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  1. Not done it yet - been away and then been all over with work. Now working from home for the foreseeable future so will give it a go this week and report back.
  2. Thanks - I know how to change the view as I have to do it every time I use the car. @pobrown - navigation software version is showing as 1520 so I’ll look at updating this as 1530 seems to report fixing the issue I have. Good spot, thanks.
  3. A friend has just picked one of these up for his Porsche Cayman and it works really well. https://carplay2air.com To echo above comments, a shame that the USBs are in such a stupid place!
  4. I have the Nav set to the top being the direction of travel but it seems to reset to top being North as and when it feels like it. Also - the Home screen always has top as North irrespective of what setting you have the actual Nav screen in. Is it just me???
  5. My first service will be due in April, will see what Lexus Newcastle can do. 👍
  6. OMG - I really am that predictable
  7. I’ve quickly learned to do this too - I think of it like rubbing Buddha’s Belly for luck (or in this case - vision).
  8. Eldavo

    ES Owners Meet?

    I believe that May is their “Sports Cars in the Park” event. It’s a bit of a free-for-all from an organisational (or lack of) point of view so PCGB haven’t supported it the last couple of years. Unfortunately - like Specialist Cars of Malton’s Big Breakfast Meet these things tend to become a bit of a Chavalanche!
  9. Eldavo

    ES Owners Meet?

    Newby Hall - May 2020 ???
  10. I’m thinking that maybe I have a theme 😂
  11. Eldavo

    ES Owners Meet?

    I do plenty of things with Porsche Club GB already - given the low numbers of ES owners maybe its worth piggybacking onto a larger car event that’s already taking place? I’m only “up the road” anyway so will keep an eye out.
  12. And a very generous offer it was - how could I not. In the spirit of things - I’ll match it when I get home too 👍 Loving the car, enjoying working out all the quirks of the menu system and was both surprised and delighted that the central Tacho display physically moves to reveal extra functions - I only ever test drove the non-F Sports so that was a Brucie Bonus.
  13. And just for Rich . . . Operation Smile
  14. What a stunning colour in the sun and it’s better to drive in every way more than I remembered!
  15. Couldn’t find any Superman ones . . .