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  1. Parking tickets

    I am in exactly the same situation as you, and agree on many occasions I come across vehicles parked in disabled bays without displaying a blue badge. I must admit last year I received a ticket for parking in a disabled bay while displaying a blue badge. My offence was that my badge had expired by 4 days. I had a word with the local council about issuing reminders for renewal of blue badges since they last for three years, and are easy to overlook. I pointed out that even a small increase in price for the badge would be reasonable to cover the small cost involved. They have agreed to look into this. The council also cancelled the parking fine even though I said I would not contest it as it was my responsibility to check the date. John
  2. Jump leads: which size?

    Probably the most important aspect of jump starting your RX400H is that you make sure that reverse polarity connection of the leads is avoided at all costs. The current needed to boot the computers, and run a couple of pumps is minimal compared to none hybrid cars. However reverse connection of the leads even for a fraction of a second can be very costly. It is therefore recommended that leads with polarity protection are used. The current rating is of little or no consequence. Even professional mechanics get this wrong on occasions, and as already has been stated do not use your car to jump another vehicle. John.
  3. disable tmps

    I posted a run through on how to change the batteries with pictures in the GS section. Costs around 50 pence per wheel for the batteries plus a small charge from your local tyre fitter for removing and re fitting the valves. There is no need for re-programming, or balancing the wheels since the tyres are not totally removed from the rims John.
  4. Under normal circumstances I would have said check the drivers door switch. However the fact that the other doors do not operate the interior lights something else is wrong. It would still be a simple matter to check out the drivers door switch though. John.
  5. Thanks Ryaan very helpful. John.
  6. The codes on the passengers door label are:- C/T 1F2/LA03 A/TM A02A/L110 The car was registered January 2007, and is a GS450H. I know 1F2 is the paint code Any help with the seat leather color would be appreciated. John.
  7. The cars system manages the battery level very well. It should be pointed out that the bar graph indicates a level of charge for the battery of between 40% charge at the lowest level "no bars at all" to 80% charged "all green bars". The system will not allow a lower or higher level of charge. At 2 bars and lower they turn pink. The representation of the bars is also not linear. The higher level bars represent a greater % of charge per bar than the lower bars. John.
  8. Not wishing to hijack the thread, but does anyone know if there is a color code or trim code for the "cream" leather in my GS450h? Is it the code next to the paint code on the passenger door label? John.
  9. The level of charge shown on the bar display is perfectly normal at between 5 blue bars, and 6 green. This bar graph has little or nothing to do with the level of charge in the 12 volt battery. The 12 volt battery is charged via an inverter from the high voltage (hybrid) battery, but under normal circumstance has little impact on the level of charge of the hybrid battery. The cold weather will have a substantial impact on your fuel consumption figures as the cold air is more dense than warm air. The car has to be pushed by the engine through that dense air using more fuel, and the engine has to run more to provide heat for the cabin. John.
  10. How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    The method of posting pictures is to drag or choose the files to the bottom area of the box. The thing I find really annoying is when trying to add a picture in a private message. I find this cannot be done unless the picture is already included in a public post. To get round this I start a topic, add pictures without submitting the post. The pictures can then be loaded in a private message. I do not understand the reasoning behind this. John.
  11. TPMS

    Lexus hide the button up among the pedal mechanism not on the plastic dash covers. John
  12. TPMS

    In principle I agree with you, but I doubt your insurance or a court if you took it that far would agree with you. You could also argue a holed rusty sub frame or chassis had nothing to do with an accident, but if it was obvious the car was not road worthy would they still pay out. The MOT is a certificate of road worthiness. If you change something after the test that negates that it does not matter what it is in law the car is not road worthy. My, and your opinion on what is road worthy does not count. In theory it would also class as a modification. John
  13. TPMS

    But could you guarantee you only had an accident with the correct wheels on. Your insurance states you must keep your car in a roadworthy condition, and they would then, argue that it was not as it would not pass the MOT. It is also unlikely that any reputable tyre fitter would fit tyres without the monitors as they could also become liable. John.
  14. Occasional use

    That does help, but the security system is still running. The problem arises as the battery ages it's ability to hold the rated capacity diminishes, and you cannot be sure it is at the fully charged level when you park the car up. Some find they can leave the car parked for 6 weeks without problem while others report 2 weeks as being problematic. The batteries even in new cars do not have a good start in life. The cars are shipped from Japan.They stand in the docks at both ends of the journey, and are started multiple times for short runs being loaded onto the transport to, and from the docks as well as onto the ship. They then stand in the dealers at a low level of charge "this is not good for lead acid batteries" until a buyer comes along and gives it a reasonable run to charge the battery. I had a Prius on witch the CT is based, and managed to find a battery that fitted rated at 65 AH capacity against the OEM 45 AH. Leaving the car for 8 weeks was not a problem. John.
  15. Occasional use

    The only problem would be with the 12 volt battery as this is only a small battery rated at 45 AH (amper hour). If being left for a period of weeks this still has to run the security systems, and the keyless entry system. The 12 volt battery is not used to start the engine. It boots the computers and runs some pumps at start up. If the battery can be left on trickle charge while not in use there should be no problem. An alternative if the car is parked outside is a solar charging panel. John.