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  1. Thanks. I hope they will release an update also for Europe like they did for US. But it's Lexus. You never know what they are thinking.
  2. The instruction from Polish website is not usefull. It doesn't contain the information what I like. Would you be so kind to place it your instruction from UK website? I can see that the file I have downloaded is in ZIP. Do I need to unpack it first to flash drive?
  3. I am not quite sure if it will corrupt the system. I am only interested to have Apple Carplay. This is not about to update Enform. Enform it's a built-in app only. This update is for head unit, it means for whole multimedia system. I talked to Polish Lexus dealer and still they are "talking" , if european Lexus division will get the same like US part.
  4. Hi there, It looks like our american friends they received the update for Apple Carplay! They can do it without the dealer. I have a NX300 2018 year and wondering if this update will work with European Lexus's. Here is a full topic: And here you can download the update for your NX: If someones wanna try, would be perfect. I am outside the country, so I can't for now.
  5. Hi there, Do you have any instrction to follow how to install it? I downloaded the file however I don't know how to place it on the flash drive. Do I need to unpack it first? How the folders structure shall be seen on the drive? Thanks.
  6. Hi there, Google search Lexus Owners Club!
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!