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  1. I got 45mpg in London with C350e Petrol Hybrid. Didn't charge it. If I plan it i.e. charge it, I do not fill for months. Mercedes say 135mpg but that is not real. But if I do charge and use engine I hit 90mpg easily. If I go to work and back in London and make sure it is charged, well... the petrol engine never kicks in. I did my math, keeping the is250 costs me more then depreciation of c350e. You get perks of owning a new luxury car and a more kitted car. No tax, low insurance, no mot for a while, no congestion fee, free parking for few hours, faster car... Bad side for me is, I do not think I can do DIY on a Merc. Star/torx screw everywhere... I am sure there will be special screws when I get to real stuff. Sell my soul to get it fixed if it breaks? Unless under warranty. I get max 22mpg from is250. 305 tax. Congestion charges, pay parking if I have to. Old noisy car as compared. I don't know how good is IS300h but I am sure it will be better than is250. Why did Lexus not go plugin hybrid? What am I missing here? Where is Linas to explain it to me 🙂
  2. 10 miles... move to plugin Hybrid. Merc C350e is the best car I can recommend. If running in petrol mode, you get atleast 45mpg. If you keep it charged, well... double that. Lexus should jump into Plugin. Sorry for hi jack.
  3. A more powerful pump is needed. But having said that, jacking up for just oil drain doesn't make sense if the filter access is from the top. I didn't need to change clothes for the job. All nice and clean with low risk of spill. I think this is the future.
  4. Tried out an electric oil extractor on non lexus car. Does the job. 50 mins to extract oil.
  5. Thanks Linas. I guess that is all I wanted to know.
  6. Btw these cases I am presenting are real ones. Not made up. If you guys have simple clean way of doing things, does not mean everyone does the same.
  7. Doubt any 60k pound car will not have finance on it. I agree, cannot buy it unless all clear. The advise I was seeking for is to define ownership in this case. How about this one, John got the car on finance for her mother. John is on v5c. Mom drives it. Mom clears the debt. Mom wants to sell the car and she asks her boyfriend to sell the car for her. Who is the owner of the car?
  8. Finance is another subject. Not having a document issued by government to show ownership is another.
  9. Where can I find this statement for that finance that creditor cannot confiscate the car? The car I am looking it is under HP. The creditor still has not cleared (hpi check)it but seller of the car says he has paid for it. I called the creditor but they will not disclose any information or guide me if I am safe to buy this car.
  10. Also right questions does not mean the other side will not lie about it.
  11. Car is different than any other property. Assume this: You go to a club. Find a nice blond lass and take her back home. You spend a night with her awake. Next day you leave for work. Left your car keys, v5c in home. She puts it on ebay and sells the car. What is stopping her from doing that? Now the punter bought the car in good faith. Made the payment. V5c she said is her husbands and he is away but she is owner of the car she claims. Punter drives the car for a week. Boys in blue stop him. Another situation, punter buys car from husband. V5c is on husbands name. Wife comes back home and calls police saying car is stolen as she is owner of car. Husband was just the registered keeper. Daft system. V5c should have been registered keeper and owner of the car. Not just keeper. So any car we buy, a month down the line someone can make a clam. Daft system
  12. There is a bit of ambiguity. How can one know who is owner of the car if v5c is not proof of one? E..g I am buying a car from a private seller, and there is no way of knowing if he she is the owener... other than word of mouth. What if I buy the car and next say someone claim his is the owner. Or I get into crossfire of wife and husband...
  13. Any recommendation for which pump to buy?
  14. All garages now are using this method but they have more powerful pumps. All jacking up etc adds to time. And I think modern cars have filter access from top.