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  1. ClubLexus deleted the post because apparently GROM has to make the post and it seems like a hassle for UK members so I'm afraid it looks like the group buy is a no-go.
  2. So I just heard back from GROM. Unfortunately group buys are handled by their US office so it will have to be shipped directly from them. I've looked it up on the gov.uk website and it looks like this will be subject to a 2.5% tax.
  3. TBH I'm not sure how to figure that out, I'll try and look up what the rates are. However, I've just sent them a message to see if UK members will be able to order from the UK site or if they'll all have to come from the US. Hopefully we can and avoid any import duty. I'll update the thread once I've heard back.
  4. No you can order for whatever Lexus model you have that is compatible with the VL2. The prices are the same but of course you need to order the correct one so they send the right wiring harness and what not. If you are interested, PM me your name, email address and year/model of your car. I'm going to make a list and once we've got enough people together I'll send them off to the contact I have at GROM.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been in touch with somebody in Canada who's active on the US forms for Lexus and we've been discussing organising a group buy together for the GROM Vline VL2. If you're unfamiliar with what this is, it's a system that adds Android to your stock Navigation screen. In addition it also adds Android Auto and Apple Car Play so you can connect your phone and access navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze and also your music library and streaming apps like Spotify. Many Lexus and Toyota models are compatible with this, even older models like my LS430. The usual price for this is $600. I've been in touch with GROM and here's the prices they've quoted for a group buy: Group buy price 5-9 $529.95 10-24 $479.95 25+ $449.95 US shipping is free but we will have to pay for shipping for us lot here in the UK. I'm hoping that getting us UK members as well as people in the US and Canada we'll easily find 25 people interested in this device. This is my first time trying to organise a group buy. For now I recommend that you comment if you're interested and if so, what price you'd be willing to pay depending on how many people we get involved. I'm sure we'll hit at least the 10 person discount, but fingers crossed we'll get at least 25 people interested. EDIT: Just so everyone is aware, I am only collecting the information of those interested. I will not be handling your money so there's nothing to be concerned about there. Once we have a good list of names I will forward that to my contact at GROM. They will then get in touch with you and you will order from them directly.
  6. I ordered the complete lower arm with the brackets attached for the height sensor. What exactly do you mean by upper bracket?
  7. Nevermind, managed to order some from another US based website. Genuine Lexus parts aren't cheap are they. Think I might trade her in for a Dacia.
  8. I was hoping to buy a set of these control arms or whatever they're called from Rock Auto but I can't seem to find the correct part on there. Does anybody have any idea where I can buy a set that isn't directly from Lexus?
  9. Well I spent the past 24 hours looking for my keys to test my repair. Finally found them thank god. The epoxy didn't work, broke off right away. Instead I just taped up the arm for the height sensor to the ARB so it's in a high position. The struts inflated right away so thankfully no damage to them.
  10. It's already smothered in JB Weld. I'm just going to replace the arm. They're not too expensive from the US. I'm just hoping I can reuse the height sensors. I think they're about £350 a piece.
  11. That's what I was planning on doing. I've had a situation before where I've had the car jacked up off all fours, and when lowered it just bottomed out until the compressor filled the bags back up. Had that with both cars so must just be a quirk these cars have. I wonder if there's a correct procedure to jack these up. I know some cars with air ride have it.
  12. Also not sure why both sides went down. The mount on the other side was on it's way out but was still connected. This JB weld thing is just a proof of concept. If it holds up once it's set then I know it was just the disconnected sensor. If I can confirm that, that's when I'll start ordering parts.
  13. As far as I can tell, the mounting points on the lateral arm had just corroded away meaning the sensor became disconnected. The other side is still on there but is corroding away. I've just put some JB weld on there for now which should hopefully hold. Rock Auto seem to stock these parts pretty cheap so I'm going to order replacement parts from them.
  14. It's snapped off here at the control arm. So looks like I'll need to replace that. I'm going to JB weld it into place for now, just to confirm that's the only issue. Of course that can't be a permanent fix.