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  1. Another excellent blues artist playing live as they seem to do best.
  2. Yes I saw that yesterday not too far away from me either
  3. Hello and welcome, I was once the proud owner of this Bathurst X, and of course spent a fortune with Chris and Geoff down at RE-Worx. Loved the car but after a few track days at Castle Coombe decided it needed a V-Mount next, but I'd had it a year and someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I sold it.
  4. Forgot and one GSF owner in and around Hampshire
  5. Welcome, there are a few RCF owners down here in Hampshire.
  6. Just watched it too, as usual with Savagegeese an excellent video
  7. When you can fill up with premium unleaded from Sainsbury's for 1.06 a litre it's criminal not to use the car
  8. Sorry not very clear, I just wondered where the air flow coming into the cut-away was from.
  9. Just checking, so this covers the existing air intake to stop heat soak? is that correct? how much was it?
  10. Excellent news, I've never been that keen on the dealer cleaning my car and always ask them not to clean it. It'll be good to know another RCF is blasting about the area.
  11. Hope I'm not going off topic too much but here are a couple of phots of mine excuse the one of the rear speakers the sun was playing havoc on my David Bailey moment,
  12. I think Lexus may have a winner on their hands here, unlike previous Lexus soft-tops it looks good from every angle. I wonder what the Regatta model has. It needs these wheels though
  13. Yes I think the colour of both your car and this one is great, with the right detailing the colour really 'pops' I'm assuming it is a pearlescent yellow finish. Might be a tad on the feminine side in that colour though.
  14. I agree about the warranty having just re-newed mine for 2 years at £995.The cost for the LC would certainly be a factor for consideration in the future. As with the RCF the wheel arch gap is way too big for my likings.