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  1. Good Morning, My sunroof has started to rattle on my 2005 IS250, upon checking it I have found that the front offside corner of the sunroof has dropped about 3mm below the roofline, I can push the roof up to the correct level from the inside, Any advice how to adjust it, I did a topic search but couldn't find anything for this issue Regards Grant
  2. Thanks Tel, it is working fine, but I want to tidy up the front of the car. Interesting you are surprised that a 2006 has radar, I first saw the vehicle on this website with a link to it, fellow members had described it as a unicorn vehicle due to the added extras, is sports body kit, sat nav, radar cruise, climate control and sunroof, heated and cooled seats etc etc
  3. Good Evening, my 2006 IS250 has the radar cruise control fitted, my question is the front badge with L on it has become tarnished, and has a cloudy covering, does this badge have anything to do with the cruise or are the sender units either side, the drawing in the manual isn't clear. I was hoping I could use a T cut type formula to tidy it up, Any advice appreciated Regards Grant
  4. Thanks Beamish, that's appreciated, I totally love the car but I have to say the sat nav is not easy to use and the reversing camera options even worse, I will have a read and hopefully understand it better, thanks again Grant
  5. Thanks Bob, it has worked, I've downloaded it, I will have a good read, really appreciate you taking time to send me the link Grant
  6. Thanks Bob, I will try it with different types of parking, I'm surprised it's not mentioned in the handbook, I don't have the navigation handbook but a member sent me a link to print one, but again no description of what they do, thanks for your help
  7. Thank you, the part I'm confused with is the squares on the lower corners of the touchscreen, when pressed the lines move to different areas, just not sure what they do, sorry if I'm being thick
  8. Sorry Guys, I've awarded my self the being stupid award for today, I've sorted it, I had pressed a button on the screen which changed the format, unfortunately I don't have the book that covers the rear camera and what it all means, and the one I've downloaded doesn't cover it either, sorry for wasting your time
  9. Good Morning all, I purchased the 05 IS 250 that had a link posted on this site, I'm really impressed with the car, one issue is when I put the car into reverse the camera brings the image from behind but the lines seem all over the place and the words "guidance unavailable" is on the screen. I understand it may need to be recalibrated, but I can't find out how to do it, any advice please Regards Grant
  10. The cost between fully and semi is so small I always use fully synthetic, it's worth keeping an eye on shops like Halfrauds or Euro car parts as they have regular sales on oils, and I stock up then
  11. Thanks Texas, it's an Android phone but suspect it's a more modern version than was about when the car software was designed, thanks for your reply
  12. Good Evening I've connected the phone Bluetooth to the car and it's confirmed that it's connected, I can also make and receive calls, I tried to move my contacts list across and as soon as I try it seems like the Bluetooth disconnects as it turns off on my phone, has anyone else had this issue. As per the manual the engine was running whilst I tried, any advice welcome Grant
  13. Hi Dec Message sent, let me know if it comes through, I haven't pm ed before lol
  14. Good Morning, My IS250 is showing the sat nav disc as 07, is it worth updating it, I have seen some sites selling updated discs for £25 has anyone purchased a disc other than from a main dealer. Regards
  15. It does look complicated Mike, but the manual will be useful to sync the phone to the system as my disc is 12yrs old I'm sure a lot of roads will be out of day, I must admit I do like Google maps for its live traffic info