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  1. I agree I've tried to get on with the sat nav in the car but it is crap, my TomTom is instant has speed camera warnings etc etc and with placing a small self adhesive disc in front of the existing screen keeps it in place' job done.
  2. Indeed it must have been, according to my research a UK press release from Lexus in December 2016 stated that all cars will be equipped with AVS. It would be so embarrassing for the chap if it was older and didn't have AXS.
  3. You would really but I guess we all have to earn a buck. Trouble is these days with the internet we can with a little effort become an anorak on most subjects.
  4. I agree sounds a bit like salespeak (bull****) to me. I agree, once these cars have reached a certain age they are a good buy.
  5. I know the review is a very positive one for both the RCF and GSF but I think his conclusion is spot on. He too drives it in manual mode most of the time as I have found I prefer it . The other review by Chris Harris on the RCF is pretty good too, I don't think the RCF is a track fiends vehicle either but I do agree with his final statement about the car growing on you over a longer period of time.
  6. That seems a bit low mileage wise to have worn out the discs, my last car an AMG with 600+ bhp and being a bit of a heavy motor lasted in excess of 50K so maybe they use a very soft metal on the RCF. Considering how big they are too I'm very surprised at them needing replacement at half the mileage of my last car.
  7. Hello and welcome, I'm from Hampshire too. What sort of mileage has it done to warrant disc replacement?
  8. Going slightly off topic and any excuse for a photo of some of my previous cars here is my Alpine along with my V8 Esprit, I ran the two of them for about a year and preferred the Alpine. Back on topic the Alpine was covered with a Covercraft Weathershield HP most of the time and it never marked the paintwork.
  9. Such words of wisdom, do you get out much?
  10. The Weathershield HP is rated as one of the best outdoor covers. It is expensive but is made from a rather high priced fabric. You can get it custom made to the shape of your car. I think Ultimate Finish sell them. When I had too many cars to fit into my double garage I bought one for my Alpine A610 it really was worth the money.
  11. It really isn't that good in my opinion, the other thing going for the later TomTom's is the fact they have a very good speed camera alerting system that's as good as the Road Angel products.
  12. Small world indeed I did, apart from them not wanting to do a deal the paint-work was diabolical in bright sunshine.
  13. Well I’ve had my RCF for a year now and the fact I’m writing this is a real turnaround for me. Being a serial car changer I have rarely kept a car longer than a year due to boredom with the same old same old. Although my V12 twin turbo AMG did last for 14 months, my V8 Esprit only lasted 11 months despite ploughing an eye watering amount of money to get it in tip top shape Having seen one in the flesh at my local petrol station then watching the Chris Harris video of the RCF I was hooked In the 12 months I’ve had the car I find myself liking it more than when I first bought it. Although it has only done 8000 miles it has never missed a beat or caused any concern despite me going overboard with buying a car with the AVS suspension and the TVD. In fact I felt so confident in Lexus build quality/engineering I was quite happy to buy the car with these items, something I would never have contemplated with any of my past car brands. The navigation is crap so I keep my current TomTom for journeys, the sound system is pretty good for a car environment and the fuel consumption is really 20 MPG. After about the first month onwards I drove the car in mostly the manual setting as I feel the car a bit sluggish in Auto. because it has so many gears in auto it seemed to be in top gear a few hundred metres down the road. There is no doubt about the fact these cars are crying out for an aftermarket exhaust the standard one is just far too quiet and doesn’t inspire you to drive enthusiastically. Despite what a few people have said I like the ventilated seats and for a person who ‘runs’ hot in a car they are a God-send in the summer months for someone like me. They make any long trip on a hot day a pleasure as does the AVS suspension setting which is softer by default. I can think of a few cars I’ll probably replace it with, I’ve always lusted after the AMG SLS and of late been very tempted to place a deposit for the new upcoming mid engined C8 Corvette which actually fits in my plans quite well as it’s due mid 2021 so I may just keep the RCF until then.
  14. I'm lucky I have a 'rent a ramp service' 2 minutes from my home, it's dead cheap and if I ever want to do any little fettling (which is about my pay grade) i use them. Used it to fit the Quicksilver exhaust to my RCF and have fiddled about with my Mini on it too. If like me you feel the main dealer may not be quite so anal about mechanical things it gives you piece of mind.
  15. I agree there about the warranty company trying every method in the book to avoid paying out.