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  1. Hear hear 🙂 Time for a good GS250 love in. As I've said in another post the reason I've become so 'bonded' to this car is that it will probably be the last V6 standard g/box car I will own. So best appreciate it. Regularly get over 40mpg on a run although its a bit juicy around town. However that engine is a tried and tested cracker. Sounds decent when pushed and should never miss a beat. Has a slightly eccentric side to it as the injectors are quite noisy so when cold it sounds a little bit TDi.
  2. Aviator. Great choice. I'm glad I went for the GS250. Main factors were initial cost and wanting relative simplicity. The 2.5 V6 sounds good for its size, gives the car brisk performance and should prove to be indestructible. I do believe economy isn't a million miles away from the GS450h. The dealers reckoned they were both similar. Obviously you get the extra performance from the GS450h. I think there's also another reason that I enjoy the GS250. And that its likely to be the last standard 6 cylinder car I'm likely to own. Seriously, years of taking this for granted as my standard engine configuration is going to be no more. This assuming that I buy a newer model of course. Unless I do something daft like buy a late F10 530i (isn't even this a 4cyl turbo?) and re enter the financial shock of German car ownership then its going to be CVT and probably 4 cylinders in the future. Enjoy the GS250 though. Its a mighty fine car that should be 100% reliable. I'm sure you 'get' Lexus ownership too. They aren't the fastest in their class, aren't the most fun to drive, aren't the most 'trendy', but they really are the best engineered mass produced car out there. Adam
  3. Was around £400 for front and rear pads. Front discs too. Don't think that's bad for a Lexus dealer using Lexus parts. Cannot believe its normal for Lexus brakes to squeal loudly???? Is that a facet on the GS450h? Neither my previous Honda Accord V6 Coupe or E60 squealed at all. Even when the discs and pads were well worn.
  4. I've absolutely no idea as to how I just managed to post the above from an account that I setup on here on 2010 😂 Admin please delete the 'stonesfan' account or send me instructions on how to do so. Thank you.
  5. Robert This was my big dilemma regarding the Mk4 GS. I adored the car from the off and had decided that this was going to be my next purchase. However, the headrest simply felt intrusive and being 6'4 this was potentially going to be a deal breaker. It actually got me to the point of giving up on the car. However.....I then realised with a slight adjustment backwards I felt like I was sitting in a big armchair as opposed to a torture device. A really comfortable and classy car Adam
  6. Sad to hear that some Lexus dealers are dropping their standards. I hope this isn't the start of a trend that seems to be affecting virtually every other business as far as customer service goes. Will be taking my GS250 in for its first service next January so will be interested to see what experience I have.
  7. If speed kills then Japan would have retired its Shinkansen network years ago. Concorde would have been dropping out of the sky over the Atlantic as opposed to one accident at the lowest end of its flying speed. Realistically we'll see the majority of UK citizens have these controls implemented onto them. However I'm sure it won't be long before firmware hacks start to appear. What happens to performance cars too? And what happens if I was to import a car from the USA as a means of by passing the nanny state?
  8. The UK ministry for Transport have already said they would propose this even if we do leave the EU in some shape or form. So that diatribe I had lined up about un-elected dictatorships can wait for another day. Something like this was inevitable though. It will mean though that every journey will become like a scene out of the film Duel. And that is something of which I'm not looking forward to. If we do go fully automated, who does the claim go to if there is an accident? Back to the manufacturer? Will the driver still face liability if he didn't take back control moments before the accident? If that ability is even there in the first place of course.
  9. Still have an intermittent squealing noise similar to what I had before. There is the odd squeak from the brakes when applying all low speed too. Funnily enough looking at the cars history on the lexus portal, there is a reference to 'investigate squeaking brakes' around two years ago. Wonder what the situation would be for a potential resolution under warranty? I guess there's nothing actually 'wrong' with the brakes, as squeaking is semi common if you are walking next to the road. Just a bit irritating really. I guess the only resolution would be new pads or discs of which would be quite an ask under warranty. Will try the quick 'reverse blast' in a local car park tonight too.
  10. Beautiful car. Love that combination of black exterior and cream interior. Agree its nice knowing you are in a bit of an exclusive club!! What warranty did you manage to get out of Lexus Sidcup???
  11. I found them pretty good overall at Lexus Sidcup. Preparation of the car was fine. If you can be firm, detailed but fair and polite in your haggling then I think they will sense your attention to detail and ensure the car is presented in the appropriate manner. Sometimes, even good dealers will for whatever reason try and palm something off and hope no one notices. All of the guys I spoke to were helpful. Petr, Alfie and Bradley were all nice chaps and most importantly professional. Did you say your new car is black with cream leather?? That's a lovely combination. These are fantastic cars that (touching wood!) should absolutely hammer anything German for reliability and long term ownership costs.
  12. Cheers. Yep I think the basics are fairly easy to work out. Am looking to upload a load of my football grounds that I visit though. I know I can programme them in manually. Would prefer to upload everything via the usb link though as I have all the information on a spreadsheet. I know you can backup up memory points as a .mit file. Looks like this is a file associated with Mindcraft Map data. Just need a way to be able to edit this although I notice the in car export/import tool insists on you using a password.
  13. Hi All Going to sit down with the manual and have a play with the Sat Nav today. Must say on initial inspection it appears to be as complex as a weapons system on a fighter jet but am determined to master it. There's probably lots of really useful features on there that I'm missing out on. Any obvious benefits or things that I should be doing early on?? One question I do have is can you 'upload' a set of addresses to it from a portable device? Maybe even a .csv file would be handy. Cheers
  14. By the way had my first real day of giving the GS250 some right boot in sports mode. Usually spend most of my time queuing and driving in traffic in eco mode. Little else you can really do in Greater London. Have to say the car really shows another side to its personality when pushed. Was very impressed by the sound of that V6 when pushed past 3.5k rpm. Sounds bigger than it is to be honest. Also fairly impressed with the performance from what is seen as a brisk if not fast car. Even though the BHP isn't anything to boast about, I guess those 6 cylinders earn their corn when you need some overtaking power. Very impressed with this car so far. There's a certain smugness setting in that I had my my Accord V6 Coupe. And that's knowing that your ownership is (touching wood) going to be hassle free and in the long term relatively low cost.
  15. Wow that's a hell of a tale of ineptitude on a number of levels. Recorded issues with any design should surely be a positive as its surely the first port of call for any investigative work? The fact BMW appear to be in denial about a humble grommet says a lot about their attitude to customer service. The E60 actually has a known issue with a plenum drain blocking up and potentially trashing the ECU! Yet BMW do not include it on their checklist and simply won't acknowledge that its a problem. In your case any problem with water ingress and they should have been straight to the grommet rather than dancing around the issue, blaming the third party fitment of a windscreen. Its customer care problems like that which can totally ruin any confidence in future ownership of their products. I was considering a newer BMW 5 series as no question they are comfy and decent to drive. Ditto the A6. However I just couldn't stomach the thought of owning another car with too many potential problems and a dealer network that has its head in the sand. Hopefully your new GS should not given anything like the problems that the BMW did. About the only thing that frustrates me about the design of the GS is the factory alloy wheels which are absolutely ripe for scuffing the rims. I noticed you mentioned yours were in a bad state prior to purchase. Ditto mine of which were given a good refurb prior to purchase. I know its down to the driver to stay away from that kerb but most cars I've owned are a bit more forgiving.