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  1. There are some other posts on here about high mileage Is300h vehicles. This one has is a 150K+ vehicle on Autotrader at the moment. It has a clear MOT apart from a headlight that needed adjusting. There is talk of Prius going 300K+ This Prius went 600K: Tote Is300h will go many more miles than it sounds like you'll ever drive. Though personally, I like to acquire a lower mileage vehicle rather than a higher one, as you can never be sure how the car has been treated during the time it's been racking up those. There is something to be said for unusually low mileage vehicles too. Perhaps clocked odometers, lots of short journeys when engine is cold (causing engine wear), or cars sat unused for great lengths of time.
  2. I was not suggesting buying this. This was simply the first I found, a ten second search. My point being, there are plenty out there that fit your budget. @rayaans has a much better for you above!
  3. £15K, F Sport, Leather! Not main dealer, but you might be surprised!
  4. Google Maps now has this functionality. Only as of recently (in the last few months). Seeing as Waze was acquired by Google a number of years ago, and now this feedback function is a part of Google Maps, I question the need for Waze anymore. Google Maps interface looks far better than Waze. Even without the feedback functionality in Google, I kept using it. Both are miles better than the Lexus interface.
  5. F Sport comes with memory seats so maybe that'll suffice. When I loaned a more basic model, I really missed the memory seats. If you haven't experienced it, you may not miss it, but if you have, you may really want them back. £16K for a Premier seems a fair price if it's the age you say it is. More than that, I'd say it's not worth it. It's coming up to the end of Q2. Perhaps there's room for a steep discount if you can promise them you'll pay and collect before end of June.
  6. Nope. Face lift came out 2017 with larger screen. 66 Vs 15 would be the same. Get the Premier. I had an exec on loan whilst my F Sport was being worked on. Going backwards, it felt lacking. But if you've never experienced a Premier, perhaps you won't know what you're missing out on.
  7. Small notch on the front only door handles. Touch notch once to lock. Touch twice to dead lock (internal locks disable)
  8. There is a setting in the menus to configure when a service was done, so it can count down the miles till next.
  9. Interesting, just had a look. Sadly I see they have a fuel efficiency rating of E (versus C on the 3's) and a sound noise rating of 71 (versus a 68 on the 3's) On paper, they are a step backwards. The 5s may not be as quiet as the 3s.
  10. Do they have rim protection, @rayaans?
  11. What is the sorcery? Transparent looking bonnet. Photoshop?