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  1. No difference in mpg or performance on IS250 for me when using momentum for 6 months. Switched to cheapest now.
  2. Yeah it is auto gearbox. Almost feels like noise from gear box. But I am hoping it is just noise is resonating from it.
  3. IS250 seeing intermittent noise issue. When cold everything is fine. When it warms up I can hear loud noise and vibration through transmission and steering wheel and body of the car. Does not happen when cold. Can only notice it in low gears when going up hill or moving from stationary. Feels like coming from left side. Almost like a blown up exhaust. What so you guys think?
  4. Is this for IS250? Is there a Toyota PN? Does it have date of manufacture or expiry date? Thanks.
  5. Thought I will share my experience. I tried compound, polish and wax one of the headlight and it made a big improvement and then compared it with new. The new one is much better because the old one has yellowed from inside. So one side looks different than the other.
  6. That's with any OE part vs NON OE. I don't think it is wise to use non OE oil filter etc as well.
  7. Yes you are correct scudney. That's what I have been doing and it gives an even wear. It is an effort to do it but I do it at every oil change.
  8. Can't upload picture. Manual says one can rate 18inch tyres on same axle.
  9. I have 225 in front and 255 in rear. One are directional. So the osf goes to nsf. And ofr goes to nsr. Read the manual. If it is non directional then it can be done. Does not have to be the same size. In fact Lexus recommends it to be done.
  10. NEXEN is not a good brand. Anyway, inner wear is normal I think on IS250. John here said once 'adjust tyre pressure by looking at the wear'. I also rotate tyres at every service. I have been using Bridgestone. 40k miles on each set I have pulled with even wear. They cost a lot but been told by a person who works at tyre manufacturing company that there is a massive difference between cheap and expensive tyres.
  11. So they came back and said it isn't track rod. It is ball joint that holds the hub and they replaced the cover only. Charged near 80 pounds for it.
  12. Just one. Said that the cover for the trackrod joint is damaged so it is mot fail.
  13. Is250 failed mot. Halfrauds. Need advise. Should they replace one end or should I ask them to do both? They are charging 130 for the track rod.
  14. Go with SE-L trim. It is much reliable than 525. Mark L audio is a must. Once you get a feel of Auto you will never think of manual and start to preach auto. SE-L has leather seats heated and cooled. Sun blind in rear, HID auto lights on top of standard features.
  15. Btw I did comparison test with is250. And is250 instead of blowing air out, it sucks it in.