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  1. Sorry my fault entirely, I'm absolutely rubbish at cut and paste or in my case cut and f**k up
  2. That colour is superb in the sunlight good choice.
  3. Yes it is counter intuitive and best left to let it do the work or so I have found. Difficult to change the habits of a lifetime though. Being a self confessed gadget freak I jumped at the option of having AVS and TVD on a car only because it was on a Lexus. Of all my cars that I've had in the past I'd run a mile from such technically advanced/complex devices as they'd either go wrong and cost a fortune (lotus etc) or cost an absolute fortune to service and keep in tip top condition (AMG, Porsche etc)
  4. Many thanks, Have you any idea if anyone makes the lip for the front now? I did buy some cheap e-bay lips but didn't install them in the end but I wonder if anyone new has come into the market and are able to offer a complete front and rear lip kit.
  5. Good write up thanks, I'm a bit of an AMG fan myself having owned the N/A SL63 then the Cl65. Before buying the CL65 I did test drive the later C63, it is a very nice piece of kit and AMG should be proud of getting the exhaust to sound as good if not better than the N/A 6.2 engine. The only problem I had was the image the car was starting to portray and although it shouldn't influence you, it did me. In particular around where I live there is a young guy who drives his matt grey C63 like an idiot, he nearly wiped me out as I was about to turn right into where I live in a 30 limit, he is going to cause a big accident one day. But then there is an attractive young lady who drives her C63 in a way you should in 30 limits. So there was my dilemma the C63 seemed to me to be the chavs choice of weapon. I'll be interested to hear your opinions about running costs on the AMG after a year or so, because as someone who doesn't let money get in the way of enjoying himself I did find some of the bills a bit high to say the least. I also had a less than pleasant experience with one main dealer but found Brooklands (MB World) to be pretty good on servicing. One of the guys I used to meet up with at the regular MB World get togethers has a tuned E63 giving truly monstrous BHP figures trouble is it looks like a bloody taxi.
  6. Me neither, although once again I watched the Chris Harris video of the RCF on track then on the road before buying the RCF. I tend to agree with his findings on most of the cars I have bought and part of my buying research into every new car I buy is to see if he has done a review. I am in complete agreement regarding his conclusion that the RCF may grow on you more over time.
  7. You can even get a super quality scale model in that colour
  8. Well done, really nice colour too. Just checked the details on the sellers web site looks like a bargain, low mileage and TVD too.
  9. Good helpful info thanks, so there is a definite reduction in brake dust. It's strange the chap who used to tune my RX7 always said EBC were crap and was reluctant to put them on one of my Renault vans although I've not noticed any difference brake wise, the van has been remapped so needed better pads.
  10. Yes the red one I mentioned is near Bristol it has the TVD too, the carbon edition has bonnet, roof and rear spoiler in carbon plus the TVD as standard. No vented seats though unlike the standard car.
  11. It's very much a subjective choice, my experience was trying an earlier model without, then test driving one with. Cars from 2017 onwards have AVS but it's not necessarily a deal breaker. Basically having run the car for about 9 months I'm happy with my choice. If you drive any distance then setting the car in standard mode it is quite a bit softer/smoother. Then you can dial in Sport+ and you feel the car immediately tighten up suspension wise. I initially thought in Sport+ my car is more akin to the standard drive in the pre AVS cars from what I remember. Having said that Tein do an active system for the previous ISF car which I understand transforms the car ( I have also used the Tein system in my hot Mini and it is night and day compared to the standard) so when this is available for the RCF it will probably be a better option than AVS as you can probably lower the car too. There is a red one on Autotrader low mileage and it has the TVD.
  12. Hello and welcome, good choice of colour. There is a very low mileage red one at Cheltenham Lexus not sure what your budget is. It's a late model with the Active suspension (a particular favourite of mine). Always worth checking out the used approved section of the Lexus web site
  13. I reported it to e-bay as a potential fraudulent sale just after Arqum's post about the other vehicles for sale. E-bay should reward members for doing their policing.
  14. You're right, the other items are equally too good to be true. E-bay is getting a bit like the wild west these days.
  15. Up for sale on e-bay at the moment is what is either the bargain of the year or a con. 25000 miles TVD although it is white for £18,1000