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  1. They could not "insist" on fitting a pair of shocks as the MOT only failed the car on one. Obviously the other shock on the other side passed the test. I would say it is advisable to change them as a pair to give even stability on both sides of the vehicle. It comes under the same category as fitting one new tyre on an axle where the other tyre may only have 2mm of tread left as this would still be perfectly legal, and still pass an MOT. John.
  2. Richard you could order a mirror from Ebay that does not mention the dimming aspect. When it arrives if it does not dim you could return it as it does not function as it should OEM, and get your money back through Paypal. John.
  3. Richard I did notice yours was a MK11. My passengers side mirror has the plastic black surround from the glass missing "although the mirror itself is still ok". I am concerned water might get in to the liquid crystal part of the mirror, and damaging it. This surround is not available separately, and as you have found new glasses or parts from breakers do cost £££. John.
  4. I have a GS450H, but it's a 2007 however that has the auto dimming door mirrors. I would think they all came with these OEM, but there are many replacements for sale that use plane glass mirrors. John.
  5. It still surprises me but even in much equipment from today cold cathode tubes are still used. The problem being LED's do not like to be run dimmed over long periods of time. Contrast is adjusted by altering the LCD, but brightness is adjusted by dimming the light source. John.
  6. I cannot help with possible clearance problems, but since all cars made after 2012 must be fitted with TPMS, and will fail the MOT if not working on 2014 on vehicles there should be no problems when fitting TPMS valves to the rims. TPMS valves fit the same size standard hole used for the old style rubber valves. John.
  7. This could be a cracked manifold or split catalytic converter. John.
  8. Geoff. All the Lexus range "and most of the Toyota" adjust the headlamp height automatically. This is done by ride height sensors on both the front, and rear suspension adjusting the headlamps depending on the load being carried. John.
  9. This is caused by the cold cathode tubes used to illuminate the screen getting tired. It is normal for these tubes "a type of florescent tube" to have reduced light output when cold, but they do loose output as they age, and eventually stop working. Be aware the voltage used with these tubes particularly when they are first turned on is high, and can give a nasty shock. John.
  10. If Techstream will not do it nothing will since this is what the dealers use, and is the official Toyota program. John.
  11. My 2007 GS450H is exempt on two counts. Because it is a hybrid, and I have a blue badge. John.
  12. Invariably you will find both the AGM and standard sealed have vent at the end of the battery, and a rubber tube is fitted, and vents to the underside he car. This is true of the Prius, and the CT but not the GS450H. The great majority of modern sealed batteries be they AGM or flooded now use a low pressure relief valve above each cell, and each cell has a catalyst in the top to convert the hydrogen, and oxygen gasses back in to water to alleviate the need for topping up with distilled water. Even the batteries with the old style top up caps have the catalyst in the caps now. Without this both types of battery would dry out very quickly, but particularly the AGM because of it's lack of spare liquid. Both types of battery use exactly the same chemistry for there operation. Gassing will occur if the battery charge rate is to high producing more gas than the catalyst can cope with. Gel batteries will also gas if the charge rate is to high, but this generally destroys the battery as the gas gets stuck in the gel against the plates as it cannot rise through the gel. This reduces the area of the gel in contact with the plates reducing the capacity, and the safe charge rate further. John. John.
  13. As an addition to the above for many years some vehicles have had standard flooded batteries inside the cabin. The VW beetle and mini van, and pickup, the Mercedes MPV, and there must be many more. I do not know where the battery in the GS300H is located. If in the boot or under the bonnet there is no reason to use an AGM. If in the cabin It is up to you to asses any risk for the use of a standard battery. John.
  14. The hybrid 12 volt battery does not need to be of the stop start variety as it does not start the car. When the engine stops in a hybrid while driving the car stays in ready mode, and this in turn means the 12 volt battery is still being charged from the hybrid HV battery via the Dc to DC converter "there being no alternator as this would not work with the engine stationary". When the engine starts it uses the hybrid battery to turn the engine over via one of the motor generators in the transmission "there is no 12 volt starter motor" so the 12 volt battery is not employed. The reason for the more expensive battery in the Prius, and the CT200H is that they use a more expensive AGM battery "absorbed glass mat". This type of battery has no free liquid acid to spill if the battery case get broken in an accident with the battery being in the passenger compartment "although well covered. I do not know the location of the 12 volt battery in the GS300H. If it is in the boot or under the bonnet there is no reason to use an AGM battery. If it is inside the car it must be your choice. In the GS450H the battery is in the boot so the above does not apply, and a normal battery is used. I would not hesitate to use a normal battery in the Prius or CT as I do not consider acid splash is a substantial risk, but this decision must be up to the individual. The is no functional difference between an AGM battery, and a standard flooded battery. John.
  15. John. On the MK3 GS450H with a very slight reversible modification to the rear edge of the battery tray a 110 AH battery can be fitted without any problems. These are available for around £80, and have near double the OEM capacity for no extra cost. See my post from May 2019. Fitting a larger 12 volt battery. John.