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  1. matt8

    Not starting

    Which dealer have you left it at Richard?
  2. This may help you @PWOOD
  3. matt8

    is300h indicators

    Indeed. Though, if you're at the dealer, let them do it for you. As with everything they do, they'll probably charge you for doing so.
  4. matt8

    is300h indicators

    Or use this little trick!
  5. matt8

    Scuffed Alloys

    @Comedian - I found some at Halfords with some appalling refiews. Can you vouch for a specific lacquer please? Or anyone! @rayaans - Thanks for the info. Good to know not diamond cut then. So, it's a layer of paint that is coming off. It's actually peeling, the entire layer. If it was just a scuff I'd leave it. But think it's going to get worse and worse. Really keen to seal it. I had thought of clear nail varnish just to get it stuck down / to prevent the peeled bit being leverage for further peeling. But concerned about durability. Think lacquer as suggested by @Comedian makes sense but want something that is both durable and dries as clear as possible. Thanks all for ideas and thoughts so far!
  6. matt8

    Scuffed Alloys

    Thanks both. @wendle hard wearing is nail varnish exposed to the elements? How often will a top up be required? @Comedian - Thanks for instructions. What is clear coat sorry?
  7. Hi all I have what I believe are Diamond Cut alloys (the standard F Sport ones). A little chip on the back wheel appeared and now a 2cm squared size piece has peeled but not come off entirely. Underneath is some black / dark grey surface. I was expecting silver if they are aluminium. Unless that's a protective layer of some sort. Anyway...I am thinking there must be some hard wearing, clear varnish like something I can paint or spray over the peeling bit, as well as over any other minor scuffs I've caused. Eventually I'll have them all restored as I have some wheel and tyre insurance. But just something in the meantime. Any recommendations folks?
  8. Happy to report that a replacement of part 85321-28020 solved the issue. The one I removed from the vehicle must have had something blocking it (I tried repeatedly to clear it without success) or some of the internal valves within the unit had failed in some capacity. As soon as the new was on, streams flowing equally. Cost £15 from Toyota. Damn expensive for what it is. Perhaps £3 non Toyota would have done the job, but I was unsure if the Toyota one did anything special other than stop the fluid flowing back to reservoir. Perhaps, distributing more flow to the valve than the other or something.
  9. I reckon someone made this mistake.
  10. Looks awesome, fantastic idea. Can't warrant £400 however!
  11. matt8

    MPG on IS 300h etc.
  12. matt8

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I think the engine stays on at high speed (motorway) because if you needed to accelerate, the car is ready to go. Electric motor and battery may be overly strained at such speeds. If you were full bars, going down hill and were travelling at less than 45 mph or so, I think the engine would happily stay switched off. This is my experience any how. These hybrid systems are so carefully engineered and thought through, that no stone has been left unturned. Everything is intentional from my experience thus far.
  13. Time for a software update I think. Someone kindly posted the latest on the forums a few weeks back. Else, take it to dealer to do, you'll probably be charged.
  14. matt8

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I've seen all bars lit only a few times in 18 months of ownership.
  15. I'd consider getting a different handset and connecting that via Bluetooth. If it sounds good, then it's an issue with your handset (not necessarily defective, but perhaps some conflict or incompatibility with the car / Bluetooth versions). If same issue, then you can begin to focus on the system. I'd be looking at car software updates at that point.