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  1. Do they have rim protection, @rayaans?
  2. What is the sorcery? Transparent looking bonnet. Photoshop?
  3. I'd have thought removal of the sensor would cause the need for rebalancing? Perhaps for just a short while, it'd be OK? Is this TPMS battery swap job is risky? I like to take care of things proactively, but if you damaged the sensors during a precautionary battery swap, you might be kicking yourself for messing with them.
  4. What are the logistics of getting all four sensors out, so you can do DIY on your TPMS Sensor? Surely you'll need a cooperative tyre fitter who will let you have the sensors (for a few hours perhaps) between removal and refitting of the tyres? Aren't tyres damaged during removal, usually?
  5. Great idea. What bracket did you use shine?
  6. Mine looks similar to yours Jay. 2013 F Sport. What treatment can we apply? What type of oil or grease should we put on these sorts of things to prevent future issues?
  7. Missed that, my apologies. Thanks for your input! Glad to hear 12 months good experience. Was referencing something else another member had told to them. I was suspicious / didn't feel it was plausible, but there's always more insight and something one can learn!
  8. Any possible issues with these? Could they cause any bugs in the electrics? Could they blow / damage anything? I seem to recall some dealer telling a member here that use of LEDs in the system caused significant damage to some electronic part of the car.
  9. Are they safe? Any issues / potential damage to the car and its electronics?
  10. Where are you taking these photos? Right side of the engine?
  11. Isn't OP a taxi driver? I'd have thought the running of engine at such lengths would have taken care of any moisture through evaporation... Maybe washing of engine bay prior to ownership...
  12. That's a great call... 12 year anti-corrosion, but only 3 years for surface rust. This is more than just surface rust!
  13. Jan 2018 - Jan 2019. Lots of short journeys, occasional long runs. Averaged 38 MPG across 6000 miles (measured brim to brim every time, recording miles travelled and calculating). I've a 2013 F-Sport. Doesn't seem that high. Have I got a problem with my car would you think?
  14. Hi Jay I am interested in knowing how a 12v battery in poor condition can affect the MPG. Thanks!
  15. May be able to get a picture tomorrow. Your avatar / picture is a great view of the rear of your car! 😉