvo, than there were on a Ford Granada.
  15. Hadrian

    Rough month.

    Too true. A stamp in a log book tells you nothing.
  16. How is it fixed to the screen ? Sticky pads can sometimes fail when they get hot. Although a spot of clear mastic would probably work ?
  17. Hadrian

    Are the Keys Encrypted?

    No problem, it's a very handy thing to be aware of. I wonder, does this work on all makes of car with keyless entry ?
  18. Hadrian

    Council damaged my car!

    Can you prove negligence on behalf of the grass cutter ?
  19. Hadrian

    Are the Keys Encrypted?

    That's very handy to know, I shall have to try it. EDIT I tried this, but it didn't work every time, or don't you have to do it every time ? Another Edit I sussed this out eventually...Press and hold the lock button, and press the unlock button TWICE.
  20. I'm sure someone will know what this plug is for. (not for diagnostic I assume). Maybe for an optional extra ? upload photo
  21. Hadrian

    How often should I drive it,?

    If your car is serviced by Lexus, the battery will have a 10 year warranty (from new)
  22. Hadrian

    How often should I drive it,?

    Saying that, the Civic was (and still is in the US) a different type of hybrid. Although any type of rechargeable battery needs to be used fairly regularly. I don't see anything in the Lexus handbook about regular use, then Of course battery technology is constantly moving on.
  23. Hadrian

    How often should I drive it,?

    I don't know about the Lexus hybrid, but when we had a Civic hybrid, you were advised to drive it for at least 30 minutes every month.
  24. We will be getting our is300h serviced by Lexus. This was one of the deciding factors in buying the car, as we have a service centre literally a five minute walk away. Assuming nothing expensive needs replacing, what's the average cost of a service ?