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  1. And if it were a diesel you would have paid 300 pounds for the 10 years. So you would have 4579 yo buy another Lexus!!! Confirmed from another VW driver with 09 plate. They pay 30 pounds a year.
  2. Tax used to be 295, then they made it 305 and now 325. While a friend has a 58 plate BMW diesel and pays 30 pounds. So lung cancer machine wins.
  3. Tax on is250 increased again.. is it worth keeping is250 when modern car are 30 pound tax or zero tax in the case of hybrid.
  4. Not sure why but yeah, if there is no rear section back pressure, the lower end torque becomes poor. Also there is more drone noise at lower rpm. So is there an exhaust that will be quiet at low rpm but noiser at higher? And not change the lower end torque?
  5. Private sale, nothing much you can do. I am afriad nothing will fix a mechanical fault. Your money will go down the drain. But try it and let us know of the outcome. What made you buy diesel, just wondering? Is it lower tax?
  6. Hi Amer Clearly head gasket. Don't spend or waste time on any other part. Even though plain water is bad and you will get the rad rusted in no time and thus it should be flushed and proper coolant put in. Someome else might give better suggestion but if you really want to keep the car, check egr valve and see if it is clean. Not sure how anyone can verify dpf as well but my theory is that blockage of these cause diesel engines to die or develop head gasket issue. Now you can be lucky and it can be expension valve but on japanese cars, a faild expansion valve generally tends to remain open. Diesel are the most dangerous cars in the world. If you have kids, think of their future. Next car should not be a diesel. Many people here will object but watch a documantery called Dirty Money.
  7. Do you have USB ports? I think 2010 has USB ports and maps are loaded onto HDD. Only Lexus can do it and is expensive.
  8. Hi everyone Am in pickle. Car was in an accident not so long ago. Went for repair through insurance. I had requestd then to inspect the exhaust as it might have taken a hit. Few months back the rear section was replaced as well due to an accident before this one. Some guys did the work both the times. Anyway, car came back to us and I was very busy to inspect it. I noticed recently some trim screws were missing and some car was making humming sound. Thought its the trims and let the repaires know amd they said to bring tje var in. I got very busy again. Now the humming sound changed into loud drone sound. Inspected the car and found that the joint where rear exhaust meets the middle section, there is a pipe thay connects to middle silencer, thay 1 foot pipe is broken from the silencer... What are my options? Thanks
  9. Hi guys. How better is is300h compared to is250? I am looking at a is300h. 80k miles. Is that a lot for it? Has full history. How much would be a good price for it? It is a 2013. Also what to look for? Is250 is fantastic. Does is300h remain in par with is250? Is it better fuel economy and tax? Thanks
  10. Does anyone know if we can decode lexus VIN to find its options? Thanks.
  11. Its good they made you aware for free. Upto you how you want to proceed.