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  1. It is possible to do it yourself but I wouldn’t recommend it. If it goes wrong you could completely brick your Nav system and need to spend ££££ to fix it. I did upgrade my own last year and realised afterwards how lucky I was when I saw so many reports of failure.
  2. I didn’t really find wireless to be an issue, but if I was going on a long drive I would use the cable anyway as I’d want to arrive at my destination with a good amount of charge. Wireless very handy for those multiple short journeys that we all make - meant I could carry on using Apple Music and the Apple interface.
  3. I'm selling my wireless CarPlay adapter if anyone is interested.
  4. I'm selling my CPLAY2air device as I no longer have my NX anymore. Ideal device if you want to use CarPlay without fiddling with a cable every time you get into the car. See it in action on this video £70 inc postage. Thanks Phil
  5. I only paid £700 for my Zappi electric wall box charger and is much better than the Lexus one from what I've seen. Good for €500 but I wouldn't say it is worth €2000. (this is without me knowing much about Italy and their electrics)
  6. Looks like the latest maps for the 17/19 navigation system have been released today. Ive documented the update process in the past here: I’m no longer an NX owner but I’ll be updating my mum’s NX in a few days Thanks Phil
  7. New service offering “Lexus Relax” Looks like each service extends your warranty by a year - up to 10 years.
  8. I've no idea how the different languages work on the system. As the update files come from an EU site, I would have thought they are compatible with all the necessary languages. The font / graphics can't be changed. Like you I don't find them as clear as the older navigation system. Apart from the bigger screen, I did find this system a bit of a step backwards. However adding Apple CarPlay fixed those issues for me. Unfortunately this doesn't look like an option for you on the RC.
  9. MM17 can be updated to Apple CarPlay but for some reason not on the RC. The update is only for NX, ES and UX vehicles. The USB stick used to carry out the map updates should contain a folder called 'FMU'. This folder should then contain 4 files: FMU_PONC52_1.iso FMU_PONC52_1.iso FMU_PONC52_1.iso FMU_PONC52_1.iso (these are the file names for the current 2020v2 update - 2021v1 should be released soon). This update will need activating using the Lexus-Tech website. You don't need an active paid subscription for this, but you do need an account.
  10. It will have just been one they had in stock that they just didn't register until March 2018 - maybe it was stuck in a showroom or a cancelled/delayed order from Japan. Hopefully someone got a good deal when they bought it new - can often happen when facelifts come out. My facelift model was registered in Jan 2018 so you are correct about '67' being the crossover plate for the facelift.
  11. @paulrnxKeep an eye on the deals of the various leasing sites - EVs are good lease bargains at the moment. Our Renault Zoe ZE50 GT Line was only £240 per month which I didn't think was bad for a £33k car (no deposit). There was a cracking deal on a Hyundai IONIQ Electric for only £200 per month with no deposit recently. LeaseLoco, and Gateway2Lease are some sites I look at regularly. The leasing section of WhatCar is also pretty good at times. Leasing isn't for everyone and it took me a while to come around to the idea. However, the last couple of cars my wife
  12. New number plate rules allow fully electric cars to display a green band.
  13. Good guess. It was exactly £3k.
  14. Yes that’s the one - I’d already seen the advert here I’m quite happy with what I received for a very easy sale. I used to advertise the car and it sold the next day. I would have liked more, but wouldn’t we all 😀 What markup do you think they added??? Factor in they need to prepare for sale with a valet and add a 12 month Lexus warranty. Then pay VAT on the profit and leave enough to make some money overall.
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