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  1. Luxury or not

    Here is the appropriate page from the 2013 brochure
  2. Luxury or not

    I think the full electric seats were still an option on the Luxury spec. I think the give away is the switches near the gear stick for heated seats. If there are just 2 large buttons then the seats are heated but manual movement. If there are 4 smaller buttons they are heated & cooled and also have electric movement. The premier spec has the full electric as standard.
  3. The data on an SD card can be linked to a hidden serial number embedded in the card. When the nav unit reads the card it looks for the serial number on the card and checks it matches the code stored in the data. This is one of the reasons that Secure Digital cards are a popular method of software distribution.
  4. Missing micro-sd card

    Glad you got it sorted. The dealer should be grateful as you did all the leg work. If they had bought one from Lexus it would have cost them a lot more.
  5. Missing micro-sd card

    I would still kick up a fuss as the Premier model has Premium Navigation installed as standard - it isn't optional on this car. If they advertised it as a Premier than you have the right to expect the navigation to work. With the experiences you've had with both Ron Skinner and Lexus Cardiff there is no wonder we often think car dealers are all rogues! Personally I would complain to Lexus GB that Cardiff tried to charge you so much for a card that is available officially from Lexus themselves for just over a quarter of what they quoted.
  6. Missing micro-sd card

    That version should work as it is correct for your premium nav system. I had the same error with a card purchased off eBay but a replacement worked perfectly.
  7. Missing micro-sd card

    That dealer was taking the *****. Direct from Lexus they are only €220 including delivery from lexus-mapupdates.eu They are available on eBay as stated above. Generally around £80 for the latest version (0M). Older versions are a bit cheaper (0L, 0K etc) They release two versions per year generally around April and October
  8. It doesn't give the download with an active subscription either, I've just tried. I'm guessing the whole site is messed up since the re-launch. I've just searched my computer for the original ZIP file (VD12103A.ZIP) but I don't have it anymore.
  9. Have fun in your new car. Had a test drive in a model S recently and was blown away. I'd buy one today if I had the cash. In my opinion EV is certainly the way to go.
  10. Firmware

    Had a feeling it would be on the latest card - wonder why they haven't put it online yet.
  11. Be careful with this. According to the actual bulletin notes it is only for certain cars and I don't think it applies to vehicles with premium Nav. Even though I have premium Nav my VIN details still display this download even though I doubt it is for me. There are different files for the IS depending in whether they were built before a certain date in 2014 or after. All the details are in the bulletin ID which you'll need to pay to access.
  12. Haven't used Sheffield for servicing since 2011 as I got rid of my old IS250 then. They were always fine - I never had any issues with the work done. I would have carried on using them but I got a good price on the service plan with my new car from Lincoln. I used Lincoln last week for my 30k service after purchasing a car from them in March. They were very friendly and I like the fact that the service manager and the salesman both recognised me when I arrived. They also understood that I had driven an hour to get to them (instead of 30 mins to Sheffield) and got me back on the road as quickly as possible. If I keep the car longer than the 3yr service plan then I will start using http://www.lex-tekautos.com which is an independent Lexus specialist about 4 miles from me. I know the guy that runs it - he used to work for Lexus so is fully trained. A couple of my family have already used him and give glowing reports.
  13. Sat Nav

    It might be the feature that leaves a trail of where you have been. You can switch that off somewhere.
  14. Firmware

    I've just a look around the Lexus tech website and I can't see any reference to the firmware version you mention or a corresponding bulletin ID. The latest bulletin published for the IS300h appears to be for the non-premium media system.
  15. I'm in south Sheffield. I've used Sheffield for servicing and I bought a car from Lincoln in March and used them for a service just last week.