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  1. So, what specification is safely recommended, that can increase brightness of what is fairly crap light output, without straining the wiring / damaging the lights?
  2. Rookie question... Should I be afraid of upgrading the bulbs? I don't want to melt the headlights. What is safe and within spec?
  3. Same thing you did a mini tutorial on before right, Jay? Or is this something different you've now cleaned?
  4. An F-Sport's wheels are not as efficient. I get about what you're getting in my F-Sport too.
  5. Has the rubber seal been damaged, or has it come unattached?
  6. Google his phone number. Does it pop up repeatedly on car adverts?
  7. At first I had seen that somewhere online, John. Which is better than the nothing I'm getting in mine and which I'd hoped to see in mine. It'd be useful to see Good, Low, etc. I then however found this screenshot of Techstream too. Which makes me think there's lots of variants of TPMS sensors, with different sensors reporting different things. See image below I had spotted.
  8. I'm about to change all my tyres and really not wanting the TPMS needing changing shortly after. However, I'm also not keen on changing all the batteries as a precaution in case I damage any of the sensors that are working just fine at the moment. I've seen on other Toyota forums that Techstream will show the voltage in each TPMS sensor. I looked at my IS300h with Techstream and saw no such value being reported however. Firstly, it may show in Techstream when connected to non-IS cars, so might be worth a look for anyone wanting to see how much life is left in their TPMS. Secondly, anyone got any thoughts as to why a voltage is not showing on my IS in Techstream? I can see temperature, pressure (though seems 10psi too high), etc. but not voltage which would be very useful in determining life left in the TPMS. It may simply be that it's not supported. Thanks
  9. How are these tyres doing nearly a year on @rayaans? Still good amount of tread left? About to buy some I think.
  10. Is the screen comfortably in reach if it's operated by touch? Feels like an Android Auto / Apple Car system would be better. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  11. The firmware they told you was the latest is the firmware the person who started this thread took a photo of in 2016. Your dealer is not telling you the truth. You can find the latest firmware back a few pages!
  12. I did a bit of digging. Over at I have seen a list of firmware versions for Premium Nav. After VD12103A @nikkethegreat mentions, I have also seen: VD12103B VD12104A VD12104B I'm currently running VD12104B so looks like this is the latest.
  13. A follow up here guys... I know you all said, don't worry! But every time I open the boot, the dirt catches my eye. And I live near a lot of trees with leaf and other matter often falling into the drainage. I decided to take the rear lights out to have a proper look and it was pretty bunged up. It was two bolts each side, easy to do. Pry two plastic covers off to access the bolts. Slide cluster back (slightly upward so you don't catch the clips and scratch the body work). Some photos attached. There is now such a gap for water to flow into, that I thought the lights were not properly clipped back in at first. I've not gone further down (into bumper) to see what's gone there, but at least I know there's no longer blockage for water to run in there and to be held by the lights / electricals / 12V battery.
  14. Welcome Nick to this corner of the forum! Those black wheels. Are they Lexus manufactured, or after market?