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  1. I believe this is the case yep, so nobody else will be able to use your card! I'd be grateful for an image though, for the sole purpose of updating mine as well. Thanks!
  2. New Mod..

    Headlight Washer Nozzles
  3. Try and unpair device and wipe all contacts out (as if you were selling the car and wanted to restore to factory settings). Re pair the phone. I'm running Oreo, albeit not on a Samsung device. It is a Bluetooth 5 device and causes me no issue. Isn't Bluetooth versions based on hardware, not software? There's backwards compatibility but that's not the same thing. Thus, Samsung couldn't just update it to Bluetooth 5 using a software update. I may be wrong.
  4. MOT Failure

    Is it not just a quick adjustment to get this corrected? A very minor thing. Mine also failed on this basis, adjustment was done by the tester and was retested immediately. Pass issued. What did they charge £95 for?
  5. I agree, I failed to state I felt it was unrelated. Definitely the pads. Are the pads you mention ceramics? Can one use ceramic pads with metal discs? I'm assuming you can also buy ceramic discs.
  6. My theory is that ceramic brakes would sort it. I've yet to put them on to prove that. Dry summer weather and it's no problem. Any rain though and I have that issue. My mechanic suggested not using the handbrake and rely on Park only. I don't like this however. My own research indicated using P could be putting too much strain on the parking pawl.
  7. @darrude - Any photos to share / show what you've done and what felt you used please?
  8. IS300h car batery

    I have the same, they are great chargers! The eyelet connector it comes with shouldn't require you to use any other bolts other than what's on the positive and negative terminals already though. How have you connected it? I ended up purchasing one of these (the enclosed one was fitted to another vehicle). It has a battery indicator level on it and is also fused in case any surges hit it. Unlikely I know. Shame, price has nearly doubled in less than a month since I purchased. Some reviews say inaccurate, but I was most interested in the fuse. Plus, the one with the indicator was cheaper than the one without one!
  9. Outstanding Recall

    Why half a tank sorry?
  10. See attached for installation PDF for illuminated sills. Lexus_IS_illuminated_Scuff_Plates_RHD_PT942_53140_AIM_003_097_0.pdf
  11. Hi Sheamus I mentioned to the dealer who cleaned the tracks and silicon sprayed it for me when it was in for other work. It helped a good amount, still some squeak on occasions albeit less.
  12. I get this on my car but it's more of a ping noise. I thought it was the handbrake but I left this off and still get it. After some reading around online, relying simply on Park mode is not good but that's another matter. A lot of strain on the "parking pawl" I've concluded that the discs and pads are rusting and bonding to each other when left sat. Even without the handbrake squeezing the calipers and holding the pad to the disc, there is still some contact. All it needs is a bit of wet weather and time. If it's wet but I've not left it long (eg. Just a few hours since last drive), or it's completely dry (Summer) then there is no issue. My theory but I've yet to do it (as my brakes don't yet need changing) is that putting on ceramic pads will stop it. The discs will still rust but the pads won't. I imagine it's highly unlikely a rusted disc can bond to a piece of ceramic. I'm told the ping is not good for the calipers so I do want to do this change ASAP. As expected, Lexus advised me they do not offer any ceramic pads.
  13. Thanks for sharing. Any further details? Police found the vehicle? I'll need to put my disc lock back on then now. For those that don't know, there's a key fob combination detailed in the manual to disable the spare fob broadcasting it's signal. You can then save your Faraday cage bag for the key you use day to day. You could disable the broadcasting signal between each use of the car but that may be too inconvenient for people.
  14. Think I may purchase access and download all of them for record purposes. Anyone ever paid for a subscription? Easy to download for future reference?
  15. Thinking of going independent myself here forward. Does anyone have a full checklist of what each service interval entails? There's been talk of what Lexus publish on their site in pdf form, and what is on their checklist in the workshop. I'd rather be more through of course, so the more comprehensive the better.