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  1. Really pleased with mine, just wasn't a fan of the reddish trim, the Lexus woodgrain film really compliments the black trim and leather, looks so much more modern.
  2. Hi, it cost £130, but I did remove all the trim and strip them all down, ready for them to be dipped, the name of the film is Lexus woodgrain.
  3. My IS 250 had it's first MOT today since I took ownership of the car, and with the Vland rear lights fitted, I know a few of you were interested to see if the car would pass with the rear lights fitted, well I i am pleased to say the car passed with no advisories or issues, I am really pleased, the MOT tester also commented on clean the car is, which is good to know, just need to get the few bits that Lexus have flagged up and the car should be 100%. So if you are thinking of getting the Vland rear lights, go for it!!!
  4. Yes, they it is the front calipers that are seized, have ordered the missing part for the headlight washer, ordered it last Friday, have had the covers for a while, got them from Lexus North America.
  5. Thank you for all your replies, I do have a mate who is a mechanic, will get him to look at the car and give me his opinion, was a bit of a shock, I do intend to get all the issues fixed, just not by Lexus 😀, the wife wouldn't let me sell the house to pay for it all.
  6. Lee managed to get some for me, all fitted, hope you get yours
  7. So today, my is250 went in for a recall on the passenger airbag, while they had the car they gave the car a health check, I haven't had the car long, so I thought it would be good to see what problems if any popped up, well I didn't think I would have a bit of a list, this consisting of Both driveshaft diff seals weeping (advisory) Engine oil leak from bank 1 VVTi oil feed pipe (advisory) Both front caliper sliders seized - front pad shims missing (urgent) A/C condenser leaking (advisory) Also, my drivers side headlight washer cover is missing, I have got replacement for it, but Lexus are saying that i need a whole new washer system for both sides, surley I can just get the missing part for the drivers side? I have attached a picture of what is there at the moment. Are these common issues on a 2008 Is250 ? Should I be worried, are these easy and cheap to put right, Lexus have obviously quoted to repair the issues, will have to sell house to pay for it 🤣 Finally, if anyone knows of a good Toyota/Lexus independent garage in Portsmouth or surrounding area, that can give me a quote to do the work. Any advice, recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance Paul
  8. I also need clips for my mats!!! Will message my details
  9. Has anyone had any luck in obtaining the P040 module for their door mirrors, or has anyone fitted an alternative, spoke to an auto electrician, he wouldn't do it, as it sometimes effects other parts of the electrical system, has anyone had any problems? Trying to get a module, so I can fit it myself. Thanks Paul
  10. Will let you know, my car has it's MOT in a couple of weeks, I think it will be fine though (fingers crossed)
  11. Got the exact same issues on my 2008 SE-L IS250, the old disc was 2008, updated to 2017-18, everything is slow, even entering postcodes etc, as you say once the route starts everything runs as it should, would be interested to see if there is a fix to this
  12. Thank you all for the advice, looks like i might be taking the mirrors apart when the weather is better, I am changing the puddle light bulbs to LED, so can do those at the same time.
  13. I have a problem with my passenger door mirror, when I select reverse the mirror does not move down as much as the drivers side, and will not return the original position afterwards, has anyone has the same issue? Thanks Paul
  14. Hi Paul, I have only had the trim back in the car for just under a week now, so can't give you a durability answer, but I did buy a good quality lacquer and gave the trim about three coats, time will tell, if it is permanent, but I thought, if it all went pear shaped I could buy used trim from a breakers yard if needed be, or just spray it black and then lacquer it As for stripping down the parts, yes it was easy, I am no way an expert, and I found it very easy, all crosshead screws apart from the gearshift chrome surround which is held on by small plastic dome caps which you have to snap off, I was going to super glue them back on when the trim was finished, but I used strong double sided tape, and it has worked really well, the cup holder gave me no issues at all, again very easy to take apart, I did take some pictures before I started just to remind me of how all parts fitted back in the trim, which helped. All I can say is, if you are thinking of doing it, go for it, it has made the interior of my car look so much better. I have looking for the PO-40 module for my car, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere, where did you pick up yours from? and I am looking at getting the Vline, but I just cannot pull the trigger at £500 for it, how are you finding it, is it worth getting?