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  1. Just shy of £1200 in total for all the repairs. She drives great now, but if anybody would care to feed me for the next month or so that would be greatly appreciated 😂
  2. From what I understand, the rear disks and pads (luckily I had already bought a set), the handbrake shoes and all the associated hardware, handbrake cables, wheel studs, a new calliper and god knows what else. Basically if there was a part in that corner of the car, it was broken.
  3. Good lord we're not off to a great start with this car. It's taken a week for the garage to fix the mess that pothole caused. The last estimate I got was close to £1000. It would have been more, but luckily my mechanic managed to repair the backing plate. Apparently Lexus wanted about £350 for a new one. I was due to collect it tonight, but got the news that the calliper was seized and would need replacing. Hopefully it should be ready to collect tomorrow, but it looks like I'll be eating beans on toast for a while 😂. To top it off, after receiving this news the post man arrived with a speeding ticket for me. Nobody to blame but myself, but still annoying. Fingers crossed I can go on a speed awareness course. On the upside I did get some goodies today. My front plate mount arrived from the US as I want to run 12x6 number plates. Apparently this is one of 3 that was available in the US in this colour. I also got some parts from the crashed Lexus. The man who bought it only wanted the engine, so we came to an agreement I can take some parts I need from it. I have the custom exhaust I had made, along with the cats as the flange was modified and so this won't line up with stock ones. A little bit of polish and she'll be as good as new. Unfortunately the exhaust is one piece, so I need to decide if I should try to fit this myself or get a shop to do it. I would have just paid somebody to do it if I could separate the sections and fit it in the car, but I'd have to rent a van just to transport the thing. I also got the intake manifold along with the front end of the LPG system (injectors, ecu etc). I will be taking a visit to the old girl soon to take the rest of the LPG kit out, along with a few other parts such as the radiator, ac condenser, trans cooler and a few other little bits and pieces.
  4. I was so lost I don’t even know what town I was in. I couldn’t find that spot again if I wanted to, and haven’t put my dash cam in yet so I’ll just have to eat this one. Real shame.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll get on that! In regards to claiming for damages, I was hopelessly lost without a phone so this one is on me unfortunately 🙁
  6. Well, further improvements are going to have to take a back seat. Hit a pothole the other day. Car made some noise but didn't think it was that bad until it got very loud. Turns out one of the wheel studs broke off and it's caused absolute carnage. Ruined an entire corner of the car, brakes, handbrake shoes, backing plate, handbrake cables. It's in the garage now and it's been there a few days. Awaiting a big bill, and I've had to hire a car in the meantime. I'm not having luck with Lexus like you guys are. Might forget about it and buy a Clio or a Corsa like everyone else 🤣
  7. I know it's a bit of a Marmite thing, but my Gold emblems arrived today (all the way from the UAE). Personally I think the Gold looks good on some colours. I never would have done this to my silver one, but I think it might look good against this colour. I guess we'll see when I get round to putting them on.
  8. Hey everyone, I have a couple little issues with the new LS I was hoping somebody could help me with. I'm not sure if the two issues are related or not. First of all, one of the rear doors is deadlocked and cannot be opened from the inside or out. All other electronics in that door work, electric windows, speakers, outside lock button etc. It's intermittent, I can occasionally get it to unlock but most of the time it's locked and I'll need that fixed before the MOT. I'm guessing it's the door module, I've had MK4 Golfs and Boras and anybody familiar with those will know that's a common issue. The second issue I'm having is that while driving, or anytime the car is just on the doors will lock. After that they'll keep trying to lock randomly while I'm driving as if somebody is pressing the lock button. I took the battery out of my key to rule out a faulty key but that's not it. Unsure if it's related to the door issue but has anybody come across this before? Not only is it annoying listening to it, but as I have only 1 key at the moment I'm afraid one day I'll lock myself out. I deiced my car this morning, luckily remembered to wind the window down. Good job I did because by the time I had finished the car had locked itself.
  9. Yes good point. If I didn't know this car personally there's no way I'd be buying the LPG system out of it 😂
  10. Well what a workout that was getting all this in here. So here's most of the stuff I've ordered for now. So we've got : 6 litres of engine oil 10 litres of ATF 2 litres of gear oil (for the diff) 10 litres of coolant Some new brake fluid No power steering fluid (I forgot) Spark plugs Serpentine belt Oil filter Air filter Pollen filter A new battery Pagid discs & pads all round Handheld pump (for ATF flush) Turkey baster (not for cooking) Various washers for the gearbox and diff and finally some grease and gloves Another big thank you to Daniel from Lexus Parts Direct for getting everything I needed out to me so quickly. If you're not using them yet you should. Remember they're a full dealership and so can sell any parts Lexus have in stock - if it's not on the site, just message them. They were very helpful for finding little things like specific crush washers and interior trim. I need to redo all the work I did on my last one in preparation for the big European road trip I'll be taking in the summer. I've still got a few parts waiting to arrive, from the USA to the UAE! I'll be seeing my old car soon to pick some bits off it. The exhaust system is definitely going on as it's brand new and sounded fantastic. The LPG kit is going to be refitted with new plumbing and what-not only once it's been tested to ensure it's still safe. I'll also be getting the new radiator, AC condenser and oil cooler as they're all intact 🙂 Got my new plates in, I'm going with a 12x6 plate (US size) because I personally think these cars look better with this size plate. I couldn't do it in the last one because some numpty used self-tapping screws on the boot, right on the ends of a UK sized plate.
  11. Seriously though, at no point will I put anything in this car that is going to make it unsafe. All the main bits of the LPG system, the tank, the injectors, ECU, the reducer were not impacted by the crash (and again, the crash looks a lot worse than it was). All these components are going to be inspected by a professional and if there's any sign of damage, it's going in the bin. I should add that LPG tanks (although mine didn't even get hit) are incredibly strong and can take ridiculous punishment before one fails (not that I'd use one if it had damage). Only if these components are in perfect working order will they be re-used. All the wiring, plumbing and other consumables will be replaced with new kit. This is a high-quality system that cost 2k and is only a few months old so yes I don't exactly want to fork out that much money again if I don't have to. But again, I'm only going to be re-using this system if it is certified as safe (which I'm sure it will be). If anything is a miss, it's getting replaced. I'm not that stupid that I'd put the lives of myself and passengers in danger just to save a bit at the pumps.
  12. Just found this thread. And it’s true the interior pics were taken after the accident. The airbags didn’t deploy, it wasn’t a hard smash - just lots of them. EDIT: Sorry the interior pics were taken before the accident! But only because I couldn’t be arsed cleaning a smashed car. There was no damage to the interior at all. Other then the tracking being off the car drove just fine afterwards. ABS was fine. No CEL, trans shifted just fine. Only light on was the flashing AFS Off light. It flashes if you disconnect your headlights (or violently remove them as in this case). The guy who bought it is putting the engine into his off road buggy. I’m actually heading back soon to collect the exhaust, LPG kit and a few other little things.
  13. I’m not from London so I didn’t know much about the ULEZ. But I went there recently to collect a friend from the airport and was shocked to find out my LS430 is compliant. Very clean cars for what they are.