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  1. Interesting that you mention RX. The update files released so far have only been for NX/ES/UX. I’ve not seen anyone with an RX upgrade, yet!
  2. Great to hear - they have always been a good bunch at that branch 👍
  3. Latest version is 2020v1 v2 will probably be released very soon although COVID may delay things.
  4. The my.Lexus.eu portal hasn’t worked for quite some time. It is disappointing that some instructions you’ve been sent by Lexus direct you to that site - however I’m not surprised as the company don’t seen to have a great track record with their on-line facilities. Nav updates were available via lexus.co.uk in the ‘My Lexus’ section for a while but many people reported problems with it. The tech website has updates for the UX nav system. I’ve written about it before in this NX thread
  5. I would guess they are waiting further information on how to fix units that fail the upgrade. A number of users on here have had the update fail despite following the instructions exactly. I doubt dealers will want angry customers and/or the costs of replacing the hardware. The instructions on the tech site have been updated twice since I did my upgrade, but they only appear to have added some clarity in some places (eg: what Nav version you need before doing the update) and there appear to be a few more 'Caution' notices regarding not switching off the engine or removing the USB sticks.
  6. Certainly very strange. I would download and unzip the files again and try a different USB stick. An authentication error could imply file corruption somewhere.
  7. Sometimes the media system reports the code number (943) rather than the date version. Try rebooting the system and looking again. Regarding the error message - not one I’ve seen before. Does the unit detect the update files when you insert the USB stick?
  8. It has been very reliable. In fact today has been the only time it didn’t connect automatically. I rebooted the media system and it connected fine. Here is a short video showing the boot up process with a wireless connection.
  9. Same happened to me. Different stick worked fine.
  10. Good one! Never had a reliable experience with My Lexus. Last time they put a map update on there the links didn’t work. The manuals for the car and the official map update site refer to the Lexus Portal which no longer exist/work. This is what I meant with their lack of tech integration - it’s so annoying to find broken links and dead functionality. The infotainment is embarrassing at times - so many bugs. The one in our Aygo is more reliable.
  11. If enough people get impacted by this failed update, it could impact Lexus crown in terms of JD Power Survey / most reliable brand / best customer service / etc.
  12. Interesting read of the new 'README' file in the download - I particularly like this part: "This Retrofit Software is intended and made available only to technicians who have the necessary professional and technical skills, knowledge and qualifications, as well as the necessary equipment and tools." So I'm guessing my degree in Computer Science and working with computers on a daily basis is less 'skilled' than a mechanic who has been on a half-day course on how to plug in three USB sticks. Whilst I appreciate that it is more likely the technicians/dealers will have access to more specialised equipment to potentially 'fix' a failed update, the issue remains that it shouldn't fail in the first place. In my opinion a software upgrade should always be user accessible - it's not like we have to get a Microsoft engineer out to install Windows update is it? Apple don't insist on a Genius Bar appointment to install an iOS update. Hiding behind a warranty and threatening to make it invalid really isn't cool - all the cars that the update is valid for are less than 3 years old. Apple CarPlay should have been standard on these cars years ago (The Toyota Aygo got it in early 2018) - Lexus just chose to delay implementing it. If they don't want 'users' installing updates then why are they available to anyone who is happy to pay the €4 fee to access the site for an hour. The whole README is pretty strong wording from Toyota/Lexus overall for something that apparently isn't official. My family say that if you chopped my arm off it would say 'Lexus' through the core (just like Blackpool rock) as I've been such a big fan of the brand since getting my first IS in 2004 - I'm now on my 6th vehicle from the brand. This whole update fiasco (even though it worked for me) along with other things that just don't work right are really putting me off the brand for my next car. A real shame as the cars are fab - they just can't get the technical integration right.
  13. Wow - really strange response. If it isn't official (from a site that has Lexus copyright notices all over it), what exactly is it? Sounds like some back-peddling is going on after finding their (Lexus) testing wasn't thorough enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Lexus make damn fine cars and the service from the dealers is amazing. My biggest complaint with them has always been the poor implementation of the tech and poor use/communication using the internet. They just don't seem to be able to get certain things right. If Lexus.eu isn't 'official' then why does it exist and why has it fixed so many bugs in my system to date!
  14. The passwords are in the TSB document written next to the links you click on to download.
  15. Your maps are three generations out of date. The update to 2020v1 is free so you have nothing to lose. However 2020v2 will probably be released around November so you could just wait a bit longer. The update takes around 70mins (once downloaded and copied to USB) so you wait not want to do it twice so close together.