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  1. Nice video, thanx for sharing this! Keep us updated if you face any issues with that Autel sensor... BR.Sami
  2. Update: I'm also now having this "low tire" message visible all the time... I've been driving two days with TechStream live monitoring, and it shows correct pressures for all tires (way above the thresholds). And still that message is visible... strange. I'm suspecting that those aftermarket sensors are time-to-time sending some very low readings, even the pressures are correct. Because I did the "initialization" procedure and it captured very low pressures as limits (I can see this in the TechStream). The strange thing is that I don't see those low readings in TechStream. Maybe the TechStream is not updating the screen that often? BR.Sami
  3. I ment 500 meters, not miles, sorry for confusion... I've to say that those aftermarket sensors I now have (Scharader), are not very reliable... It takes very long time to clear the "low tire" message after correcting the tire pressures. I'm going to switch back to the OEM sensors... BR.Sami
  4. Hi all, My next task/plan is to refurbish the leather seats in my GS450h. They are in pretty good condition, but the colour has slightly faced out... I found from web an interesting product: Does anybody here have any experience with this (or similar) product? Thanx in advance, Sami
  5. You actually need to drive the car for about 500m to get the new limits set in the ECU. I noticed this when I had TechStream connected to the car and I did the initialization procedure: values where not updated even I waited how log. Only after I drove the car about 500m, the new limits were stored. And to get the "low type pressure" message cancelled, you need to drive a bit more. For me it took about 5 mins driving around when the message finally dissappeared. Strange logic... Did you have the TechStream? With it you can see the real measurements from sensors... BR.Sami
  6. The link says "UMIWE 315MHz", but in Europe it should be 433MHz, if I've got it correctly... Anyway, good to know that there are other options available 👍 BR.Sami
  7. Here is couple of pictures I took from TPMS sensor battery change... Pic 1: sensor removed from the enclosure: first remove the black plastic cover (two plastic pins holding it), then carefully dig out the sensor from that white stuff... Note that I have cut the valve stem totally (it was also damaged), and I'll replace that with new one. Pic 2: sensor from underneath: note the antenna wire (be carefully when removing the circuit board: you cannot really see the antenna, it is under the circuit board...) Pic 3: voltage of the old battery (antenna facing up) Pic 4: new battery, type CR2450. Not exactly same as the old one, but managed to solder it into place. Pic 5: voltage of the new battery Pic 6: end result! I used regular bathroom silicone (I don't have plans to replace this battery any more 😉 ) The new valve stem is glued with epoxy. BR. Sami
  8. Did you still have original sensors? Never changed batteries? Did the error disappear or is it constant? I've noticed that it actually takes quite long time after the ECU complains about "check system". So might be that your sensor(s) is barely sending something, time to time, and it might keep the ECU happy most of the time. I've also similar issue with one of those non-OEM-sensors I bought: it has replaced already once, but it still fails in communication time to time... I'm going to refurbish the original, old sensors and replace at least this failing one... BR. Sami
  9. Yes, correct. That will reset the alarm limits in ECU (the pressure which will raise the "low tire" message). Those are also visible in the TechStream... Sami
  10. Where did you put the old sensor? You can easily get "low tire" if the old sensor with same ID is somewhere near the car... 😉 Did you try to do the "Pressure initialization" procedure? That should help after you have checked that the pressures are ok... TPMS is a good system, when it works... BR.Sami
  11. When I had wrong IDs coded to the ECU, the fault codes re-appeared right after clearing. This sounds more like low battery or a failing sensor to me... I just got one of those Schrader sensors replaced as it was triggering "check system" about once a day. That message disappeared after a while, so the sensor was able to send something meaningful time to time... After sensor was changed two days ago, no fault codes since (fingers crossed). BR. Sami
  12. Those fault codes will be visible in TechStream even if the ECU can read the sensors. The "Check System" message in the dash tells if there is some active communication problem or not. Clearing the codes will tell which sensors cannot be read right now (fault codes will appear again if there is still an issue). TechStream also support live monitoring of the sensors (select the Tire Pressure Monitor, and then data list). BR. Sami
  13. Update: I worked out the strange "low tire" issue: it was caused by my old/original TPMS sensors (which had the same IDs than the new ones). Seems that even a brick wall was not blocking the wireless transmission from sensor to the ECU 😁. I'm still investigating one "check system" error which comes always from same sensor every now and then (and disappear after few minutes). Otherwise these sensors seems to work correctly.
  14. yes, but have you actually tried to install those drivers? I bought my cable last November and the seller was claiming that 64bit OS is supported... but it was not. Problem is not the TechStream SW, but the Mini VCI drivers... It is also true that there are some hacks (editing registry etc) to get those working on Win 7/10 in the net... so that should be doable. I just found that VirtualBox-method much more simple (maybe because I've been using VirtualBox earlier). BR.Sami