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  1. Cheers - order placed - previous code was invalid but there was a new code (at time of posting) MID80 so just under 50% off at £18 so still good
  2. So fed up with my squeaky noisy Bosch blades and having to do more long runs in the rain I decided to buy some cheap eBay wipers (as you do) instead of the more expensive and noisy Bosch ones - so, go onto eBay and select a pair that according to their listings "will fit my car" of course I dont look at my own wipers until I go to fit and while they are in deed I suppose the "hook" type they seem wider and I cant seem to fit these as while they seem to click in ok the little plastic shroud wont close (see photo) I dont know if its needed to be honest but dont fancy just leaving them on in case they come off and scratch the screen - anyone any links to cheap not squeaky wipers that fit - or do I need to go back to halfords and just get the cheap ones from there again.
  3. I would have thought that my LS430 being (slightly) more modern than a 400 would have no issues with them, as even my 20 year old Jaguar had no issues. I do know that some sidelight bulbs can cause problems as I once put them into my 04 range rover and on start up it resembled a police car as they looked like strobes 🙄 although no error messages came up. I'm not overly worried about them and won't be ordering any - as for fire while unlikely I have seen some cheaper lamps with so called heatsinks on them burn out and damage the holders but those from what I can gather came from China and were early on in the life of led bulbs. Technology marches on so who knows what is next but for now as I said I'll leave well alone. 🙂
  4. So guess who only noticed last night that the seat belt buckle is illuminated at night with the lights on? Yep, Me. 😕 😂 I was also considering changing the bulbs in the other interior lamps (door handles, foot-well/seat lamps etc) to blue leds as I had done to my older car but am not sure if its a good or bad idea as I had mixed results before with chinese bulbs - anyone else done this successfully and is it a pain in the back
  5. I can't see any paperwork to show mine being done so sounds like something I should do - any preferences/recommendations as to where to buy one?
  6. I ran a Jaguar XJ8 for 8 years on LPG and it never once gave me any problems - add in to that it was not "serviced" (filter clean) in 4 years as nobody told me it needed it 😎 There will be a separate tank for the LPG and a filler behind a cap - in this case you can see it down at the rear right in the bumper plastic so at least they did not cut the body. the actual tank will be either a small "donut" tank in the spare wheel well (so no spare!) or a larger cylinder in the back of the boot under the fridge - you will not know unless you ask or look. To me its a bonus to have it as it will save you money if you do a lot of miles but don't fall for the hype of getting low MPG it will help but its not a deal breaker
  7. If you go to Amazon and search for Rocboc Coccyx Cushion Gel Seat Cushion Non-Slip Gel Cushion Relieves Sciatica and Coccyx Pain That will get you to the one I have - yes the heated/cooled seat function won't work as well but you are not supposed to use heated seats with these anyway (it says so in the instructions) but as I rarely used mine its no biggy and its used for long runs (over 20 minutes) its not perfect but better than any of the others I tried.
  8. Replaced all four brake disks and new pads - not bad since the disks have been on there from it left the factory 🙂 Also quick service (all fluids and filters) all nice and ready now for another winter as my daily driver except that drivers seat cushion - still can't get anyone to look at it let alone refoam it so I'm using one of those "eggshell" cushions bought off amazon not perfect but better than nothing.
  9. Wheels were a bit worn looking (and one was a slightly different colour) and I had a few cans of Plastidip so... Good thing is, if I don't like it or it does not wear well I can simply peel it off - I'll do the emblems on the boot next 🙂
  10. You have to remember the age difference here 😉 Technology has moved on rapidly and its unfair to compare an almost 20 year old system with a modern one - I think my LS430 system can store routes however I don't use it that much a bit like the voice control that I know can so so much more than switch on or off the AC but it means sitting in the car trying to learn how to use it - not a bad excuse to get out of the house mind you 🤣 Older cars are what they are and sometimes you just have to either accept it or spend money on an upgrade that will not enhance the value of your car one bit and in the eyes of the purists might actually devalue it.
  11. I would imagine that just like my Nissan Murano's built in Sat Nav there is no upgrade disc available anymore for your car - mostly due to the fact as you say its a CD based system and it simply cannot hold any more data on it (like my old TomTom that had to be binned as it could not longer be updated either) I would also be very surprised if another DVD was made for my car as a lot of the new systems now are using SD cards and android/Apple based ICE systems that come with wifi, 4g and all the rest, so I'm pretty sure DVD based systems will have already been phased out. I would say your best bet is to either use a mobile app (such as Waze that I already mentioned) or see about one of those aftermarket double din units that I believe can be fitted to the 400? Or maybe somebody has taken a system out of a 430 and retro fitted it?
  12. I bought a 2017/18 DVD for my 2006 LS430 simply as I just wanted to see actual roads instead of a blank screen locally 🙂 Painless update, I simply removed the old DVD and put the new one in. I used it once to check it works and it does but to be honest if I am going anywhere I don't know (and that's rarely) I use the Waze app on my phone and as more people start to us it locally the better it seems to get (warnings of traffic jams in particular) also I'm not a huge fan of the system in the car as I can't input postcodes and its a little frustrating to use.
  13. If you find a well worn baseball hat in the boot and wires for an external sub woofer don't say I didn't warn you 🤣 but having proof of the cam belt is a good thing and I must say I did slightly jump at my own car as it was the only one available at the time (and even now there are none for sale over here) good luck and happy motoring