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  1. Hi anyone on the forum selling or thinking on selling their is200? Will also consider an is300 or Altezza Any condition considered however must be saloon...Just Pm what you have. Anywhere in the uk collection is not a problem Thanks
  2. Bump, anything considered just PM what you have. Thanks
  3. Has anyone got an IS200 or IS300 forsale or that they are thinking on selling? Would also consider an Altezza Please PM with further info and price Can collect anywhere Thanks
  4. Hi, I am thinking on buying a 2011 IS200D (Not a 220d which seems a lot more common) I know the 220 gave a lot of problems, but can any one tell me if the 200d is as bad? The example I am thinking on buying has quite high miles (130k) as it was used for motorway driving but it only has 1 owner and a full lexus service history and in the spec I am after As with any newage diesel im guessing DMF/Injectors/DPF/EGR etc are no exception? Any advice welcomed, thanks
  5. @rincewind did you change yours on the car?
  6. Hi, can this be done on the car? Bolts look a bit crusty and if its like everything else on it they'll probably need cut off. I dont really want to start that if there is another way round it!
  7. Steve

    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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