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  1. My car had both P0017 and P0018 codes for both bank crankshaft sensors. After 7 momths of ownership and 5000 miles later, she packed up om the motorway and switched to hybrid mode until it could go no more. Had the car towed home and later tried starting it again but it felt like it was running on only one bank. Diagnosis showed camshaft sensor bank b was at fault and we duly swapped both sensors on each bank but to no avail. In the end i decided to have Copart collect the car and cut my losses as i was not prepared to have the engine stripped down which would cost me in excess of 2k to diagnose further and fix.
  2. You at least got to your mot time. Mine was due next month but the engine gave way dramatically 2 weeks ago and Copart are picking the car up tomorrow.
  3. I have 5 x chrome wheel inserts that are fastened to the wheels by 2 x 10mm nuts. They usually snap off when they are being removed from wheels for refurbs and they also go bad over time. The items are brand new in their original packed boxes, only opened to make sure they were all correct and new by myself. Picture is off an ebay listing i found, as they are all currently in the loft. I can arrange for pictures if there is any interest. £100 including postage. Located in Blackburn, Lancashire.
  4. Sorry to open this topic up again but if i wanted to get an OEM spec battery, what would i be asking for at motorfactors? I did get one listed for the car but it is too big and it has also caused the error VGRS to pop up.
  5. My 2008 model battery doesnt have a sendor attached to it either and it appears to be fitted from new. Its a Panasonic model.
  6. How much do you want for the rubber mats on their own?
  7. I am interested in the rubber mats only. Where are you located?
  8. I would like to add i have the same issue but coming from the passenger side. Im afraid i will have the same problem trying to diagnose the fault if i take it to any mechanic.
  9. I will check the fuses again as i have already checked them once in the boot. It sounds like everything is connected to one fault but its trying to find the fault that is frustrating. How many fuses are related to each of the items?
  10. I have mentioned elsewhere on the forum of the following issues but thought i would try and diagnose them first myself. Rear foglights are not coming on, rear reverse camera is not working showing a blank dark grey screen and the boot release button on the boot itself is also not working. Bought another camera and tried this but still the same problem. Checked the foglight bulbs and they appear to be in perfect working order. I daren't try and order a boot mechanism for fear of wasting more money and time on something that works perfectly on the remote and from within the drivers side compartment. Has anybody experienced anything similar? Model is 2008 GS450h.
  11. Thank you for that John, luckily the chap hasnt got back to me regarding trying to re do it again.
  12. Well an update to my car is the warning lights for the TPMS have all been successfully turned off without me actually doing anything!!! Honest truth is that I tried to get a Terraclean service done to the car but unfortunately was not able to do it as the car would not run on the engine long enough because it kept switching to electric mode. Probably had something to do with trying to trick the fuel supply by making the engine run on the terraclean machine. As the above had failed, all the warning lights of the world came on including check hybrid!!! To say I was annoyed was an understatement. Luckily the guy who came to do the job had an ipad installed with some software and an obd scanner that read to it. Could have been techstream or something else, I didn't know tbh. He cleared all the warning codes from the car and managed to clear the TPMS warning lights at the same time. They have now been off for a week and have not come on, the car has been driven for 250 miles and still error free, apart from the EML light which was on before as well (basic scanner read both crankshaft sensors). I still await for the arrival of the warning lights so will post again if they do come on. I will be purchasing the techstream and installing it onto my laptop. If the error does come on again, I will follow Britprius's advice on how to replace the batteries. Thank you all for your help so far.
  13. The fog light indicator come on in the dash as a yellow icon but no appearance of light outside. I do need to check the bulbs first and then see if any fuses are out
  14. Would you say it is hard to do as a home mechanic with the aid of a good garage? If only i could have access to the software you guys use and the knowledge to actually use it.
  15. Thank you for that John. I did find the button but unfortunately it hasn't solved my problem as i was still able to open the boot using the button inside the drivers side seating compartment and the button on the remote.