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  1. Hi, I am thinking on buying a 2011 IS200D (Not a 220d which seems a lot more common) I know the 220 gave a lot of problems, but can any one tell me if the 200d is as bad? The example I am thinking on buying has quite high miles (130k) as it was used for motorway driving but it only has 1 owner and a full lexus service history and in the spec I am after As with any newage diesel im guessing DMF/Injectors/DPF/EGR etc are no exception? Any advice welcomed, thanks
  2. @rincewind did you change yours on the car?
  3. Hi, can this be done on the car? Bolts look a bit crusty and if its like everything else on it they'll probably need cut off. I dont really want to start that if there is another way round it!
  4. Steve

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