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  1. I did wonder, but it does state in the Forum Rules you shouldn't advertise cars for sale so I guess that even though us F owners are few and far between we must abide by the rules. Seems daft to me but hey ho, interesting posts of the past few months just disappear.
  2. I don't use the car very much so there could be a 4 week gap between use so I guess it's not as obsessive as it might have come over as. I can tell you the oil in the RCF at the moment is still golden and clear from the last service, never trusted TPMS so I have to check them manually. I guess having owned a Lotus on and off since 1973 you get into the habit of checking your car regularly.
  3. I agree about Lexus servicing and also the warranty costs, I really can't understand why anyone would be so dumb as to not have an eye on the future sale value of your car. I've mentioned it before but my AMG CL65 was due a major service and I was quoted just under £3K from MB World Brooklands Mercedes, fortunately somebody was interested in my car and I sold it before the major service was due. Having said that I'd have swallowed the service cost because I had an eye on selling it in the future. As for the Lexus Warranty I've just re-newed mine for £900 for two years my Mercedes Warranty was £2K per annum. Anyone with an ounce of mechanical sympathy/understanding/common sense must surely know the importance of regular oil changes if not just checking oil and tyre pressures every other time you take the car out.
  4. Wow, how could someone be so inept as to not check the oil in a car? I know both my RCF and Mini Clubvan don't seem to use oil but I still check it every two weeks just to be safe. I'm afraid I'm of the opinion you deserve all you get for such vehicle abuse.
  5. Interesting comment, I have experienced the exact opposite with my RCF, not sure if it's the colour or the wide bronze Vossen wheels but every time I went over to Goodwood (pre-Covid) to meet up for a coffee and watch the trackway fun with my mates (one AMG owner and I'm an ex AMG owner) they both said 'hey Dave those people are taking photo's of your car' and it's true. When we went to the Simply Japanese do last year every time I went back to the car there were people there photographing it and asking about it. I guess it's not very subtle.
  6. It just goes to show how subjective the looks of a car are. For instance, before I bought my RCf I saw a red one at my local petrol station, I hadn't seen an RCf before and it just instantly appealed just on the looks. When it started up I was nearly sold, i went back to my computer found out it had a N/A V8 monster and i was sold. For the record I went to look at an ISF many, many years ago, I liked it's looks and sound but the early cars ride instantly put me off, which of course is now blown out the water by the Tein active coil-over system for the ISF a member on here has installed. My Mini Clubvan was transformed from a bone shaking experience to a limo like ride when required with this Tein system.
  7. My thoughts exactly, unless of course four doors are a must.
  8. Although I was looking forward to seeing the LC F I agree with malcolmw the LC is plenty fast enough for road use. I also think that the market it was aimed at is probably more than catered for at the moment with German marques. Not sure about the spoiler though, perhaps Lexus should just stick to the formula that works i.e. quirky cars like the RC F and LC, after all I still think the RCF Track Edition was a waste of time, just call it a Sport version. As I mentioned earlier for the price of the Track Edition you could buy a decent late secondhand RC F then do what I did some time ago if you really want to go on track buy a VX220 Turbo or Caterham you'll have much more fun. Plus for the £20K plus you've saved it will insure both cars and get you track day insurance for 10-12 trackdays a year for your choice of track day car.
  9. Another excellent blues artist playing live as they seem to do best.
  10. Yes I saw that yesterday not too far away from me either
  11. Hello and welcome, I was once the proud owner of this Bathurst X, and of course spent a fortune with Chris and Geoff down at RE-Worx. Loved the car but after a few track days at Castle Coombe decided it needed a V-Mount next, but I'd had it a year and someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I sold it.
  12. Forgot and one GSF owner in and around Hampshire
  13. Welcome, there are a few RCF owners down here in Hampshire.
  14. Just watched it too, as usual with Savagegeese an excellent video
  15. When you can fill up with premium unleaded from Sainsbury's for 1.06 a litre it's criminal not to use the car