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  1. Hi guys. How better is is300h compared to is250? I am looking at a is300h. 80k miles. Is that a lot for it? Has full history. How much would be a good price for it? It is a 2013. Also what to look for? Is250 is fantastic. Does is300h remain in par with is250? Is it better fuel economy and tax? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if we can decode lexus VIN to find its options? Thanks.
  3. Its good they made you aware for free. Upto you how you want to proceed.
  4. Thanks for replies. I have always used halfords premium stuff berry scent -10c. Weather low side is -5 and on motor way dash says -1 outside. Topped it up recently. I will try -20C. Seems as if the jets freeze. Or motor is weak. Not sure yet.
  5. Is250. Wiper washer stops working on motorway. I think it is due to cold weather. Very hard to drive. Anyone else experienced this?
  6. Are they US based? How long for part to arrive? Did you have to pay any import customs or vat?
  7. The more I am reading and watching the expensive I think fix is. Does anyone know if dryer is part of the condensor?