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  1. Set mine to 5 blinks about three years ago. Never lost that setting.
  2. Posted before, does this answer or offer any solution?
  3. In my CTEK manual it advises to connect black to negative and red to positive. I thought the recommendation to ground the car to any unpainted nut or bolt was for jump starting cars (which I'd never do to my Lexus) rather than trickle charging. There seems to be much conflicting evidence online about whether to jump start with a cable attached to each terminal, or whether to ground it to the chassis as you suggest. I use one of these and they work great. Highly recommended. Don't bother with the one that has flashing LEDs on, they are misrepresentative of the battery state / charge level. I only got that one as it was cheaper than the one without the LEDs. I leave the battery connected to the car when trickle charging. Disconnecting it would cause you to lose settings.
  4. Didn't think I had any outstanding recalls. And then I see the below today. Hmmm...
  5. Has the being "always on" caused premature failure here do you think?
  6. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on the progress @Jayw13702 A few photos / a write up wouldn't go amiss either! 😉 These are the things I imagine the dealer don't ever bother with. Cheers!
  7. Follow the step by step instructions here and you'll get to it.
  8. If you follow this tutorial, you'll get visibility of the amp.
  9. Did mine today. Thanks again @Jayw13702 Was very little in there to remove. I highly doubt it's been done by anyone else or a dealer, so it must just be clean! Tip for anyone else doing it. When removing the three clips from the side trim, don't let them shoot / fly out. I lost one underneath the hybrid battery. The better thing to have done would to have removed those before removing the false floor and exposing the battery. Hope I don't get rattles and knocks, I didn't bother retrieving it. What I did find was a few drops of water / few dozen tiny little stones (road / dirt / debris) near the Mark Lenvinson amp (mounted flat underneath the motor). There's a small white vent with a one way flap to the right of that, which I assume is the way it's getting in. Not sure what the inlet is for. But was not what I wanted to see. Dried it and vacuumed it out. Looked like it might be getting to the vent via the wheel arches.
  10. Looks like a 12V battery issue. Can you get access to a volt meter and see what the battery voltage is at rest? I believe 12.4v is required, but someone more knowledgeable can hopefully guide here. If it's low, can you borrow a trickle charger, charge the battery up and see how it is?
  11. Curious to know how you've managed to modify the dashboard display, to present information of your choosing (in this case TPMS) on the dashboard, @Andrew888
  12. I believe someone here fitted aftermarket if that interests you!
  13. I don't understand the eV measurement, but 5 times the cost, for ~5% increase on output (looking at numbers alone here I know) doesn't seem money well spent. How much brighter is that extra 1.4eV?
  14. Looks like loads of rust or something down there where that wooden bar is?