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  1. The long term forecast (I know they haven't got a bl**dy clue) is for a sunny afternoon on the 16th. So despite the lower temperatures and the possibility of a bit of rain on the way up I've got this as a definite and look forward to seeing those who turn up.
  2. B1RMA

    New RCF owner

    Very nice, great choice of colour.
  3. Did that include spark plug replacement then? Mines only had an annual service/10,000 mile service due to only having 5000 miles at the time which was just over £200.
  4. Both the Porsche and the AMG were astronomically higher, the next big service for my AMG would have been in the region of just under £3K mind you on the V12 car there are 24 expensive plugs to replace at this service. Even normal services for both cars always seemed to be £800-£1500 plus per year. It was very refreshing to be told by Lexus Hedge End what the cost of servicing the RCF would be. Knowing this drew me to buying an RCF with every extra I could get knowing that Lexus reliability and reputation for replacing faulty items would give me piece of mind having a complicated car with AVS and TVD. Plus the servicing costs compared to most of my past cars are as 'cheap as chips' good old Lexus I say. Now if they were to make an F version of the LC I don't think I could resist. Meantime my RCF grows on me the more I use it. I know I have said this about every car I've bought at the beginning of ownership but always land up selling it after a year.
  5. Guess I was just lucky then, as I only kept the car long enough for two services. Both times I thought what a smart marketing idea.
  6. Lexus could learn a trick or two from Porsche with this. Whenever my Porsche went in for a service they would always give me a top of the range car, I had a Panamera Turbo, a Macan Turbo as complimentary cars for the day and it did sow a seed of me thinking 'i wouldn't mind one of these'
  7. B1RMA

    New RCF owner

    Look forward to seeing some photos.
  8. I must admit I agree with your approach, I know a chap who is a very well respected detailer locally, he uses a lot of Swissvax products and some of his clients with Lambo's etc have him apply eye wateringly expensive waxes to their cars. He introduced me to the Swissvax Leather Milk, at first I thought nearly £40 for a dinky little bottle of leather cream was plain stupid but you use so little it actually lasts quite some time and the results are superb. I have brought up the subject of films and nano coats several times with him and I've drawn the conclusion like you that provided the preparation work of removing swirls etc is carried out properly first a decent wax applied on a regular basis is my preferred route. Although my last car did have a film on the front and it worked very well and I may still go down that route later. I've won a few awards at car shows for shiniest car (and still have the engraved piston and other bits as proof) and the wax I've been using for the last 10 years is the Pinnacle Souveran wax, when I first bought it it was about £40 for a tub it is now £80+ per tub but still a lot cheaper than a lot of others. It goes on like butter and comes off with a wipe and despite its rather high price does the car at least 5-6 times. Having invested in a DA polisher many years ago I quite enjoy the whole scenario. As I haven't ruined any of my cars yet I'll still stick to the current regime of regular waxing.
  9. I think you have to consider where in the UK you live, down here near the South Coast it rarely gets that cold that you would benefit from the better braking/handling in cold/wet conditions that winter tyres give. Plus there are the gritters, when I first bought my Porsche I loved using it all the time. But one evening I took it along to my Lotus Anoraks gathering and bugger me if I didn't get well and truly showered by a gritter on the way there, I caught it on the way back both times it was on the other side of the road so couldn't avoid it. My new cars bonnet was peppered and after the winter noticed underneath how it had collected in crevices really horrible stuff. So I'm a bit reluctant to use my RCF in the winter if I'm honest.
  10. I'm not a fan of the stuff they put on the roads these days either, far too gritty.
  11. I'm just about to put the winter tyres on my Mini, this got me thinking about whether it's worth putting them on the RCF. These days tyre places charge you £80 a time to change over so each year you fork out £160. So for my Mini I bought a secondhand refurbished set so as I can change straight over with no more additional costs. I've just done a quick couple of figures for the RCF a set of 4 Pirelli Soto-zero 3's will cost £954 from Camskill who are always good on price. If I were to buy a set wheels for the RCF say a set of Bola's for £800 it makes the whole project a bit costly although it will only be a one off cost. I'm sort of tempted to put the RCF away for the winter as our roads do get a bit hectic when the weather really turns, of course living down near the South Coast I only put the winters on for about three months at the most so I'm more tempted to put the car away. Anyone else put winter tyres on their F car?
  12. You're right it was Jennifer Watson who posted on Facebook. Weather permitting I fancy a drive up, it'll be nice to meet up with other owners.
  13. Are they the American couple who have posted on Facebook about coming over from the USA this December? I replied but didn't go any further in arranging anything.
  14. I very much doubt it, my Porsche had ceramic brakes (very good) and they were about £4K each and had to be replaced in pairs. Although normal road use gave them a lifespan in excess of 90K miles. The V12 twin turbo AMG I owned before the RCF was due it's C service next year, plugs etc and that was going to be just short of £3K. Makes the RCF as cheap as chips to service.
  15. Naughty dealer, still I guess everyone has to earn a living regardless of their principles. There is a low mileage red RCF at Lexus Poole that I tried, it had the Torque Vectoring Diff and possibly the worst case of swirls in the paintwork in the universe. I drove and loved it, very tidy apart from the paintwork I made an offer on it which they didn't accept but considering the diabolical paintwork it may be worth a punt. If you check used approved Lexus there are quite a few on there from Lexus dealers that red car is £32K