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  1. I see the fuse in that page alright. Thanks a lot. I'll try that tomorrow and report back. Thanks guys!
  2. He was going to ask a friend in Lexus about possible faults and he would probably offer to do it himself, but I would probably be comfortable changing fuses and relays myself provided that they are reasonably accessible.
  3. Hi guys, I've just recently got my aircon system checked by a specialist as my aircon hasn't been working for a while. They have said that it is most likely an electricla issue as there is enough gas and the compressor isn't getting any power. I was thinking to change the fuse and relay to see if those are the source of the fault. I know the fuse I can just change, but is the relay something I can change myself as well? The manual that I have doesn't say anything about it. Would anyone/anywhere have information about it? I can't seem to find its location physically/via google. 2012 Lexus CT200H SE-L Thanks in advance for all your help!
  4. I have just done this yesterday. Had trouble getting the motor off from the original assembly, but all worked out in the end. The change is unbelievable. As everyone says, I should've done this ages ago.
  5. Could it be because the IS220 fan is larger so the load on the motor is higher? This is the only thing I could think of. I have just ordered one of these on ebay so we'll see what's what in a few weeks. Thank you all for your efforts.
  6. Thanks! I am aware of this, however, I didn't see much use of trying to tap/use a 'spare' fuse slot here if I was going to install a device in the engine bay. I still find it weird that the relays aren't in either fuse boxes though. Where could they be? Couldn't find anything about them in the manual either, but I do find part numbers on google for 'lexus car horn relay', for example. Worse comes to worst, I may just have to have a wire straight from the battery at the back, with an inline fuse. Painful, but sure, I don't see any other option. Thanks guys!
  7. That's great information. Thanks a lot. I just got a bit confused as there was also a a fuse labelled 'no circuit' so I thought they were different. I would utilise piggyback fuse tap, but the current requirement might be high for the equipment I want to install so it may not be an option as I do not want to overload the existing circuits. I definitely have one, just brainstorming for my options and seeing what other people have already checked out as options regarding wiring. Thank you very much for your input! Helped me out great.
  8. Hi everyone, I was just wondering regarding the engine compartment fuse box spare slots. they are labelled on my manual as 40, 41, and 42 SPARES with ampere ratings of 30A, 10A and 7.5A. I would like to know if these are live and if they can be used safely for adding additional 12V equipment maybe through using a fuse tap line? Also, where are the relays on the CT200H such as the horn relay? It's just a little weird that it isn't in the fuse box like other cars I've owned. Thanks a lot!