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  1. Toyota carries these parts as well. They are evrrywhere.
  2. Never got anything over 24mpg... Petergordon do you have se-L or low spec SE-I? Wondering if lower spec means thinner tyres, less weight etc makes a difference.
  3. How does buying on company help?
  4. Why would they want to take a hit for depreciation 🙂 I guess a person who cannot buy the car on cash will never buy back the car after 3 years. It is scarey how people are comfortable with 690 a month i.e. they agree to have a liability. What happes after 3 years? Do they look at scratches or dings? Tyres etc? Repaint due to scuff/ minor accident repair by insurance? Do they account for that or is it just hand in the keys and walk away?
  5. Many people are leasing and have car on finance etc. Leasing is NOT owning. I think leasing has driven this depreciation. Plus people wanting new reg. Always go for a 3 year old car. I am certainly not impressed by IS300h. IS250 must have been impressive in its time. It looks more posh inside.
  6. Yes. W204 would compare. But I have had is300h for a day... I didn't buy that one when I drove c350 for a day.
  7. I don't think so... C350e has air suspension. Eco mode, comfort, sport, sport +. Comfort is just like being on a boat. No engine or outside noise. I don't want to yap about it on a Lexus forum. One must drive one to know difference. Does IS300h have air suspension?
  8. Why would anyone one complain about slighly warmer weather 🙂 A specalist will save you money here. Don't bother with anyone else.
  9. I got 45mpg in London with C350e Petrol Hybrid. Didn't charge it. If I plan it i.e. charge it, I do not fill for months. Mercedes say 135mpg but that is not real. But if I do charge and use engine I hit 90mpg easily. If I go to work and back in London and make sure it is charged, well... the petrol engine never kicks in. I did my math, keeping the is250 costs me more then depreciation of c350e. You get perks of owning a new luxury car and a more kitted car. No tax, low insurance, no mot for a while, no congestion fee, free parking for few hours, faster car... Bad side for me is, I do not think I can do DIY on a Merc. Star/torx screw everywhere... I am sure there will be special screws when I get to real stuff. Sell my soul to get it fixed if it breaks? Unless under warranty. I get max 22mpg from is250. 305 tax. Congestion charges, pay parking if I have to. Old noisy car as compared. I don't know how good is IS300h but I am sure it will be better than is250. Why did Lexus not go plugin hybrid? What am I missing here? Where is Linas to explain it to me 🙂
  10. 10 miles... move to plugin Hybrid. Merc C350e is the best car I can recommend. If running in petrol mode, you get atleast 45mpg. If you keep it charged, well... double that. Lexus should jump into Plugin. Sorry for hi jack.
  11. A more powerful pump is needed. But having said that, jacking up for just oil drain doesn't make sense if the filter access is from the top. I didn't need to change clothes for the job. All nice and clean with low risk of spill. I think this is the future.
  12. Tried out an electric oil extractor on non lexus car. Does the job. 50 mins to extract oil.
  13. Thanks Linas. I guess that is all I wanted to know.
  14. Btw these cases I am presenting are real ones. Not made up. If you guys have simple clean way of doing things, does not mean everyone does the same.
  15. Doubt any 60k pound car will not have finance on it. I agree, cannot buy it unless all clear. The advise I was seeking for is to define ownership in this case. How about this one, John got the car on finance for her mother. John is on v5c. Mom drives it. Mom clears the debt. Mom wants to sell the car and she asks her boyfriend to sell the car for her. Who is the owner of the car?