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  1. Hello, I had the same issue with a lexus is250, I have ordered the same part you mentioned, replaced it and it fixed the issue. Thanks!
  2. yes, parts are identical to the stock ones, same bracket, the only thing different is the rubber inside.
  3. I've installed the RCF GSF lower control arm brackets and it made a massive difference, the front end is a lot more stable, the car tracks much better, cornering and braking has improved a lot. Before I was finding that I always had to correct the steering due to bumps and uneven surface on the road. I've also read on the US and Austraila forums, a lot of guys have swapped to RCF GSF control arm bracket with very good results.
  4. Also noticed straight away that steering wheel feels firmer than before.
  5. Just had them fitted this morning. had a short drive to work, you notice a difference straight away. The front end feels a lot more stable, car seems to wander a lot less. Steering wheel feels good, did not notice more vibrations in the car than before. Car feels better under braking as well. I like it! Cost was 80 to fit, but I'm sure you can find cheaper as it's an easy swap. Will give more feedback once I get to drive the car more.
  6. Sorry for not updating sooner. After a few delays I've received the parts today, when I've placed the order they weren't in stock ( not sure how ), had to wait a bit longer but got the delivery for free. I've used megazip, they were quite cheap to be honest. Hopefully will get to fit them in the weekend and will update soon.
  7. Do you think it might have something to do with the lower control arm bushing? Apparently these models are known to have soft bushes. I am waiting delivery on some GSF/RCF control arm bushes. I will feed back here how the car feels after the swap. Parts are below. I've got a 2012 IS250 with 56k on the clock and the steering wheel feels the same.
  8. Hello everyone. I have just bought my Lexus 250 IS 2012 in pearl white. Love the car to bits, but I am concerned a bit by the steering. It seems to have a loose feeling especially when going over bumps or deformations in the road. I presume the lower control arm bush is worn out which affects handling as well (although car only has 56k). The bushing seems to be of a softer compound which I guess helps with comfort but not handling and road feel. I've done some research online and found that a lot of the guys in US and Australia have replaced theirs with GSF/RCF bushing ( material is of greater hardness). The results were very good. I have ordered some, part numbers are below. 48075-24010 48076-24010 I will feed back here after fitting. Anyone had any experience with these?
  9. Hi Paul, there are a couple of photos from the rear that show the number plate.
  10. You were right about the paint you can see any tiny scratch on it. Didn't really like the car it in the flesh, wheels were corroded a lot of marks on the body. Dealer had no clue of the car's history or what's been done on it. Wasn't worth my money.
  11. I'm going to view this car tomorrow. 250&sort=distance&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&price-to=7000&make=LEXUS&postcode=cv358eu&page=5 If I don't buy it I will contact you. Mainly interested in reversing camera and sensors for the missus.