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  1. Hi Graham - do you know which version Techstream you've got? I have a 2006 is220d which "issues"? Thanks
  2. Hi I have a constant EGR fault since having an injector seal replaced on my 06 IS220D. The EGR valve has been replaced and the DPS has been cleaned and my mechanic is stumped. I had a callback from an independant Toyota/Lexus mechanic who said there was a known problem/recall with that error on my model and the software needs updating. Having called Lexus, they know nothing about it and it's currenty booked in for a £150 diagnostic (I'm already £700 down!). Can anybody shed any light on this? Thanks
  3. Hi, apparently the injectors weren't replaced - it was the seal, so I'm assuming that there was no programming needed. It's with the garage again and they've cleaned out the (new) EGR valve and have ordered another just in case it's faulty. Is there anything else that could cause the EGR warnings, if the unit has been replaced? It happened first, soon after the injectors seals were replaced. Thanks again
  4. Hi Colin - I've just been looking up programming of the injector code into the CPU - is this something that can ONLY be done at Lexus? Thanks
  5. Hi The latest code i got was tge EGR (0400). Interesting point about the ECU codes though. I doubt if they were added to the cpu. (Not a Lexus garage). Thanks
  6. Hi took my 2006 Is220d (138000m) into the garage with very low power in gears 1 and 2. (No warning lights) One of the injectors needed replacing and the mechanic cleaned the EGR valve. I drove the car away and within 5 mins it went into limp home mode with EGR error codes (0400). I cleared the code and took the car back. At some point I also had DPF warning (acting below threshold(?)). He replaced the valve completely and cleaned the DPF. This time the car had loads of power - apart from a slight "niggle" around 25mph (momentary loss of power). On the first journey of more than 5 minutes (most of my driving is motorway) the same EGR warning came on after about 40mins. It went into limp home mode and although I cleared the error the car is pretty un-drivable now. The power is all over the place. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!