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  1. Using air con or not using it might not have affect. They seem to die on is250 at 10 years age. Happened to me and I have posted about it. Thanks to John, Linas and other members here I was able to put the car back on road when RAC failed to fault find. What you should try is turn the ignition on. Don't start the engine. Toggle ac to on and off a few times then set it to off. Then try starting the car. If that does not work then you need to remove the belt and then start the car. Turn off the ac. Then put belt back on. Ensure ac is set to off and start the car. And off you go. Remember removing belt means no water pump etc so only do it for few seconds.
  2. My concern exactly that. Skim then and yet they do not improve by much. So cost of buying new disc to eliminate a possible reason seems more logical. I read somewhere that brembo from ECP are not that great. Hence I stick to OE.
  3. Is skimming cheaper than buying new disc?
  4. To put car on jack stands, you need to raise the axle i.e. both tyre need to be lifted at the same time then stands placed on each side. If you think about points I have raised, it will all start to make sense. Car manufacturers go through a great deal of testing for jack points as simple as it may sound.
  5. PRT68 it is not safe. Ask the trolley jack manufacturer if they have such a puck that works with their product. Other than that people even use all kind of methods and they work. But why buy the pucks when you do not need them? There are trolley jack points for the car. Why use points that are not intended for using trolley jack. This is all so wrong on so many levels.
  6. I have those as well. I would not recommend it. If you have half decent trolley that came with a manual, it will say not to put anything in between. Also my understanding is that a trolley jack moves forwards and backwards when lifted up or down. So it had to slide under from front or back of the car not side ways.
  7. James very well observed. Many use the pinch weld for trolley jack, that is wrong. Some say 'i don't care if pinch weld bends' ... they will care if the car falls... very dangerous and wrong. Pinch welds are only for use with factory jack. There are designated points for trolley jack. Raising rear is via differential box. Front has spot as well. I posted in a forum with pictures here.
  8. Idea of hammer is to create vibration. Hard blows will not do anything. 2 or 3 hours includes breaks and assessment and I said that so that you are prepared for some work.
  9. It is easy but takes time. Take the caliper out. Dip it overnight in wd40 pool. Then use a small hammer and tap it for 2 or 3 hours. It will give in. No heat or big hammer required.
  10. And if it were a diesel you would have paid 300 pounds for the 10 years. So you would have 4579 yo buy another Lexus!!! Confirmed from another VW driver with 09 plate. They pay 30 pounds a year.
  11. Tax used to be 295, then they made it 305 and now 325. While a friend has a 58 plate BMW diesel and pays 30 pounds. So lung cancer machine wins.
  12. Tax on is250 increased again.. is it worth keeping is250 when modern car are 30 pound tax or zero tax in the case of hybrid.
  13. Not sure why but yeah, if there is no rear section back pressure, the lower end torque becomes poor. Also there is more drone noise at lower rpm. So is there an exhaust that will be quiet at low rpm but noiser at higher? And not change the lower end torque?
  14. Private sale, nothing much you can do. I am afriad nothing will fix a mechanical fault. Your money will go down the drain. But try it and let us know of the outcome. What made you buy diesel, just wondering? Is it lower tax?