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  1. NEXEN is not a good brand. Anyway, inner wear is normal I think on IS250. John here said once 'adjust tyre pressure by looking at the wear'. I also rotate tyres at every service. I have been using Bridgestone. 40k miles on each set I have pulled with even wear. They cost a lot but been told by a person who works at tyre manufacturing company that there is a massive difference between cheap and expensive tyres.
  2. So they came back and said it isn't track rod. It is ball joint that holds the hub and they replaced the cover only. Charged near 80 pounds for it.
  3. Just one. Said that the cover for the trackrod joint is damaged so it is mot fail.
  4. Is250 failed mot. Halfrauds. Need advise. Should they replace one end or should I ask them to do both? They are charging 130 for the track rod.
  5. Go with SE-L trim. It is much reliable than 525. Mark L audio is a must. Once you get a feel of Auto you will never think of manual and start to preach auto. SE-L has leather seats heated and cooled. Sun blind in rear, HID auto lights on top of standard features.
  6. Btw I did comparison test with is250. And is250 instead of blowing air out, it sucks it in.
  7. James250 It takes 30 seconds to do the test. What harm is there? Ok so let me tell you my experince with a non lexus car. I noticed the car was consuming oil. So I took the plugs out to do compression test. I noticed oil one one or maybe two plus. Clean golden oil. On threads. So I continued with compression test and results were good. So I thought it can be oil from rocker cover gasket so I replaced that. A month later I noticed oil dropping again so I pulled the plugs. Oil again there. I bought oe gaskets this time and made sure I follow specs and torques. 2 months later, oil again. So I started the car and remove the oil fill cap when car was idle rpm. Air was blowing out from the hole. I didn't gave up there. I removed the cover and used sealant and over tightented the bolts. Still no joy. So I thought of replacing PCV. I stripped down header, injectors , a lof of stuff to get to PCV. Spent some money for oe gaskets etc. PCV was fine to my disappointment but I still replaced it. Needless to say, the isssue was not resolved. I then thought it could be valves or maybe oil scrappers. But that means engine overhaul. I left it there. I took it to a mechanic and told him my efforts. He opened the oil fill cap and said, scrap the car when it dies. Your catalistc convertor will go out next. He was right. Cat took a hit as emissions grew. Car's been scrapped. They end.
  8. Guys on idle there should be no air blowing out of the oil fill cap. If you accelerate then that is a differernt story. But on idle there should be vaccum. If air is blowing out then there is engine issue. This is the first quick check mechanics do.
  9. It should not. If it does that then it will make sense why gasket had failed. In fact, it should be sucking in air. Have a rag at hand if things becomes messy and obeserve common sense.
  10. If you can perform the test I suggest please I might be able to give a hint then.
  11. Rotate the tyres every oil change and wear will be even with longer tyre life. Well worth doing on lexus.
  12. I don't want to mess around with factory spec. Also fronts are Bridgestone... so will it not be awkward if I have other brand on rear?
  13. Does that means 162 pounds for one bridgestone tyres 255R18 is a lot?
  14. My question is, how much for each tyre should I spend on a 10 year old car? Any advise?
  15. Using air con or not using it might not have affect. They seem to die on is250 at 10 years age. Happened to me and I have posted about it. Thanks to John, Linas and other members here I was able to put the car back on road when RAC failed to fault find. What you should try is turn the ignition on. Don't start the engine. Toggle ac to on and off a few times then set it to off. Then try starting the car. If that does not work then you need to remove the belt and then start the car. Turn off the ac. Then put belt back on. Ensure ac is set to off and start the car. And off you go. Remember removing belt means no water pump etc so only do it for few seconds.