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  1. Hi Lukash Am 6'4 here and fairly long in the back so headroom a must. GS has decent headroom overall. Not quite as good as my previous E60 or an A6 that I test drove but good enough to be able to drive in a comfy position and keep my head rested on the headrest. Found the IS pretty tight inside if I'm being honest. Cheers
  2. Hi Waleed. The injectors on this engine are fairly noisy (especially when cold) land was something I noticed straight away when test driving a GS250 for the first time. I test drove three low mileage versions and all sounded exactly the same. You only hear them during certain driving conditions though. In fact I'd agree they do sound a bit like a diesel at times. My previous 2.5 litre 6cyl engine in a 5 series was definitely more of a 'purring' engine than the Lexus lump which is a bit more 'rorty' so to speak. Perhaps it's pointing towards something injector wise? Agree with the comments
  3. Well done. I guess it's all very well people suggesting a Lexus is good for 300k, 100k is 'just run in' etc. But sooner or later this theory needs to actually get put to the test and a higher mileage purchase made. Higher mileage cars at 150k plus are reasonably common on the US second hand market, even from more reputable dealers. It's not seen as such a big deal as it is here although they obviously do a far higher proportion of highway driving.
  4. I'd happily trust Honda 'tech' as I would Lexus 'tech. Built to a spec as opposed to a cost. The two Accord V6 Coupes I had over a period of 7 years were both absolutely faultless. Not a single repair required bar service items. Both had the relatively low tech 3.0 SOHC V6 but not a single issue. That generation of Legend sold very well in the USA although I believe it was badged as an Accura.
  5. How did you find your Legend?? I seriously considered one of these about 6 years ago. Test drove a couple but ended up with an E60 523i instead. I could have got a similar year Legend for about 2 grand cheaper (and paid the extra fuel) but I really liked the immaculate tan interior of the E60. Was just extremely glad I had a year's warranty with the E60 though!!!!!
  6. Yes it seems Lexus had a go at the '2 Litre Turbo 240bhp challenge' and sadly failed. The Germans seemed to get it right but I've no idea how reliable their units are when bought at 40-50k+ However, yes, Road Tax will be relatively cheap on a vehicle like this. You can get a 528i that gets to 60 in just over 6 seconds and pay just over £150 a year road duty. A shame Lexus doesn't have a turbocharged or supercharged version of the 2.5 litre 4 pot. Even possible with a hybrid system? Kind of defeats the objective I guess.....
  7. Just to say that's a lovely car you have there. Given that I'm determined to stay with the Lexus brand a later GS450h is very much a contender when its 'time'. Hope you get your tyre issues sorted. A relatively inexpensive piece of rubber can cause all kinds of issue to a car's overall feel and drive! I ended up having to get two 'cheapo' tyres at the back as on two separate occasions was caught far from home with a puncture. Think I could do better road noise wise. Always tried to get decent rubber on without spending silly money. Not an easy combination!
  8. I'd definitely say bigger petrol engines are pretty damn efficient at cruising speeds these days. Not uncommon for a modern NA 6 cylinder to touch 50mpg when on a run. The preserve of the Germans maybe who seem to update their engine designs more or less every few years. I get around 42-43 mpg in my GS250 and that's effectively an engine that was first derived in about 2003 I believe? My previous E60 2.5 petrol got around 45mpg if cruising at 70. That engine was an 2007 updated version of the powerplant. My previous to that 1999 Honda Accord V6 3.0 Coupe used to struggle to get any
  9. Also....some residents parking zones will charge considerably less for a hybrid vehicle.
  10. Yes. Absolutely. I've always been happy buying larger 6 cylinder Japanese cars in the past with little or no warranty. Bar servicing I've never had a single issue spanning over 25 years. Supra Mk3T, Camry V6, Accord V6 x2, Soarer TT and present Lexus. However, something with a hybrid system I'd really want it backed up with a warranty of some description. I think there's a reason Lexus Sidcup were happy to 'throw in' a 3 year warranty with mine to help shift it from the forecourt. They knew jolly well I'd never need to use it.
  11. Brilliant detective work. Cannot argue with those figures at all. So in general, there isn't a huge amount to be gained (financially) by choosing a GS250 over a 300h of a pre FL year. I'd like to know overall cost of ownership over 5 years between the two. Using less fuel is just one factor. Does the hybrid system require a higher cost of servicing? Another comparison....the guy at Lexus Sidup reckoned a GS250 and GS450h were fairly similar MPG wise but of course the 450h will leave the 250 standing.
  12. And another thing.....I guess if you had ES money to spend, then some form of the LS could come into play. Extra fuel and servicing but you would get an extremely high quality car for similar money over the long run. You could possibly even get a mid 2010s lower mileage, well maintained LS600h and keep it within the cost of a higher end ES over 5 years? Obvious constraints to the above are parking and possibly ULEZ.
  13. Yep my numbers were a bit hastily pulled out of Autotrader. However I'd be very surprised if a like for like 2013 model GS250/300h can be picked up for the same price? Given the assumption that 2013 was the last year of the GS250 but the very first year of the 300h? So both vehicles have 60k on. Both vehicles are 1 owner, both vehicles are same trim. Both vehicles are sold at a franchised dealer with the same warranty. I'd expect to pay around 4-5k difference for the privilege of having the hybrid capability. I believe there's was a high miler 2014 GS300h on the trader and
  14. I guess an interesting comparison would be between the GS250 and GS300h or ES300h. Performance? Probably not a lot in it between any of them. The V6 no doubt sounds better. Better to drive probably too. Economy? No doubt the GS250 isn't particularly economical for a 'brisk' car. Smaller to mid size V6's are often quite poor when it comes to performance v mpg. Quite often a 2.5 will return exactly the same mpg as a 3.0 whilst losing over a second on 0-60 time. And it seems a frugal 2.0D of the same generation can match a 2.5 petrol performance wise. The GS and ES 300 hybrid models
  15. Funnily enough this reminds me of what happened to my old E60. They actually took the heatshield away from the manifold for the last two years of the model. Resulting in a warped rocker cover!
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