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  1. That little pop up post is there so you know where the front corner of the car is in when maneuvering in a tight spot. The top is illuminated at night. John
  2. Just to clarify the situation are you trying to put the nav cd into the multi changer? John.
  3. It is some time required that the supply to the nav unit is removed by pulling a fuse or disconnecting the 12 volt battery. for a few minutes. Then reconnect and entre the disc. John.
  4. I also had problems with "Oponeo". I ordered a set of four tyres of a specific make, and type. The tyres were delivered to National tyres, and I went along to have them fitted. After a while the fitter ask me to look at something on the car with three tyrs fitted, and working on the fourth. At that point I saw that the wrong tyres were fitted. National tyres contacted Oponeo pointing out the wrong delivery, and that the tyres sent were not acceptable. The outcome was that National tyres had the tyres I wanted in stock, and Oponeo agreed to pay for them. Refiitting my original tyres was not an option as I had a puncture on the way to national tyres repaired with a can of tyre goo. John.
  5. You may not notice any "bounce" when pressing on the rear of the car as the springs are quite stiff, and non compliant with the weight of one person. Keep us informed as to the outcome of any diagnosis. Aldi are selling Bosh wiper blades at £5 each in all sizes, and take 2 minutes to fit. John.
  6. If the shock absorbers have lost there oil you will get this "floating" effect, but this is also followed with a crashing of the suspension on potholes, and bumps. If the oil leaked away some time ago there will be little or no trace of a leak as the oil is very thin. I do not know the cost of shocks on your model, but the gen3 GS450H are expensive at circa £300 each plus fitting. John.
  7. Britprius

    Flat battery - surprising

    With hybrid cars the engine does not have to be running for the 12 volt battery to be on charge. All that is required is that it is in ready mode. The hybrids do not have an alternator because at any given time the engine may not be running to drive an alternator. The 12 volt battery is charge via a step down DC to DC invertor from the high voltage traction battery. John.
  8. Britprius

    Engine failure

    There are a number of GS450H complete engines on Ebay for circa £1400, and I dare say this price would be negotiable. It would make more sense to fit one of these as I imagine fitted would come close to £2000. John.
  9. Britprius

    exhaust sensor

    The sensor should have some wires going into it so it will need replacing. It is used for monitoring the exhaust gas so the the engine ECU can adjust the amount of fuel injected to make the engine run as cleanly as possible. It is very likely that the engine light will come on. I believe the sensor is about £70 plus fitting. John.
  10. Britprius

    Batery Levels

    Even when the bar graph shows fully charged the battery is only 80% charged, and when no bars are showing the battery still has 40% of it's charge left. Using this small percentage of the batteries capacity increases the number of charge cycles "the number of time the battery can be charged, and discharged" for NiMh normally about 1,000 cycles increased to many 10s of thousands of cycles. The shallower the cycle the greater the number of cycles that can be atchieved. John.
  11. As others have already stated you do not need the car in EV mode. However it is important that the car when put into ready mode it is not in neutral. The engine cannot start in neutral, and therefore cannot recharge the HV battery that in turn will not be able to charge the 12 volt battery if the HV battery becomes discharged. It then becomes impossible to start the car. It can start in any gear, and park, but obviously it would be dangerous to leave it in gear. John
  12. Britprius

    Brake and calliper help for a newbie in NW London

    I cannot really advise on weather it is safe for your wife to continue to drive the car as I have not seen the condition of the brakes for myself. However I would say that if the brakes were in a dangerous condition Lexus would have failed in there duty by releasing the car for use as such. Ware of the discs is normal as with the pads. The seizure of the rear caliper slide pins generally produces uneven ware on the rear brake pads. John.
  13. Britprius

    Brake and calliper help for a newbie in NW London

    The front brake discs "the one's listed as in need of replacement" are usually vented. You can usually see this through the front wheels as a shiny disc with a rusty edge. If the edge has slotted holes in it then they are vented. The parts needed from your list would be circa £225 plus fitting, and I would expect to pay in the area I live about £100 at the most for fitting. This may be more in London. John
  14. Britprius

    Brake and calliper help for a newbie in NW London

    Any garage can do this. It does not have to be a Toyota/Lexus specialist. There is nothing out of the ordinary in the Lexus braking system, and it would be considered a simple DIY job by the home mechanic with basic tools. John
  15. Britprius

    Brake and calliper help for a newbie in NW London

    The pads come as an axle set so you only need one set at £50-99 for the front and one set for the rear at £57-99. The discs usually come as a pair (2). A pair for the front, and a pair for the rear. The seized calipers is common on the Toyota Lexus range of cars, and this is not the seizure of the caliper piston, but the caliper pins which can usually be freed, cleaned, and greased without replacement. John