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  1. For the two year £795 warranty to be valid, you MUST have it serviced at the Lexus dealer. Bear that in mind when considering whether to take it or not.
  2. matt8

    Premium petrol

    Used to use premium (Shell V-Power) and eventually stopped. Now use Costco Kirkland standard petrol (which I hear is a very good quality fuel) Premium fuel typically costs 10% extra. Are you happy with that?
  3. I believe it only exists outside of the UK (USA and presumably elsewhere) and is know as the Is350, with no hybrid power train. Someone will hopefully be able to verify.
  4. Hi John Great information. Can you recommend a specific make and model of battery for the Is300h? What adapters would one need to attach these disability scooters to the car? It would appear having extra capacity would be worthwhile. Especially as so many see their 12v battery flat, unable to start the car.
  5. Where did you buy this and how much?
  6. I believe if a window is smashed, the unlock switch (to lock / unlock the door) is inoperable.
  7. Free, or paid for in the cost of the sensor job?
  8. Please let us know how it goes. I don't know of anyone with it fitted to a Lexus. I heard good things about it from a BMW technician in the local barber shop...
  9. matt8


    I did post a link for you to buy one at less than £40, but seems mods have removed it.
  10. matt8

    Update Is 300h F sport Nav 2018

    It's well discussed here that eBay is the place to get them.
  11. If you wanted to spend the cash: Once fitted, you have to press a combination of buttons in the car (known only to you) to start the vehicle. Maybe the volume up, volume down, etc. Lexus Is current generation is supported according to their website.
  12. Or perhaps this is an opportunity to get really good with multiplying the number 1.6, in your head. 38362 x 1.6 = ???
  13. Perhaps the better way to get this sorted is to have them acknowledge this is a fault or bug. It doesn't really make sense that you can switch everything to KM except for the odometer. Especially as others do switch over fine. At the moment you're asking for a favour (and quite a big and expensive one), and they've fobbed you off with "that's the way it is." Whereas if you frame it as a fault (is there a health and safety spin you can put on it, that seems to help provoke action?) then they are putting something right that should have been right on day one.
  14. A warm welcome! There's a wealth of information here.