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  1. The firmware they told you was the latest is the firmware the person who started this thread took a photo of in 2016. Your dealer is not telling you the truth. You can find the latest firmware back a few pages!
  2. I did a bit of digging. Over at I have seen a list of firmware versions for Premium Nav. After VD12103A @nikkethegreat mentions, I have also seen: VD12103B VD12104A VD12104B I'm currently running VD12104B so looks like this is the latest.
  3. A follow up here guys... I know you all said, don't worry! But every time I open the boot, the dirt catches my eye. And I live near a lot of trees with leaf and other matter often falling into the drainage. I decided to take the rear lights out to have a proper look and it was pretty bunged up. It was two bolts each side, easy to do. Pry two plastic covers off to access the bolts. Slide cluster back (slightly upward so you don't catch the clips and scratch the body work). Some photos attached. There is now such a gap for water to flow into, that I thought the lights were not properly clipped back in at first. I've not gone further down (into bumper) to see what's gone there, but at least I know there's no longer blockage for water to run in there and to be held by the lights / electricals / 12V battery.
  4. Welcome Nick to this corner of the forum! Those black wheels. Are they Lexus manufactured, or after market?
  5. I'd seek opinions on which dealerships are most helpful firstly. There's a few highly rated, and some that are consistently poor, as reported by forum members.
  6. May need the help of @Capt.Insano, whoever has the latest card, to extract the firmware.
  7. What's the latest firmware version at the moment?
  8. The bins stick out of the cup holders however, so perhaps that is not acceptable to your wife's elbows.
  9. There is definitely an option. I turned that tutorial off, I don't need to hear it every time. Look in the settings.
  10. The 60K service ought to have been done already, it's a time OR distance interval, whichever comes first. 2014 would make it due around about now - 5 years. I'd ask the dealer to do it as part of you taking the car off them. I wouldn't be too worried about security, I'm not sure there's that much demand for Lexus parts on the black market. Just enjoy the car!
  11. If dealer broke it off, ask them to reattach!
  12. Premier is top spec. F-Sport is one level down, but comes with things Premier does not (and I believe - someone correct me if I am wrong - cannot get, e.g. LFA-inspired moving dial). They've changed things over time however, so don't assume one trim has X feature or add-on. I can't keep a track of it all myself. It varies between age. You should be able to get an F-Sport or Premier with that budget, just depends on age / mileage. My F-Sport is full leather as far as I know 🙄 Welcome to the IS board!
  14. Even main dealers don't always do things as they should. Sounds like a poor excuse, you absolutely would check under the bonnet if it's a bonnet problem. Which Toyota dealership? So simply removing the cover from the scuttle panel, and the gaps are now gone?
  15. It's not so much cleaning what's exposed, but cleaning where it drains out / what'll happen if it blocks. It's not just water and dust, but the odd leaf and chunk of debris that I can see has slipped down and cannot get out. Where does it run to?