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  1. Someone here was kind enough to send me a link for rear brake caliper lower rubber boot/ cover... and I cannot find that thread anymore. For 2009 is250
  2. I was given part 1603131020 for thermostate cost 123.83. Is it true that for is250 the whole assembly needs to be changed and it is one piece? I.e. I cannot change just the valve?

    Just know that a trolley jack is meant to travel and jacking from side is wrong. See this video and point out the mistakes.
  4. I ordered it from Toyota. 33 from lexus and for 28 from toyota. Same part strangely... I tend to go with OEM parts as much as I can.
  5. Shouldn't there be a sticky thread where we can get part numbers? Called Lexus and they are not giving me part number for Lexus Airfilter for is250 2009. Anyone has it? I need it as Lexus is too far and local toyota need part number.

    I keep it at the factory supplied jack points but not on the pinch weld. And the outer side of pinch weld is weak and inner side is strong. I am bad at explaining it and Inwas hoping to show you pictures this week but weather is just horrible... over due oil change and car is sitting waiting for a good day.
  7. Does the pushy sale ever worked on anyone? Is there any proof that it works? Why do they try it?
  8. brembo brakes

    Mine squeel and I have put copper grease on shims. I had greased the slid pins as well. Plenty of life on pads. No idea what it is but learned to accept it... which is bad.

    Don't trust a jack. Do NOT jack up or put stands underpinch weld. You will bend it and car will fall. Now to jack from front, drive the car on low profile ramps. Then slide the trolly jack from the front. I have a picture somewhere on this therad but manual also shows the point. Trolley jack is meant to move forwards and backwards when you jack up and lower the car. Sunday mechanics slide it from the side... wrong. Once lifted, get your jack stands, ... now I place them next to pinch weld. I don't know how to explain it without picture. But the inner side of pinch weld. NOT the pinch weld itself. And NOT the outer side. Someone needs to design jack stands for these uni body cars. For rear, you jack up from rear differential. I am against using jack stand under the control arm bolt/ bushing. You will ruin it. It is not designed for it. Common mistakes sunday mechanics make.
  10. What search service do you guys normally use? autotrader?
  11. Very nice looking car. Was this from exo presteige?
  12. Where is this number? I can see on mine a few numbers etched. I can see 6 digit code 536560. If it is this one then I just bought a 2015 battery from ECP... Just above that I see C5C758942 Just next to it I see 1725 Near -ve terminal I see FC6J
  13. Got the Bosch battery. Looks ugly but if it does the job :) When I got it the voltage across was 12.64. I am charging it now. Anyone figured out how to find out its age?
  14. I had used 5.1 last time. And bought 5.1 just now, again.... Should have kept it at 3.. Last year I checked air filter it looked clean so wondered why anyone would change it if it never gets dirty.
  15. How often do you guys change brake oil? Last I changed maybe was nearing 2 years ago with Page dot 5.1. Is it time now? Also what about air filter?