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  1. Lynton, and Lynmouth railway has been using this principle for 100 years but using water instead of rock. Whats more the water loads itself into the carriages without using any fuel. John.
  2. Only if you bring down 65 tons of rock, and how much fuel would you need to load it? John.
  3. Yes. When the "Y" piece started to crack due to metal fatigue, and the rear silencers rusted through on the top where it cannot be seen I got exhaust fumes in the car. This disappeared when I made and fitted a new rear section exhaust. From what I understand the pipework to the rear of the centre resonator box is also prone to rust, and leakage of exhaust gasses as are the engine to exhaust flanges at the front of the system. It is difficult to be more precise, but 12 years seems to be the life span of the exhaust. Although made of stainless steel it is low grade stainless, and does rust. John.
  4. Incorrect using the paddles to give an effective lower ratio increases regen by speeding up MG1. In doing so producing more current for the battery, and slowing the vehicle. Braking has much the same effect unless the braking is sufficient to operate the friction brakes that does waste energy. John.
  5. I have noticed a similar thing with my GS450H, but I have found this happens if i have set the cruise speed at say 30 mph. If I then accelerate to a higher speed and then remove my foot from the accelerator pedal the car will coast for a short distance then decelerate strongly with lots of regen. John.
  6. If the smell is coming into the cabin it suggests a leak in the exhaust system. John.
  7. I know at first this may sound crazy, but have you checked the oil level in the engine. The Prius is known under certain circumstances to use engine oil. If the owner does not check the oil on a regular basis it is possible for the engine to run out of oil, and seize. This then gives rise to the symptoms you have or have had. A rumbling engine, and then an engine that will not crank. In this situation the engine will need replacing Because the engine will not turn the hybrid battery becomes discharged trying to turn the engine. This in turn stops charging the 12 volt battery discharging it. There will be no hybrid codes in theory because the hybrid system does still work. Although there may be codes that the reader being used is not Toyota compatible. Under normal conditions there would be codes for an under voltage hybrid battery along with engine did not start codes. There would also be other codes that I will not go into. John.
  8. All gasses expand at the same rate for a given temperature rise. See Boils Law. John.
  9. My understanding is you cannot put a new plate on an older car or a plate that is later than the cars first reg date. So if it was a 19 plate reg the car must be this years. John.
  10. There is no light behind though's strips they are just reflectors. They can be removed by baking the headlamps in an oven, but this seems a lot of work just to remove them. John.
  11. It's the bulb that is orange not the headlamp. You can convert to orange LED that will not show until it is lit. Alternatively you can convert to orange LED with white DRL LED's John.
  12. My experience with Toyota dealers and wheel alignment check is that it is only a check. Adjustment was £50 extra on top of the £39. This is typical pricing on there servicing as well. When an item is marked check on the service sheet any adjustment or replacement required of parts is extra for parts perhaps understandable , but extra labor is charged as well over, and above the service charge. John.
  13. This is partly true, but also over time the percentage of nitrogen in the tyres will increase as the oxygen is lost and then replaced with 80% nitrogen from the compressor. For normal motoring use this is just a money making scheme. John.
  14. The container with the black cap at the bottom left of your picture is the engine coolant reservoir. Have you checked on the recall situation? Do a search on line there is lots of information on these pumps along with pictures, and fitting information. John.
  15. Science maths technical drawing, and metalwork were good for me, but English, and History were way over my head. However we are not all the same a good thing giving us a diversity of skills. It's just a pity that all skills are not treated equally when it comes to pay. I am in no way putting down there skills, but the pay of some football players is just plane crazy. John.