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  1. I rarely use the heated seats but my passengers always use them in winter and love them so maybe its a drivers seat thing. I also had a 2006 S class and yes it was comfortable but ultimately an absolute dog of thing that cost me an arm and a leg before I got rid of it. Best seat I ever sat on was in a Citroen CX Prestige - a real armchair experience (although I am told some older American cars have big plush chairs as well) I've as yet to get around to fixing the hard seat on my car as some thing called a pandemic closed the place I was going to take it to and the usual round of no travel rest
  2. Just discovered today that my ventilated seats have filters šŸ˜µ I suppose it makes sense as most cooling systems do but I never imagined there would be such a thing (and if you have the rear vented seats they have them as well) Initial investigation so far to purchase said filters (as I would imagine mine would need replaced by now) shows an average price of about $23US each so thankfully I will only need 2 I wonder what other unknowns await šŸ˜† (if links not allowed feel free to delete - I tried using the link only option but it unceremoniously kicked me off the page!)
  3. Must take a look and see if there is a cap - as for the seat I have since found a couple of places here in NI that might be able to do something so I am going to contact them on Monday and see if they can give me a rough idea of price before I vandalise the seat šŸ˜†
  4. Guess who didn't answer my last email šŸ˜• There is one on eBay that matches the "correct" one in your post above Phil and I have family in England so if I have to I can get them to order it and then they can send it over (why some of these companies won't supply over here has always been an unanswered question) Another issue I still have is the drivers seat cushion - I am very tempted to get a Stanley knife, cut it open and stuff a load of memory foam into it and stitch it up myself
  5. I may just leave it alone then and stick to the radiator again just as a precaution as mentioned here on site. My mechanic thinks I am mad as he can't see any faults with it but I pointed him to the various threads and he will do it once I get the parts. Biggest issue I have is sourcing one that will deliver to Northern Ireland as most won't even answer my emails! šŸ˜• if somebody has a part number I'll check around my local motor factors and see if they can get one.
  6. So I am finally getting around to changing the radiator as a precaution as recommended - I am also considering changing the gearbox oil as I am at 86,000 now and was also told that was a good idea (but equally others have said to leave it) so I was wondering if anyone can point me to the exact radiator I need and what fluid (and how much) and is there a filter/gasket to get as well? are there any hidden surprises awaiting me and is there any hoses on the radiator that I should change or do the ones that are already there be ok?
  7. Yes they do - at Ā£45.44 for the front and Ā£47.74 for the rear šŸ˜µ
  8. Yes - I got one in the last order as well šŸ™‚ I think when I ordered the trim parts as I was not really in a rush for them I just used the cheaper option but on reflection I should have just took the FedEx as it would have been a few quid cheaper and a week quicker. next on my hit list is the radiator just have to work out which one to choose šŸ˜•
  9. Would you believe they landed this afternoon šŸ˜µ so that's 2 days for delivery - I've waited longer for local parts! Lesson learned when ordering from the states, use FedEx šŸ™‚
  10. Just to follow up on this I decided to stick new pads in and replace the springs all in one go and discovered that very few UK dealers sell the pads with the hardware kit. Of the 3 I contacted via email only one bothered to email me back to say he did not have the kits nor could he get them! 5 minutes on rockauto and not only do they have brake pad kits with the hardware they also sell the illusive springs as well from Ā£5 up. I was able to purchase a full set for the car with springs and even sent via FedEx the cost was roughly the same that some here wanted just for the pads. So,
  11. I was able to pair and transfer contacts from all my phones (although they were usually higher end Android) Samsung S6 and S7 and both the Huawei P20 and P30 Pro models This tool should allow you to find something.
  12. That happened me as well - took them over a week to release it and it was just 2 bits of chrome trim of all things - and they had the audacity to charge me for the privilege. I can't recall off hand but it was either Ā£12 or Ā£20 either way the shipping and "customs" charge cost more than the parts (but was still cheaper than I was quoted here)
  13. 2017/18 is the latest one I can find (and have myself) and obviously its already a bit out of date - bear in mind this system is as old as our cars so it will never be as good as newer systems or stand-alone ones, although the fact I could get a fairly recent disk for it shows how forward thinking Lexus were. I only use the onboard for a rough guide, I prefer to use my mobile and Waze or even Google maps.
  14. Pretty sure the SC430 and LS430 systems are different - see attached photo of the LS430 system (nicked from interwebs)
  15. That's what he said - quoted something about when you ordered the LS over in the states the sunroof was standard and you had to tick a box to say you did not want one and most people seemingly wanted one. I'm only going by what they said in the video and its just curiosity on my part as I myself have not seen any LS430's over here for sale without a sunroof (like mine)
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