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  1. Interesting, I had given up on the idea of having the cleaning done, but now you renewed my interest!
  2. Car looks really good! The spoiler makes a world of difference, thinking of getting the windows tinted before I fit wind deflectors, will be interesting to see what the bumper corner splitters look like once you have them fitted.
  3. No problem! Lucky enough to have a spoiler already fitted on mine! 😁
  4. I got these
  5. Yep, as well as the puddle lights, easy to do, have also put the vland rear LED lights in as well!
  6. I can't comment on that, but I will be doing more research on them before I take the plunge! Have you swapped out the interior standard bulbs for LED's yet?
  7. I believe they fit into the channel like the Heko ones!
  8. Nice mods, been looking at getting some wind deflectors myself, been looking at the these and the Climair brand! Can't make my mind up on which ones to go for!
  9. Been looking at getting a set of wind deflectors , has anyone had any dealings with the Climair set for a IS250 2008?
  10. All sorted, I reset everything to default, and tried again, bingo it paired with my phone straight away, thanks for all those that replied. Paul
  11. I wouldn't know how many hours of driving I have done with them fitted, but it is a quite a lot, in terms of quality, I think they are very good! I haven't seen any videos yet of people complaining of faults or problems, I have kept my old lights, so if I ever get any issues, I can always I can replace them!
  12. Thanks I have had a look, but my phone isn't listed, maybe they are just not compatible?
  13. Your welcome, no rubbing, had no problems with anything since the day I installed them!
  14. Is anyone having a problem connecting their Huawei phones to their is250? My car is a 2008 model, the bluetooth had no problem connecting to my Samsung, so I know the bluetooth is working on the car, the phone is a P30 pro, any ideas? Thanks Paul