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  1. You're probably right, geography was never my strong point.
  2. With the volcano active I was wondering if the member here Las Palmas is okay?
  3. I’ve got my eye on the new Corvette C8 RHD or the new Lotus Emira I’ve decided to keep the RCF until they have both been around a while
  4. Fair enough, I don't envy him or anything like that I just don't like him. No doubt went to private school then. The young guys who work for me are fans of him so I bite my tongue and keep quiet. I most certainly wouldn't not buy a car he was enthusiastic about because I avoid watching his content and wouldn't know. Harry's Garage is more my sort of viewing, but I find this whole influencer thing very superficial and some of them downright cringeworthy. Nice car you have there by the way.
  5. It does look to be a good car at last. I didn't watch the Shmee video I hate him for some reason, he has a face and mannerism that wants punching and looks to me like the sort of chap who got well and truly buggered at private school (if he went to one) but I could be wrong. Him and Dug the Manure or Doug Demuro or whatever he calls himself are on my don't watch list.
  6. For me the RCF is an all time record holder as far as length of ownership is concerned. In the past I have been a serial car changer in most cases I just got bored with them after 12 months and sold them, although my monster twin turbo V12 AMG did stay around for 14 months. I'm coming up for my third year of ownership of my RCF and plan to keep it until either the Corvette C8 RHD or the new Lotus Emira have been around a while, I never buy the first run of a new model car just in case they use me as a Guinea Pig to find the faults. Of all the reviews the one done by Chris Harris on the RCF stuck out and he is someone who's opinion I respect more than most. It's not a track type car and there are many others that can do that task better (although I just went out and bought a proper little light track day car) so in the part of the review where he takes it on the road his comment about it growing on you over time worked for me. I really like the Jekyll and Hyde characteristic of the car it can do smooth and comfortable then at the press of a couple of buttons be a hooligan. I like the later cars 2017 onwards adjustable suspension it is very good indeed.
  7. Mine is a 2017 and that still has the foot operated handbrake, but there was a model update after mine. not that I ever bother to use it, I know you’re supposed to.
  8. If it does need a re-gas check out Groupon. I had one of my vans done for £30 using them the other day. I tend to run my air-con all year it de-mists the car instantly
  9. I agree with you, there have been a lot of reviews of Lexus cars that have had me scratching my head wondering if they are actually describing the car I own. Although Savage Geese do a very well informed review of everything they test and are significantly more intelligent with their content than dim witted presenters doing it for ratings or dramatic effect. I feel an awful lot of these reviews harp on about track performance which seems to appeal to what people seem to believe is important. When I had a desire to go on track I bought a proper little track day car, that way I could go on track as many times as I wanted. It provided decently priced proper insurance cover and if I did have an off it would not ruin my much more expensive pride and joy. Although some cars do both jobs very well the Porsche Boxster I had did road and track very well indeed. On today's roads with unmarked police cars, hand held camera operatives and vans there's not a great deal of scope to exploit the power our cars produce so having a car that can do smooth comfortable cruising then at the press of a couple of buttons turn into a hooligan for those rare moments is something both the LC 500 and the RCF do perfectly well for me at least.
  10. I think you're right about Esso, I read a report a while ago stating the same not sure if it still applies though.
  11. Thanks, it was a bit last minute by her indoors.
  12. I'm afraid I can't make this now due to holiday commitments.
  13. Do you fancy meeting up at some point in the journey from Hampshire?
  14. Sounds good to me, and a pleasant run so count me in.
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