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  1. It is a used car. Sometimes small dealers are better as they are eager to grow so will go that extra mile. Sometimes the big dealers are good but their tag justifies it. One never knows. I mean he got the issue months after he had the car... personally I would not bother and get it fixed. Things break. It is just metal that helps you go from a to b. People have unreasonable expectations and the worst part is, they think it is their right. To me it is same as the 'right to claim benefit'. Take some responsibility ffs. In some countries you get zero warranty even on new cars. The saying goes, there is no gurantee for human life and this is a machine bound to break. Just mentioning the other extreme. The OP is not even interested so I do not see any point in discussing this.
  2. No I didn't wanted to be funny or make fun. Approved means nothing. You just get a nice sittinf area and cheap coffee. Hot office assistant to keep you happy. It either has warranty or doesn't. And if does have, does it cover battery. It is black and white. If they cover every part then prepared to pay a lot more. I don't think anyone would pay that much considering they can get a new car for the price. It is a used car you are buying not new. Imagine yourself in their boots. What would you do? Probably they make at most 500 pounds in the sale excluding tax and overheads. Be rational please.
  3. Why should they? Next will be to replace suspenion as it is a 10 year old car. ... then engine... where will it stop. Battery is lile brakes, wear and tear. It worked when he took off. Broke for all they know or make excuse of leaving the lights on for days and battery died.
  4. Warranty should not cover battery. Nor it is part of mot. Let us know what dealer says.
  5. jackcramerr

    IS250 SE - Help with Exhaust upgrade.

    Instead look into F Sport intake mod.
  6. No. But he can use a uk reg for similar car. A google away. He said -20 to -30. Must be high up in mountains. Best for him would be ask Lexus Romania.
  7. Ce faci Dacian Lexus UK use Castrol Magnetic. Go to Castrol and put car reg in (UK) and it will tell you the exact oil you need.
  8. Any 5.0L Supercharged you got in stock?
  9. Standard ML lacks a sub that makes huge difference if you listen to pop or rock or rap. Folk or country music, don't bother then. Mono audio would be better vs 5.1. I would throw in another one if there was space for added punch.
  10. Toyota carries these parts as well. They are evrrywhere.
  11. Never got anything over 24mpg... Petergordon do you have se-L or low spec SE-I? Wondering if lower spec means thinner tyres, less weight etc makes a difference.
  12. How does buying on company help?
  13. Why would they want to take a hit for depreciation 🙂 I guess a person who cannot buy the car on cash will never buy back the car after 3 years. It is scarey how people are comfortable with 690 a month i.e. they agree to have a liability. What happes after 3 years? Do they look at scratches or dings? Tyres etc? Repaint due to scuff/ minor accident repair by insurance? Do they account for that or is it just hand in the keys and walk away?
  14. Many people are leasing and have car on finance etc. Leasing is NOT owning. I think leasing has driven this depreciation. Plus people wanting new reg. Always go for a 3 year old car. I am certainly not impressed by IS300h. IS250 must have been impressive in its time. It looks more posh inside.
  15. Yes. W204 would compare. But I have had is300h for a day... I didn't buy that one when I drove c350 for a day.