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  1. Very strange. On my system if I have an item on the left hand side highlighted and ‘flick’ down on the touch pad it will scroll to more options (just like scrolling on a touch screen phone). I’ll check tomorrow but your graphics look slightly different to mine (have you got it in split screen mode?) The double arrow button below the touch pad is for a small number of pop up menu options in the navigation system. This image from my manual shows the options at the left when I’m in the settings screen. Notice the words are showing while your photo only shows the icons.
  2. To get your device id, go the following: - Push the “MENU” hard key on the remote Touch pad - Select “Setup” - Select “Online” (you may have to scroll down) - Select “Lexus Online" - Select “Map Update Information” If you reboot your system (hold in the power button) and have another look at the software update screen, your NavDB should update to tell you what date you currently have installed. The system has a bug where it sometimes shows a strange code like you have at the moment.
  3. A free service isn't bad in return - glad it's sorted.
  4. The download from the internet will depend on their internet speed. Shouldn’t take any longer than an hour on a modern connection. I would have thought a main dealer would have a fast connection. Copying the 12GB data to a USB stick will depend on a number of factors. Different sticks have many different write speeds. An old USB 2.0 stick could be as low as 3MB/second which would therefore take 4000 seconds or around 70 minutes. It sounds like their USB stick is either very old (reducing write times to much much lower than 3MB/second) or faulty. Or they are using a really old computer that only has a USB 1.0 connector (unlikely as USB 2.0 came out in 2000) A faster more modern USB 3.0 stick would take just a few minutes. I use these sticks Once on the stick the process in the car takes about 70-80 minutes. Clearly something not right - they should really have the USB stick ready in advance. They can be used for multiple installations so it would save time in the long run. If it wasn’t lockdown I’d tell you to drive up to J31 of M1 and see me 👍
  5. No idea about Apple CarPlay etc. Was originally scheduled for May but the current issues have clearly got in the way. The Spanish Lexus site has updated their date to October 2020.
  6. Glad it’s fixed. Just over an hour is normal. You’ll hopefully be doing it again in November for 2020v2.
  7. The NavDB version is a known issue. It sometimes displays a different code instead of the proper date version. Reboot the system and it will probably change back (hold the volume/power button for 5 seconds to reboot). I think P0NB00 relates to the names of the files in the FMU folder when you did the Map update (B00 was 2019v2 and B7E is 2020v1 - I have seen them displayed out of sync though, ie: an older code showing despite having the update) I’m glad my educated guess at v1046 for the DCU file was correct. Tells me I was looking at the right bit in the file. Glad you’re all sorted now. 👍
  8. Take a look at the software update screen in your car - it should give you the model number of the DCU - the large screen is L2, the small is L1.5 - I gave the model numbers in my post above. If you look at my first post at the top you'll see a photo of my system showing the model numbers for the NX. Once you know the model number, use the file downloaded that contains the matching model number. eg: file 17LDL2EU-DB02_0027.kwi is for 17LDL2EU-DB02 (L2 system)
  9. Certainly something strange going on. Just noticed that the latest version for my NX is advertised as being 1405 (TSB from Sept 2019). However I have 1435 installed. If I download the 'latest' version from the Tech site and look at it it has version number 1435 inside it. If I download the file for the ES it looks like the version number inside the file is 1046 (file name: 17LDL2EU-DB02_0027.kwi) It's almost like a more recent TSB has been edited/deleted from the site (latest TSB for DCU is Sept 2019). However the links inside a TSB usually download the latest version (even if you are looking at an older page)
  10. The ES and the UX have a slightly different model number for the DCU (Audio) so the software version numbers are also different. NX = 17LDL2EU-DB01 UX/ES (large screen) = 17LDL2EU-DB02 UX/ES (small screen) = 17LDLMEU-DB00
  11. Just been out to check mine. The buttons are swapped on mine to. See the photos - one of the views has some of the number plate visible.
  12. Not noticed a difference in my view. There are two different views available on mine - maybe you selected the other by accident. Button A on this diagram
  13. I’ve had a play on the site. I’ve been able to get the same error message to display if I enter a correct device ID, but an invalid Request code. It is therefore likely that there are one or more characters in your request code that are easy to mix up. I guess it’s just a case of trying all the combinations.
  14. Another common mix up is capital O vs numeric 0
  15. Certainly a strange error message. Probably only Lexus UK that could help with that. my guess would be that for some reason your device ID doesn’t exist in their database. I’ve seen a small number of users reporting similar error code. These are mainly on a Toyota vehicles in Poland and Russia. Certainly very rare error. If you want to send me photos by private message of your device ID and activation code I can try and replicate the error at my end. Might not help at all but I may spot something.