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  1. People make mistakes. And you have a courtesy car... Should have taken picture so the garage could take action and atleast you have evidence to complain to them. A good workshop head would act on your complaint and someone would get fired. But need evidence. Not saying I am favoring their side but some patience and good action was lacking on your side. Did it right and these small matter would not bother you and you would get what you expected. Life advise... after learning the hard way recently.
  2. When can one know to replace shoes? And if I am there anyway, should I not just replace them?
  3. Thanks all. I will try to do it. Where can I get he bolt for removing the disc? Two questions: 1. If I tighten it, will that not cause more wear to brake cable and snap it? 2. Why did this happen if it is not due to wear? Thanks.
  4. I just noticed that parking brake is not effective. I have to press it down far to make it work. Is it time for new brake shoes?
  5. Until the damn oil shows on the damn dipstick. Piece of crap dipstick it is. Would you swear by 6.3L? Or swear by proof? I had to make a call and I made it.
  6. I wasn't comfortable with 6.3L after injecting 100ml at a time I reached 6.7L. Took ages. I will check oil level again on tesco parking as that is supposed to be flat like a pancake.
  7. I filled in about 6.7 liters and I think I can see oil half way now.
  8. No question filter is always done. So it is 6.3?
  9. Wish I had done the block though :)
  10. Thanks. I didn' do the block. I will do it next year or simply drain it from radiator. It is easy job anyway.
  11. jackcramerr


    I hope these pictures help someone in future. I forgot to take pictures when jacked up from rear.
  12. jackcramerr


    Yes place them to the front of the hole. And be careful of the hole.
  13. Also, no need to remove any covers. There is a hole lined up through the cover for the drain plug. And one can easily get access to plug from top so no need to jack it up. Just do not completely remove the plug or the thermostate cap. Else the coolant will go everywhere. What a good design it is.
  14. I filled in today 6 liters but I cannot read the dipstick. So how many liters should I go with? I drove with the 6 liters thinking maybe it shows clearly after a drive but it just smears the oil and is not clear on dipstick.
  15. I could get out only 3 liters of coolant