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  1. Thanks for replies. I have always used halfords premium stuff berry scent -10c. Weather low side is -5 and on motor way dash says -1 outside. Topped it up recently. I will try -20C. Seems as if the jets freeze. Or motor is weak. Not sure yet.
  2. Is250. Wiper washer stops working on motorway. I think it is due to cold weather. Very hard to drive. Anyone else experienced this?
  3. Are they US based? How long for part to arrive? Did you have to pay any import customs or vat?
  4. The more I am reading and watching the expensive I think fix is. Does anyone know if dryer is part of the condensor?
  5. Royo: A denies the incident. B has 3 witnesses. One of which subimtted statement. B does not know name of the driver and paid for the service to find abour insurance. Nemesis No protection Is200 Police informed and took statement Three witness submitted their statement Doog Can't disclose much just now but B was verbally informed. Insurance of B said the ultimate outcome is that they will not get invloved and we need to chase up ourselves. There is plenty more info but I cannot share it. Shared only with one member.
  6. I am reading that you need to first flush the system so that means you need to extract the exisiting gas. That is your problem before you fit new compressor. How will you achive this step? And also reading dryer must be changed with new compressor.
  7. Nemesis That means to loose no claims and pay excess. Royo Police informed. Insurance of A says they do not care about police and in their eyes no offense comitted.