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  1. This should take you to where you want to be.
  2. Funny, I was looking at getting one of these, and I think from the same place you got yours, did you get yours painted? If so ,what is the quality like, will be interesting to see the results, once you have fitted it.
  3. Hi all Would wheel size 5 x 114.3 7j et50 fit my 2008 is250? Thanks in advance Paul
  4. Checked the connector in the boot, all looks fine to me, is there a fuse that could have possibly blown, running out of ideas now, anybody else had this problem, which wasn't the valet button issue? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply, had the battery replaced in September 2018, so hopefully it isn't the battery!
  6. Bit of an update, I think I have electrical gremlins in my car, went to open my boot today, but nothing would work, tried the key fob and the boot release button inside the car, still nothing, I did manage to open it using the key. Did a little research and found out there is a valet button in the glove compartment, pushed that a few times, still nothing! Disconnected the battery for around 15mins, again still nothing, but on the plus side, my screen started to work again. This maybe totally unrelated, but had a dashcam hard wired on Friday and an airbag light issue sorted out, the screen went blank on the way to the auto electrician, so I know the screen issue wasn't down to the work I had done on Friday, could the boot problem be related? This is the first time have tried to get into the boot since Friday, the petrol flap works fine if this helps, any ideas anyone?
  7. Hi Texas, yes, thank you, I mentioned your comment to the auto electrician, and he tracked it to the drivers side knee bag, hopefully no more annoying light coming on. Thanks again
  8. Finally got my faulty air bag light sorted out, one of the wires to the knee airbag was shorting out causing the light to come on and off, got that sorted and my screen has now gone blank, see my new post!
  9. Got in my 2008 is250 SEL this morning to find that my screen is not working, radio is fine, I just can't use it, I am guessing it is the digitizer, but I am not sure, rather than replace it, I am thinking of getting an android unit, there are a few available for my car which incorporate the rear camera, has anyone got one installed? If so, how are you finding it? Any issues? Any comments very much appreciated. Thank you Paul
  10. Hi all, I have a very strange issue with my airbag light on my 2008 is250, it started to come on and off a little while ago, then I noticed that after I filled the car up with petrol the light would go out for a while, then come on again at around the half a tank mark. So I decided to see if it would go out if I just opened and closed the petrol cap without putting any petrol in the car, and sure enough the light went out. I can only assume it is some sort of pressure issue. I have no idea really, has anyone else had this problem? Any help, advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance, and A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.
  11. Interesting, I had given up on the idea of having the cleaning done, but now you renewed my interest!
  12. Car looks really good! The spoiler makes a world of difference, thinking of getting the windows tinted before I fit wind deflectors, will be interesting to see what the bumper corner splitters look like once you have them fitted.
  13. No problem! Lucky enough to have a spoiler already fitted on mine! 😁
  14. I got these