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  1. I also have a GS450H of 2007 vintage with close to 150,000 miles on the clock. I have used up until the last oil change 0W20 oil, but have now gone further, and have changed to 0W16 oil "Petronas". I cannot as yet say what improvement in fuel consumption is as with lockdown I have only covered a little over 100 miles. There was a reasonable fuel saving of around 2 plus mpg going from 5W30 to 0W20 when I first bought the car, and this saving in itself pays for the oil at 10,000 mile oil change interval. According to the information I have looked at the 0W16 oil gives better protection against ware, and even better fuel saving than 0W20 oil. John.
  2. If you read my wording it states The important words here are "to name a few". To write everything down would take the whole page, but strictly speaking the 12 volt battery does not start the engine. This is done by the high voltage battery, and MG1 in the transmission used as a starter motor. The 12 volt battery would not last long with the continued starting, and stopping of the engine in normal use. John.
  3. The normal 12 volt battery in the boot runs all the normal car 12 volt systems "lights, radio, windows, heater fan to name a few". If it is in good condition it should be capable of enabling the car "go to ready mode" to start up to about 4 weeks. The 12 volt battery is not used to turn the engine over as in a normal car. The hybrids do not have a 12 volt starter motor or a 12 volt alternator. The lithium battery is not there to use as a method of driving without the engine. Doing this reduces fuel consumption as the engine then needs to run to recharge it as well as power the car. The idea is to keep it charged from energy that would normally be wasted by braking, and turning the energy into heat in the discs. When braking the energy is turned into electricity, and that is used to charge the battery. Also some energy is regained when you take your foot off the accelerator. The engine stops, and the overrun produces some energy. In a normal car this energy would be wasted by pushing the engine round. This energy is then used to assist the engine reducing fuel consumption. It is also used to start the car once ready mode is enabled buy the 12 volt battery. John.
  4. The aim of my post was to show how the startup rattle can be removed along with reducing engine startup ware without going to much expense. In fact the system I built cost less than £20. A little thought could probably reduce this further. The system could also prevent complete engine destruction if in the case scenario of the cam sprocket bolts coming adrift or the timing chain breaking. John.
  5. You could have your caliper rebuilt, and save considerably. Try contacting "Big Red" at Worcester. John.
  6. You can buy the same sort of product from Aldi for about £1.50. The big problem with using this type of product is that it will often also prevent the TPMS sensor from working ever again. This will add considerably to the tyre repair bill. John.
  7. On all Toyota/Lexus hybrid cars there is an electric pump that runs to pump hot coolant from the engine to the heater matrix when the engine is not running, and is in ready mode. This is there to both improve heat output, and to save fuel by not requiring the engine to run just to pump coolant. John.
  8. It perhaps should be noted that a discharge level of 50% is considered a deep discharge, and any thing above that level of discharge is likely to cause damage to the battery. Also AGM batteries have a slightly higher cell voltage compared to flooded batteries of around 0.1 volts increasing the fully charged 12 volt battery voltage to 14.2 plus volts. John.
  9. In theory a 25 watt panel will give out a little under 2 amps in ideal conditions, but unless you keep moving the panel to face the sun "very impractical" the average output over 24 hours is likely to be about 500 ma. This is enough to maintain a battery of between 40, and 90 amp hours safely while still under some load from the cars systems without the risk of any damage. As the capacity of the battery gets smaller say 12 amp hours typical of motorbike batteries there is a "slight" risk of over charging. The reason is that all lead acid batteries of whatever type have a self discharge rate given as a percentage of capacity. As the battery gets bigger in capacity the number of amps discharged in an hour increases. The percentage remains the same against it's capacity. Large batteries such as those used in forklift trucks can have a discharge rate of many amps. Charging at even 2 amps continuously the battery will still end up after a period discharged. This is why battery chargers invariably have a battery capacity limit in the instructions. A 4 amp charger will tyipically be listed as suitable for up to around 100 AH capacity batteries, and often there will be a setting for small capacity motorbike batteries. Charge dumping circuits are used extensively in off grid solar panel installations. This is because the output of multi panel systems can output many amps, and charge a bank of batteries. If the batteries are not sufficiently discharged to be able to take the output of the panels over a period unless the charge current is dumped in some way the batteries would be damaged. John.
  10. Not that I am aware of. It is done by using Toyota Techstream or other such program. John.
  11. Have you done a zero point calibration on the steering? If not this can cause pulling to one side. The electric power steering needs to know where the strait ahead position is. If it thinks it is other than this it will power the steering to the position it thinks is strait. If any work is carried out on the steering like resetting the tracking this must be done. John.
  12. Not as yet I am still working on it, but other things keep getting in the way not leased the weather. This week I have had a very large beach tree up routed, and blown over wrecking three apple, and two damson trees at the bottom of my garden. The trees roots were in the side of a 12 foot deep bank down to a stream that forms my boundary. Only having a root system to one side, and in full leaf the wind pulled the roots out of the bank. Pictures to follow. I will keep this post updated with all the details on the distance control. The upside "having just paid for two loads of logs for the winter heating" is I now have enough fuel for at leased six years if not longer. John.
  13. Holding the fob very close to the start button overrides the need for the fob transmitter, and batteries. The transponder in the fob reacting directly with the pickup ring in the start button. Since the problem exists with both fobs the fault is likely to be with the start button pickup or ECU. I think you are going to need Techstream, and a laptop to check out the system, John.
  14. Have you tried holding the fob close to the start button when trying to start the car? John.
  15. Try going to your local tyre dealer, and see if they will loan you an electric impact wrench with suitable socket. That should shift it. John.