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  1. Britprius

    GS450H rear tyre wear - inside edge

    That OS looks rely rusty. To your knowledge has the car spent much time near the coast in salty air? or is it just the salt used in the winter that perhaps has caused this? Please let us know if the car feels any different after the tracking has been corrected. John.
  2. Britprius


    Correct, but not by Toyota. A lithium battery is used in the 7 seat Prius the non plug in version. So Toyota are obviously looking at changing battery chemistry, but are not in a hurry to ditch NiMH John.
  3. The usual method of stripping the mirror is to tilt the mirror upwards as far as it will go. Then lifting the bottom edge of the mirror glass with as many fingers as you can firmly pull the glass from it's clips at the bottom, and then unhooking the top clips. The rest is then a matter of undoing the self tapping screws now visible. It will help to release the glass if you blow warm air from a hair dryer behind the mirror glass to soften the plastic making the clips easier to release. John.
  4. Sometimes the washer jets can become blocked. The best way to unblock them is to remove the hoses from the underside of the bonnet, and reverse flush the jets removing them completely if required. Also check the supply hose is not kinked or flattened along it's rout especially where it is clipped to the bonnet hinge. Both operations will require the removal of the bonnet sound deadening mat. For the petrol smell I have put a suggestion on your first post. John.
  5. Britprius

    Hi all, first Lexus & my first post

    Phil have all the recalls been done? as there is one for a possible petrol leak. A phone call to your nearest dealer will give conformation. John.
  6. Britprius

    Hi all, first Lexus & my first post

    Try hybrid mode without sport mode. This keeps most of the getup and go without hardening the ride. John.
  7. Britprius

    GS450H rear tyre wear - inside edge

    Nice to see a grease point on the ball joint. I know these were got rid of many years ago, but I still prefer the ability to add grease when I wish. All the ball joints on my car were treated to fresh grease via a hypodermic needle through the rubber boots shortly after acquiring the car. The tiny holes in the boot were then sealed with a dab of supper glue. John.
  8. Britprius

    Hi all, first Lexus & my first post

    Welcome to LOC Phil. There is plenty of good information here, and a friendly bunch of contributors. A good looking car much like my 2007, and as you know by now plenty of performance with exceptional economy for such a large car. John.
  9. Britprius

    Complete exhaust system SC430

    You say your leak is at the manifold point. Can you be more specific? A common problem with the exhaust with the 4.3 ltr engine is severe rusting of the manifold cat flange where it joins the rest of the exhaust. A good exhaust specialist can replace these at very reasonable cost if this is the problem. John.
  10. Britprius

    Power Steering Failure - Adjusting Belt

    I agree with Paul above. The adjustment bolt is the one above your hand in the last picture. Adjusting will bring back the power steering, but the belt could part at any time. The missing belt is for the AC. John.
  11. You may or may not be interested, but have a look at my post in this section "Fitting a larger battery 12 volt battery". John.
  12. Leave the car in the off position. Be aware "as I am sure you are" that the positive lead will still be live if you are using a battery maintainer. So make sure you do not accidentally ground it. I suggest using a plastic bag taped over it while the batteries are changed over. When removing the old battery disconnect the negative terminal first, and when re connecting connect the negative last. John.
  13. If buying from Lexus do check out the guarantee before committing yourself. You may find they only give a one year guarantee the standard replacement parts period. Many have found things like shock absorbers "particularly for the GS450H" are expensive at circa £300, but have failed in the second year of use. Lexus refuse to replace even at very low millage. John.
  14. Britprius

    GS450H rear tyre wear - inside edge

    Lee it is amazing how tight some of the suspension bolts can be as you no doubt found when undoing the lower shock mounts, and hub bolts. I guarantee once you have purchased the new cam bolts you will not need them. Although if you did not buy them the old ones would have certainly broke off leaving you stranded. John.
  15. Britprius

    GS450H rear tyre wear - inside edge

    The pressure you give is for driving above 132 mph, and I find gives a very harsh ride. For speeds up to 100 mph the recommended pressures are 35 psi front and rear for a 2007 GS450H. I tend to run the rears at 32 psi to give a better ride unless I know I am going to be carrying rear passengers for some distance "very rare I have rear seat passengers". My tyres ware very evenly without showing any excess shoulder ware. When I am towing my caravan I run the rears at 37 psi. John.