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  1. Wheels were a bit worn looking (and one was a slightly different colour) and I had a few cans of Plastidip so... Good thing is, if I don't like it or it does not wear well I can simply peel it off - I'll do the emblems on the boot next 🙂
  2. You have to remember the age difference here 😉 Technology has moved on rapidly and its unfair to compare an almost 20 year old system with a modern one - I think my LS430 system can store routes however I don't use it that much a bit like the voice control that I know can so so much more than switch on or off the AC but it means sitting in the car trying to learn how to use it - not a bad excuse to get out of the house mind you 🤣 Older cars are what they are and sometimes you just have to either accept it or spend money on an upgrade that will not enhance the value of your car one bit and in the eyes of the purists might actually devalue it.
  3. I would imagine that just like my Nissan Murano's built in Sat Nav there is no upgrade disc available anymore for your car - mostly due to the fact as you say its a CD based system and it simply cannot hold any more data on it (like my old TomTom that had to be binned as it could not longer be updated either) I would also be very surprised if another DVD was made for my car as a lot of the new systems now are using SD cards and android/Apple based ICE systems that come with wifi, 4g and all the rest, so I'm pretty sure DVD based systems will have already been phased out. I would say your best bet is to either use a mobile app (such as Waze that I already mentioned) or see about one of those aftermarket double din units that I believe can be fitted to the 400? Or maybe somebody has taken a system out of a 430 and retro fitted it?
  4. I bought a 2017/18 DVD for my 2006 LS430 simply as I just wanted to see actual roads instead of a blank screen locally 🙂 Painless update, I simply removed the old DVD and put the new one in. I used it once to check it works and it does but to be honest if I am going anywhere I don't know (and that's rarely) I use the Waze app on my phone and as more people start to us it locally the better it seems to get (warnings of traffic jams in particular) also I'm not a huge fan of the system in the car as I can't input postcodes and its a little frustrating to use.
  5. If you find a well worn baseball hat in the boot and wires for an external sub woofer don't say I didn't warn you 🤣 but having proof of the cam belt is a good thing and I must say I did slightly jump at my own car as it was the only one available at the time (and even now there are none for sale over here) good luck and happy motoring
  6. Well for us over here in Northern Ireland the imports were a massive success in the early to mid 90's and you would not have been able to move for fleets of taxi's mostly all white automatic diesel's in poverty spec (no electric anything but cloth seats central locking and AirCon) with simple radios that had the Japanese frequency's on them that in some cases allowed you to listen in to other taxi firms as they used PMR radios that could be picked up on them - then the insurance company's caught on and despite proof from many 3rd party garages they increased the premiums on them saying they "could not get parts" and that ended that. So for that reason I see very few imports here now but I assume going by the threads on here they are still very popular and certainly not an unknown brand
  7. weird I seem to have lost the first paragraph 😕 anyway basically the reg is on the V5C in the last photo of the link of pictures you posted 🙂
  8. 🤣😁 As for the fails it was the advisory's that got me as they seemed to be consistent and that would lead me to believe the car was not looked after at all - any of my cars that failed on something small (we have a different way of doing MOT's over here and they are VERY strict) it was immediately rectified and therefore would not show up again. Another one (possibly me reading into it too much) was the one about the number plate - usually done here by the boy racer types so adding 2 and 2 together (bad tyres, spaced number plate) I have expected to see it videoed sliding round a B road somewhere driven by a baseball hat wearing yoof 😎
  9. My own 2006 car is one owner from new, currently 80,500 miles and I have a full service history and receipts for lots of work done over the years and my car cost half that including all the little jobs I did like new tyres and cam belt 😕 However I ran the plate through a little app called "Vehicle Smart" that can show the previous MOT results including advisories and to put it mildly that car has had a colourful past. I can only speak for myself in saying that I would personally walk away from that one. If it was cheaper maybe I would consider it as they do say the cam belt was done but I would most definitely insist on seeing the service history first 🙂 Sorry if I am sounding like a doom merchant but there are plenty of good cars out there and my gut instinct is that is not one of them. Just my ten pence worth and I am happy to be ignored as I often buy cars with my heart and not my head and wonder why I keep doing that to myself 🤣
  10. Thanks I have Paul's details as that was were I got the cluster from 🙂 I'll see what the story is and how much its likely to cost as my budget is limited - and as i am the only person that drives the car it might just be the best option to manually adjust it and then sort it out later
  11. So I purchased a nice 2nd hand dash cluster that I need to make my car UK road legal and when investigating the removal of same (before I was ready to actually swap them over) I remembered that my wheel does not move so it looks very like it would make the swap over a little awkward (if not almost impossible) so I really should sort that out as while I am at it. If i press the down button there is a "squeak" but no movement and the other 3 do nothing at all (not even a squeak) so my question is thus... is there a possible fuse blown or maybe a manual override anywhere (clutching at straws there) or is it a matter of biting the bullet and getting replacement motors/parts and could a ham fisted idiot like me fix that or should I let my mechanic at it.
  12. Got one from Lexussparesdirect on eBay he had a pre facelift one for sale so I asked did he have one for my car and he did 🙂
  13. MOT man is not happy my car has a KPH only speedo so I need a MPH/KPH cluster if anyone has one? there are a few on eBay but I thought I'll ask here first in case somebody has one they don't need (long shot I know but might as well ask)