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  1. Batteries perform worse in cold weather and it takes longer for the engine to get to optimum temperature.
  2. My NX has a digital clock in the centre of the dash as well as the analogue one in the middle.
  3. They don’t come as standard. They can be added either as a factory option or dealer fit accessory.
  4. Phil,

    To view your journeys do you remove your SD card or the Unit itself as the latter is less costly for an Apple laptop &

    seems logical protocol to me.



  5. Techdoc refers to the Lexus-tech.eu site where you downloaded the files and instructions from. You need an activation code generating for your nav unit. You will need the device ID for this. The instructions should take you through this part (much easier with an iPad/laptop in the car!)
  6. I believe the latest version for you would be part number: PZ445-US335-0R Older versions simply go back alphabetically- eg: ending with 0Q, 0N etc Search for the product code on auction sites and you may find people selling their old SD cards. The price Lexus quoted you is about right. They are similar direct from Lexus here
  7. Do you have the premium nav (touch pad controller) or the standard nav (dial controller)
  8. I had one fitted to my NX. Very pleased with it. Some details and links to YouTube examples on this thread.
  9. The previous owner of my NX paid £700 to have the detachable tow bar fitted by the dealer - see photos
  10. I’ll try to remember to check when I get home. My 2018 NX had the detachable tow bar fitted by a Lexus dealer after it was a month old. The invoice may still be in the paperwork but it was definitely lower than £1000 fitted. This was carried out by the original owner so I may not have kept the paperwork - I bought the car at 5 months old.
  11. Ouch. I’ve not seen the 2018 RX nav system so I don’t know what software it runs. Reminds me of paying similar money for DVDs years ago on my IS250.
  12. The update is free via the tech website. No charge is made for any updates within three years and the instructions are pretty easy to follow if you have some computer knowledge. Via a dealer is different. Some have carried out the update for customers for free according to some posts I’ve seen. Other dealers don’t even know that the updates exist or that that they are available for three years. Others may do it and charge a nominal fee for the labour involved. I wouldn’t blame the dealers here either. My one gripe with Lexus and their in car entertainment/navigation systems is that head office is very bad (in my experience) at passing on info to dealers. It feels sometimes that Lexus UK don’t know that the EU tech website and the EU Navigation update (for buying SD card and DVD updates) websites actually exist. The confusion between the old portal and the new my Lexus website is another prime example. The manual for my NX even states that updates can be downloaded from the My Lexus website (as you were told on Twitter) but there has never been anything there. Separately but slightly related - I’ve found lots of bugs in the software on my NX and I doubt they will ever be fixed. I’ve contacted Lexus UK a couple of times and nothing has been done. (MP3 track playback in wrong order being my biggest annoyance). A large company like Lexus/Toyota should be able to get these things right very easily but they always appear to create obstacles. For clarity - everything I’ve said here is unofficial and based on my own research and experiences. You may get a variety of different responses from Lexus GB. I worry that if too many issues come about on this topic, they may remove public access to the tech website and then everything will have to go via a dealer. As I work with computers for my job I am more than capable of carrying out simple software upgrades. I leave the oily bits to the professionals!
  13. I’ve never seen any software updates of any kind released through the current My Lexus part of the UK websites. Apart from access to user manuals and service history, there is nothing else there. The old portal used to have some software updates (I remember getting an update on my old IS300h) but never anything for the maps. However that portal (for UK customers) was shut down a couple of years ago (see photo). No idea what the UK Twitter team are referring to. I’ll keep getting my map updates from the tech website until my three years expires.
  14. There is a PDF file of instructions that you can downloaded from the same site that you got the files from. Click the ‘How to perform a map update’ as shown on the screenshot above.