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  1. The sensor shaft can easily be repaired by epoxying a piece of metal tubing over the broken pieces. Free of the seized ball joints at either end before doing this. You cannot buy the shaft on it's own it only comes as a complete assembly at wallet ectomy prices. John.
  2. Be aware this chart is for flooded lead acid batteries. AGM batteries will have slightly higher figures with a fully charged good condition battery having a voltage of 14.2 to 14.4 depending on the manufacturer. This is why not all battery chargers are suitable to "fully" charge AGM batteries. John.
  3. Make sure you buy the version of Techstream software with the adapter that is suitable for 64 bit W10. The WXP version is for 32bit, and is difficult to setup the drivers on 64bit machines. John.
  4. Phil there is also a strong movement in the US to make it compulsory for manufacturers to give the ability to customers to repair there own vehicles. This rely started in the farming community to enable farmers to repair there equipment. Action being taken to name but one company "John Deer" in a number of states. Imagine the scenario where a large combine harvester fails in the middle of harvesting. In the US the dealer could easily be 200 miles away. The machine would need to be loaded on a low loader in the middle of a thousand acre field, and transported to the dealer, repaired and re
  5. Hi Cesario, welcome to LOC. I cannot help you with help on an independent Lexus repairer in your area, but I can give information on the pump. By far the most common problem with the pump is bearing failure in the drive motor. The bearings are readily available at bearing supply companies, and can be found on Ebay if you type in the bearing numbers that I will list at the end of this post. The bearings cost less than £2 for each, and there is a tutorial here on LOC on how to fit them. Any resonable workshop should be able to remove, and refit the pump held on by 4 bolts. I will try to
  6. I should also have added the mower battery is also suitable for jump starting the Lexus hybrid if the need arises. Keeping the mower battery charged on a regular basis will keep it in good condition while not being used, and give you in effect a starter pack for your cars in an emergency. John.
  7. The lawn mower battery is an ideal candidate for jump starting the Jazz. John.
  8. When I did this my quote was over £1200 when my typical renewal is under £200. There are at leased 40 companies that will insure me for under £350. John.
  9. Insurance premiums are always going to be a hot topic. I am also with Saga, and although not the cheapest the premium I pay is very competitive. As already mentioned though an important point with insurance is how you are treated if you make a claim. I was with Churchill, and had to make a no fault claim. I had written proof of the other parties liability. It took 2 years to settle the claim, and a further 3 years to get my excess refunded after countless phone calls, and emails to Churchill being bounced around various departments with calls never being returned. When I made a no fa
  10. It is possible the car "may" still pass the MOT on emissions with 2 of the cats removed, but under MOT regulations it would still fail due to original manufacturers emissions control equipment being removed. John.
  11. Someone has to pay for the coffee, and biscuits along with the large glass showroom. You also pay for the service writer behind the counter, the spares counter guy, the mechanic that fits the battery, and the guy washing of the car after the work is carried out. These are just some of the benefits of using the dealer for simple replacement work. John.
  12. A bit late answering this, but the UK GS450H gen3 comes with a LSD as standard equipment. I do not know if the EU or US versions also have this feature. It is a Torsen type that does not use friction discs.This may be different in other countries. John.
  13. When choosing tyres for the CT it is important that you choose a low rolling resistance type. Failure to do this can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption. In general going to tyres with a lower wall height "larger wheel size" decreases the mpg of the car. Going from 15" to 17" wheels can, and does reduce mpg by 5 mpg. Handling will improve with larger wheels, but the ride comfort will suffer. John.
  14. I am not sure on this, but it may be the transmission is fitted with an electrically driven oil pump as with the GS450H. This can be heard when the car is in ready mode with the engine not running. As already pointed out by other replies the use of neutral should be avoided in all Toyota/Lexus hybrids. Holding the car with the brakes in gear does no harm, and in fact saves any energy produced by the engine while it is running, and stores it in the battery for later use. The engine will continue to run if you have the heater turned on to enable cabin heating. In a normal car the mechanical en
  15. As member "Herbie" above says hybrids are exempt from the emissions test of the MOT, and cannot be failed on this. They can be failed if it is obvious that parts relating to emissions have been removed or the engine light is on or does not come on,and go out when the car is first started. John.
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