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  1. If I remember correctly I think it is held on the third Sunday of every month so may be worth just earmarking that Sunday.
  2. I'll post up the next one when I get the date but it will be in about 4 weeks time and we meet up at 9.30 although people were still coming along at midday. The landlord Mike ran the Pistonheads Breakfast meeting years ago and this is his new pub, he welcomes all car clubs. There is a good breakfast and coffee and they also do lunch/evening meals. There's room for 30-40 cars and this was the first at Mikes pub so will probably be popular. It's located right in the deep countryside at a place called Soberton Heath.
  3. Our local Pistonheads group meet up for a regular breakfast meeting in Hampshire each month, if anyone fancies coming on down to Soberton Heath do come along I'll post up here when the next one comes up. This month we were at a new venue and as I turned up there parked amongst the cars was a blue GSF. Had a chat to the owner who has quite a few Lexi (Alan Partridge there) so this may be the blue GSF some of us must have seen around Hampshire this one had a number plate ending in GSF.
  4. Did you need to install a new gasket where they meet up? as mine didn't have a gasket fitted so I'm guessing the old gasket stays in shape.
  5. Just bought myself a secondhand Quicksilver exhaust from a chap called John who had an RCF a while ago. So the mods begin, I've ordered a set of Vossen 10 spoke concave wheels in satin bronze so I may have to keep this car at least 14 months.
  6. I was lucky as I had Re-Worx just down the road and Chris and Jeff were considered to be amongst the best rotary engine guys around. Engine re-builds were a fact of life, they were superb cars both on the road and track and mine was a really good example.
  7. Sorry cocked up in the post above, it was supposed to be of my RX7 on track but somehow all of the content was shown. Page 15 shows the car but not the Gtr as it was nearly always out of the picture.
  8. They are fabulous cars, a good friend of mine bought one of the very first UK cars, we both did trackways together and his Gtr always whooped my RX7 despite it have 400 BHP and quite light. But at the end of a years track fun things got a bit expensive for him, due to it being quite a hefty beast he had to replace bushes, arms etc at a cost of over 3K and that was quite a while ago. My smug face was on when all I'd replaced was some front brake pads, of course it could have been worse if I hadn't had the engine re-built just before our year of fun. The later facelift cars (with more BHP) are a real improvement over the older cars, you don't need a stereo because all the transmission sounds that come through the car. But again it's a car you can't relax in believe me I tried for the first half of the test drive and gave up and floored it. http://s713.photobucket.com/user/DavidWiltshire/library/
  9. I've test driven the Gtr when it first came out and thought dynamically it was superb, but when I looked at it, it just appeared to be a rather bling/bad looking Mustang although in black it did hide some of what I considered its ugliness. Fast forward to a couple of years ago with the later model Gtr again dynamically superb/sublime after a few tweaks from the launch model, still couldn't make myself buy one yet again. I know we all have different taste but I just can't bring myself to liking the look of it although this latest incarnation is better.
  10. Bloody spellcheckers it should have read Morphing Just seen this photo of the new GTR and as soon as I saw it I thought I've seen that before somewhere or did I take too many hallucinogens in my youth.
  11. I have run and enjoyed many cars with eye-watering maintenance bills and have just accepted the fact that if you buy a car that was £100-150K new then you still have to accept the sort of bills a car of that type will throw up. In fact the next big service on the twin turbo V12 CL 65 AMG I had before the RCF was going to be near the £3K mark. Apart from the fact I wanted a N/A V8 the RCF turned out be be as cheap as chips to service properly, I was quite amazed at the servicing costs and the cost of a proper Lexus warranty too. Before buying the RCF I did try a special order M3 (in wanting a N/A V8), it had every factory option you could put on it plus it had a factory tested and checked engine and had a certificate to prove it. I really liked it but got the feeling 20 minutes into the test drive that you had to drive it fast all the time. I later discovered some of the potential engine issues so glad in some ways I tried the RCF after the M3, still think they are great cars but I guess you pay your money and take your choice/chance.
  12. The blue GSF I saw was back in October going through the Hindhead tunnel towards Guildford
  13. I'll have to keep an eye out as I'm from Hampshire too, only ever seen one GSF a blue one going through the Handheld tunnel ages ago it seems RCF and GSF are pretty thin on the ground. Didn't realise Beaulieu was coming up, it would be a good place for a general RCF/GSF get together.