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  1. Yes - I got one in the last order as well 🙂 I think when I ordered the trim parts as I was not really in a rush for them I just used the cheaper option but on reflection I should have just took the FedEx as it would have been a few quid cheaper and a week quicker. next on my hit list is the radiator just have to work out which one to choose 😕
  2. Would you believe they landed this afternoon 😵 so that's 2 days for delivery - I've waited longer for local parts! Lesson learned when ordering from the states, use FedEx 🙂
  3. Just to follow up on this I decided to stick new pads in and replace the springs all in one go and discovered that very few UK dealers sell the pads with the hardware kit. Of the 3 I contacted via email only one bothered to email me back to say he did not have the kits nor could he get them! 5 minutes on rockauto and not only do they have brake pad kits with the hardware they also sell the illusive springs as well from £5 up. I was able to purchase a full set for the car with springs and even sent via FedEx the cost was roughly the same that some here wanted just for the pads. So, provided her majesty's finest customs don't nick the parcel (which should not happen as duty has been prepaid) I should have the bits by tomorrow or Monday.
  4. I was able to pair and transfer contacts from all my phones (although they were usually higher end Android) Samsung S6 and S7 and both the Huawei P20 and P30 Pro models This tool should allow you to find something.
  5. That happened me as well - took them over a week to release it and it was just 2 bits of chrome trim of all things - and they had the audacity to charge me for the privilege. I can't recall off hand but it was either £12 or £20 either way the shipping and "customs" charge cost more than the parts (but was still cheaper than I was quoted here)
  6. 2017/18 is the latest one I can find (and have myself) and obviously its already a bit out of date - bear in mind this system is as old as our cars so it will never be as good as newer systems or stand-alone ones, although the fact I could get a fairly recent disk for it shows how forward thinking Lexus were. I only use the onboard for a rough guide, I prefer to use my mobile and Waze or even Google maps.
  7. Pretty sure the SC430 and LS430 systems are different - see attached photo of the LS430 system (nicked from interwebs)
  8. That's what he said - quoted something about when you ordered the LS over in the states the sunroof was standard and you had to tick a box to say you did not want one and most people seemingly wanted one. I'm only going by what they said in the video and its just curiosity on my part as I myself have not seen any LS430's over here for sale without a sunroof (like mine)
  9. Just curious, I watched a video the other day on YouTube about a bloke in the US with a LS400 and the chap was saying his car was rare as it did not have a sunroof. My LS430 has none and while I don't think its that rare how many LS430 owners here have no sun roof?
  10. Changed the cabin air filter and reset the warning - took about 5 minutes real easy job 😁 Had it serviced last week oil and filters etc as well
  11. I really like the Century and the Crown as well but the alloys? nah... My boy ricer (cough) days are gone I want comfort and silence now and I see a trend for those cars coming out of Japan where they are fitting the non factory alloys and to be honest its a big no for me. But whatever floats ones boat I suppose.
  12. So.... A bit like going to the dentist with toothache really. The magic Lexus fairies have been and there is not a noise out of it now and we didn't do anything I can only assume either the inspection we did the other day or the 150 mile round trip I had to do on Wednesday "bedded in" the brakes - so the old adage applies "if it ain't broke" Fingers crossed it stays that way but for now its time to work on the other little jobs that need doing.
  13. I'm taking it back in again on Wednesday for another look before ordering anything and will have a go at bending them in - might as well try that and see 🙂
  14. Just the clunk or click when braking sometimes forward sometimes in reverse - I'll ask my mechanic tomorrow did he try bending them as he may have thought they would not bend and possibly break (just a guess)
  15. I can only assume that some damage was caused to them but I can only go by what I am told unfortunately - anyway the US site I looked at turned out to have horrendous reviews so I am now looking at either That site you mentioned or some from a scrapped car (which will be difficult as most of them seem to be closed) or contacting Lexus/Toyota UK tomorrow and see what they have. The Japanese site price is half the previously mentioned US one so if I can't find them in the UK that's the direction it looks like I am heading.