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  1. Hi Andrew (or any other fellow forum members) Do you know if this part number shown is suitable for our Is300h? If not, are any of these the correct ones, do you know? Many thanks
  2. How do you do this Jay, with the tyres being different sizes on the front when compared to the rear?
  3. On branded Lexus SD cards? My understanding is that once the card is used, it's locked to a vehicle. I struggle to believe they're selling counterfeit products.
  4. They're about £40 on eBay! Genuine else they wouldn't work, but not sure why they're so much cheaper there! Edit: I see you mention eBay already. Colin is spot on, check what's printed on the card.
  5. Thanks Mark. In which case, would you recommend anytime you have the TPMS off the rim that the seals are replaced then? I'd like to have thought a alloy refurb centre would know that and it'd be standard to replace them. Should I now be having all 4 corners fitted with new o rings?!
  6. Thanks Mark The kits aren't expensive really, but if I should be buying 4 and having them replaced on all 4 corners, it seems excessive cost for what it is. £7 per kit plus postage from Lexus Parts Direct. Or is proactively replacing all 4 overkill? Should just doing the 1 be OK? This valve must have been leaking before anyway. Although it's on the other side wheel of the same axle since the refurb job. I had always assumed a very slow leak due to tyre, but I'm guessing it's this that's been the problem all along.
  7. Anyone know if the valve stem (the whole outer piece) is repairable? As shown in post #8 of this BMW thread? One member of the forum kindly showed me a gasket repair kit that may help my leaking valve. However, rather than just replacing those rubber rings, perhaps the whole stem may as well be replaced.
  8. So what if you have two different stations in your favourites list, operating on different multiplexes? Do you need to switch between multiplex to enjoy those? Or will the system switch between them for you? Doesn't sound user friendly at all!
  9. Still leaking even after tightening! Looks like I need one of those kits @Andrew888 A quick YouTube search shows I need to take the tyres off to do this job. What a shame. They've only just been put on. A trip back to the tyre place! Unless there's anything else to try before taking such drastic action? Thanks!
  10. Thanks all. Went around with a 10mm socket and tightened them up a bit. Will soon see if it's sorted! Thanks again
  11. Hi all Just had tyres refurbished and a set of new tyres fitted. Have then given the car a clean. I heard a hissing noise around one tyre when cleaning and thought little of it. Just taken it for a drive and the TPMS low pressure alert came on, on the dashboard. Got out the car, and went to the tyre I heard the hissing from and it's still there. On closer inspection, I can see water bubbling around the valve. A quick Google led me to the video below, but it doesn't. I've also seen an article about tightening the stem too. But all the videos and images I've seen don't look like the valves on mine, and I wonder if something is different for ours. Any advice appreciated! Thank you
  12. Great news James! How much would that job have cost at Lexus do you think? And how much did it cost you?
  13. If it's a trek, I'd give them a call first. I can't see it being an issue, but best to check.
  14. You still need to be able to show it's roadworthy. For what is usually £50 a year, 6 months off would give you a £25 gain. I like many are just going ahead with MOTs where appointments can be obtained. But definitely not at a main dealer.