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  1. Bongo


    Have been looking at these for my 2008 is250, but I just can pull the trigger at £500, have been keeping an eye on the price to see if will drop, but as yet no movement, I may be waiting for a while yet 😀
  2. Bongo

    Newbie and new owner

    Thank you, in the last few weeks I have been bringing the car up to date, will be posting a few pictures when I have completed the mods.
  3. Welcome to the forum, just got a Lexus and it is the SEL model, I am no expert, but from what I have read, it could be that the touchscreen has gone, but someone on here will tell you in far more detail than I ever could, good luck!
  4. They look great, can't wait to fit mine, have not heard of anyone else reporting issues with the rubbing, once mine are fitted will let you know how the fit is.
  5. Ok, took the plunge and ordered the Vland rear lights, I went for red set in the end, also replaced the gas struts in the boot yesterday, what a difference, was an easier job than I thought it would be. The car is coming along quite nicely.
  6. Thank you to everyone who has commented and shown pictures of their lights, now I am torn, both the red and the smoked lights look amazing, my car is grey, one thing is for sure, i will be getting a set, just have to choose which ones.
  7. Thought they were, have uploaded description
  8. Thank you for the pictures, they look really smart, are they the normal or the smoked ones? I quite like the smoked effect ones
  9. Have been looking at updating my rear lights, I have seen some made by Vland, they look really nice, and really update the car (mine is a IS250 2008) Has anyone fitted them? Are they any good? Or does anyone recommend a different make. Thanks
  10. Bongo

    Help! No power at all

    Sounds about right, I did look at Mercedes, BMW and Audi, before going for the Lexus, you get a lot more for your money, and not as common as the german makes 😀 I am really pleased with my purchase.
  11. Bongo

    Sat nav update

    Hi all, I have updated my sat nav with the latest 2017-18 v2 (the old one was still had the 2008-09 disc) now the voice commands seem a lot slower to respond, has anyone else had this problem? Only using the latest disc for the short term as I want to get the GROM Vline v2 system, just thought I would ask the question, just to see if it is a common issue. Thanks
  12. Hello all, Has anyone converted their wood trim to carbon fibre look on their is250, I have looked at several options, hydrodipping, vinyl wrapping or buying a kit already cut out with a laser. Any advice on companies to use, what method, or some pictures of your interior conversions would be great. Thanks
  13. Bongo

    Help! No power at all

    Lol, don't know what you implying, had a sheltered life 😊
  14. Bongo

    Help! No power at all

    Don"t worry I always look after him, to be honest, he is my best mate, as a foursome (with the wives) we have been on holiday together quite a few times, and we see each other socially, quite a bit, always handy to have around, when I have got a car issue!
  15. Bongo

    Help! No power at all

    Indeed, while my mate (mechanic) was here he gave the car the once over, and took it for a test drive, he gave it a clean bill of health, and his exact words were "she is a beauty" so I am a very happy man, looking forward to a future of luxury motoring. 😀