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  1. Then it's possible they would pass it on. My service book has all the vehicle details, reg no, vin, and first owners name, and address. John.
  2. Britprius

    2007 Ls460 oil viscousity options

    I am not sure about the 5w30 oil, but the 0w20 oil is only available as a fully synthetic. John
  3. The service book will not be passed on if it has you name and address in it as this now breaches the data protection act. From now on if you buy a SH car the log book will not show the last owners name, and address for the same reason. John.
  4. I could be wrong, but I think your paint code uses a three stage process, a color, a pearl, and a clear cote. They charge circa £10 per aerosol last time I purchased. They will give you all the information you require over the phone. Nothing is to much trouble for them. John.
  5. I would certainly miss the spark plug change. In the Toyota's iridium plugs are inspected at 60K, and changed at 120k miles. Again with Toyota I found the difference between an intermediate service, and a full service was basically just extra checks all of which are carried out in the MOT that you are charged extra for. As you say the servicing cost particularly where only small yearly millage's are concerned do not make sence. To make matters even more complicated does a service history now matter since the dealer does not pass on the service book information due to the data protection act. John.
  6. Britprius

    Vacuuming query

    Seems reasonable. John
  7. Britprius

    Vacuuming query

    Does that mean we get tea, biscuits, a wash, and a courtesy car? John
  8. I always use a company called "R A Romart auto motive" at Lye, Stourbridge, Westmidlands. Tel 01384 891281 They specialise in the refinishing trade products, and mix there paints on the premises putting it into large aerosols with fan spray nozzles if required, and will post the products. Paint matching has always been excellent, and there service is fast. I have nothing to do with this company apart from buying there products over many years. John.
  9. Britprius

    Effects of New Data Protection Legislation

    One of the up sides to the data protection act. Parking companies such as Parking Eye can be made to declare what information they hold on your cars registration "owner, address ect", and they have to respond in 28 days. You can also demand the data held is deleted, how and by when it's deleted and be given a list of any companies the data has been passed on to. If enough people do this it will cause them real problems as they must respond. This means they will now have to pay the DVLA for information every time a registration number crops up they will no longer be able to store it. You should also be able to ask the DVLA under the freedom of information act what information they have passed on, and to who. John.
  10. Britprius

    2007 Ls460 oil viscousity options

    I always use 0w20 oil in my GS450H. I also used it in my previous car a Prius. I have not done a millage comparison in the GS between 0w20 & 5w30, but in the Prius the difference in the fuel consumption I calculated paid for the oil using 0w20 in the 10,000 mile OCI. In theory the savings should be more with the GS even though it holds nearly double the amount of oil to the Prius. John.
  11. The flow rate will be limited by the diameter of the pick up hose "smaller than the dipstick tube", and the viscosity of the oil. If the pump tries to pull hot oil to quickly the pick up tube could collapse shutting off the flow of oil. John
  12. Even if it had a new engine everything else has done 66,000 + miles, and would be illegal to sell claiming 28K miles only. This applies even in a private sale. The original millage that was shown on the clock when the cluster was changed must be disclosed, or the millage should be stated as not verified. So how many miles has it done 94,000 +? John.
  13. Britprius


    Welcome to LOC. This may seem strange but check the towing capacity in the hand book. Some hybrids are zero weighted for towing "notably the Prius, and the CT200H" meaning they cannot tow a trailer in UK/Europe. In turn this means the tow bar manufacturers do not make tow bars for these vehicles. Brackets are available in the US where the regulations do not apply. These are usually made by Thule, and have to be imported for the use you intend, but cannot be used for towing. If your car is rated for towing Lexus will be able to supply a tow bar usually made by Witter or Westfalia, but with a Lexus label, and at a Lexus price tag. Check with one of the online tow bar fitters for availability, and price before asking Lexus as they may price match. John.
  14. Interestingly Nitron do not list anything for Lexus. John.
  15. It is noticeable that on the RCF they use ZF Sachs instead of the usual Toyoa/Lexus KYB shocks. I wonder if this is because of the seeming poor reliability of the KYB units. I would also ask for both to be changed as it is considered bad practice to replace just one across an axle. John.