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  1. Thanks for the welcome John, I'm planning on keeping the service history up and a visit to Lexus Cheltenham is on the cards, it's been almost two years since it's last service but in that time it's only done just over 500 miles, I'm thinking I should probably get it serviced anyway. Cheers Dan
  2. Hi All, Another new member here, been looking for a GS450h for a few months and finally found one with the right spec and millage in Bury a few weeks back, took me four hours and just as many trains to get up there but it was well worth it! Just under 50k on the clock and a full Lexus service history, I'm really happy with it love how it's so quiet but when you floor it you'll easily surprise most people from the lights. 🙂 I was a little disappointed to find I had no Aux in on the ML system, and to be fair I can't really notice any difference in quality or volume from the standard system in my E Class Merc but maybe I'm just not an audiophile, also does anyone else have an issue with the windows going fully up or down but not stopping anywhere in between? Thinking it might just be dodgy switches as this car hasn't seen many miles but maybe someones seen this before. Cheers Dan
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!