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  1. Hi john. This is something I had not thought about even though I have exactly the same problem. I will get Techstream out, and on the car in the morning to see what I can discover, and report back here. I had considered altering the system to the later setup where operating the stalk gives a set number of flashes without the stalk latching in place. John.
  2. Reza, there are many good manufacturers of batteries, but if you stay with known brands "such as Bosch, Varta, and Exide I do not think you can go wrong. All of these manufacturers do 5 year guarantee versions for very little extra cost. If your car is left standing outside a solar panel charger would help keep the battery charged, and extend it's life. If you do purchase a solar panel make sure it has an output of at leased 20 watts. The cheap small 10 watt panels are a waste of money. John.
  3. It is a misconception that AGM batteries "last longer". The length of time a battery will be able to stand idle is governed by 3 things or possibly even 4 if temperature is configured into the equation. Cold weather has the effect of reducing battery output. (1) the amp/hr capacity of the battery. The higher the better. (2)The quiescent current drawn from the battery. The current draw by the entry, and alarm systems while the car is turned off. (3) the self discharge rate of the battery. This is quite low usually around 1.5% of capacity per month. So an AGM battery of the same amp/hr capacity as a flooded lead acid battery will hold up for the same period of time. AGM batteries however are supposed to stand up better to being discharged without being damaged as much as flooded batteries. AGM batteries are however more easily damaged by being over charged or charged at a higher rate than the maximum specified, and can therefore be damaged by some alternator charging systems that will put 80 to 100 amps into a battery that is partially discharged. This leads to drying out of the cells as the only liquid acid is held like a sponge in the glass mat separators. Flooded batteries have copious quantities of liquid in the cells that can also topped up with distilled water as this is gassed of in high rate or overcharge situations. AGM batteries are considerably more expensive than flooded batteries, and tend not to have the often long guarantee "5 years" that flooded batteries have. Use as high a capacity battery that will fit in the carrier. I replaced my GS450H 70 amp/hr battery with a battery rated at 110 amp/hrs modifying the battery tray. At the end of the day however you can only keep drawing from the well for so long till it becomes empty, and rain is needed to fill it again. John
  4. As member PRT68 (Paul) says above you can get black plastic covers "also chrome" from Wheelfurb and also Ebay for under £5 a set. The size you require is 21 mm. John.
  5. This is a common point for the exhaust to break due to age metal fatigue, and corrosion. It may be possible to have it welded. If the insurance agree to replace it they will possibly only pay a small percentage of the bill claiming betterment. "Making the exhaust better than it was before the accident". John.
  6. I strongly suggest you book an appointment with them as you can imagine they get very busy. For a one day service you would need to be there for 9.00 am and not to expect to leave before 5.00 pm. Although the prices a good being realistic it may not be cost effective traveling up from Kent. John.
  7. Ironic is it not? You mentioning the Reliant Robin, and finding out your nearest branch is at Tamworth the home of Reliant. John.
  8. I can supply addresses, and phone numbers if required by anyone, but Google will bring them up along with a video of the work involved. John.
  9. As said in my post they do guarantee the work for 12 months. The reason only three wheels are shown is that after removing the wheels from the oven they were not happy with the finish of one wheel so the completely redid the work on that wheel, and it was put back in the oven. I paid the grand sum of £156 for the work. £100 plus £20 VAT plus £35 for tyre removal refitting, and balance. Color wise I went for one of there standard colors close to the OEM finish. John.
  10. I removed the plastic wheel spokes, but left the TPMS sensors for them to remove. I did however spray the valve nuts with WD40 a for week or so before, and loosed them before taking in the wheels. I would think Tamworth would be your nearest workshop. John.
  11. I have just had my alloy wheels refinished by a company called "Wheelfurb", and an excellent job they made of them. What is perhaps more remarkable is there prices. Wheels up to, and including 18 inch finished in standard colors with bare rims supplied to them is £100 + VAT for 4 wheels. They will remove, and refit tyres with balance for £35 extra. Turn around is 3 working days, but this can be reduced to one day at extra cost. You can also leave your car with them for the work to be carried out, and they also have some wheels with tyres "depending on size" as loan wheels to keep you on the move. Diamond cut wheels are charged extra for the machining process. The finish is guaranteed for 12 months "excluding diamond cut wheels, and obvious curbing type damage". They have workshops in Dudley, Kidderminster, Wolverhampton, and Tamworth. I have no connection with this company other than having work done on my GS450H wheels shown below. The first picture is the before shot, but this does not rely show how bad the worming, and corrosion was. John.
  12. That sounds bad on behalf of Lexus. Hopefully the problem will be a bad connection on one of the module link copper bars. In Techstream this would show up as both high, and low "depending if on charge or on load" battery block voltages "the voltage of two modules paired", and also high internal resistance on that block. John.
  13. Powerflow is a franchise. They supply exhaust parts for the particular workshop to build exhaust by welding parts together, and as such the quality of work, and price varies at each franchise. John.