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  1. I agree it's very much down to where you live, I'm not far from the South Coast and despite having a set of winter wheels and tyres for my daily I haven't put them on for the last three winters. I avoid taking my 'best' car out if it gets really bad.
  2. Do you by any chance know the make of dyno? the reason I ask is that back in the days when my RX7 was being tuned/rebuilt/costing a fortune the guys who did it had a Dyno Dynamics rolling road that they said really underated the power output. Whereas I know many overestimate the power.
  3. About a year (as usual) great fun on track, engine rebuilds are a fact of life but an opportunity to upgrade power. Sorry for the thread hijack Cactus but when I start on about some of the cars I've owned there's no stopping me.
  4. Thanks, loved the RX7 it went like a rocket 385 bhp on twin turbos not a single. The Mini is the colour of old police cars.
  5. I had Tein fitted to my track/road going RX7 years and years ago and never had a problem with them in all the time I had the car. Here are some photos of the Minivan , it's had a re-map, K&N filter conversion, Tein EDFC coilovers, Yellow Racing big brake kit all round and Rota wheels with PS4 tyres and extended arches. When I first bought it the ride was 'entertaining' but a bit tiresome once you didn't want to blast around. As soon as I heard that Tein did an active system suitable for it I bought it straight away and had it fitted. What I like about the system is you can set it around medium then if you get a move on it tightens up nicely. Before Tein it was a local runaround after Tein it was more than comfortable enough for longer journeys.
  6. It's worth every penny of that cost, although mine is installed in my Mini Clubvan I have to say it has been faultless, as you say it's so comprehensive with regards to setting etc. If it is ever available for the RCF it would be essential for pre AVS cars
  7. I'm of the opinion this will suit the USA more than the UK, Looks good though. It's not an F though.
  8. You should have a look at the Tein EDFC coilover system I believe a member here has done it. I've fitted it to my hot Mini Clubvan and it is night and day ride wise.
  9. I posted a brief summary yesterday, as usual may have got the warranty cost wrong though, can't be bothered to change it. Wasn't this the car with no service history?
  10. I'm not surprised, I did a long run and got similar although I use mine mainly for blasting around our local A roads in Sports+ and manual and get about 20
  11. Big Rat (Paul) was/is a member on here who knew of just about every RCF in the country. Since selling his RCF he has not posted much lately. But it's always nice to hear from him.
  12. But remember the dealer probably puts another £500+ on the price of a car for cleaning the inside.
  13. One of my last cars had a 3M film on the bonnet front wings and grill area I understand it was expensive but it really did preserve the car. I've been told the latest clear films are even better considering how soft the RCf paint is I wonder if this might be a good option. Not sure how the film would react to the soft paint though and wonder if the eventual removal of the film might cause problems.