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  1. From what I've seen, the naming conventions of CY17 and MM17 appear to be interchangeable.
  2. If you do a car tax check on the gov website, it will tell you if the extra rate is payable. If this row isn't present, then the car doesn't have the extra tax payable. I have a 2018 facelift model. I believe one of the other extras is the adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. I love the adaptive cruise - makes driving on motorways so easy. You've already mentioned the wider SatNav screen - I really like this but the text is quite small. However I use Apple CarPlay most of the time now. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of mine in the nea
  3. Officially CarPlay only works via USB. There are 3rd party wireless adapters available. I have one of these and it works really well - In the CarPlay settings screen on an iPhone you can select which apps appear or don’t appear on your CarPlay system.
  4. WiFi may work if it has the latest software. Otherwise you’ll need to download and activate via the Lexus-tech.Eu site.
  5. This would be a paid update. I know a few people on this site have used this site in the past. Not sure how 'official' it is but it appears to work:
  6. I use the GeniePoint app but there is no charge at all. Alternatively you can start the charge by presenting any contactless or RFID card. I’m sure the promotion will end soon and they will start being charged at the same cost as other GeniePoint sites. I’m guessing your Asda may be PodPoint chargers - the £1 fee sounds familiar. I have a local Tesco too with free 7kW chargers, but keep going to Asda as they are 50kW. I’ve only used my home charger once in 2 months. A weekly 60 min shop at Asda gives me enough charge for the week.
  7. Another thought - if you mean the ‘Update Software’ button in the ‘Software Update’ screen, this isn’t the correct button for OTA updates. This is the USB firmware updates only. You need to access the ‘Online’ section from the menu down the left hand side. I think it is underneath WiFi.
  8. The files you have downloaded will be the full Europe update - no issue using them via USB in the car. I actually did the full update over the weekend rather than keep just the UK update I’d previously installed. Is your car system logged into Lexus Online (have you entered a username/password in the past)? That’s the only reason I can think of for the option to be greyed out.
  9. It’s the same on my NX. The update software button only lights up when a USB stick with new software is detected. The firmware can’t be updated over the air.
  10. I’ll be interested to see this car once it’s available for general test drives. However the prices really put me off. I’d rather have a Tesla for that kind of money. We took delivery of a 2020 Renault Zoe last month and I love it. So easy to drive and really cheap running costs. We got a great deal on a lease so it only cost a little more per month than a similar spec Clio or similar car. With the lower running costs it was a no brainier. It is the GT Line spec so lots of toys too. Our local Asda current has their rapid (50KW) chargers set to free as they are new, so I’ve not paid fo
  11. I had some time this evening so I've done it already... Pretty straightforward but took much longer than I expected. Once I asked the car system to check for updates I was presented with this screen. The download size is quite small (must only contain changes rather than the whole map) and it is for GB and Ireland only: The download then started with the % completed showing... It took about 15 minutes to download - my WiFi signal is quite weak outside so it was slower than expected: Once downloaded the installation started. I expected this to be
  12. According to the tech website, the next version of the navigation maps for newer navigation systems has been released. 2020v2 is now available. I may try doing the update directly in the car rather than downloading onto USB. A job for the weekend...
  13. The majority of cars sold with Apple CarPlay functionality only work via a wired connection. I’ve test driven 6 recently - all requiring wired. It is a bit unfair to say it must be ‘hard wired’ - this makes it sound like a permanent connection. A simple USB-Lightning cable in the centre armrest will suffice. You just have to connect it when you get in the car. There are gadgets available that will provide a wireless connection. I’ve talked about the one I purchased earlier in this thread. I don’t see how the car has been mis-sold to you. All Lexus & Toyota brochures that
  14. When I ordered mine it actually shipped from the UK (arrive Royal Mail tracked 48) - no import charges
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