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  1. The speed limit camera will have seen a 100kph sign on the back of a foreign lorry. I’ve had it happen many times.
  2. Yes I have the same problem at it is so annoying. The system appears to completely ignore the Track Number that is programmed into a file, and instead uses either the file name or track title (can’t remember which) and plays them alphabetically. Another example of stuff that my wife’s £10k Aygo does perfectly that a £40k Lexus can’t. I love my NX but I have to say that the software on the new 10inch media system (2017MM system) is shocking. It’s like it has never been tested. I’m wanting to compile a massive list of issues and send it to Lexus. I’ve found loads in the Nav system. It’s just getting round to sitting down and writing them all up.
  3. I agree with the above - it looks like you’ve got the new MY2019 spec. However as the brochure currently available to download from the Lexus website has the old spec (Jan 2018) which clearly shows the camera is standard for F-Sport, I’d be rejecting the car. Personally I wouldn’t want a car without a camera. Every car I’ve owned for over 10 years has had one. The dealer won’t want to budge as it’s going to cost them. I’d try phoning Lexus GB and explain the car has been mis-sold as it doesn’t meet the spec as advertised. I don’t even know if the 2019 specs were out at the time you ordered the car in September?? On a related note: I’m starting to get fed up with the Lexus options lists. How can a camera be optional on a £30k car when it’s now standard on most Toyota Aygo models. Keyless/Smart entry is another to watch - becoming more of an option with Lexus but again my wife’s Aygo has it. 😤
  4. On my 2018 NX Luxury, the amp is made by Pioneer. The DCU (which I think is the audio player software) is made by Panasonic.
  5. Exactly the same method as last time you did it. As earlier in the thread: Links to download are contained in Technical Services Bulletin BE-00006L-TME. Log into the tech website, click on Repair, then Technical Services Bulletin. Enter your VIN (or search by model). The bulletin you require is currently on the 2nd page. It says it was last updated on 18/10/2017 but that date is incorrect. Once downloaded the latest revision is dated 14/09/2018.
  6. Updated Navigation software to version 1512 is also available on the tech site (subscription required - cost me £3.19 for an hours access). This apparently fixes the crash that some have experienced at startup.
  7. Looks like an update to the maps database has been released on the tech site. I’ll try it out later this week.
  8. Search for the item code PZ445.... on auction sites and you’ll find them much cheaper. 0P is currently the latest version but I think it will be replaced around a November time.
  9. “How hard can it be” - famous last words 😀 Another (messy) option would be to have a separate cheap camera at the rear powered from the 12V outlet in the boot.
  10. Just the front camera. This model is only single channel.
  11. The new larger screen Premium Nav (17CY) comes with 3 years of map care according to the Lexus-Tech website. I successfully updated mine without charge.
  12. and here are the night time videos: Video 1 Video 2
  13. Some photos of the install. Night time video coming soon.
  14. No, you're not paying for the update. You are paying to access the Lexus-Tech website to download the files. It will cost about £3 for an hours access. If you feel that you should have the updated firmware already on a new car, go back to the dealer.