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  1. I have been looking for ages myself, I stumbled across it on Facebook, paid £25 for it, not sure if that is cheap, but as you know, they don't often come up for sale, so I grabbed it 😁
  2. Quickest and simplist mod to my car so far, changed the gear shift knob to a ISF carbon fibre one, looks quite smart!
  3. I am thinking of doing a chrome delete on my car, has any of the forum members done this? If so, how did you tackle the black plastic trim that is around the windows, did you remove it? Aslo did you use vinyl wrap or plasti dip the trim? Thanks
  4. Hi I have just fiited KYB shocks from Autodoc to the front of my car, I just has signs of leakage on the shock, nothing on the floor, abviously replaced them both, think I paid about £167 for the pair delivered.
  5. I don't know how it smelt, had a cold, couldn't taste or smell for a few days (it wasn't covid) I am going to change the oil again in six months, will see how black it is then!
  6. Thanks fo the tip, will certainly do an oil change more often, although I drive between 6-7 thousand miles per year!
  7. Hi, I got the whole part from a breakers, looked like new when I picked it up, think I paid about £25 for it!
  8. Gave my Lexus some TLC, started with oil change, the oil was very black!! should I be concerned? Replaced cabin and air filters, changed the brake pads all round, even though they weren't worn, had a couple of sticky slide pins so decided to replace all four corners with new ones, had a slight leak on front passenger shock absorber, so changed both fronts, finally I replaced the spark plugs, a job that is overdue that should keep her running sweetly for a while. 😃
  9. When the battery is disconnected, you need to reset the windows, all you have to do is, go to each window, wind it down and hold the button for a few more seconds while the window is all the way down, need to do that for both the rears and the passenger side, should reset them for you.
  10. Have you considered the vland rear lights? Quite a few members have them, myself included, they are easy to fit, they are a straight swap, plug and play, they were around £200 for the pair!
  11. My 2008 SE-L has the auto lock, pretty sure it can be set to lock over a certain speed or a specified amount of time. If this helps
  12. That is what I thought, might bite the bullet and get them 😁
  13. Just found these & will work out £182.12 for the pair inc delivery, are you saying these are OEM?
  14. Hi all, Need some advice please, just given my car a visual inspection all over, I found that my nearside front shock absorber is leaking, so need to replace it (replacing both of the front ones) question is, do I replace with OEM, or can anyone recommend an alternative please. Thank you